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  1. Since it was a necropost and nonresolution was found in the one you dug up, best to start a new topic. I split this from the old one.
  2. I see you posted this in the FS9 forum as well and have some replies to it, to which you have responded. Since it looks like this was originally meant as an FS9 question, I'll lock this thread to avoid confusion.
  3. FSX-MS

    I split this from the 4 year old post you chose to dig up.
  4. Prayers to the victims and families involved. I was in Barcelona during the winter holidays this last year and spent a fair amount of time on Las Rambles and never would have imagined that such a tragedy would occur 7 months later. I will be back in Barcelona this holiday season and hopefully they won't have any more of these heinous crimes.
  5. FSX-SE

    I've been using the HDVv2 sky for years and is still my favorite and most realistic I've seen, and I own REX and other sky texture programs and these are still my favs. Plus their free. Link below.
  6. FSX-MS

    FWIW, I haven't updated mine in around two years, lol. I go by the motto, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Since my sim and all related addons are functioning perfectly, I see no reason to update. However, you could always back up the current module and into file, update and revert back to the old one if necessary.
  7. Just wanted to thank the users who reported the person who spammed this forum a few minutes ago. I was actually in the forum when he started and was busy banning him while he was spamming, followed up by cleaning up the mess he created. Thanks for the heads up for the users who took the time to report as it makes our jobs easier when we're not online.
  8. Not at this time time and believe me, this subject has been covered numerous times. Sean Campbell
  9. I had to split you second set of pics into a new topic as subsequent screen shots are not allowed after a post has been started. Please review the screen shot posting rules here->
  10. I merged your two threads together so that people can try to assist you better knowing the order in which you installed all this stuff.
  11. I'm the same actually. The amount of time I spend reading Avsim posts is probably two or three times more than the actual simming I do. Plus Avsim is available to read when sitting on the can, flying the sim isn't.
  12. Yep, my fault for reading too quickly and not comprehending, lol. Thanks for brining that to my attention. I'll probably leave it alone as it doesn't really bother me, but am glad you mentioned that it was the opposite of what I was reading. Sean Campbell
  13. I think this should explain your question. Sean Campbell
  14. I'm my option as mentioned above the T7 is so automated that FS2Crew might make it more boring as you'll have even less to do. The other package won't help much unless you fly from the external view often. At the end of the day, you'll still be flying a desk, which isn't that immersive. If you want to make the experience as "immersive" as possible, start building a home cockpit. That's about as immersive as you'll be able to get using a PC based sim. Or at least invest in some high quality controls, like yoke, throttle assembly and rudder pedals. I'm not talking about Saitek and other plastic stuff but the good quality metal stuff. It will cost you, but will feel good to use.
  15. I used to read PC Pilot and Computer Pilot but stopped wasting money on both as I can get all the same info and more for free reading Avsim and other flight sim related websites/forums. Frankly I used to be a subscriber to many magazines related to aviation, simming, golf, skiing, cycling, and finance. I've since stopped buying any magazines and just read all the content for free on various forums and blogs. At one point I was spending around $30 to $40 a month on magazines before I realized I was wasting a lot of money.