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  1. More and more interesting ..... because one has to realize that airspeed translates into lift, and without lift you are a brick. Ok, will do some experimenting. Tnx Andrea
  2. Even more interesting .... Is the real world 172 equipped with old or new gauges? Anyway, let's go experiment with some serious headwind and gps groundspeed. Andrea
  3. Oh cool... I hadn't thought of that, and as a former physics teacher I would be interested to hear more about it. At the same time, if I am flying with a ground speed of 80 kts (gps value) and I have 20 kts of steady headwind, my anemometer should read 100 kts, right? If you confirm, that, I will test it on the sim. Thank'you Andrea
  4. Exactly: I am referring to the pitot static / airspeed indicator system, and I see from your experiment that there is something wrong there And I also think I should find a different title. But then the question would be: how do I change it? Andrea
  5. I am in my steam gauges 172, sitting on the runway with 20 knots of wind from straight ahead. Shouldn't my anemometer be showing 20 knots? It is showing 0 instead... Did I miss some setting about airspeed/groundspeed ? Andrea
  6. Answer: patch modified a setting. It decided (without asking) that I no longer needed BING stuff, so it deactivated it. I got stock autogen (not good) and no manual cache. To solve: go to DATA menu and reactivate BING and photoscenery stuff. Andrea
  7. How funny ... you got it right: the patch reset that setting: no bing download, hence no manual cache. I would love to know why it changed that setting. Thank'you! Andrea
  8. After today's patch I have lost photoreal scenery everywhere: I see autogen instead (and it's pretty bad tbh). Settings are on ULTRA and bandwidth is ok (1Gb dl 200 Mb ul). Puzzling ... Andrea
  9. Ditto. It's greyed out for me ...... Anyone else seeing the same problem? Andrea
  10. HI all, I just received this beautiful package (we old people from the XX century still love a carton box with actual printed manuals inside, how quaint 🙂) Now my problem is that I paid 1 euro and installed the standard version from the web on the 18th of august. Any hint on how to proceed? Is there an option for an upgrade? Also, I will register my boxed version with my existing Microsoft account, so what happens to my previous registration with XBOX Live? I have a lot of space on my 4TB ssd, so I could also go with a parallel install. Do you think it could work? Thank'you Andrea
  11. THOSE were the days! Sublogic Flight Simulator II: the first slideshow in computer history, years before Power point. Meigs Champaign VOR to VOR at a whoppy 5 fps! And the first time I saw Sears Tower (a white vertical line) ... And yet we had fun, didn't we? Andrea
  12. I prefer to use Macs for work, earn money, and be able to buy a VERY good PC for my fav sim :-) Andrea
  13. Would an armchair pilot trained only on a PC sim be able to land safely a Level D simulator? Probably yes, I have done it many times, never crashed and actually found it pretty easy. Once, I also avoided an aircraft that was crossing my path (a nice gift from the instructor). Would it be the same with the real thing? Not so easy: emotions are a part of us and have a huge influence on our judgements and performances: in a sim you can only hurt your ego; in a real airplane it's a different matter. Ask a surgeon about the first time he/she had to use a scalpel for real. In that case, you have had a long profesional training, you have been there many times watching, and there are expert colleagues around you who can assist, advise, and help you if needed. You are risking the patient's life, not yours or that of 200 people. But I bet your legs are shaking just the same. Now imagine trying to land a full 737 all alone. Andrea
  14. We should tell the young ones that there was a time when 1999 and 2001 were only found in science fiction and 2000 was our distant future. I remember when I first found out that I would be 35 in 2000. "An old man", I thought. Now I remember how young I was at that time. Now the future is past and, as a character of the movies said, we didn't even notice. But we still fly in virtual skies :-) Andrea
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