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  1. cmpbellsjc

    748 Estimated Cost?

    The base product is the current 747-400. You have to buy that first to be able to add the next model. Sean Campbell
  2. cmpbellsjc

    Black Aircraft Selection Screen/FSX Locksup

    I agree with Jethro, rebuilding the shaders will probably fix the issue. It’s always a good idea to delete the shaders and let them rebuild after installing a new video card or new video card drivers.
  3. cmpbellsjc

    New Computer Upgrade Question

    Only one topic please as you started the same topic in the P3D forum. I’m closing this one and moving your P3D topic to the hardware forum.
  4. cmpbellsjc

    GSX-Level 2

    There are many topics about it at the source.,45.0.html
  5. cmpbellsjc

    First Solo...

    My first solo was a few days after my 16th birthday in 1988 in Apple Valley, Ca. I started taking lessons when I was 14 1/2, so by the time I reached the legal age to solo and had my 3rd class medical, I’d already had tons of lessons and flying experience. It wasn’t even really a surprise that I was going to solo that day since my instructor and I had been talking about it for weeks leading up. Basically we went up and did a few touch and go’s and then a full stop to let him out. Ironically though, on the last landing we were almost t-boned by a Piper Cub that either didn’t have a radio or wasn’t communicating in the pattern. KAPV only had a Unicom for people to report their intentions and positions. We announced we were turning base to final when this guy came right over the top of us. Being in a high wing Cessna we couldn’t see him above and he hadn’t been reporting. Aside from that, the first solo was fine and I wasn’t even nervous. I was actually really happy that I wasn’t going to have to pay for an instructor for a while, lol.
  6. cmpbellsjc

    Monument Valley

    I agree. The first few pics combined with the green plane included looks like something from an older video game.
  7. cmpbellsjc

    fsx cyhm

    The product page says it’s for P3D only so I’d assume not. However it also says there’s an FSX verson as well.
  8. From what I read it’s compatible with FSX SP2 or the Steam version. Maybe they have different installers for each version? Did you check the store you purchased from to see if there are different download links? If not, or you can’t get the installed to point to your FSX install, you might need to email their support at
  9. cmpbellsjc

    FSX Geometric Squares on Sea! Help!!

    There is no texture.cfg only the FSX.cfg, terrain.cfg and scenery.cfg. Glad to see it was the shaders that were messed up and rebuilding them fixed the issue. As far as the DX11 that Windows has installed by default, that also allows older DX versions to work as well, like DX9 and 10. FSX by default uses DX9 but has the DX10 “Preview” feature included. Unless you are using Steve’s DX10 “fixer” program, I’d stick to DX9 as the default DX10 feature can cause various issues. Anyway, glad to see its fixed. No you can reactive all the scenery you deactivated.
  10. cmpbellsjc

    Any good resources for Airport gate information?

    If you have GSX and start a flight from the runway you can go into the parking menu and it will give you an option to select a gate for your airline provided you have the parking code info in your aircrafts cfg file for the plane your flying. Same for when you land, you can have GSX give you a parking option for the gate that corresponds to your airline. Or, for free, just open the departure and arrival airport AFCADS using ADE and get the gate numbers from it that are for your airline.
  11. cmpbellsjc

    FSX Geometric Squares on Sea! Help!!

    Orbx doesn’t have a weather program, only the theme that they provide and that can’t cause the issue you're having. What ORBX products do you have? Global, Vector, airports, regions, landclass? I suspect that it has something to do with your terrain.cfg being corrupted. I use Ultimate Terrain rather than Vector and if the terrain.cfg gets messed up it can cause issues like this. I don’t have ORBX Vector so I don’t know how you can re-run the program to have it fix the terrain.cfg. I have a feeling that deleting the stuff from your scenery.cfg if that includes Vector and maybe landclass, could be causing the issues. You might want to post the issue at the ORBX support forum on their website to see how to proceed, not the ORBX forum here. They will be able to provide official support. Without seeing your scenery and terrain.cfg it’s hard to know what might be messed up. Just to be sure, you’re not using any shader modifications or anything are you or using the DX10 preview? You could always try rebuilding the shader cache to see if it helps. Here’s instructions on how to do that?
  12. cmpbellsjc

    FSX Geometric Squares on Sea! Help!!

    Did this just start happening or has always been like that since you installed FSX? If it just started happening then something you installed or changed is most likely the cause as the sim can’t work correctly one day then look like this the next without change taking place. If I recall from past experiences, it could be due to terrain.cfg issues or shader issues.
  13. cmpbellsjc

    Good flying books recommendations?

    What type of flying books are you looking for? Books on learning to fly, aviation in general, military aviation, etc? Narrow it down so we can make some recommendations otherwise you’ll get posts touting many different facets of flying or aviation. BTW, I moved your topic to Hangar Chat since it didn’t appear to have anything to do with FSX which was the forum it was posted in.
  14. cmpbellsjc

    Looking forward to this movie

    Lol, I forgot about that movie. The problem with a lot of these films is that they don’t really cater to the people who actually followed closely or have knowledge of the space program or the individuals themselves. They tend to always over dramatize situations or don’t depict them accurately to make it more exciting to the viewer. I did see a small cut of the Gemini 8 mission in the trailer that Neil was on when they docked with the Agena and had to undock due to the thruster get stuck upon and putting them out of control. After watching tape of the real incident and hearing how calm they were, it will be interesting to see how they portray this in the movie.
  15. cmpbellsjc

    Looking forward to this movie

    I don’t go to a lot of movies mainly just due to lack of interest in what has been coming out the past few years and just wait for movies to appear on Amazon or Netflix before watching. But, this one I will go see on the Fri or Sat night after it releases. I think it premiers on a Thursday so I’ll go Fri or Sat so I can make a date night out of it.