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  1. If I recall, I think he’s from Latin America, can’t remember which country though. I think I spoke with the owner or main guy years ago when they first got started, but don’t remember his name, but it was a Latin name as I remember.
  2. If you look at a satellite view of KIAH on Google maps, the tarmac/apron is pretty beat up and patchy looking in some areas. It’s far from a perfect apron that some airports have.
  3. I always say that if the people who institute a lot of the bone head policies had to live by them or suffer the same consequences from them as we do, they’d never implement them. Naturally, no one is as important as actors, professional athletes, and wealthy business men and politicians. 😂😂 I remember hearing stories about famous American actors vacationing in exotic places during the lockdowns that no one else was able to go to, because of course, they are very important people.
  4. This topic again? It’s going to be the same replies and arguments that have been posted the last 100 times this topic comes up.
  5. Alright guys, this subject and others like it have been debated ad nauseam so many times now by the usual suspects. If you guys want to continue the debate, feel free to do it by DM’s.
  6. Are you planning to sell these photoreal sceneries you’re creating? If so, since you’re sourcing satellite photo scenery from the Google servers, I don’t think you can sell them without paying for the source material. POST EDIT: After reading the link below, I don’t think you’d be able to even distribute your work as freeware, but definitely not for sale. https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/is-using-google-map-for-scenery-legal.448748/
  7. @vbazillio 😂😂😂 I can’t believe you made that airport. I actually did a few touch and go’s at that airport in real life back in ‘89. Apparently they weren’t doing anything the day I was there and didn’t see anyone. I’ve actually stopped at that gas station a few times as well driving from LA to Tucson, Az. Even though it’s off a main interstate highway, you still feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere. KAPV in Apple Valley, Ca might be one that would interest you in doing. I did a lot of my PPL training there. It’s also a pretty small airport, in the roof of the high desert, but has a descent amount of activity and can accommodate biz jets.
  8. Almost forgot to give this the weekly 🌲🌲
  9. @bofhlusr @charliearon He was gone when I checked 😂😂
  10. cmpbellsjc

    Cut in line?

    😂😂😂 Yeah, or possibly the same guy from the video the OP posted. Then again, my incident was in ‘89, so it possible that if the guy continued that type of flying, he’s most likely gone by now.
  11. cmpbellsjc

    Cut in line?

    The same thing happened to me in 1989 in California. It was the day of my first solo and my instructor and I were in the pattern at KAPV doing some TGL’s before the full stop where he got out and I did my first solo. We were on base for 18 and it’s an uncontrolled field where we report our positions/intentions on Unicom 122.8. I’d just made the call on the radio that we were turning base to final for 18, looked around and started the turn to final when a tail dragged just came over the top of us. My instructor got on the radio yelling at that guy but rather than land, he aborted his approach and took off. It happened so fast we didn’t get a tail number. We did land full stop, taxi off the runway and the instructor signed me off to taxi back and take off for my solo. Fortunately I wasn’t shook up over it and was able to make a few solo TGL’s without incident, but it was a close call, one of which I was lucky to never have another one like. Afterwards we assumed the guy either didn’t have a functioning radio or just wasn’t communicating. Since we were in a 152, we couldn’t see him high right, but since he was also in a high wing, he should have been able to see us on his low left.
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