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  1. There are exceptions to every rule. ;)
  2. Just an observation and a question... I think that link you are referring to is on the left of the recommended (I think it says "Suggested Routes). Now, when you click that Flightware link it does bring to to their website with current flight paths.. however, it is not just the current flight plan between airports, but a list of them that is sorted by frequency. I am assuming you are referring to this page? http://flightaware.com/analysis/route.rvt?origin=kewr&destination=krsw Unless its another area?
  3. I bought the 777 originally. Flew it for about a year then switched to the 737. The two most exciting times of flying any plane? The take off and landing. The 777 (and I imagine the 747) are good planes, but they are long distance flights. Unless you use a time compression (I don't), you're flying for hours on end just to land the plane. 737? 1-5 hour flights, and experience the best part of the flight faster. I also felt the 777 was too automated for me. The 737 was a mix of automation vs non, and its a good blend.
  4. I'll take it under advisement. Thanks.
  5. Ah, ok. I don't use the menu option at the top.. main screen of FSX where you choose your plane, airport etc has a "Flight Planner" section. Open it up, select the route and done. Takes less than 10 seconds.
  6. I use EFB's STAR overview. Pick the STAR that is close to my route and go from there. I then choose the approach and just connect one to the other.
  7. Just surprised no one has run into this before.
  8. Yeah, but when I add it as a STAR in PMDG it shows up as the last waypoint. I have never seen the last waypoint in a STAR as a VOR. Generally I connect the approach method (in this case, the RNAV 10) to the STAR and go from there.
  9. Ah, I haven't flown into KJFK. I tend to keep to KEWR.
  10. Why throw the PJM in as a fix? Btw, VOR Z RWY is different than RNAV. RNAV doesn't list a VECTOR on its approach.
  11. I think it would be some time before the MAX gets to the point where the performance data can be used. Frankly, I am seeing a lot of minor tweaks to the 777 & possibly even the 747 that should be incorporated into the 737. I like the step increase the 777 has, and the wind aloft connection.
  12. Coming from FSX, I export to both FSX & PMDG from PFPX and then load the flight plan into FSX prior to launching the flight. I then I add the route through the CO Route in PMDG. When I load the flight from FSX, Active Sky picks up the route anyway. What is the different between yours and mine other than a step or two extra?
  13. Flying into Runway 10 (via RNAV) through the STAR ULUBA. Unlike other airports where the STAR gets you in position for an approach, ULUBA setup to take you right to the airport (last fix in the STAR setup is PJM). Is this the way it is supposed to be? Other airports just put you in the area to catch the approach in. I almost got caught with the bad approach, but corrected it while descenting. I thought PJM was just the last fix prior to the airport, not at the airport itself. :-\
  14. Just goes to show that the PMDG is so well designed you could use his video from an actual flight to learn how to program the FMC. Kudos to the development team.
  15. An odd question (perhaps from an odd member? ) Looking at the approach into runway 6 ILS at KRSW, gives me a possible transition of "RSW". That FIX is right on the airport itself. Is that unusual? Furthermore, the next FIX is TROPC at a holding pattern at 3000 feet. I don't recall the last time I ever used a transition with a runway approach, but I found that a bit odd?