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  1. No Bronco yet because MS didn't manage to update the Marketplace yesterday. They assure us it'll happen today....
  2. Looks like there will an add-on available immediately to re-add the weapons/stores that have to be removed from the marketplace version in order to be sold there. https://azurpolygroup.com/resources/
  3. This is the one they have on their website so hopefully it's still valid https://discord.gg/hNzTMScHaS
  4. Personally I'm reasonably confident SU15 isn't going to take another 6-9 months to come out.
  5. The Duke at least can't release till after SU15 comes out and there's no indication when that will be yet
  6. Yeah, the state of the PC-12 really has forced a re-evaluation of their quality and support 😞
  7. It's the same model of engine as in the Mu-2 but hopefully Azurpoly have done a better job of modelling it than ini's abomination.
  8. I'm not quite sure what you'd need to do in FSUIPC but in Spad I use LVAR:PED_MID_Eng[1-4]_latch set to 1 to turn the fuel OFF and 0 to turn it ON.
  9. The H145 hasn't had an official upgrade in a while BUT there are "TEST PILOT BUILDS" available on the HPG Discord with substantial changes from the base version.
  10. The F28 is apparently getting the UNS-1 in line with the 146 and I'd be surprised if there weren't plans to bring similar functionality like failures over to it as well as other improvements from the upcoming F70/100
  11. The default PA-18 Super Cub is pretty decent to begin with and a number of free and paid mods that improve it suibstantially from there. From the sounds of it the free Ehanced Flight Model version with the 95bhp engine may be closest to what you are used to. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/84070-enhanced-flight-model-for-stock-pa-18-super-cub-more-engine-variants/
  12. The Black Square TBM 850 is £29.99 so I'm personally not expecting the individual Dukes to be less than that, but I'm more than happy to be proven wrong in this case 🙂
  13. There will be a substantially discounted pack with both versions according to Just Flight.
  14. The first XP12 True Earth map - Great Britain North - has been released by OrbX and it comes with a MASSIVE 90% discount for owners of the XP11 version. https://orbxdirect.com/product/gbr-north-xp12 If you don't have it already it's $44.99AUD+taxes (approx US$29.33 | €27,10 | £23.29) but if you have the XP11 version that drops to $4.50AUD+tax - that worked out, even with PayPal's poor exchange rate, at £2.92. Q8Pilot did a first look stream yesterday if you'd like more details on what's in the scenery.
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