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  1. Check your multiplayer settings. One of them locks you to live time and weather for all players in a session. Turning off multiplayer should confirm this.
  2. This is probably the issue they are experiencing. I opted out of beta, and the updater pointed to the default location with a full download. I simply pointed it to the actual installed location, and the update size was about 512kb.
  3. I use a HDR TV. Just make sure Windows HDR is on and then the in game setting. That is all you have to do. When Windows HDR is on the desktop should look awful as I believe the windows UI itself is not rendered in HDR. You have to adjust the SDR setting on the HDR settings menu to adjust to your liking. The sim probably will not look that much different. In my case a little more vibrant and obviously more dynamic range in the image. I use Windows 11 and the HDR seems better supported than it was in W10. If you have HDR on in Windows but not in the sim, the sim colours will be totally oversaturated and bright.
  4. Thanks, I'll check again, probably just confused. Another idea I had was to be able to delete the content.xml automatically (as an option) when a new pre-set is selected in Linker so you always have a clean'ish content.xml file relevant to the actual addons being used. I know you can do this through the ini file, but it does it every time rather than just when addon files are changed.
  5. Not sure it is reading the file correctly for me. I have a number of water fix files showing as ACTIVE in the actual file when opened with notepad, but they show as AVAILABLE through the new tool. It almost looks like the tool is predicting the content.xml based on currently selected files in AddonLinker.
  6. Yeah, once it clicks, and you understand it's capabilities, it is a powerful tool.
  7. One thing I always forget is that you have to use the normal number keys when assigning - Ctrl-Alt-4.
  8. Yes, I just moved the OCI folder to my addons drive and then linked it to the community folder in Addons Linker. I made no changes to the AIG Manager.
  9. I didn't get the verification email, but was able to login a few hours after registration.
  10. My Samsung TV only shows 8 bit in Nvidia control panel, but HDR 10 works without issues in both Windows and the sim. The 3 requirements are HDMI input range set to extended /advanced on the TV, HDR set in Windows and HDR set in the sim. I also discovered that if you set the graphics card to report its output as 'Gaming' in Nvidia control panel, it will trigger the auto game mode (ALLM) on TVs that support it.
  11. Under World: Fixed burry night lights at 4k/superwide resolutions. Or words to that effect.
  12. DaVinci Resolve. As simple or complicated as you make it.
  13. Seen a few of those. A data streaming problem I would imagine. They do disappear eventually.
  14. The author does state this, claiming they are freely accessible and takes no credit for them. Depends on any licensing restrictions I suppose.
  15. Although they are not, being part of the Working Title group working closely with Asobo and Microsoft.
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