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  1. I have started disconnecting the A/P at approx 1000', rather than 500' as I was doing it before to get a bit more practice. However, unless my weather settings are wacky, I am getting bounced all around. I use the HGS, but I find I am 'chasing the target' quite a bit. Any advice?
  2. However, you need to pay attention because if you switch STARs / SIDs, it still leaves a fix in the route. Such as; KEWR -> KMIA PORTT3 BIGGY J75 MXE DCT OTT DCT RIC J40 ILM DCT ADOOR DCT BLUFI BLUFI4 PFPX has chosen 'BLUFI4' as my STAR into KMIA. I switch from BLUFI4 to ANNEY3. This is the route now; PORTT3 BIGGY J75 MXE DCT OTT DCT RIC J40 ILM DCT ADOOR DCT BLUFI DCT ANNEY ANNEY3 'BLUFI' is still still in the route, and I have no idea why.
  3. I would prefer (If possible) if PFPX would allow me to choose the runway and SIDS/STARS, and just give me the route in between.
  4. When you import into EFB, EFB treats them as waypoints than SIDs/STARs.
  5. I keep EFB on a laptop next to the main PC. Also works when I am on long flights, so I take the laptop downstairs to watch TV etc and check on it every once in awhile. :-D Doesn't PFPX not guide your route into the STARs? Maybe I am reading it wrong, but even when I deselect the STAR or SID, there is still a fix still listed on the list that I would have to manually delete.
  6. When you generate a route in PFPX, the SIDs and STARs are automatically assigned, even though they won't transfer to PMDG they do transfer to EFB. Do you de-select them before exporting?
  7. Just curious on what users process is. I have been using PFPX for years, but I recently acquired EFB because I like the enroute chart usage, and the SIDS / STARS selection. However, I did notice PFPX and EFB tend to disagree sometimes on the runways to use based off the wind.
  8. What are your steps to setup pre flight route?
  9. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/521209-ng3-max/ Fingers (and toes) crossed.
  10. Rumor mill is possibly saying they are gonna update the NGX, possibly to MAX? But at least bring over some of the new features that the 747 V3 and even the 777 had.
  11. +1 on this. I manually land all flights, and the HUD is clutch.
  12. Come on guys, download quicker and get it installed! I want to hear thoughts.
  13. Biggest downside is the lack of autogen. That sealed the deal for me.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eN9VcCzMSqg I would recommend watching that for anybody who is interested in what Ryanair is known for, or those (myself included) who have flown them and know what they're about.
  15. FSX-MS

    Yup. :)