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  1. @Gary1124 As mentioned by Bert, your asking the same questions over and over and just the other day said your going to XP, prior to that it was MSFS. Perhaps go back and check your old posts since you’ve already made numerous FSX vs P3D vs MSFS posts. I’m locking this one since it’s getting repetitive.
  2. Well, we’d better start buying real estate now before the market explodes up there 😂
  3. @ChaoticBeauty has more 🌲’s than anyone in Avsim history. He’ll be tough to catch 😂
  4. @ChaoticBeauty Thanks for all the updates. Another 🌲for you.
  5. I wonder what the cost is vs regular construction for identically built house? Since it’s in its infancy, I’d imagine it would probably be very expensive, although I haven’t researched or listened to the videos yet. It is pretty cool to see and amazing how quick it is.
  6. The termites are not going to like this 😂😂
  7. Alright guys, I think this one has run its course.
  8. @ChaoticBeauty I’m so late to give you you’re weekly 🌲🌲🌲, that your weekly update topic has already fallen to page 2. For a second I thought you hadn’t even posted it yet since it fell off the first page.
  9. We don’t eat the flesh, just the meat 😂😂 Actually it’s not really an American thing, I’ve witnessed quite a lot of meat eating going on in central and South America, Spain and Italy. I’m actually an animal lover and have always had pets, just not the type that I enjoy eating. I actually am part of the other P.E.T.A 😂😂 People Enjoying Tasty Animals That said, I actually don’t eat too much meat since I like to keep my cholesterol and fat intake in check. Although if it was as heathly as eating veggies daily, I wouldn’t mind eating a filet mignon daily 😋
  10. I’m surprised you liked Golden Corral? I went there once in Dallas and was disgusted. Although in all fairness, pretty much any cafeteria style restaurant like Furrs, Luby’s or Piccadilly disgusts me. I’m not sure what it is about those places but the food always seems terrible to me. Although, when I was a kid there was a place called Sizzler that wasn’t bad. I can’t remember exactly but it seemed like a cafeteria style place but the food seemed decent. Then again, at the age of 4-6, you don’t yet have a complex palate.
  11. No problem. Did you figure out the setting to turn off? I tried to search though some post to see where someone mentioned it the other day but couldn’t find it.
  12. @PIC007 See this 61 page topic for the feedback your looking for, in addition to the one pager that Tuskin linked.
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