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  1. FSX-MS

    The data bases for the GA and airline schedules are in one of the hidden folders if I recall. But you can back up the databases and drop them back in after the reinstall. They are what contain your liverly assignments. Im not at my computer otherwise I'd give you the exact location to find the DB files.
  2. XP11

    Love the approach view!!!!!
  3. FSX-MS

    Well in all fairness this is the typical anatomy of a thread where someone switches sims then posts in the forum of the sim they switched from and says that they've gone to X sim, for whatever reason applied to them, and am either surprised anyone else is still using the older sim. Then you get users jumping in to defend or give the reason they are on the sim that you switched from and the back and fourth begins. I remember it all too well from the FS9 to FSX days. Someone would stop using FS9, move to FSX, then open a post in the FS9 forum telling everyone how great FSX was and asking how or why anyone was still using FS9. I'm sure that your post wasn't intentionally started as a way to stir the pot so to speak, but for some users they might wonder why you started the thread in the first place, as someone else noted. Anyway, no harm, no foul. There are still plenty of people plodding away on FS9, FSX and other sims to give enjoyment to for all users.
  4. FSX-MS

    You guys will probably have to use the phone activation call in method. There are numerous thread here on Avsim regarding phone activation.
  5. Judging from google maps satellite view, I think you nailed it.
  6. The default GSX hit key is CTRL F12 per page 5 of the GSX manual. I believe the Shift F11 key is mapped to UTL which is why it's changing your traffic levels. You can check the key assignments for each by accessing the drop down Addon menu to check and both addons will allow you to assign new hotkeys. I don't think anything is wrong, but you either changed the hot keys or forgot which ones go to which addons.
  7. FSX-MS

    I still invest in FSX since many of the things I buy for it have installers included for P3D at no extra charge. Plus the fact that I only have FSX, so I have no choice but to keep buying for it until I move to P3D at some point. Im still happy with FSX, have no issues with it, so it will probably be another version or two before I move to P3D. I own darn near every major airport for it already, so there isn't much more for me to buy anyway.
  8. FSX-SE

    You don't need to make a folder in FSX called FSDreamteam, the installer should complete all actions necessary. Given what you have tried I suggest you post the troubles you're having on the FSDT support forum where you can get help from the developer. Sometimes they can even do a TeamViewer session with you for complex problems. You'll probably get it working faster asking them than you will here.
  9. FSX-SE

    Benjamin, You keep throwing the word downloading and downloaded around and it makes it hard to understand. When you download a program like EZCA or GSX, that's the part when you obtain the files to install. Then you have to install the program. Don't confuse installing with downloading or say I downloaded GSX meaning you installed it. Installed is not the same as the program has been downloaded. Ok, now that that's out of the way, let examine the issue. When you download (fetch from internet) some programs like GSX its best to turn off the antivirus program and keep it turn off until after you actually install the program. Then you can turn on the antivirus security but you need to exclude FSX and other necessary files from programs that are installed outside of FSX to prevent the antivirus program from mistaking them for security threats and quarantining then. A lot of time when people have issue with GSX and some programs from Flight1 is because they downloaded them and installed them with the antivirus turned on. You could try uninstalling GSX from the control panel, turning off your antivirus, download the GSX installer again from FSDT, install it, then exclude your FSX folder and other necessary folders from the antivirus program and restart it. Unfortunately a lot of security programs these days are over zealous and cause more problems with FSX and related programs than their worth.
  10. FSX-MS

    The FMC doesn't calculate an N1 value for approach and landing but it gives the reference speeds depending on flap selection. As mentioned to you a few times already, don't obsess with the N1 values when landing, just make sure to hold the proper pitch and speed. If you're having trouble keeping the speed where it needs to be use the auto throttle and set the speed you want in the MPC. So if the FMC says your vRef is 145kts with Flaps 30, use the vRef 145+5kts=150kts (+5kts is average with light wind but will change depending on wind speed) and set 150kts in the MCP. No need to make it any harder than it actually is. I'd recommend flying the tutorials that come with the aircraft to help you get more accustomed to flying it and how to use the autopilot/autothrottle functions to reduce the work load until you become more proficient at hand flying it.
  11. FSX-SE

    To answer #1, I'd ask yourself this. Do you currently have a trouble free FSX experience? Meaning are you suffering from OOM's, poor FPS, etc? If your current set up is running without problems, then I'd say to stick with it until you go to P3D at some time in the future. Personally, I've been essentially running the same FSX install since '08. I've upgraded hardware since then but that was all. I run all the major payware sceneries, PMDG planes, AI, etc and never had any issues with my setup, so when FSX-SE came along I passed. But for some users who had always been plagued with OOMs, stutters and other problems, it seems to have helped them a lot. Anyway, that's just my opinion. Since you're retired and have all the time in the world, I suppose it wouldn't hurt for you to experiment. I'm still waiting to go to P3D but have passed on all versions so far as I didn't want to keep paying for a version, installing it, then uninstalling, paying for the next version and installing it, and on and on. I think they are getting close to the version that I will finally jump in.
  12. Great shots but you exceeded the 20 screen shot limit by posting 35 images. I removed the extra and left 19 so that you can start a new topic starting where these left off. Please review the screen shot posting rules here so we don't have to edit or delete parts of your post in the future.
  13. I agree. This is one of the first things I learned back in 2009 when I went from FS9 to FSX and was working with Michael Greenblatt at FS-GS on my FSX rig and setup. Still holds true today.
  14. FSX-MS

    I didn't say you don't have to move the throttles, I just said that you don't need to worry about the actual N1 percent. If you don't have a throttle lever on your joystick or a stand alone throttle control then you'll have to use F1 to F4 keys to control the throttles. It would probably be easier to set the airspeed in the MCP and turn on the auto throttles and let the plane manage the throttle for you. You can still hand fly the plane on approach with the auto throttle handling the throttles for you.
  15. FSX-MS

    I'm closing this topic since you started another one with nearly the same question.