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  1. Kok: Pot to Kettle, come in, Kettle. Still wouldn't buy xE for any platform.
  2. Anyone got it yet? As someone who spent their high school and college summers as a chase/crew chief for hot air balloon ride companies in Albuquerque and coming back and doing it for Fiesta every fall during those years, I cannot wait to try this out in VR. I just hope they've simulated the post flight breakfast burritos, mimosas, and the Irish balloonists prayer.
  3. Has this been abandoned? I haven't seen hide nor hair of a beta here or on Milviz/Blackbird forums. The following was nearly three months ago. And then there was this in April: And then this:
  4. I tend to agree. I'd like to hear from Oisin how beta testing and development is going, if it's going at all. @Milviz, any input?
  5. Milviz hasn't even delivered on the steam gauge Porter/Porter Phase II (which they had said would have been delivered by now). I'm glad someone is working on a 732, but good grief, finish the stuff you've promised to your PAYING customers.
  6. There's an issue with EFB settings being saved. Fenix is aware of it and working on a fix.
  7. Doesn't look all that much better to me. Not really all that impressed, guess I got what I paid for.
  8. Am I not mistaken that MV stated that Phase 2 would be within a month or two of Stage 1's release, and that was part of the marketing, i.e., "get this now (and Stage 2 really soon) for $XX (right now) before Stage 2 comes out and the price goes up!"
  9. Completely agree with several others here. Aerosoft has one of the worst anti-customer attitudes of any company in the flight sim world. Even if I did think the CRJ was worth the coin they're asking for it (and I don't, they need to fix many many issues), I wouldn't buy it because they're so averse to any kind of criticism. MK is abrasive and word not allowed to any sort of problems brought up by paying customers. Them having the .to folks remove the Twin Otter improvement mods from distribution was just petty and sad. I wouldn't recommend anyone buy an Aerosoft product. Your money is better spent elsewhere. A good regional from a decent developer will come along. Edit: the profanity filter took out the "i" word that ends in gnorant? I don't see how that's helpful.
  10. Sooooo...speculation with nothing to support. It was an Asobo/MS decision to enter into that contract. Entering into a contract which does not allow others to have the same level of access to the weather SDK/API without risking breach of contract is effectively refusing to open it up. Either way, it's a feature of the game. It should work whenever I want to use it, that's not an unreasonable expectation. But thanks for your input. This. Is. Still. A. Problem. Why do we need such a lengthy amount of time for weather updates now, when we haven't prior SU7? Why must it be in the middle of the evening in North American timezones? Surely they could vary the times such that it's not ALWAYS impacting one group of people who use the game at a certain time.
  11. Yes, place the zinertek-misc-enhanced-airport-graphics folder into your Community folder.
  12. I submitted a zendesk ticket for this very issue not long ago, marked as "solved" immediately with no feedback or notification from MS/Asobo. That kind of customer service is not really acceptable, in my opinion. The issue itself, also in my opinion, is not really acceptable for a product that touts live weather being one of its core features, ESPECIALLY one that they refuse to open up for third party development. REX does just fine, but it's the principle of the matter that irks the word not allowed out of me.
  13. So, this nonsense is still present after the update. KSEA metar is currently: KSEA 062353Z 20013KT 4SM RA BR FEW008 BKN013 OVC017 10/09 A2957 RMK AO2 SLP022 P0012 60059 T01000094 10100 20094 56015. Clear skies, 20/10C and 29.92 for me.
  14. I suppose that's true, might as well be mine, I guess. Frustrating that it happens at all. Has it been officially acknowledged? I experienced it a day or two ago after the live weather fix, but haven't fired up MSFS due to general frustration since then.
  15. Well I wish they wouldn't bloody do it during prime US evening simming time!
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