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  1. Me too. I've recently updated to nvidia driver 551.61 and use the non-universal version of the FG mod, 0.8 I think. I've been using the mod for a while so I don't think it is that (unless there is a conflict with nv driver). The only other thing I have done is change G-Sync from full screen only to full screen + windowed. I've just reverted that setting, but have yet to test.
  2. Check your v-sync setting is NOT set to 1/3rd of monitor refresh in the settings.
  3. Hi, Is it possible to switch to a certain Stream Deck page via an automated script? E. G. Switch to a packs/bleed page based on APU state. Thanks, Daz
  4. Just to jump on with another question. Do you have to adhere to the scheduled departure time, and how is this determined, sim time or real time? Thanks.
  5. Yeah, that was the main attraction over the X-Touch. I have plenty of Guenseli's SD profiles to learn from.
  6. Thanks. Just watched a couple of videos and understand the differences. Shouldn't be too much of a struggle as I have all my scripts and know the events/variables for various aircraft. Just a matter of implementing into the SD software via your plugin. Should be interesting.
  7. I am thinking of switching from the X-Touch to the Stream Deck +. Is reconfiguring the profiles simply a matter of going through each assignment and pressing/rotating the relevant control on the Stream Deck (obviously after installing the SD plugin) to tie the command/script to the new input? Thanks, Daz Edit: I've just learned that I basically call the same scripts from the SD software.
  8. Loaded last and therefore 'on top' of other scenery. Sometimes you'll see scenery folders starting zzz just to make sure.
  9. Works great so far with the caveat of popup windows distorting during camera movement. Not a problem, I just disable head tracking when I open Navigraph etc.
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