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  1. 787WannabePilot

    The State of Flight Simming

    The sim itself needs a new engine. Right now its just bandaids and little fixes to cover up the issue that its 10 + years old, and it shows.
  2. 787WannabePilot

    On average, how much time do you take to get into the air?

    PMDG for ground services?
  3. 787WannabePilot

    PMDG737-800 Cabin PA Announcements

    Do you like watching movies about Gladiators?
  4. 787WannabePilot

    The rise and fall of 64bit? My experience.

    The 64 bit is a big improvement, but the baseline code for the program is still old. There is only so much you can squeeze out of a 10 + year old engine.
  5. It wasn't the use of speedbrakes that I found interesting, it was the extended period of time. Very true, and something I was guilty of as well.
  6. Flew down to Florida few days ago. Flying the 737 I have been taking note of how the pilot(s) fly on take off and landing. I guess the winds flying into Fort Myers on Monday were pretty strong, as the pilot had the speed brakes extended on descent for a good 4 minutes +, and even with flaps 5 (or 10?) on approach still having them extended out. First time we used RWY 10 in all the years I have been coming down here. In the sim, I find some flights I have been extended the speed brakes for quite some time as well. Kind of neat to see it done on a real flight.
  7. 787WannabePilot

    Polls on FSX

    Call it what you want. It is an 'upgrade' and its not cheap.
  8. 787WannabePilot

    Polls on FSX

    Orig FSX user here. Until they fix the kinks in P3D, I am happy with where I am not. For an upgrade, it is quite expensive.
  9. I am averaging about 30 minutes... with 20 of it getting the plane set up. I am thinking of re-setting my startup panel to skip a few steps. What about yourself?
  10. 787WannabePilot

    Disc A/P @ 1000 feet for landing... tips?

    Just a small update, I haven't flown in a few weeks because of work constraints. I decided to take a flight from the NYC region to Fort Myers yesterday (escape the snoowwwwww). Using some advise in this thread, I made one of my best landings (disc A/P at 1000 feet) even with wind at 10 with gusts up to 20. Appreciate the advise!
  11. 787WannabePilot

    PMDG 747-800 prep.

    He who stirs the poo pot shall lick the spoon.
  12. 787WannabePilot

    Disc A/P @ 1000 feet for landing... tips?

    I have started disconnecting the A/P at approx 1000', rather than 500' as I was doing it before to get a bit more practice. However, unless my weather settings are wacky, I am getting bounced all around. I use the HGS, but I find I am 'chasing the target' quite a bit. Any advice?
  13. 787WannabePilot

    PFPX, EFB & PMDG, how is your setup?

    However, you need to pay attention because if you switch STARs / SIDs, it still leaves a fix in the route. Such as; KEWR -> KMIA PORTT3 BIGGY J75 MXE DCT OTT DCT RIC J40 ILM DCT ADOOR DCT BLUFI BLUFI4 PFPX has chosen 'BLUFI4' as my STAR into KMIA. I switch from BLUFI4 to ANNEY3. This is the route now; PORTT3 BIGGY J75 MXE DCT OTT DCT RIC J40 ILM DCT ADOOR DCT BLUFI DCT ANNEY ANNEY3 'BLUFI' is still still in the route, and I have no idea why.