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  1. I don't think you use the numpad to set the views, only to recall them. To set them I use ctrl+alt+(one of the normal numbers). Then the corresponding numpad number recalls the view (assuming keybinds are set).
  2. You could also use a variable and then toggle it's value with a button. I use (L:DH_INC_RATE) and (L:DH_DEC_RATE). I use a button to switch their values between 1 and 10 and -1 and -10 respectively. I then use: (L:DH_INC_RATE)·(>L:MSATR_DH_SET_1_DELTA,·number) and (L:DH_DEC_RATE)·(>L:MSATR_DH_SET_1_DELTA,·number)
  3. What if you just press the desired button on the actual device? Usually works for me. I don't select from the device list, they have never been listed there for me. I click + and then press the required button or move the required axis on the device and it finds it straight away.
  4. I run the 13600k at 1.22v at 5.4ghz on all power cores. Efficiency cores are at stock. CPU Lite Load is set to 5 in the bios (this dictates the voltage and was set at 12 by default). Hyperthreading is on. Temps in Cinebench are around 80 and around 65 max in MSFS. The chip now pulls around 150-160w as opposed to 250w at stock settings. The cooler is a 240mm AIO by Deepcool.
  5. Virtually. Sometimes I get a stutter when larger airports load in, or photogrammetry. My terrain LOD is 150. I also believe (hope) that running the companion apps on different threads helps in this respect. Running at 4k, DX11, DLSS quality. Most settings ultra except grass and trees. Road traffic off.
  6. I had an 8700K at 5GHz with an RTX 3080. I kept the 3080 and upgraded to a 13600K, undervolted and overclocked to 5.4 and the stutters have virtually disappeared. I also use Addon Linkers ability to run companion apps on different CPU threads. FSTL, FS Realistic, ATC Chatter etc, all run on their own efficiency core in the new CPU.
  7. I use a low'ish number of FSTL AI (30) and have never had the problem. I also limit the native sim airport workers, ground vehicles etc. My road traffic is also off but I'm not sure if those are classed as sim objects or not. Also in FSTL limit the spawn radius of ground aircraft. You can't see grounded aircraft more than a couple of miles away if that.
  8. Yes, I am aware of that possibility, but I like to control multiple ROTOR_BRAKE items at the same time, an example being the brightness of all of the display units.
  9. I've just found the issue. Before I updated AAO I wrote and assigned my own scripts for both CRS knobs, interior lights etc. These were saved in a My Scripts folder. However, after the update, the assignments were pointing at different scripts, the ones before I wrote my own. Not sure how this happened, but I just need to reassign to my own scripts again. Maybe I accidentally restored a backup. I don't know. Anyway, all good now thanks.
  10. Hi, A few days ago these commands worked perfectly: CPT CRS INC: 37607·(>K:ROTOR_BRAKE) FO CRS INC: 40907·(>K:ROTOR_BRAKE) CPT CRS DEC: 37608·(>K:ROTOR_BRAKE) FO CRS DEC: 40908·(>K:ROTOR_BRAKE) However, since I updated AAO they no longer work. Also all of my interior light K:ROTOR_BRAKE commands have suddenly stopped working; DUs, Panel, Flood etc. My HDG commands still work though, using the appropriate K:ROTOR_BRAKE assignments. I don't know if PMDG have changed their assignments at all? Should I be sending mouse wheel events to the relevant PMDG event instead? I would be grateful if someone could test one of the above to confirm. Thanks, Daz
  11. Hi, Try: (L:CM1_audio_mic_adv1,·number)·3·==·if{·1·(>MIDI:4:NoteOn:1:2)}·els{·0·(>MIDI:4:NoteOn:1:2)} You send a 1 or a 0 to the LED based on the LVAR value. So if the LVAR = 3 then a 1 is sent to the LED, any other value and a 0 is sent. You can also control the LEDs on a per layer basis using channel 11 instead of 1: LAYER A Encoders 0 - 7 Button top: 8 - 15 Buttons bottom: 16 - 23 LAYER B Encoder Buttons top: 32 - 39 Buttons bottom: 40 - 47 The encoders cannot be controlled on a per layer basis, they are just 0 - 7 no matter which layer is selected. Regards, Daz
  12. I had a 3080 with a Corsair 760w with no issues on an overclocked 8700K. I only recently upgraded with a move to 13th gen CPU.
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