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  1. you're right, it was found online as an option, it's not my text, he probably mistyped it
  2. another option: The holy grail is DSR 2.25 and DLSS 3.6 set your resolution, to the highest it will go in the sim and set DLSS to Performance, Direct X 11, and max everything out in the sim and enjoy. No Frame generation TLOD mods or tweaking necessary. You still get microstutters which at this point I don't think you can get rid of until the next update when Asobo fixes the memory issues in the sim, but any DLSS blurriness or ghosting is gone and you will have incredible FPS. I am running my sim with 8K+ resolution everything maxed out in the sim and getting 60+ FPS using a 3080ti on a i7 12th gen CPU. The key is DSR post processes on the CPU and DLSS Post processes on the GPU which spreads out the workload between the CPU and GPU and your computer runs cooler and more efficiently. I am not on the BETA
  3. hey, same issue here,tried all possible solutions , fixed only by system restore ...
  4. Can't believe it... download 9GB unistalled airports ,liveries etc... sets my sim again ...
  5. i'v missed the update , canceled the load to disable the community folder , after restart didn't searches for updates ...
  6. Hi, i have had the 0.35 v and after 0.37 _ResetEdition update i have both versions...copied config and i see my profiles to new one, can uninstall the old before run the Sim?
  7. 551.23 latest for me , running geforce experience didn't shows any update just now ...RTX3080 Ti on gaming laptop MSI...
  8. just completed after 4 hours and 8 min ... S. EU - with 50 Mbps net speed ...
  9. and 1.29 GB after installation manager check ...
  10. 16:01 global time zone as usual , i think...
  11. as a fsimmer since '98 i recommend https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/how-to-graphics-settings-and-performance-guide-su12-update-7-26-2023/132407
  12. i think OLOD is not so impact heavy or noticeable on most systems Recommended Setting: 100* Performance Impact: Increases RAM usage with higher settings Under a CPU bottlenecked scenario, 10 gave 92.5 FPS 50 gave 89.9 FPS (2.81% reduction) 100 gave 89.5 FPS (3.24% reduction) 150 gave 88.5 FPS (4.32% reduction) 200 gave 86.8 FPS (6.16% reduction) Under a GPU bottlenecked scenario, 10 gave 65.8 FPS 50 gave 65.4 FPS (0.61% reduction) 100 gave 65.3 FPS (0.76% reduction) 150 gave 65.3 FPS (0.76% reduction) 200 gave 65.3 FPS (0.76% reduction) Visual Impact: Controls render distance of the LODS of various objects in the world, such as traffic cars, airport buildings, and planes. here is a full guide https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/how-to-graphics-settings-and-performance-guide-su12-update-7-26-2023/132407
  13. can update running the .exe 0.35 over the 0.32 v or ?..
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