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  1. Samany69

    Night texture during day

    it's happening to me after 4.3. Had a fresh windows installed and totally installed the whole sim from scratch, Still the problem popping every here and there .... I have no Idea how to fix this.
  2. Samany69

    Recycling the Flight Directors

    Read the top ! I have already mentioned the Reference ! AMM - Chapter 22 !! Regards -S
  3. Samany69

    Recycling the Flight Directors

    Hi. AME here ;). Sorry if you see the word "Figure" here but the not the Figure it self can't be copy-paste them according to my own limitations. Hope this post solves the Problem. [MOD: Copyrighted text removed.] Best Regards. -S.
  4. Dear Jack. Hello. Please Sign your posts with your real name and Family name as PMDG asks for this. everybody would love a PMDG quality product with a low price but not every wise man can expect a PMDG quality product with a low Price ! ... as for the info right on board currently, The -8 lady is an expansion for the -400. Regards. -S.
  5. ok now , My heart rate increased as hell ... OMG this is lovely
  6. Samany69

    Prepar3d V4.3 has been released

    thanks to you So much Chris. I do really appreciate it. Sincerely. -S
  7. Samany69

    Prepar3d V4.3 has been released

    Dear Chris, Can you please let me how is the DL performance improved ? thanks so much. -S.
  8. OMG ! My bad .... pff ... how did I fail like that ! ... sorry 😞
  9. And are you a Real World aviator or is all your comment based on stories and Youtube? -S.
  10. Such a lovely thing coming from the beloved company. Thank you PMDG. Thank you @rsrandazzo . Give me an ice cream for watching you on stream ( I couldn't fly there honestly, had to sell my laptop to get there lol )
  11. yes man , Perfect Guess !!
  13. Samany69

    Livestream of RSR's Talk at FSExpo?

    here will be 2:30 - 3:30 a.m 😞
  14. nice job, to be honest, I did watch all those videos on YouTube too, And I was also noticing what you quoted here. What I'm not sure about is what is it gonna be, What I'm sure about is we are all gonna be happy with it ! Cheers, -S.
  15. It can be fun to see a whole Dedicated PMDG learning Center 😛 . At first I thought it was a Pro home sim 😛 . I was wrong. Some one bring me aspirin 😄 I can't wait. ❤️ 😍😄😄😄