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  1. Samany69

    Taxi Camera

    hahaaa you made my day man 😄
  2. ofc, yet what he is asking is that they are not starting at all. so I assume that it is the source of pressure not the consumers.
  3. they can reduce the Duct Pressure but as the 747 is equipped with enough PRSOV's , they are not necessary. APU bleed is the source.
  4. Hi Jan. While I haven't got the 747-8 yet, please make sure that you have APU Bleed on ! the GE-nX engines on 747-8 are not same as Dreamliner, they still start with an Air starter unit Sincerely Yours.
  5. Samany69

    PMDG 748 LN:1 ERR AT

    707 / 787 / maybe a Dream lifter ? 😄😄😄
  6. Samany69

    PMDG 747-8 Engine

    now that is some good idea to trace !
  7. Samany69

    A huge thank you PMDG!

    @rsrandazzo I'm getting jealous now 😄 . Please I was waiting there for you 😄
  8. thank you o much Captain RSR ❤️
  9. Perfect ! ❤️
  10. Samany69

    [22SEP18] Fantastic Video Preview of PMDG 747-8

    Perfect Job, Lovely Lovely Lovely ❤️ . One question dear Robert ! does the Brake Accumulator Pressure Drop while no HYD-SYS is pressurized in the real 747-8 too ? or is Kyle pressing on the brakes ? thanks in advance. -S.
  11. @rsrandazzo Personally want to thank you for all the best things you've presented to all of us <3. My Best Wishes for you and the Team from the Maintenance Department ( MRO ) ! ❤️❤️❤️ Sincerely Yours, Saman Mahdi Abadi
  12. Samany69

    Thank you PMDG

    It is lovely to see You here Sir. Wish I can use your info and experience any time. Best Regards. -S.
  13. Samany69

    Thank you PMDG

    Yes, That really is lovely, well 20 years I myself wasn't but a kid yet I can't believe that people who do serious sim'ing can actually compete with RW Pilots... Best Regards -S
  14. Samany69

    Thank you PMDG

    ok now ... While many people are RW pilots or RW aviators or in the industry anyway, I am glad to post a small bit of info that makes me happy to announce... Posting after Quite a while, Here I am to say thanks to PMDG again while I had some time to run some of beautiful PMDG products again.... Proud to say that they are as they are supposed to be .... I've mentioned it before that I'm a certified Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and lately I've been working and doing alot of tasks on the 737, and Just a day ago, while I received my task card from our Task manager, I just had the maintenance Manual to look over and get proper and relevant pages printed to start the job, So I noticed something that is sooooooooooooooooooo small in details and Made me just like "can't wait to get home" to do a "very harsh yet so small in depth of the details" test on the PMDG 737 ... I'm a big PMDG lover, but before I get Home, I was thinking "OK , I know PMDG did the best of the best in simulating the planes, but this one is a no Go" and I was not expecting a simulation this time at all ! But hey ... PMDG has done it ! ... For those who may ask what is the detail that I'm talking about, here is a bit of info in a simple way of understanding: in the 737 , while having the PDP #2 turned on and the rest of EDPs and PDPs off, The Trim wheel of the THS in the cockpit is supposed to work on two different speeds. With the Flaps fully Retracted, They are on slow mode, With the flaps set to 1 or any position but not Retracted, They will Operate on Fast mode. This is damn good in simulation. I'm sure not everyone around the Simulation universe, is aware of such details...... Thank You PMDG team. Thank you Rob. Once Again " Thank you PMDG, You guys are the BEST " 💓 Best Regards -S. Mahdi Abadi
  15. Samany69

    Prepayment suggestion

    what about firing up Jane's USAF and fly the good old 4E with loads of 82s and 84s