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  1. I'm having a weird issue with the MCDU. Whenever I'm trying to input dep/arr airport (for example LOWW/LOWI) in the INIT page of the MCDU, nothing happens. The row remains blank and no flight plan can be further created/edited. Latest dev. version installed. The same with stable. Any ideas?
  2. Kyle, No, that's a view purely from inside, a combination of ChasePlane custom "over the shoulder" view and bit of TrackIR view point moved towards the window (but not crossing):
  3. In VC when looking over the shoulder (close to the window but not outside the VC model) I can see the wingtip and part of the engine nacelle. I assume IRL those can be seen as well considering the length of the wing. Unfortunately the external model seems to have no textures. Is this on purpose? Can textures be added?
  4. Yes, all good with TSS. I did notice it too with the stock sound. With TSS I could not hear it anymore.
  5. That's correct. I load the Maddog from the opening screen and then into the flight no issue with looping APU sound (or any other sound).
  6. One of the few remaining actual MD-82 operators in Europe - Bulgarian Air Charter LZ-LDK https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bulgarian_Air_Charter ***Image courtesy to Oyoyoy
  7. Temporary solution - don't switch on all lights like a Christmas tree. Landing / take off with the inboard landing lights only, taxi - nose taxi light only. Gives reasonable FPS.
  8. You don't need to reinstall the mega scenery. Add manually the areas with the software SceneryConfig 1.19 (P3D v4 ready), it is fairly straight forward to use. Point the path to the "scenery" folders where the mega files are already installed (one by one for each area) and jump in the P3D. Working fine.
  9. Maybe I'm missing something but in the light of the 64b LM Prepar3D v4 imminent release and nearly all major 3rd party developers converting their products (for free) I have the feeling that the dovetail product is pretty much "dead on arrival"... I've seen videos and quite frankly can't see a valid reason to look that way.
  10. KL thank you for the response. No, I have installed the multiple packs listed on the first page (last being the 179 ships). By the way I installed the P3D v2.5 fix of the effects and this resolved the vertical lines. Only now most of the wakes are flickering but I guess I can live with that.. I will also look around for the all-in-one pack V1 that you mention.
  11. Hello! First thanks for the awesome work and package, bringing live to the empty seas. I run P3D v3.4 and I have sea traffic now. I've noticed that there is a problem with the effects and specifically the ship wakes are displayed: Issue 1 - some of the ships have wakes in combination of vertical lines and flickering normal wake: Issue 2 - some of the ships have all wakes vertical: Issue 3 - Some ships are having kind of a normal wake but flickering: And finally I have the ships with normally displayed wakes: All those were spotted offshore Dubai with FlyTampa scenery. I have installed the P3D patch where it was mentioned that it should fix the vertical line is Prepar3D. That is not the case with me unfortunately, as you can see on the images above. I would appreciate any help to resolve the issue. Thanks.
  12. I'm sticking with the good ol' 376.33 The difference between this driver and the new series (380 current), is that this one actually releases unused resources and frees up the VAS... The new drivers just fill the VAS up to the OOM point. For example: FlyTampa EHAM, AS2016 overcast, 100% traffic, A320X - Available VAS around 600MB (close to the red line). After take off about 400-300MB remaining (on flight online I might also get a 250MB alarm). Enroute to EDDF, available VAS increases to 800-900MB. Landing at Aerosoft EDDFv2.01, 500MB remaining. Quick turnaround and flew back to EHAM with the same figures. Same example flight with the PMDG 747v3 - Available VAS at EHAM around 1200MB. Landing at EDDF with 800-900MB to spare. The above flights are impossible with the new drivers, as the VAS will only increase and eventually will OOM either shortly after take off from EHAM (with the A320) or on the approach to EDDF (with the B747v3)....
  13. Able to access the main PMDG web page and managed to reach the 747II p3D product page. When trying to ckick "buy" or "login" the page returns message "connection refused" This site can’t be reachedwww.precisionmanuals.com refused to connect. Search Google for precisionmanuals ProductCart viewPrd ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED Any chance a fancy firewall is blocking me off or something?
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