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  1. I appreciate the replay and advice, but it was returned....I loved the immersion, but small things other an the motion sickness were bothering me as well... I just want to fly....!
  2. Then that should have been the question, without the add-ons...Sorta like...Ahhh forget it...Who cares...!!
  3. Attacking a developer about his product is like telling a mom her kid is ugly.....Not done in a civilized culture..Dont like like it ( product or developer) don't buy it..Just dont say the kid is ugly in an anonymous forum... * Manual, Google, multiple forums, developer...
  4. Not to mention the very first poll question is skewered...Cannot have an AND/OR in a polling question... "Xplane is definitely my favourtie sim and/or i'm too heavily invested to change" Paleeeseee....
  5. I prefer DCS World....but not good enough yet to join the fray....
  6. Thanks for the update and video...
  7. United, Pan Am, TCA, (Trans Continental Airlines).....What company was Frank Borman the chairman of...?...That one too....
  8. If I cant get over it in 3 more days, its has go back....!! I love flying with it, but cannot imagine flying my Zibo 737 for three hours with it...My P51 is awesome ..Its the yaw that causes me issues..Thanks for the feedback, I hate to return it (BestBuy) as I got it for 150.00 with my points...
  9. I have been cheating, by using the mouse...(I use Xplane)...I have tried the controllers that came with the VR but it takes too long for me to get them to push pull or turn !! It truly makes flying around the airfield fun, by watching the airfield behind me etc.. I hope my inner ears accomadate to the fake movement..Even though thwey are not "high def", I cant imagine flying without em....We'll see, so to speak...
  10. I acquired an Oculas Rift yesterday and have been experimenting...I have to say, I'm not sure how I would want to go back to multiple screens after the experience...I am still dependent on my joystick and throttle controllers as I am not sure how anyone can use the Rift controllers to do anything with the multitude of buttons and switches. My only problem was when aligning with the runway , moving side to side with some rudder, I got a little air sick !!!!!!! Had to take em off to recover while on pause...!
  11. That was the push I needed..I have MFG Crosswind Pedals that I have been using for GA with Saitek Quadrant and yoke, but am starting to dive into war birds.....(Skuncrafts P51 Mustang for Xplane 11) and I have the A2a Mustang for FSX...The yoke works fine as long as there isnt any dog fighting...! But I would like to get closer to my desk and remove the yoke....Thanks a bunch....
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