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  1. THOSE were the days! Sublogic Flight Simulator II: the first slideshow in computer history, years before Power point. Meigs Champaign VOR to VOR at a whoppy 5 fps! And the first time I saw Sears Tower (a white vertical line) ... And yet we had fun, didn't we? Andrea
  2. I prefer to use Macs for work, earn money, and be able to buy a VERY good PC for my fav sim :-) Andrea
  3. Would an armchair pilot trained only on a PC sim be able to land safely a Level D simulator? Probably yes, I have done it many times, never crashed and actually found it pretty easy. Once, I also avoided an aircraft that was crossing my path (a nice gift from the instructor). Would it be the same with the real thing? Not so easy: emotions are a part of us and have a huge influence on our judgements and performances: in a sim you can only hurt your ego; in a real airplane it's a different matter. Ask a surgeon about the first time he/she had to use a scalpel for real. In that case, you have had a long profesional training, you have been there many times watching, and there are expert colleagues around you who can assist, advise, and help you if needed. You are risking the patient's life, not yours or that of 200 people. But I bet your legs are shaking just the same. Now imagine trying to land a full 737 all alone. Andrea
  4. We should tell the young ones that there was a time when 1999 and 2001 were only found in science fiction and 2000 was our distant future. I remember when I first found out that I would be 35 in 2000. "An old man", I thought. Now I remember how young I was at that time. Now the future is past and, as a character of the movies said, we didn't even notice. But we still fly in virtual skies :-) Andrea
  5. Solo Flight was a true work of genius. I remember having a wonderful time withh it Andrea
  6. And, I might add, we paid full price for it :-) Meanwhile, maybe one of the devs wants to chime in and find a solution to my update problem? Andrea
  7. X-Plane is already allowed through my firewall, and I can confirm that it stays a lot on "disabling SASL", then it goes black and at the end nothing else happens .... Anyway I tried to turn off Windows Firewall; still no joy: it won't update. Just a quick check: when it says "disabling SASL" I see small dots appear after the word SASL; just two of them. Do you remember if you saw more of them, maybe one every second or so? That would mean that the process just gets stuck Andrea
  8. Actually the update didn't work at all: I'm still on version 1.0 ..... Any advice? Andrea
  9. I see the update is online now; sadly, it gets stuck on "disabling SASL" and nothing else happens .... Each time (tried three times) the computer became unresponsive and I had to push the reset button; not even ctrl-alt-del would work. The fourth time, I put x-plane in a window, and now, after about ten minutes waiting with "disabling SASL" displayed, the window turned completely black, then, after another couple minutes, the sim reappeared without further notice. It works now, and apparently it was updated. Can't really say what changed tho. We'll have to wait for some release notes. Andrea
  10. Update: I'm happy to report that the malfunction in the load manager in XP11 didn't happen again: apparently it works well in XP11 exactly as in XP10. I even managed to use the FMS in a simple way (lateral navigation only) both in 10 and 11. So at this point, there are apparently no differences between 10 and 11, a few issues remain open in both versions: 1) throttle losing sync 2) IAS working incorrectly after takeoff (erratically, I am unable to find a way of reproducing it), leading to overspeed 3) Hard to stop the airplane with brakes after stowing reversers (maybe my fault with pneumatic system tho) 4) magenta line disappearing from map I've flown the MD80 on my favorite routes: Olbia - Rome, Rome-Palermo, Rome-Catania, Rome-Reggio Calabria (curved ap), Rome-Milano Linate, Rome-Genova (circle-to-land), Philadelphia-La Guardia (Expressway app), Boston-JFK (Parkway app), Miami-Saint Marteen; the flight model feels pretty good in manual flight. I believe some details need tom be tuned in automatic flight. Ok, that's all for now, interesting toy ... Also, I would like to know if these problems are known to the developers. Andrea
  11. Again, we are talking about different things. Also, I iinstalled it in XP10 and there are some surprises ... Please refrain from expressing opinions about me, what I can say, am allowed to (or should) do. Expressing opinion about me is out of question, the other things are reserved for the forum moderator. I can confirm that it is indeed a very nice product. The loading interface is very well conceived and handy, the procedures I have tested remind me quite closely my afternoons with an actual MD80 pilot on Elite or the full Alitalia simulator. Nothing to say about the visual part: the immersion is great, sounds seem very good (although I cannot espress a judgement here because I am playing them through my monitor speakers), frames are also very good. @deetee: I am not saying that everyone will love an MD80 wiothout FMS: I am saying that I would gladly buy it for the same price without one. Just my opinion: the rest is THAT good. Also, I think that, in this phase, some teething problems with the FMS stuff is forgivable. At this time, the only real difference between XP10 and XP11 is the loading interface: it works (beautifully) with XP10, it doesn't load the aircraft in XP11. I think this is legitimate and I'm looking forward for an update, because everything ellse is ok. Or is it? Yes, because here comes the surprise: I solved the speedbrakes and reverse problems as per the suggestions given in this thread (thanks). What I couldn't solve IN X-PLANE 10 is the throttle issue: the throttle loses sync in X-Plane 10 exactly as it does in X-Plane 11 (admittedly, 11 is a tad worse, but the problem is the same). So, to sum it up: 1) this is going to be a masterpiece. 2) the only difference between 10 and 11 is in the LOAD command in the loading interface 3) the thottle loses sync both in XP10 AND XP11. Please don't answer again that XP11 is still beta and so on. That's the answer to a different question. Tnx Andrea
  12. I would invite you all not to try and tell me what to do: I am old enough. I would also invite everyone not to turn this thread into a flame. In theory, you are (more or less) right: the site says that the product is for XP10. The site also says that some functions will not work in 11. I find it quite acceptable. In practice, if one of those "functions" is the throttle, and I get the suggestion to use the mouse instead, I think that we have a problem. I believe everyone will agree on this. Nevertheless, what I am trying to say is: I think you should start and see what can be done to make at least throttles and spedbrakes compatible with XP11. For instance, I found out that if I move the speedbrake in four small increments it actually tracks the movement pretty well, so I believe that problem could be solved. Also, I see that the throttle follows my joystick if I move it slowly. To me, this can be due to a sampling problem, although this is not the only possible explanation. The Moon, please, not the finger. Andrea So let's say you write on the product page: "the plane is not fully compatible with XP11, for example, you may have to use the mouse in order to manage the 3D throttle". Would you buy it? Nevertheless, I hope you understand that I see a bright future for your work, and that I believe you when you say that you will develop an 11 version. I am only saying that in a few weeks XP10 will be dead (it is already hallf dead by now), and I would hate to see this nice MD80 go with it. As you can see, I am not even remotely trying to exploit some funny videos that everyone can find on the web, including the one with the guy doing aerobatics with reversers on: I think that those kinds of problems are fully understandable and one can live with that, at this point in time. Provided, of course, that you can use the plane in a basic way. Take care Andrea
  13. Ok, last reply from me because we are getting nowhere. When you study Physics, sooner or later some good teacher tells you what Leonard Susskind has to say about logic, theories, nice physical laws and everything: "When theory meets reality and they do not agree, it's theory that must leave town". Ok? In theory, everything you say makes sense. Reality does not agree: in the real world, we all are having lots of fun with a beta product including the Warner Bros effect, and that, more or less, takes the biscuit. That's all folks. Andrea
  14. Ok, this time I hope I will make myself understood. @FSXtreme: thank'you for higlighting that part: Our MD-82 was planned, designed and developed for X-Plane 10 and due the high customization level actually it isn't fully compatible with X-Plane 11 (you can use it but not all functions will work as planned), for which its use with the new version is not officially supported yet. Now I ask you to read the following sentence instead: "This product does NOT work with X-Plane 11 at this time." Can you spot the tiny differences? Because being unable to control throttle and speedbrakes makes the product "UNUSABLE IN XP11", and not "NOT FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH XP11" I've been in the software industry since 1979, as a developer at first, then an analyst and now I do research. I have the greatest respect for the effort of people who write software and I recognize in this product the greatest dedication and attention to details. I am sure that, eventually, it will come out right; at this time, it feels a bit rushed out, as if (just a hypothesis) development has gone a bit longer than planned (it happenes to me everytime), XP11 comes out, everybody loves it, and you find out that, according to your schedule, you will deliver the finished MD80 in February or March (my guess) FOR XP10, which will be more or less a dead fish by that time. So, rushing what you have (which is not bad by the way) to the market is not an awkward decision: on the contrary, it's quite sensible: you show that you actually have something very good, just needing some finishing touches, it works (more or less) with XP10, which is presently the official version, and FORMALLY everything is ok. Except that at least 3 out of 4 X-Plane advanced users are on XP11 now and not going back to 10, and the product needs some loving care to be useable in XP11. Believe me, 70 bucks mean nothing to me: I am no poorer today than yesterday. Also, I am confident that ATS will deliver fro XP11. All I am saying is: - either you solve the throttle - speedbrakes problem or you state clearly that the product DOES NOT WORK with XP11 - invoking legalese stuff and copying-pasting-highlighting things won't change reality: X-Plane is now version 11: that's what we all use and love, that's what is attracting people from other sims, that's what made me (and many others) delete P3D from my system: XP10 didn't. I can even live with the Warner Bros effect at night. XP11 is that good. - there are competing products that work perfectly (at least nearly perfectly) in XP11 So please read this as a suggestion to my italian friends: this is not a rant, I am a fan of this product and I hope it will have a great success. Sincerely Andrea
  15. Mario, I am just stating the obvious: if the product is not flyable in XP11 at least in a reasonable way, even with some features missing (more or less what is written on the product page), then I am going to delete it. And many people are not going to buy it. A real pity, because there is potential in this airplane. If you are trying to convince me that developers should NOT try and fix some basic features just to make it flyable, please don't waste your time. I would also suggest to change the product page into something like "At this time, this product does NOT work in XP11. Maybe sometimes in the future it will, but not today." Don't you agree? Unless, of course, there are ways to make it work "reasonably" well, which brings us back to square 1. Also, let me be frank and say that a statement like "If one buys a product with the expectation that it should run in X-Plane 11, it's their own risk." is not kind toward a customer. If this is your concept of customer care, I will make sure that I never buy anything from you. If I misread something, please clarify. Take Care and Good Night (it's late here) Andrea
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