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  1. How do I get more FPS out of FSX:SE?

    Spending more money won’t eliminate the out of memory situation, that will only be resolved by settings and what you have installed. You haven’t told us what settings you are currently using but I can tell you that I run a modest system (2700K at 3.85ghz, 8GB RAM, GTX670 4GB, Win 7 64bit) and have all the PMDG planes, countless addon airports (FSDT, Flightbeam, FlyTampa, LatinVFR, etc), WOAI cargo + UT2, ORBX stuff, UT USA/Eu, bunch of photoreal scenery and I’ve configured it to maintain at least 25 FPS or higher at all addon airports and never run out of memory. I don’t use any addon sky, water or scenery textures larger than 1024 and am careful about settings (no road traffic, no boats, no airport vehicles as most addon scenery provides that). If you post your settings and addons we can give more info on what to turn off/down that can help you get more FPS and not run out of memory. Since I started FSX in 2009 I’ve only had one OOM and it was due to the first release of the PMDG NGX that had an issue that was later fixed in a service pack. Aside from that one time, I’ve never had another out of memory situation.
  2. ILS's not working...?

    Only one topic is needed and allowed. Since you posted the same thing in the P3D forum and got a reply we'll lock this one and you can continue discussion there.
  3. Shipdenborn

    Following the instructions Poppet listed in the quote below.
  4. Shipdenborn

    Welcome to Avsim. A suggestion for future help topics. Rather than putting your user name in the topic title, put a brief description of the issue, like “Scenery Editor Question?” or something similar. Using your user name may result in less people clicking on the topic to help you.
  5. Welcome. Have a nice weekend!
  6. Weird texture on WIII Runway

    Welcome to Avsim. First, I moved your post from the Tricks and Tips section to the FSX forum. If you are using another sim let me know and I’ll move it to the appropriate forum. You can attach screen shots by uploading them to a file host like Flickr or your choice, and then posting the link here so we can see what it is.
  7. Milviz C310 Redux Released!

    There’s already a 6 page discussion going on about it in this link -> Rather than start another topic about it, we’ll lock this one and continue there.
  8. The default airport terminal buildings are tied to the Scenery Complexity slider. If the slider is turned too far to the left you won’t see any buildings. If you set it to Normal, Dense or higher you should see the buildings. If that doesn’t work, then something else is going on.
  9. FlyTampa Moving Jetways?

    Welcome. Btw, if you have other older FT airports, a lot of them have been updated to include the moving jetways.
  10. FlyTampa Moving Jetways?

    The older version had static jetways. The updated version added the moving jetways. See link
  11. Documenation for 747

    See here-> He’s talking about this thread Sean Campbell
  12. DELTASSSSS dogs (23 4K images)

    I had to remove the last 3 shots as they exceeded the maximum of 20 allowed. Please review the screen shot rules here so we don’t have to remove any in the future. Pages/screen_shot_rules.html Great shots btw!!! Some of the best I’ve seen in a while. Particularly loved the ones on the ground.
  13. Miami with my eyes.(21 shots)

    I had to remove the last image as the screen shot rules only allow a maximum of 20 images per topif. Please see screen shot rules in the link below. Pages/screen_shot_rules.html
  14. PMDG 777

    I moved your topic to the FSX forum since you posted it in the Virtual Reality section. Are you running the boxed version of FSX or the Steam version? If you have the boxed version are you up to date with the service packs SP1 and SP2 or Acceleration? If no one can solve your problem in the FSX forum, PMDG also has a forum here in which you could ask.
  15. What do these phases mean?