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  1. Did Les give you the quantified data you were after in respect to NVMe vs SATA SSD and P3D? YeS! From the reaction I definitely nailed it for you. You do this all the time. Take a vacation and build that system with unshared NVMe! You will not regret it. I think Les tried to suggest the same thing. So long! I'll bow out of this thread now. All I post is uneducated tripe typical around here
  2. Oh goodness... that IS crazy stupid!!! I AGREE You definitely appear to know what you are doing! I can't address yours or anyone else's country crazy taxes or import fees. That wasn't the point. The point was knowing how to select true memory performance over the memory manufactures marketing con jobs and quite frankly these VAT or other BS taxes and fees along with sellers knowing they can stick it to certain country markets is quite sickening. I don't know what the timing is on your DDR4 3600 for that price but if its C18+ you should have run with 3200 C14-15. Apparently you are restricted in seeking out memory options due to excessive cost in your location which sucks. https://www.newegg.com/g-skill-16gb-288-pin-ddr4-sdram/p/N82E16820232981?Description=F4-4000C15D-16GTRG&cm_re=F4-4000C15D-16GTRG-_-20-232-981-_-Product&quicklink=true Contact someone in the USA to get them from Newegg.com and have them shipped to you stashed in a gift basket. Even if the person did it for 150 US bucks I would still take that deal in a heartbeat for what you get ripped off for up there!
  3. Hey Les... good calls. If that 3600 memory is running C16-16-16 you have top end system. If not it depends on the memory timing however C17 is not terrible, just not hitting the full potential. as for top level performing DDR4 4000 being stupid dumb expensive.. sorry, not always and not when it is truly top level performance: https://www.gskill.com/qvl/165/166/1580449157/F4-4000C15D-16GTRG-Qvl I actually bought those recently for 295.00 to replace the DDR4 4133 C-17-17-17 (which I will keep as spares) that at the time cost 400.00 a year or so back, in which they were not a bad purchase for performance at the time. Those 4000 15-16-16 sticks will smoke the DDR4 4133 sticks in performance for 100 bucks less. This is the basic lesson about memory most need to learn and unfortunately it will be an never ending ignorantly based argument. @ Noel, I appreciate your somewhat scientific curiosity, however I would suggest you stop questioning very obvious modern hardware spec/value VS performance and get on the bandwagon. While everyone else is seeing the real advantages you're sitting there getting left in the dust. It will save you a lot of obsessive time and get you where you want to be if you simply stop trying to quantify data, realize you never will.... and enjoy!! As for storage device or video adapter sharing, I never do it regardless of IRQ efficiency. I would put my money into a motherboard that has a M.2 socket that I would avoid sharing with any other port, and make sure it is properly cooled. Also, many motherboards support a NVMe drive on a PCIe card than can be run from PCIe x16 (or x8) slot #3. Of course you must research that slot properly to be sure the NVMe drive is not only bootable from there, but also will not share (interfere) with any other drive or PCIe device. Good luck all!!
  4. It is not possible to know what memory amount will be best for the new simulator until it is out and in it's full available format, however I can not see a company trying to reach a very large market optimizing their product for machines with 32-64GB of memory. That would toss them into a situation where the average person who would make up their largest market not be able to run the product to satisfaction without buying hardware that is uncommon outside of high end systems today. as for the M.2 inquiry,.. M.2 in the correct port (without sharing) and with Windows installed on it clean, runs far faster than any SATA port SDD. They do run very hot so it is best to make sure the M.2 socket has a good heatsink for the stick and perhaps include a small fan blowing over it.
  5. As long as you know how research to choose the right experience to follow …. if not then you may be blindly following into a pit because they read really good.. absolutely! EDIT: ...and that would include anyone who may follow my advice. Until they run the numbers. If they can.
  6. Then you may need some schooling. Absolutely.. you see very well I would not waste the money or the time with that overpriced memory. Average 400+ bucks per 16GB? I honestly hope you did not spec that for a client to 'attempt' a 'probably' tweak. Although you are correct in the thought that dropping the speed and the timing (in the right way) will significantly increase its performance,.. however this memory model option will match, or, smoke it out of the box without the monetary corn-H job, or the hours of tech work for 100 bucks less per 16... F4-4000C15D-16GTRG 15-16-16-36 Of course in how this works with the memory manufactures, what you received could be the same or very similar memory, they simply sold 4800MHz 18-23-22-42 thinking not many can calculate their game past the DDR speed and the 1st CL timing value but folks are willing to spend the money on that awesome looking DDR speed, or bang their heads trying to get it to work, on a lower CPU speed if necessary... they got the money, they don't care! As was posted above by Avidean: My DDR4 is 4400 C18 1/((4400/2)/1000) x 18= 8.18ns This formula ONLY works for outlining performance on paper if tRCD and tRP are the same as CL, OR, no more than one, perhaps 2 values HIGHER for each than CL. Past that requires a lot more formula than what is shown above and such an increase in timing values will never equal the performance of consistent FAB-4 i.e.; C18-18-18, C17-17-17, C16-16-16 Of course that also requires years of documented successful experience.
  7. I would say that you should be -very satisfied- with that result as long as the system is stable in torture tests. Money aside, you are getting what you paid for. Its hard to swallow the cost but you are correct, we pay for top end procs, SSD and NVME drives and clock the CPU. Not matching that with high speed low timing memory that makes solid use of that clocked CPU is silly. Unfortunately the 'bling' and lights comes with the products today. The memory manufactures do significantly overcharge for memory they know is very fast and will be sought after by those who are in the know. That makes it easier for them to charge more for memory that looks faster in speed, but actually isn't, they rake in the profit both ways. Unfortunately the person who bought into the marketing end instead of paying for the 'real-deal' does not nor will ever know what they are missing and simply assume they would pay far too much for nothing and tell everybody else the same thing. Tuning memory from its rated specifications may or may not be possible. The secondary and tertiary timing can also be tuned with DDR4 but is not something most folks can do. EDIT: We cant 'tune' memory on CL/CAS alone, TRUE, but we can purchase memory on timing/speed specifications that by default will obtain 90-95% of the result out of the box. 'Tuning' memory is reserved for those who are trained experts, or, those who are savvy enough being around the overclock hobby to know how to do it right, securing a stable system end result. Therefore PURCHASING the right memory out of the gate and spending the money on it,.. is the right move to make. I would also caution about lights and the disco look in towers. The windows software to run those bling items can and usually does place a very large footprint on the system and can be the source of sim stutters and pauses. I would not install or use such software at all.
  8. Thanks for making the point... now, if your memory latency in a real time test benchmark is 43ns or less at that speed, then you are in the 'zone' for well considered memory hardware. I know those others I listed are not... not even close
  9. People who buy, in example, DDR4 3600-4000 C19-19-20 and paid for the marketing DDR4 (4000) speed instead of understanding how latency works in relation to the CPU, actually bought DDR4 2800-3200 C18-19 and assume from there. A 1gnorant statement of 'you pay too much for nothing OR nearly nothing' is in fact correct, at least for them.
  10. Exactly! Shut HT down, if you overclock, take the CPU speed HT enabled WONT allow due to heat ...and please,.. use a 3rd party application (if that is what you need to do) to assign outside apps to lower number cores! There are no less than 2000 posts associated with AFFINITY MASK, and I would venture to say at least 150 threads that include 100-200 individual posts that suggest: "I AM AN EXPERT, HERE IS THE GRAPH"...................................... nonsense Purchase the K "KAY" CPU. Even if you shut HT off in the BIOS you have a larger cache available with a piece of silicone that is designed to run BETTER, STRONGER, FASTER M*A*S*H - THAT IS ALL I would suggest everyone here, listen to jabloomf.. and Mr. Scott I can vouch for Mr. Scott.. he knows what he is talking about Everybody loves Scotty! ... it's just fun guys but don't buy into this Affinity Mask nonsense ..
  11. I seriously want to print this out and frame this quote This AM stuff and all the song and dance that has gone with it here with graphs and jiggle lines,.... has surpassed ridiculous Semper Fye!... (correct pronunciation) After all the time (In years) you have diligently tested Gerard, I am glad to see you came up with the correct assessment. bravo! You always knew this old man.. Live Long, and Prospect! ..or prostate if you are over 75 :}
  12. Most refreshing to read this. Semper Fi Sir
  13. OK,... I'll stick to the rules, this time.. Just hav'in fun fella's Jen has my number, don't mind me.
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