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  1. cmpbellsjc

    A New Long Haul 787 Flight: Auckland to Chicago

    Yeah, flying on first or business class on long hauls is ALWAYS a lot more comfortable than coach. For people like me who can’t sleep sitting up, being able to lay down is a big plus.
  2. cmpbellsjc

    virtual reality

    I’ve always wondered how people wearing the headsets manage to use the keyboard without having to keep lifting the headset to look? Some jets I use like the VRS Superbug have so many key commands that I don’t all have mapped to controllers that I’d find it rather hard to flying if I can’t see what keys I need to push with my vision blocked by the VR headset.
  3. cmpbellsjc

    Is EZDOC needed with PMDG B747 V2

    The v2 version comes with motion sensing that is detected during turbulence, ground roll, etc, however you’d still have to use either EZCA or Chaseplane for all the view stuff. Although v2 has numerous views built in via key strokes, it’s not the same as aftermarket camera programs. So your assumption about what it came with was 1/2 correct in the “cockpit shakes” but not in the sense of views.
  4. cmpbellsjc

    Version 4.4 coming soon?

    Not sure how you missed this 6 page thread on it.
  5. cmpbellsjc

    ILS approach not centered on runway

    Megascenery Earh is only photoscenery, so I’ll assume your using the default FSX airports and not FSDT or another other versions. Ok, if this is happening at other airports then I think I know what it is and how to fix it as I’ve had the same happen to me. What you’ll need to do is rebuild the FSX scenery indexes as they can cause this issue if they get corrupted. Attached is a link from the PMDG forum. Follow the instructions by “Tabs” on what to do. Below is the link and also a screen shot of his post. Try this and see if it works.
  6. cmpbellsjc

    Problem with "jumps" with water animation

    In that case it might just be something you’ll have to live with and just try to ignore it as frustrating as it might be. I was lucky to solve mine but without being a your rig to really dig into it, it’s hard to say what you’ve got going on.
  7. cmpbellsjc

    Is it time for me to ditch default clouds?

    When you downloaded the package, it should have come with two folders, one labeled as a 32bit set and the other folder as a DXT set. You can tell by the file size as well, 32 but are large files compared to the DXT. You could always open one of the texture in DXTBmp or Imageview and it will say what format it is.
  8. cmpbellsjc

    When you do not sim?

    Back between the years of ‘05 to ‘13 almost a day didn’t go by where I wasn’t flying the sim. In the last few years I’ve take on more hobbies or gotten more serious about them which has taken more of my free time away. For example, I’ve always been a golfer and played every weekend but that didn’t take much sim time away, but a few years ago I took up running and then got into competition with it. Now, most nights I’m running usually between 8-10pm getting ready for upcoming races. Prior to the run is relax time after work and dinner with the wife. After the run is another meal, foam rolling and ice which occupies another hour or so. By then there’s not much time or energy left to fly since I need to go to bed. The other thing is, I moved a few years ago into a two story loft with the sim rig being in the upstairs loft. Sometimes I just don’t feel like going up there since I feel more isolated and can’t see the tv while flying. I know I could add a tv in that space also but haven’t yet. In a way I feel ok about not simming as much since I felt it was like I was wasting too much time that wasn’t really accomplishing anything or bettering my life like my other hobbies do. My wife is pretty supportive of anything I do, but even she thought I was wasting too much time simming years ago. She’s happier now that I’m out running or training rather than sitting at a computer. You know the saying “happy wife, happy life”. There are times when the urge grabs me for a few days and I’ll fly all over the place before I hang it up for a few weeks. Or, if I’m going out of the country or just got back, I like to replicate the flights, as a lot of us do.
  9. cmpbellsjc

    Updated AFCAD for Orbx KSMO New Shortened Runway Layout?

    It comes with an instruction manual which makes it pretty easy to figure out. Plus there are probably some YouTube tutorials you could watch as well.
  10. cmpbellsjc

    "PWR FAIL" Indication on Panel

    The only things is, when you start a new topic in the FSX section, no one has any idea what topic you were reading prior to your post, unless you respond directly to the topic in which you were already reading.
  11. cmpbellsjc

    Problem with "jumps" with water animation

    You know, after looking closer at your cfg, you have a lot of tweaks in it that I don’t even use and one id never even seen like MAX_TEXTURE_DATA=4800, multiple sample pass values and other weird stuff. If I were you I’d make a back up if the cfg, start FSX and let it build a new one without all those tweaks, some of which might be making things worse. Adjust your settings in the FSX menu and only add the highmemfix tweak to your cfg and retest. You can always go back in and add all those other additions but in the 9 years I’ve been on FSX, I’ve never used any of that stuff and haven’t found it necessary. You might also want to look at the AVSIM FSX set up guide here at Avsim.
  12. cmpbellsjc

    Is it time for me to ditch default clouds?

    I used that set as well and they are really good. Just make sure I use the DXT version. I still to this day use the HDEv2 Sky textures. I still haven’t found a set I think look better and have tried them all including REX and ASCA.
  13. cmpbellsjc

    Problem with "jumps" with water animation

    No, moving the LOD higher than 4.5 is going to put more strain on the system and probably make things worse overall as far a performance. The water slider you have now set at High 2x, I’d move it left to the middle which I believe is Low 2x. That’s where I always keep my water setting as it takes less shader passes to render the water. Try Low 2x and see how that works. Also try setting your Texture Max Load back to 1024.
  14. You have to turn off the autothrottle switch itself. The autothrottle switch isn’t linked to the autopilot to turn on or off when you disengage the autopilot. The switch is labeled A/T. Also, since you’re new here, PMDG has a support forum at Avsim. The link to the PMDG 777 is below.
  15. cmpbellsjc

    Being pleasant pays..

    Yeah, those prices are ridiculous. I just looked up my grandparents address at 440 Davis Ct in SF. If I were to rent their apartment now, the company website (The Gateway) lists it at $5600 to $5700 a month. Geez, you’d need to be making a good amount of money to afford that. They still have rent control out there?