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  1. Yeah, apparently a bloke with a mustache bought three of them ......
  2. Exactly! Why can't people understand that not everything is measurable on a linear, one dimensional scale? THIS is not necessarily better or worse than THAT! My idea of the perfect simulator for home use is the flight model, system representation, and smoothness of Aerowinx PSX (but with more airplanes) with the runway and airport environment of X-Plane, an intelligent ATC that is not available from anyone at this time, improved weather and real traffic in relation to when and where you are flying (also historic weather and traffic, with related ATC). I'm pretty happy with the world representation we have in X-Plane and only from time to time I like to experiment with the visuals of some places in FlightSimulator (after a while you get tired of buzzing your own building). But I do not demand everyone else to share the same priorities, of course. Andrea
  3. FU 2 - 3 were true masterpieces. And cool boxes! They must be hidden somewhere in a closet. A.
  4. Here's my list: 0) NO STUTTERS NOR PAUSES AT ALL: they kill immersion. No late texture loading. 1) Flight Model (more inertia, both rotational and linear, is needed, plus some more pet hates, like behavior on the ground) 2) ATC 3) Weather and its visual representation 4) Perfect representation of runways under all visibility conditions A.
  5. Accurate reproduction of bass frequencies is no easy feat. Even if MSFS had a perfect sound generator, you would still need some very, very hi-end amplifier with lots of power and some large speakers to obtain a faithful reproduction of low frequencies at appropriate sound pressure levels. BTW: what many people think are bass frequencies are actually distortion due to final stage clipping. So, as a seasoned hi-end enthusiast, my take is that MSFS and ASOBO shouldn't be blamed. A.
  6. Yup, no stutters for me with this mod. My prime suspect was the streaming and this would seem to confirm it. A.
  7. So I think in your case the best solution is not to run it at all. Quite the opposite for me, go figure. A.
  8. Problems here in Rome, Italy, as well. The game is complaining about my bandwidth (2.5 Gb/s optical to my home router). A.
  9. I wouldn't even call it a mod: nothing is running inside the game. How can it make it unstable when it's just downloading the same tiles from a different server? A.
  10. AFTER they fix Italy .... If no patch is out in in a week I am going to delete the whole WU9 downgrade. A.
  11. Let's close this. 1) Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is the best accomplishment in the history of the human race. 2) When in doubt, see 1). This should settle it nicely. Cheers A.
  12. Believe what you prefer. Not my problem really. Not only I have read the PDF, I have the maths skills and experience to understand that what they are doing is really cool. And I showed the same appreciation for the flightmodel info they published a year ago. Which doesn't mean I need to believe that this is the best flight model or the best representation of the world ever made by Mankind. There are others, some of which are far more accurate. Which is good, because this means that we can probably have something better in the future. If we limit ourselves to flightsimming games, then yes, in that context this is the best world model available. In general, no, it isn't. Cheers A.
  13. That's exactly what I wrote. I do not consider it solved at all, I think it should not be too hard to do (although not so easy as someone may think) and for this reason PC flight simming is becoming increasingly less appealing to me. Absolutely. I enjoy a lot Aerowinx PSX which is the closest I can get to my ideal sim, but that's about it. A better digital model of the whole Earth exists. More than one in fact. It is not famous, and I am not going to say anything more. But I think it is easy to figure, and some research on the web may be useful. MSFS is not "the best digital model of the whole earth ever created by mankind". Maybe the only one available to gamers. Anyway I think that Google Maps can get better than that if they want to. They have the technology, the infrastructure, the know-how and the data. A.
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