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  1. Was this in reply to a specific question or a general mail sent out to purchasers ?
  2. I haven't even started with setting up light switches yet 🙂 It took most of my time yesterday trying to get the A/T Disconnect button working (and even that is rather a hack)
  3. yeah so I use the switch to turn on the reverser then the main axis to set the reverse power - thats the way it typically has to work for all planes with the Bravo
  4. For the moment I have the left reverser switch mapped to the standard Reverse Thrust Hold command - seems to work OKish but not idea.
  5. Similarly I'm finding it close to if not better performance wise than the 737 (3070Ti)
  6. Just visualise the line in your head and you'll be fine, honest ! 🙂
  7. Good to see another dev trusting in the size of the MSFS market to allow them to offer an "affordable" price. I'll be getting a copy and hoping PMDG takes the hint.
  8. What livery are your using and do you see the same thing with other liveries ?
  9. iniBuilds have announced another flash sale, this time it's their excellent NZQN (Queenstown) Scenery for X-Plane and MSFS for £3.99+tax each until Sat May 14th 12:00z Not quite as insane a deal as their Beluga offer a little while ago but still an excellent price for some REALLY good scenery.
  10. PMDG have already dropped very strong hints they intend doing a 757 but that is going to be many years off at this point.
  11. One advantage of simbrief is it can also create a weather profile that will be used by the FMS to calculate the descent.
  12. If I remember correctly the Simbrief downloader app can be set up to download multiple versions of a plan to different directories at the same time so you can build you plan in SB and and create versions to load on both the MSFS Planning plage and in the 737 FMS.
  13. I think what they 146 does is delivery brilliantly the stuff people actually see and encounter during a flight. It's not as detailed perhaps but delivers brilliantly on a day to day basis
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