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  1. FSX-MS

    If you are using AS16 for your weather program, which by the way is necessary to get the radar to work in the NGX, you can look at the AS16 pull down menu for the destination weather to get the winds or tune to 122.00 for the weather brief, assuming you filed a flight plan in AS16. Once you know the winds, you can make an educated guess.
  2. The main reason for the airport not showing on arrival tends to be due to people using either one of those addons to disable scenery areas or doing it in the scenery library and had disabled the effected airport. For FSDT airports or any of the FB airports that still use Couatl, it’s not necessary to disable them to save VAS but if you still do you must do the following. 1. Enable the airport in the library or in whatever scenery manager your using. 2. Start FSX or P3D and let it load completely. 3. Exit FSX/P3D and then restart it Once those steps are done there shouldn’t be a reason for an arrival airport to me missing or not showing. I had this happen to me once years ago and it’s been mentioned by Umberto many times as the reason for arrival airports not showing as a lot of people where unticking the airports or scenery areas in prior flights, re-enabling them and not starting FSX twice to get Couatl to properly reload it. Having said that, once it quit disabling their airports I’ve not had one not show up in the last 7 years. Hope this helps anyone having that issue.
  3. Lol, I was thinking the same thing the other day when listing to ATC.
  4. That’s precisely why I was asking Hammer for a link to the thread he started as I didn’t see any threads with that user name asking for help over there. With the exception of a few times where a user has had a very unusual or unique setup, Umberto is quite adept to getting things fixed.
  5. You opened a help topic or just browsed the forum for help? If they can’t solve an issue via the forum Umberto will do a TeamSpeak session if needed to correct it. Where is your help needed thread on their forum?
  6. If you ever get a chance to go to Edward AFB for a tour and are left alone like I was, make sure to go visit the ruins. There are a few walls still standing and the empty pool is still there along with a few rusty old cars from that time. You can see where the bourse corral was as well, probably the corral that Yeager has saddled up at the night he broke is ribs. There are a few YouTube videos that show the current condition as people go visit it and they have an annual cook out there. It’s pretty neat to go and walk around where the great test pilots used to hand out. Many great stories told over a cold beer at one time.
  7. That’s my favorite aviation movie of all time. I used to live not to far from Edwards which made me appreciate the history of the area a little more. In fact, I took a NASA tour there back in the 80’s when security wasn’t as tight. After the tour, no one showed us to the gates so I was left free to roam around a bit and found the ruins of Pancho's Happy Bottom Riding Club. It was pretty neat to walk around the place where all the famous aviators/test pilots from that era had been at one time or another. Peeled up a few tiles and some other memorabilia to keep for souvenirs. Another great movie/documentary is One Six Right. Have seen it many times.
  8. When in doubt about what you can and can’t do, you can review the Terms of Service at this link below. It pretty much spells out all the rules of you’re not sure. Pages/terms_of_use.html/
  9. P3Dv4

    Wow, great shots. Love the first one especially!
  10. fsx-ms

    The poster you responded to has not been active here since 2016 and hadn’t mentioned that he has the NGX in his post. Rather than dig up a two year old post to reply to, if you have a question pertaining to your own set of circumstances, feel free to start a new post.
  11. FSX-MS

    I am am curious as to what the issue was? After you download the installer you just click on the installer and run it. The install is automated and shouldn’t take any work on your part. How did you read through the manuals if it didn’t install the first time? So what had you done wrong and how did you get it installed? Providing these answers might give a clue as to how your FSX got messed up. You can do as Dick said and either reinstall Addon manager or download one of the FSDT sceneries you own and reinstall it. This should get the FSDT stuff working and also your QW airplane. As to you Ultimate Traffic l, it’s sound like it got turned off in either your exe.xml or dll.xml dile, or was deleted completely. However, I not knowing how you installed the Imaginsim scenery, their installer shouldn’t do anything to those other items. I’d be interested to know what you found by “scouring the internet” and reading the manuals to see what you did to get the installer to work. Sounds like a lot more than was necessary.
  12. Peter, Since you already have a topic about this, I merged your new topic to the existing one. To make it easier for users to help you on a particular issue, please keep it to one topic and don’t open additional ones. Thanks
  13. FSX-MS

    Mike, welcome to Avsim. I moved your topic to the FSX forum from the Virtual Reality section. Please be mindful of the different sections of Avsim and post in the appropriate area. Doing so will increase your chances of getting a reply and help sooner. Thanks

    I fixed the title for you.
  15. FWIW, I’ve been buying from them for a few years usually taking advantage of the 10% Tuesday’s and the $5 loyalty coupons and not had any issues. Last night I got a few more items from them with the 10% off, on top of the existing sales and also used a $5 coupon and it all worked correctly. The only time I had an issue was with a piece of hardware I got from them but I called their customer service number, someone answered and I was able to get a resolution very easily.