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  1. I think some (like myself) don't have a problem with the price itself, but how the justification for the price for P3D can't be used for MSFS... and yet, its the same price. Its a bit word not allowed business practice.
  2. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-7122455/Microsoft-unveils-gen-Project-Scarlett-Xbox-console-release-2020.html Funny you should mention the next gen Xbox.
  3. The sim itself needs a new engine. Right now its just bandaids and little fixes to cover up the issue that its 10 + years old, and it shows.
  4. The 64 bit is a big improvement, but the baseline code for the program is still old. There is only so much you can squeeze out of a 10 + year old engine.
  5. It wasn't the use of speedbrakes that I found interesting, it was the extended period of time. Very true, and something I was guilty of as well.
  6. Flew down to Florida few days ago. Flying the 737 I have been taking note of how the pilot(s) fly on take off and landing. I guess the winds flying into Fort Myers on Monday were pretty strong, as the pilot had the speed brakes extended on descent for a good 4 minutes +, and even with flaps 5 (or 10?) on approach still having them extended out. First time we used RWY 10 in all the years I have been coming down here. In the sim, I find some flights I have been extended the speed brakes for quite some time as well. Kind of neat to see it done on a real flight.
  7. Call it what you want. It is an 'upgrade' and its not cheap.
  8. Orig FSX user here. Until they fix the kinks in P3D, I am happy with where I am not. For an upgrade, it is quite expensive.
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