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  1. Make sure that in the Nvidia control panel the settings for P3D that Power Management mode is set to Prefer Maximum Performance and not Optimal Power.
  2. Harold_Finch

    Three Props?

    The CR-1 Ford Tri-Motor reportedly works in v 4 Ford Tri-Motor
  3. Harold_Finch

    Asheville, NC to Lexington, KY

    Thanks for the wonderful images. When I was a young man I flew C-130's out of Pope AFB for various sorties and the area you flew through is amongst my favorite places on earth to fly. I only wish I could have GA'd the area like you did. Thanks again!
  4. I think you're going to be very happy with that EVGA card. I have a couple of EVGA "Black series" 1080ti's that I run for various applications, including P3D v4 and I've really pushed them hard. The "Black Series" is the same as the SC2 SKU, minus the extra sensors and RGB lighting. I run these cards practically 24/7 at 75-99% and they keep on performing without a problem. I seldom get temps above 61 deg C on air, but I run a very aggressive fan curve. Good luck and enjoy the new card!
  5. I run an older PowerSpec computer of the same tier and it has an EVGA gold power Supply. I have had very good luck with PowerSpec so far ( 2 years old).
  6. Harold_Finch

    DC-6 FSX Screen fades to black

    You probably climbed above 10,000 ft without pressurizing the cabin and "passed out". Harold Finch
  7. Harold_Finch

    PMDG DC6B Released for P3Dv4

    I already own this on X plane but I never really warmed up to that platform so it's on my short list to buy.
  8. Harold_Finch

    GTX 780 To?

    The prices on 1070's are crazy right now, miners are buying up cards like there's no tomorrow. How much did you pay for yours if I may ask?
  9. Perhaps Dave is speaking about the GTX 1080 ti which does indeed have 11GB ?
  10. Harold_Finch

    Question about P3D V4 and video cards.

    I agree with garret. I have both 1080 and 1080ti and the 1080 Ti is worth the extra money with regards to performance in P3D v4.
  11. Harold_Finch

    FTX Central 3.2 Available

    Each Orbix library needs to be updates as well as FTX Central. I'm working my way through them now.
  12. Perhaps a bit pricey for the i9 18 core, but if P3d v4 truly utilizes multi-core as the O.P. proposes even the more modest CPU sporting more than 4 physical cores will be more useful. I actually have it (P3d v4) installed, but until all the add-ons that I use are ported over, my rig's performance with the vanilla install is promising ... nothing more.
  13. Harold_Finch


    Thanks Pete, I'll pay you when everything is set up to receive $$$.