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  1. I am having problems with reverse thrust in the Boeing 787 and Boeing 747. The A320NX reverse works ok. I have a separate profile setup for this a/c. I have allocated a button on my Saitek X55 to enable reverse thrust. This seemed to work switching to reverse but as soon as I increase the throttle again the reversers close. I tried to set another button to HOLD Reverse Thrust but that does not seem to do anything. Can anyone tell me if there is a particular way to set this up? Thank you, Baz
  2. Starting MSFS first does not bring up the usual prompt for downloading the update. I had to go to the Microsoft Store first ( The new updated store) to check my library where there was a 529.6 mb update which I installed. I then started MSFS again and the 33gb update became available to install.
  3. Thanks for your replies. The WSReset was the answer. 🙂
  4. Signed out and restarted, no change. Gamepass and XBox app reinstalled, no change. XBox App says "You own this title" PLAY but when I click on PLAY goes straight back to the Gaming Services. I haven't reinstalled the Microsoft Store App yet. Will try tomorrow and update with the result.
  5. After going through the XBox App installation in order to download the latest update, all went well. Was playing last night with no problems. Tonight I try to launch the sim and it takes me straight to Gaming Services which says it is installed. Just in case, I installed it again but still no go. Also reinstalled the Xbox App again STILL NO GO - straight to gaming services. This is now getting beyond a joke. Can someone help please? Baz
  6. Abramns_Tank! Thank you! What would we do without the help we get from other users here on Avsim. Certainly no use looking to Microsoft for help!!! Baz
  7. Same for me. I have spent the last week going round in circles trying to eliminate FBW CTD's. Sometimes it works but most times it doesn't. However I don't think its anything to do with FBW its an Asobo issue. Never happened before UP5!!!
  8. As someone else has said "The main gripe is that the menus, interface, bugs, etc, make it feel like we've gone from a well-polished game 1 year post-release back to a beta test 6 months before release." Yes, I have slightly improved FPS but have been unable to complete a flight yet without a CTD !!! I have completely emptied my Community folder but it still happens. Random erratic flight behaviour. AI traffic is all over the place. Three taking off at the same time, others taxiing over grassed areas. Tomorrow I will try again with all traffic off.
  9. My crash to desktop occurs during loading. I have identified that the cause is due to any FBW Livery I have enabled. Prior to the world update they were working fine. Any one else seen this problem and anyone know a fix for it? Baz
  10. Hi, my TrackIR initially didn't work. You need to make sure you have the latest software installed my current version is I seem to remember somewhere in the installation there is a reference to MSFS 2020. Its somewhere in the top righthand corner. Sorry my memory is a bit faded but it wasn't difficult to spot. Hope this helps. Regards, Bazzer
  11. Thanks for the comments Steve. Will give it another try making sure we stick to what you recommend. Yes we did see our green icons where we expected them. If we have no success I will IM you to arrange a quick test, thank you.
  12. Hi, Having problems getting a 'Group' flight to work. My grandson lives in Bermuda and I am in the UK. I create a group and send him a request to join which he does and I can now see that we are both in the same group We both select the same server and attempt to meet near the same runway. Our coordinates show that we are near to each other but neither of us can see each other. Anyone have any ideas please?
  13. I can start a new flight ok, its just trying to load a saved one. I use the MSFS Addons Linker for all my community stuff. 🤕
  14. When trying to load a saved flight I get an immediate crash to desktop. Anyone else seeing this? Bazzer
  15. UPDATE Problem resolved after downloading FS_ATC_Chatter again. Not sure why the original became corrupted. Barry Wells
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