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  1. Panels have been fixed but I don't know about prop performances.
  2. I remember running the very first version on my Tandy 1000, thinking to myself "What could be better?". Fast forward to today and we have a breathtaking experience at our beckoning,. I have purchased a Thrust-master TCA yoke and have already flown with it a few times to square away any hardware setup issues and I am good to go on a 747 flight in the Anniversary Release. Looking forwards to it !
  3. I am not, however, looking forward to his screenshots of the Dead Sea,
  4. I''m pretty sure he meant poor as in "those places which hardly get chosen for screenshots".
  5. I got one earlier but was taking a nap 😉
  6. I'm in and so happy as I have been siming since the Intel 8808 days 🙂
  7. I just received an email confirming that I have been chosen on the Tech Alpha release, so everyone who applied should keep their eyes on their email box. !
  8. If we go by an internet vote we are likely to end up with Flighty Mac Flight.
  9. I upgraded from the i7-6700K to the i9-9900K and it definitely took advantage of hyper threading, but how much is dependent on individual game assets and CPU caching. Compiling is hard on CPU cache hits so the larger, the more effective those extra threads will be. I haven't enough experience or access to enough data to make anything more than that generalized statement. I have zero experience with Ryzen's real world performance with regards to this so I prefer to not even speculate. But once again, we are just talking more time, not a crash. Again, a i7-6700k was sufficient. The only reason was to build an entirely new rig to allow my project to include RTX ray tracing. Now I can test on the i7-6700 with GTX 1080ti as well as the new rig with a i9-9900k and RTX 2080ti. This kind of redundancy is not needed for most developers. It just worked out for me since I gifted the older rig to my wife (whose computer had just finally died,) I was totally happy with the i7-6700K on the 1080ti platform.
  10. I'm an active game developer using UE 4. It performs remarkably using most modern GPUs so he is definitely good to go to start with. The main difference for the requirements between average gamer and a developer is the additional overhead incurred by the editor (CPU load). The Ryzen 2700 should be more than up to the task, I started the current project using an i7-6700K running at 4.3 Ghz and had absolutely no problems. I would suggest that if he intends to have a 3D modeling app like Blender, 3Ds Max or Maya open at the same time as the UE editor then he would spec at least 16 GB of system RAM. I often have both the UE editor and a 3D modeling app open in order to streamline content development iterations. My project usually occupies 12 GB system RAM usage and it is not a particularly high poly game due to art style. The heaviest CPU load will be at the packaging stage where all the compiling, lighting, and other assets are prepared for the end user version. The editor and packaging processes are core aware and will take advantage of additional cores. This decreases packaging time, but the game will compile fine with less cores, it just takes longer. I package my project daily so as to make sure that any modifications that break the process can be caught early and dealt with.
  11. It's the EVGA RTX 2080tTi Hybrid (11G-P4-2484-KR) Worth every penny.
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