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  1. Engine throttles unresponsive

    Hello Jhon. I'm having a feeling that you gonna be fine after restarting the Sim since the Airplane related files were loaded ( partly ) but somehow an upgrade caused them to change . So please Let us know what happens when you try it next. Cheers -S.
  2. ok sorry for late response, I was in a meeting. i will try to help you as soon as I get home and some rest. I'm not saying this as a recommendation but tbh it happened to me aswell yet there are many many people out there flying 747 on P3D 4.2 but I just decided to roll back to 4.1 since it looks stable to me. I will get back to you as soon I have enough to say about your main Issue. Sincerely. -S.
  3. You are lovely you know that ? ... thanks for being kind bro. Cheers. -S.
  4. Hey Kyle. Sorry If I couldn't help him as fast as expected :(
  5. Exactly. That was something I was also about to ask. Thanks Dan for pointing out. -S.
  6. Bill. Aright. I'm into it. I'm checking out. just for the record. Can you just give me your Route info ( Departure Airport Code, your chosen SID, Route, STAR, Destination Airport Code ) so I can follow them as well ? -S.
  7. Ok , I'm gonna look at the tutorial now because to be honest I never use the Tutorial, I just follow the FCOM for learning the Airplane. I will keep you informed. -S.
  8. Hi bill. You need to provide more detail so People Here Can figure out exactly what is happening. The FMCS in 744 has 2 Sub systems Called FMC which can be accessed through 3 CDUs ( Incase if you don't know the Architecture ). about the FMC Predected Speed/Altitude you need to provide more detail and if possible Picture of the issue which you are referring to since there is only once case for me which FMC can not calculate the required result and that is where the Aircraft is in Overweight condition and I'm using TO2 / CLB 2 Profile for derated takeoff and climb. So please if it is possible Provide some pictures and more detail. Cheers -S.
  9. 744 Hard landing. Qustions.

    Sorry for Extra Post: Just saying, You might wanna try using an addon called LRM : Landing Rate Monitor which is totally free and gives a Good idea how slowly and soft or hard did you touch down, but i stopped using it simply because it is not a complete tool to measure your landing quality. Have Fun with the Queen. -S.
  10. 744 Hard landing. Qustions.

    Hello Vic. yes but you can consider due to damping process, its gonna be a bigger bounce hence longer time to settle afterwards A bounce does not necessarily mean that you have damaged the bird, yet when a Pilot just Feels that he had a hard landing but visually or systematically the bird looks fine and no system or computer reports are shown in the plane, he fills a report to the Maintenance Crew and they will start an inspection procedure immediately. I'm not working in PMDG, But what I can tell you as a user of PMDG is a clear YES to this question! well you better buy some cookies and a big bottle of 30 yo Scotch before meeting your operations manager and so your boss Cheers. -S.
  11. PMDG FSExpo Announcement

    sad I thought I guessed it ... never had a look over that web page :( :(
  12. PMDG FSExpo Announcement

    Robert has already said that if he had the time, he would've done the 707 and 727 ... so that might be
  13. PMDG FSExpo Announcement

    Ok, Let me Guess ! ... I can't think of anything but a Sim center ! I think it will be up to be booked by Simmers and so dreams come true for those who can't afford buying or building a home cockpit !
  14. E170/175

    I've gotta buy more popcorn since the lovely movie of waiting for PMDG birds is still showing ... Gonna die being hungry stuck at the -8 the first day I get it
  15. SIDS/STARS Not Displaying

    Adding up that the same happened to me ( with 747 ) and after Re-installing navigation data from Navigraph update file , the problem got solved. But what mike Said also works well ;).