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  1. Sooooo...speculation with nothing to support. It was an Asobo/MS decision to enter into that contract. Entering into a contract which does not allow others to have the same level of access to the weather SDK/API without risking breach of contract is effectively refusing to open it up. Either way, it's a feature of the game. It should work whenever I want to use it, that's not an unreasonable expectation. But thanks for your input. This. Is. Still. A. Problem. Why do we need such a lengthy amount of time for weather updates now, when we haven't prior SU7? Why must it be in the middle of the evening in North American timezones? Surely they could vary the times such that it's not ALWAYS impacting one group of people who use the game at a certain time.
  2. Yes, place the zinertek-misc-enhanced-airport-graphics folder into your Community folder.
  3. I submitted a zendesk ticket for this very issue not long ago, marked as "solved" immediately with no feedback or notification from MS/Asobo. That kind of customer service is not really acceptable, in my opinion. The issue itself, also in my opinion, is not really acceptable for a product that touts live weather being one of its core features, ESPECIALLY one that they refuse to open up for third party development. REX does just fine, but it's the principle of the matter that irks the word not allowed out of me.
  4. So, this nonsense is still present after the update. KSEA metar is currently: KSEA 062353Z 20013KT 4SM RA BR FEW008 BKN013 OVC017 10/09 A2957 RMK AO2 SLP022 P0012 60059 T01000094 10100 20094 56015. Clear skies, 20/10C and 29.92 for me.
  5. I suppose that's true, might as well be mine, I guess. Frustrating that it happens at all. Has it been officially acknowledged? I experienced it a day or two ago after the live weather fix, but haven't fired up MSFS due to general frustration since then.
  6. Well I wish they wouldn't bloody do it during prime US evening simming time!
  7. Does the problem only apply to beta users?
  8. Down again for me too. Sure is getting old!
  9. Well it certainly does seem like you have the capacity to feel quite high and mighty about not being so bothered by it, I'll absolutely give you that. Sure things get broken, but when things get broken they should be fixed without delay, or at least addressed in a material way, not a community manager putting some lip-service on the forums. Were this in my business, if we'd let something that's been an historically persistent issue, and has also seen lengthy outages continue to pop up, we'd have lost our jobs a long time ago. But, of course, we'd have designed and implemented a redundancy of some kind as well long before we had recurring outages. In my opinion, this is sad and embarrassing.
  10. As you are entitled to "do what you do" and let us know about it, people who paid for a product are entitled to let others know they are unsatisfied when it doesn't work. *Crikey*, we spent money on it!
  11. How long did it take them last time? It was well beyond the order of days. Unacceptable, in my opinion, for a piece of software that was sold as being finished, albeit "planned to be improved upon".
  12. PacX certainly adds a lot of immersion for me, with boarding sounds, announcements, etc. I really wish it had a feature where you could record your own custom announcements. Worth the money, especially on sale.
  13. This is it for me. In some aircraft in P3D I have 25+ views, that can all be assigned key-binds or you can cycle through multiple views with a single keybind. If CP has this kind of functionality for MSFS, I'm picking it up day-one, and a cinematic view comparable to what it was in P3D would be a great plus.
  14. It looks cool, and I think the A340 is a very interesting aircraft. I have all the other Toliss offerings, which I very much like except for the weird mouse lag on the MCDUs, which they still blame on LR (no one else has this problem). But, I'm passing on this one. $90 for an aircraft with subpar modeling, passable (at best) sounds, and great systems. All of those things have to be great to command $90. I like Toliss, and hope they do very well with this release, but I don't see the $90 value there. I'd pick it up in a sale for $65 or so, but not as it sits right now. ini's a300/a310 are less and you get a much more polished product.
  15. This has been absolutely the biggest value-add to the sim I've come across. 100% worth every penny. Bijan is killing it. The custom flora look excellent, the seasonal tree colors are great, and now this. The seasonal terrain texture masking isn't perfect yet, and I have found a few runways that are now brown, but this is the first iteration of that feature and it shows a hell of a lot of promise. For me, if I could only keep one add-on for MSFS, this would be it.
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