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  1. sillyflyer

    An Affinity Mask for an i97000x

    Exactly! Shut HT down, if you overclock, take the CPU speed HT enabled WONT allow due to heat ...and please,.. use a 3rd party application (if that is what you need to do) to assign outside apps to lower number cores! There are no less than 2000 posts associated with AFFINITY MASK, and I would venture to say at least 150 threads that include 100-200 individual posts that suggest: "I AM AN EXPERT, HERE IS THE GRAPH"...................................... nonsense Purchase the K "KAY" CPU. Even if you shut HT off in the BIOS you have a larger cache available with a piece of silicone that is designed to run BETTER, STRONGER, FASTER M*A*S*H - THAT IS ALL I would suggest everyone here, listen to jabloomf.. and Mr. Scott I can vouch for Mr. Scott.. he knows what he is talking about Everybody loves Scotty! ... it's just fun guys but don't buy into this Affinity Mask nonsense ..
  2. sillyflyer

    An Affinity Mask for an i97000x

    I seriously want to print this out and frame this quote This AM stuff and all the song and dance that has gone with it here with graphs and jiggle lines,.... has surpassed ridiculous Semper Fye!... (correct pronunciation) After all the time (In years) you have diligently tested Gerard, I am glad to see you came up with the correct assessment. bravo! You always knew this old man.. Live Long, and Prospect! ..or prostate if you are over 75 :}
  3. sillyflyer

    Keep Windows 7 or move to Windows 10

    Most refreshing to read this. Semper Fi Sir
  4. sillyflyer

    Sound loss by touching pc case

    OK,... I'll stick to the rules, this time.. Just hav'in fun fella's Jen has my number, don't mind me.
  5. sillyflyer

    Sound loss by touching pc case

    Lets see... a issue no one has ever heard of was reported say 40 minutes ago, but was fixed by completely rewiring (how can you rewire?) the motherboard and even if we assume it was a ground problem and the board was removed and reinstalled... it was done in record time even for the best of the best while still posting here at the same time. I would say.... I might be wrong... I cant decide Happy V.D! (Valentine Day, get your heads out of the gutter!) Randle McMurphy, the one and only ...and have a nice day!
  6. sillyflyer

    FSX no longer compatible - will now purchase P3D

    OK whatever you say! Thanks for reading my opinion. :)
  7. sillyflyer

    FSX no longer compatible - will now purchase P3D

    Unfortunately most of this forum is brainwashed with Windows10 and Prepar3D v.X along with dynamic lighting and other nonsense the render engine really isn't quite ready to deliver efficiently. Prepar3D will not be moving to DirectX 12 anytime soon and if you do not have any need for DX12 games, I suggest you hang onto Windows7 as long as you can. MS will support it for several more years. It runs Prepar3D v4.1 just fine, just as well as Windows10, and, in Windows 10 you have to deal with video driver upgrades shoved down your throat automatically where lets say version 385.69 is the most stable right now, but Windows10 will (downgrade you) automatically just like MS downgraded your Flightsim installation, automatically. Seriously.. if you are satisfied with your Flight sim install be it FSX box, FSXse,.. and are running SkyLake processor or under please do not let this forum or Microsoft steer you sideways. Stay with what works and it isn't Windows10 with P3D, well, that's another subject. Be ready to buy new hardware for literally nothing if you have a good/stable Flightsim FSX/FSXSe install today, or.. stay with Windows7 x64 and not be bothered with the Microsoft Windows10 drama for a few more years. If you cant toss Windows10 for hardware reasons, that's understandable and unfortunate. They still sell the OEM system builder version if you can. Of course there are some really big 3rd party developers as well as some Seattle Seahawks and Orlando Magic fans monitoring the forums who are red-faced and cussing me out behind the scenes right now. So much so, this post might disappear. That's ok, .. wait, what's the term, oh that's right; "The truth shall set you free." Good luck and may the force be with you, always :)
  8. sillyflyer

    constant state of waiting

    and there you have it my friend Now, if I can just convince my daughter of the same thing!!
  9. sillyflyer

    constant state of waiting

    Steve, I know what you mean Do you want to read something really funny?, and not many here would admit or can even check since they dumped their older sim install. I have P3D 3.4 and 4.1 installed I also have FSX and FSX SE on my system and on rare occasions when I boot a flight into those sims, I realize what the words "totally fluid and floating" really mean. I come back to P3D 3.5 and 4.1 and realize what the term 'placebo' means. And I thought I would know better without any compare. I might not OOM anymore, but the WOW visual feeling of floating on air without a hiccup,... doesn't exist. Perhaps its my older hardware even with lower slider settings in P3D? 4.7Ghz i7 @ GTX980 right
  10. sillyflyer

    P3dv4 autogen fade-in vs pop

    We have a winner.. Johnny, tell him what he has won! :
  11. sillyflyer

    P3dv4 autogen fade-in vs pop

    I'm sorry, you might mean; We get the reality of it all posted every now and then Salute!! From there, its on the level of... "Now, Go get your shine box"
  12. sillyflyer

    P3dv4 autogen fade-in vs pop

    Its called satire and I was using it to make a point. There is no question that improvements have been made over time. I purchased this platform again to find a lot of my extensive photoscenery collection does not look as good as it did and as the OP pointed out over tile scenery the autogen is popping into the scene. It doesn't just pop in the distance either, the view direction can drive that. Looking one way for a period of time and then look back one can see autogen filling in where the entire radius should remain filled. It appears features were removed and priorities to the scenery render were changed in order to facilitate others. In v3 the autogen did fade even if the radius may not have been 25 miles out. In order to render far enough out on a 4K and not notice it as much I have to either pull back on sliders, or, upgrade my system which runs v3 just fine other than the occasional OOMs that I have practically eliminated over time by using a sensible approach. I was being facetious because coming from v3 into v4 what I see is that I may not have to deal with OOM anymore but like every other so called 'leap' in the past where I paid for the price of admission, again, I have had to upgrade the hardware and I am just not sure it is worth it this time, at least until very simple items that were working in v3 are fixed in v4, if they ever get fixed. From what I have been reading in other forums about the platform it appears they 'may be' reaching their limits. It seems like every time something is added, something is taken away and the performance really hasn't changed that much for anyone running hardware that is not what would be considered outdated in other games. In that, I do not see much difference between 2017 and 2007 although today we have dynamic lights that will crush a top tier system into the ground,.. wait, that 'sort of' happened in 2007 too with FSX and its new features.
  13. sillyflyer

    P3dv4 autogen fade-in vs pop

    Unlike P3Dv3,.. Alphafade was removed in P3Dv4 probably something to do with the extensive autogen radius they provided in which they thought because of the visual autogen radius distance, no one might notice. dumb but that was the trade-off. If anyone tries to sell you on anything different.. I would say,,. "Now, Go get your shine box" Its mid September and no one gets this or sees it from a v4 release in May? Get used to it as well as high end photo scenery looking like ... dog... poop We all have to take the good with the bad. The good is, memory issues have been addressed... stability is better, no question, as long as you don't install anything that isn't 100% P3Dv4 compliant. The bad is they had to rob Peter-to-Pay_Paul to add features not much else has changed AND some things got worse in the process (heard this back in 2006), but.,. they are working on it! At least there is a development crew at work You Do need top tier hardware to render all the goodies and kill shimmers... WOAHHH wait, that hasn't changed! You needed that back in 20XX (02,04,06,08,10,11) too! seriously Think McFly, Think! The only difference between 2007 and 2017 is, .. you don't need to hack the primary config file with edits. You still need the top tier hardware for all the goodies and to get a clean image, and you will STILL suffer if you run over to top addons with hard hitting payware aircraft.... AND they are still robbing Peter to pay Paul in order to bring new features to market. In other words... Its the same song, just a different tune. ...and its all based on hardware and of course the crack addicts simmers who want the type of simulation the holodeck on the USS Enterprise would render and think it is (or can be) possible with home render hardware. Hasn't changed since 2004 and MS knew it back then. When they say have it figured out.... Pay them again! Here is reality.. it will never happen with the ESP render engine no matter how much they tweak or fix it... , ever. If they had had called EA Games in back in 2012.. things may be different today. Their market doe$n't require that development, and/or, ...believe$ different. Good luck and may the force be with you, always$!
  14. sillyflyer

    16 cores and Affinity Mask

    Step right up, step right up! Click for right mood music Spin the affinity mask wheel.. round and round it goes, where it stops nobody knows. Sometimes someone rattles off a good number, most of the time the number doesn't work.. but everyone tries, if, they find that number at all. Then there are those who swear the number they had was awesome 6 months ago but for some strange reason, its not the same anymore. That's right, step right up and lets calculate the affinity mask, only one to a customer. <now back to the regularly scheduled program, already in progress unless someone has a 6 paragraph explanation with graphs about how affinity mask works and what number to use> ....and then we will spin the wheel again!
  15. sillyflyer

    Will defragging HDD make a difference in P3D v4?

    For some reason, Vic's advice from the old school world of thought is the most sound when it comes to the technology in question, but of course its a different day and age where the esperts understand disk physics. The laws of physics or engineering with spinning metal platters hasn't changed in 20 years until the advent of SSD and some hybrid tech. Dump everything but about 60-70% off the 2TB and then properly defragment it, not the Microsoft defragmenter because that will not do the job. QUOTE: heard that defragging your drive to rearrange all those data chunks to be in consecutive order will greatly enhanced loading. If you want that that quality of defragmentation, you need special 3rd party defragmentation that does exactly what you were told. It is called a: NAME DEFRAGMENTATION It works.. has for many years on strait mechanical needle read drives. ... anyone here that tells you different, ... is somewhat 'lost' ( I used the word LOST because the word IG-NOr-ANT cant be posted on this site or it is censored.. too funny because it could be used quite a bit) as for sudden random popups well, that's part of the P3Dv4 beast. It was no where near as bad in P3Dv3 but they found in their infinite wisdom to do away with 'alpha-fade' in order to WOW folks with a ridiculous autogen radius. Its like when they sold us on Tune-Port Injection back in the early 80's and our direct inject or even quad-dual carbs still ripped the snot out of the Corvettes but the vets were sold for 50+ grand LOL I know, too old for this subject... hope it helps!