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  1. cmpbellsjc

    Best AI Traffic program for FSX-SE

    I split you topic from a three year old thread. Please just start new topics rather than dig up old ones to add replies to or ask for support.
  2. cmpbellsjc

    Before buying QualityWings Boeing 787

    If they do it won’t be for FSX. CaptSim announced they won’t developer any new FSX content.
  3. cmpbellsjc

    A great read

    Lol, I’m a man also, a straight one at that, but have leafed through them a time or two while waiting at the doctors/dentist office out of boredom. Actually men’s magazines like GQ aren’t much better, 95% advertisement, 5% content.
  4. cmpbellsjc

    A great read

    I don’t know about that. Have you ever thumbed through a woman’s fashion or fitness magazine? Those are like 98% adds and 2% journalism.
  5. cmpbellsjc

    Entire F-35 Stealth Fighter Jet Fleet Grounded

    Jim, I was curious, does the P3D version have the ability to do vertical takeoffs and landings?
  6. cmpbellsjc

    Favorite Aviation Movies?

    Fixed it.
  7. cmpbellsjc

    Favorite Aviation Movies?

    I was going to post your link rather than go over it all again. Still the same movies and responses.
  8. cmpbellsjc

    Best 737 payware?

    On that note, I think the OPs question has been answered enough before the thread drifts further south. In the future, let’s point out the strengths and weakness of addons before we demean other developers work as “trash”.
  9. cmpbellsjc

    Little Black Squares

    Not sure if you aware but you have posted two other topics on this same issue. After a while we don’t hear from you if you solved it then another post starts with the same issue. If I had to guess I’d bet that it’s the DX10 Preview as being checked.
  10. cmpbellsjc

    Why the World is Running Out of Pilots

    That’s certainly part of it. A friend of mine didn’t spend that much but around $100,000 at an aviation school in Tulsa. First airline gig he got was flying the ATR-72 or SAAB 340 for American Eagle. Started out making around $32,000. He had to get a roommate to split rent to make ends meet. He always joked about the FA’s getting paid more than him. The US military also has or is going to have pilot shortages as well. That’s not surprising as hard as it used to be to get a pilot slot in the US military. When I was in college I was in the UASF ROTC. When I was getting ready to do the last two years known as the POC, you’ll be required to serve at least 4 years after graduation. The problem I had at the time is that I had corrected vision, which made it really hard to get a waiver for a pilot slot. I decided not to take a chance getting stuck in the air force for 4 years and didn’t do the POC. Either way, if you try to get free flight training in the military you have to not only be a top student, but also and almost perfect physical specimen. If you go the civilian route it will cost you a ton of money that will take a while to recoup based on low salaries.
  11. cmpbellsjc

    CPU Overload

    Here you go.
  12. cmpbellsjc

    CPU Overload

    Most likely you’re settings were too high or you have an issue with the video card drivers and/or settings in them. It’s bit uncommon for the CPU to be at 100% when running FSX though. You might want to check the AVSIM FSX setup guide to see how your settings correspond to what is suggested in the guide. The out of memory area doesn’t correspond to how much space you have available on your hard drive. It means that you ran out of virtual address space. Remember that FSX is a 32 bit program and can’t use more than 4GB of VAS, well actually I think it’s technically like 3.6GB of VAS or something like that. The only way to cure our of memory issues is with lower settings on some features and not loading the sim with a lot of textures larger than 1024x1024 and or 32bit.
  13. cmpbellsjc

    Will GTX 1050TI Cut it for V4?

    You realize your reply was to his upgrade a year ago?
  14. cmpbellsjc

    PMDG 747-8 Thrust reversers aren't animating.

    Welcome to Avsim. I moved your topic to the P3D forum as you posted it in the “In Memory of Tom Allensworth”. The late Tom Allensworth was the founder of Avsim and support topics don’t belong in that section. You didn’t clarify which sim you’re using so I had to assume it was P3D. If it’s FSX I can move it to that forum. PMDG also has an Official Support forum on Avsim as well if you scroll further down.
  15. cmpbellsjc

    PDMG Operations Centre - updates

    Welcome to Avsim Patty. I’m not in front of my computer but if I recall in the PMDG where the update is listed their should be an option button to update. If no one here has a quick answer, you might want to try in the PMDG forum here on Avsim for a possibly quicker reply. Link below. This thread might help as it sounds similar.