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  1. I've been running Win 12 in their beta program. MSFS 2020 runs fine on it.
  2. I received and downloaded a 93mb update yesterday afternoon (SU 15 Beta 2 user also).
  3. Hey Matt It would sure help if you told us what screen resolution you intend to use.
  4. I've been using the Beta since day 1 and I think everyone is going to like the improvements it brings.
  5. I ran a Powercolor RTX 3090 last generation. Cards were hard to come by so I bought it. Turned out to be a fairly decent build but the firmware blocked all overclocking and ran fairly hot (~70C). When the RTX 4090's were released I purchased an MSI Suprim Liquid X and did not get another Powercolor. The Powercolor now lives in my wife's PC and is still performing reliably.
  6. I've been running an 48" LG C Series OLED and it is a great match for MSFS.
  7. Longest I do are like KORD KSFO or KORD KSEA now a days. I miss the skew/speedup functionality that Prepar3d had.
  8. I was wondering of anyone has installed it yet, I had CTD problems with the previous version running MSFS 2020 so I was looking to check first this time around.
  9. Ive been running an LG 49" C1 for about a year now and I absolutely love it.
  10. Yep, I've done the same thing for at least 100 Computers in the last year and it worked just fine. Murphy's law says that when it fails it will be on MY computer, LOL ! Just for additional data, I'm running Win11 in Developer HUB of Windows Insider program, so I suspect that there was a mismatch of some sort on either the WIN 11 API or .net as these are not the bog standard components for the Win 11 version most have via Win 11 Update.
  11. Thank you for your response. I'm really well acquainted with the upgrade paths and have the client stored and have already tried that. In addition, you can download the control panel app from the Microsoft Store, just in case you didn't know. The the Control panel client still exists, it just won't open anymore, or more properly opens but won't display. In the past when I ran into problems like this a OS reset fixes it but is definitely a brute force fix. I'm pretty sure it's a "registry thing" because when I've reached out to NVidia tech support in the past they told me that it was because the control panel is tied to the particular hardware ID of the GPU's installed. But once again, thank you.
  12. The NVidia driver usually knows what it's doing, but not always... Last week I upgraded from a RTX 3090 to a RTX 4090. I proceeded the same way I always do on NVidia hardware replacements however this time around something went amiss and I am left without the NVidia control panel. I've tried all the prescribed fixes to no avail. Even DDU (which I did not use during the replacementm) did not fix the issue. This has happened to me once before on a NVidia GPU upgrade and the fix was a re-install of Windows. I'm just going to run the system for the time being. I posted this in the spirit of full disclosure.
  13. Panels have been fixed but I don't know about prop performances.
  14. I remember running the very first version on my Tandy 1000, thinking to myself "What could be better?". Fast forward to today and we have a breathtaking experience at our beckoning,. I have purchased a Thrust-master TCA yoke and have already flown with it a few times to square away any hardware setup issues and I am good to go on a 747 flight in the Anniversary Release. Looking forwards to it !
  15. I am not, however, looking forward to his screenshots of the Dead Sea,
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