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  1. Baz2742

    Strange behavior after simwestALBQ

    UPDATE. Just in case anyone else has episodes of crashing to the desktop. I finaly fixed my problem by doing a repair on Install_Contents.msi Chears, Barry Wells 😄
  2. Hi, - I recently tried out simwestALBQ free download. I had some problems with it and subsequently deinstalled it. A short time after (a couple of days) I found that the sim started crashing to the desktop when I tried to load specific airports. Sometimes it would hang at 1% to 3% when loading and timeout. Othertimes it would complete the loading and then crash to the desktop. I cant say for sure that it has anything to do with the simwingsALBQ but prior to installing I wasn't having any problems. Simwings was installed to the scenery library not the xml method it also installed something to my C drive but I can't remember what that was for. I have tried using backup scenery.cfg and also the Prepar3D v4 folders in Program Data and Users locations. I have also deleted the Prepar3D.cfg file but so far nothing has worked. Hoping someone can help me track this down. Cheers, Barry Wells
  3. Baz2742

    Your age?

    74 and still going....I think!
  4. Yes thats the one HighBypass. Thanks for the advice I will give it a try.
  5. Hi, I hope someone may be able to help. My X55 joystick has been getting very noisy recently and quite stiff to operate. Has anyone any tips on the best way of lubricating the mechanics and what to use? I haven't tried opening it up yet in the hope that I can get some advice from someone here who may know the the best way of going about it. Baz
  6. Can anyone tell me which folders the sky and cloud texture files live in? Are they. The same in P3D v2 and v3? Baz
  7. Baz2742

    Controller of choice?

    Yes for me the Saitek X55 Rhino too. However it has recently started misbehaving after working smoothly for some time. The joystick intermittently refuses to acknowledge most key presses. Axis work fine. I suspect a USB power problem and am waiting for an Inateck USB 3.0 powered PCI-E card which I am hoping will resolve my problem. Baz
  8. Baz2742

    Geographical awareness during flight

    Just to add my favorite to the list, have a look at SimLauncherX.... (google it ).... it does a whole lot more and it is also free/donation_ware. Baz
  9. Baz2742

    Orbx Shoreham without FTX EU England?

    I use Shoreham and Compton Abbas with Horizon VFR scenery and it looks great. Blends in well and no elevation issues that I have noticed. Barry
  10. Thanks for the prompt reply Paul I'm on the way to get my copy now. And thanks for taking the time to put up a great set of pics. Regards ~ Baz
  11. Apologies if this question has already been answered but can someone confirm that Steves DX10 fixer makes the FTX Global 3D vector lights work in DX10 mode? I have seen references that it fixes the black squares but not necessarily making it clear that the lights are actually fully functional at night.
  12. Baz2742

    DX10 Users Poll

    Have been using DX10 for more than a year as I find my fps are higher and with less stutters. I also find the overall look to be much nicer than FS9. I put up with or avoid the sceneries with problems. Didn't know about the likely release of a tool to fix the scenery problems. if it is successful I shall be near the front of the que to try it. Baz