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  1. I dunno why, but that made me chuckle.
  2. It wasn't the use of speedbrakes that I found interesting, it was the extended period of time. Very true, and something I was guilty of as well.
  3. Flew down to Florida few days ago. Flying the 737 I have been taking note of how the pilot(s) fly on take off and landing. I guess the winds flying into Fort Myers on Monday were pretty strong, as the pilot had the speed brakes extended on descent for a good 4 minutes +, and even with flaps 5 (or 10?) on approach still having them extended out. First time we used RWY 10 in all the years I have been coming down here. In the sim, I find some flights I have been extended the speed brakes for quite some time as well. Kind of neat to see it done on a real flight.
  4. Call it what you want. It is an 'upgrade' and its not cheap.
  5. Orig FSX user here. Until they fix the kinks in P3D, I am happy with where I am not. For an upgrade, it is quite expensive.
  6. I am averaging about 30 minutes... with 20 of it getting the plane set up. I am thinking of re-setting my startup panel to skip a few steps. What about yourself?
  7. Just a small update, I haven't flown in a few weeks because of work constraints. I decided to take a flight from the NYC region to Fort Myers yesterday (escape the snoowwwwww). Using some advise in this thread, I made one of my best landings (disc A/P at 1000 feet) even with wind at 10 with gusts up to 20. Appreciate the advise!
  8. He who stirs the poo pot shall lick the spoon.
  9. I have started disconnecting the A/P at approx 1000', rather than 500' as I was doing it before to get a bit more practice. However, unless my weather settings are wacky, I am getting bounced all around. I use the HGS, but I find I am 'chasing the target' quite a bit. Any advice?
  10. However, you need to pay attention because if you switch STARs / SIDs, it still leaves a fix in the route. Such as; KEWR -> KMIA PORTT3 BIGGY J75 MXE DCT OTT DCT RIC J40 ILM DCT ADOOR DCT BLUFI BLUFI4 PFPX has chosen 'BLUFI4' as my STAR into KMIA. I switch from BLUFI4 to ANNEY3. This is the route now; PORTT3 BIGGY J75 MXE DCT OTT DCT RIC J40 ILM DCT ADOOR DCT BLUFI DCT ANNEY ANNEY3 'BLUFI' is still still in the route, and I have no idea why.
  11. I would prefer (If possible) if PFPX would allow me to choose the runway and SIDS/STARS, and just give me the route in between.
  12. When you import into EFB, EFB treats them as waypoints than SIDs/STARs.
  13. I keep EFB on a laptop next to the main PC. Also works when I am on long flights, so I take the laptop downstairs to watch TV etc and check on it every once in awhile. :-D Doesn't PFPX not guide your route into the STARs? Maybe I am reading it wrong, but even when I deselect the STAR or SID, there is still a fix still listed on the list that I would have to manually delete.
  14. When you generate a route in PFPX, the SIDs and STARs are automatically assigned, even though they won't transfer to PMDG they do transfer to EFB. Do you de-select them before exporting?