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  1. Update : DDU-ing in safe mode worked, I didn't risk to go new drivers so I went back to 430 . Still CTD happens time to time. Specially when changing graphics setting. I'm trying to figure out what's causing the issue. Another problem is that after installing the 430 it seems like my cpu usage changed, from all core style of P3D v5 to single core hammering of P3D v4. Not sure what is happening there. Will report back again.
  2. Update, issue even got worse, now after DDU-ing and Reinstalling different versions of Nvidia driver, the Nvidia control panel is getting installed... All drivers are downloaded from Nvidia official website... Will keep reporting.
  3. Update: Cleared Shader cache folder ( as suggested by our friend in a post above ) and also reset RTSS Profiles... Now working somehow fine, sometimes glitches around here and there, Some CTD happening when changing graphics settings , this time the CTD was not caused by Kernelbase.dll ... instead this time I saw g2d.dll as faulting module! Trying to make it fine. Will keep reporting
  4. I have RTSS running too on global profile. I will try to check it out. Thanks for the info.
  5. Thanks, I will try that in an hour when I get home. I will report back.
  6. Turned down every single setting to the least, turned everything off, used DDU and reinstall many different versions of Nvidia driver version. Still not working. After loading to 100% , it just crashes.
  7. Nah, it's a 1070 Ti ... Asus ROG Strix 1070Ti A8G .
  8. Thanks all for response. Now I feel better with what I heard from you guys. My best regards
  9. Just got the v5 ready to run. Everything works on v4. V5 keep Crashing after loading screen is finished at 100%. Also something strange is happening every start of the app makes the sim generate scenery things ( I can't recall the name sorry ). Everything is out of the box. Regards S.
  10. Actually it's a Ti version ... I hope I can run medium setting on 1080p 30fps
  11. Still downloading ... So Happy now😁
  12. Means it's not the final release version.
  13. A noob question but I have to ask anyway, does Nvidia waveworks2.0 require turing GPU ? Or it's dx12 related? I have a 1070ti and I don't like to pay for a new gpu at Least for another year. Regards
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