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  1. I was not going to buy this as I am more a Boeing pilot but at this price it is a day one buy for me. In my opinion this is much more realistic pricing for higher end planes in this platform to get good takeup and gain good profits through higher sales. I am not expecting out of the gate perfection just an honest try and progressive improvements which they seem to have done, after all PMDG has had 10 years to have the framework of what the just delivered.
  2. Well please explain the described functionality or non functuality......it was not an insect that was squashed between the pages of the program.
  3. We can guess. But this was a few years ago, tine to have written more
  4. Add lack of documentation after they stopped all the Boeing docs and removed them from our aircraft we hads allready bought
  5. If you believe the world map..you will run out of fuel round Srinigar. Simbrief however is much more generous. It is looking a lot more promising. With 4 people on board you are only short 4000 lbs
  6. Highlights BBJ executive lounge-JSPerformance The Boeing BBJ is powered by two CFM56-7B26 engines each offering 27,300 pounds of thrust. The Boeing BBJ uses 682 gallons per hour (GPH). The range of the Boeing BBJ is 6,237 nm operating under NBAA IFR 8 passengers with available fuel. Interior The cabin volume for the Boeing BBJ is 5,390 cubic feet. Typical configuration features 19 passenger and 4 crew seats. Design The Boeing BBJ Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) is 171,000 pounds (77,564 kg) with a maximum range of 6,306 nm. Speed Maximum Cruise Speed: 470 kts 870 km/h Long-range Speed: 452 kts 837 km/h Airfield Performance Takeoff distance: 6,085 ft (1,855 m) (SL, ISA, MTOW) Landing distance: 2,360 ft (719 m) (SL, ISA, MLW) Operating Altitude Maximum operating altitude: 41,000 ft (12,497 m) Noise Level (EPNdB) Takeoff: 85.4 Approach: 95.8 Lateral: 94.9 Weights A. Maximum ramp weight: 171,500 lb (77,791 kg) B. Maximum takeoff weight: 171,000 lb (77,564 kg) C. Maximum landing weight: 134,000 lb (60,781 kg) D. Maximum zero fuel weight: 126,000 lb (57,153 kg) E. Standard basic operating weight: 92,345 lb (41,887 kg) Avionics Rockwell Collins HGS-4000 Resources Click here to view the online range map. To receive a more detailed custom range report including detailed aircraft comparisons, contact us at +1 919 941 8400 or info@jetcraft.com. Click Here to view Boeing BBJ aircraft for sale by Jetcraft. SEND TO FRIEND Share article on Twitter Share article on Facebook
  7. Thanks for this. Just what I was looking for and must have scrolled over it many times, The max for this is round 60000lbs a bit lower than the maximum allowed but still very useful. Problem is as stated there seems to be more to it than this. You can after doing this go out to the map and adjust it in the fuel options but this is not the way you add fuel to MDG planes. Well I guess the job is not done till the paperwork is done....and we could do with some....in fact a lot...of documentation if this is to keep its name as value..
  8. I am still trying to find in the fmc where to add the tanks. The maximum fuel that can be added in Fuel is about 46ooo lb.
  9. One of the few reasons I was looking forward to the 700 and the forthcoming 600 was as a true long range (7000NM plus) aircraft to enable global operations. As far as I can see this does not appear the case. We are left with a standard range aircraft which would have difficulty flying extended ops in Australia or even Trans Tasman. Please tell me I am wrong as we are left with a big CJ3 range rather than one that competes with the Global 8000 and if provided with a cargo door as many are makes a very versitile combo platform. https://thepointsguy.com/news/vip-bbj-737/
  10. No longer. It used to be the go to feature of PMDG that they provided full documentation, QRH FCOMS etc in original form. Ten they sneakily removed them from all users without any warning later saying that Boeing made them. It did not stop them putting up the prices though. We were told search the internet. If we believed in Piracy we would not have bought the aircraft. It is still I believe the best aircraft availible but a lot of the feel good feeling has gone from the whole product line.
  11. You would be arrested for that now. Don't you know the poor creatures need protection.
  12. exactly....and in this case it seems there may be documentation missing (Understandably though maybe more than should be) and it seems everyone is very willing to say the developer (PMDG) in this case is at fault for not knowing things which may or may not have been documented. I am on the developer's side with this sort of problem as development relies on this. I will say ASOBO seems to be learning and doing a much better job for all concerned than a year ago.
  13. If the SDK is not fully documented it is not fully useable and it is not reasonable to say that PMDG for example is to blame for not knowing or fully understanding how something works. Responsibility in this case for the SDK would seem to lie with ASOBO.
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