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  1. While I still need to do some tweaking of the settings, this is an excellent replacement for TrackIR. I was getting tired of the clunky LED apparatus on my headset, and when I didn't want to use my headset, TIR was off the table entirely. I'll have to set up a more responsive profile for DCS but this works phenomenally for MSFS, and I'm now looking into a better webcam as my current one is limited to 30fps, which is a little choppy. I disabled eye-tracking and used head-tracking only, which seems to help with the stability. This a very cool product for a great price!
  2. @lwt1971 It was very good in XP11. Deep systems, things worked as expected. It's got some bugs in XP12, and it's seems clear to me that it's not a priority for them anymore, understandably given their commitment to and much larger return from MSFS products. I honestly didn't expect them to make it compatible with 12 at all. I loved flying it in XP11, same with the 310 and Beluga, and if it's as good or better than it was in XP11 I think it'll be a great aircraft that most are happy with in MSFS.
  3. I'm seeing lots of road lighting where there definitely shouldn't be, as in streetlights on extremely rural farm roads in the middle of nowhere in west Texas visible from FL300. Is this new or a known problem?
  4. Thanks, I'll try that and report back.
  5. I am a little cross about the constantly spinning wheel in the bottom right corner of my screen. Why is this here?
  6. That worked really well at release. I, myself, was a temporary resident of Kiribati.
  7. Best way I've found to do it is to create aircraft specific profiles for each device and switch them when you change aircraft. I do have some generic ones for typical piston GA, turboprop, ME, and lower complexity jets, but the complex ones I use are specific to the aircraft. E.g., I have specific profiles for the Fenix for my stick and throttle, ones for the PMDG 73 line, ones for the A310, etc. It would be wonderful to have the sim automatically associate profiles with an aircraft, and change them as the aircraft changes, natively like DCS and X-Plane do. I'm sure there's a feature request existing for it, I'll go look and drop the link to vote for it here if I find it.
  8. It's working really well for me too. Looks better than MSFS in some places and the other way around. I've not noticed any flickering/lagging issues either, but I attribute a lot of that to having gigabit internet.
  9. Kok: Pot to Kettle, come in, Kettle. Still wouldn't buy xE for any platform.
  10. Anyone got it yet? As someone who spent their high school and college summers as a chase/crew chief for hot air balloon ride companies in Albuquerque and coming back and doing it for Fiesta every fall during those years, I cannot wait to try this out in VR. I just hope they've simulated the post flight breakfast burritos, mimosas, and the Irish balloonists prayer.
  11. Has this been abandoned? I haven't seen hide nor hair of a beta here or on Milviz/Blackbird forums. The following was nearly three months ago. And then there was this in April: And then this:
  12. I tend to agree. I'd like to hear from Oisin how beta testing and development is going, if it's going at all. @Milviz, any input?
  13. Milviz hasn't even delivered on the steam gauge Porter/Porter Phase II (which they had said would have been delivered by now). I'm glad someone is working on a 732, but good grief, finish the stuff you've promised to your PAYING customers.
  14. There's an issue with EFB settings being saved. Fenix is aware of it and working on a fix.
  15. Doesn't look all that much better to me. Not really all that impressed, guess I got what I paid for.
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