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  1. harrry

    Bull, I cry FOUL !

    Well they are used in lots of aircraft.....you can check http://www.greatplainsas.com/chooseaircrft.html Of course if they are like my old vw was the EPA would be there in force.
  2. Being a little generous to the poster if he is serious he may be asking what is the difference between the revenue generated by a 747-400 and a 747-8 for a flight.
  3. harrry

    Logging into ACARS

    That is OK...even those who do not get the big one are presented with a new FMS message.... lots of support calls coming up I think.
  4. What Russian site. They are posted here on AVSIM (USA). It may have a few dodgy members but is all in all a great site.
  5. harrry


  6. harrry

    Aerosoft Sale

    Australia has removed the minimum limit so all imports are taxable and at least in the case of strores such as Amazon makes the paymewnt medium responsible..eg Paypal. Not quite sure how it works. https://www.vatlive.com/vat-news/australia-gst-on-e-commerce-1-july-2018/ https://www.smartcompany.com.au/finance/tax/eofy-smartcompany-explainer-gst-changes-online-purchases/ and New Zealand to follow https://www.radionz.co.nz/news/political/356351/govt-announces-amazon-tax-to-apply-gst-to-online-goods
  7. harrry


    Does this mean if we do a reinstall of our previously purchased PMDG products we lose the manuals? If so how is this as we paid for these on the advertised advice that they were supplied with the copies of the Boeing Manuals, a key buying feature separating them from other products?
  8. harrry

    Made in France.

    Filou, the comments on himmelhorse and his anglophile superiority are not held by all in this channel. Your screenshot is a good shot of the plane, and while screenshots of planes do not interest me greatly as the one who deserves most credit is the liverymaker yours is a nice shot.
  9. harrry

    Download of Past Purchases at FSPilotShop

    In fact if you do install an archive file from LM you miss out on the point releases as they constantly upload new fixes and improvements to the server. These are generally not announced until it is the next time for a major upgrade. Many companies now do the same so I am sure if Ray does as he says he is he is using outdated software.
  10. harrry

    Download of Past Purchases at FSPilotShop

    I do not buy any more from them because of the download charge. There are others. To those who say we should keep our own in case the store goes out of business I would put it that a reputable firm will ensure continuity for its customers and transfer them to another dealer. Of course this costs, but they have already been paid. Firms that close without looking after their liabilities are not worthy of respect.
  11. Try moving your viewpoint with the left,up, down and right arrow keys.
  12. harrry

    25 hours an 47 minutes later...

    One problem with Xplane is the lack of seasons. They are left for the add on developer to work with. A shame if the major add on developer for P3D and FSX takes the seasons out of FSX.
  13. harrry

    25 hours an 47 minutes later...

    A shame, spring and Autumn are such a feature there. I guess they will give Summer and winter. A big loss.
  14. harrry

    Things I don't understand.................

    To tie in with Aviation the ex head of Australia'Civil Aviation Dick Smith put out Ozymite when the vegemite brand went overseas. Strange really his concern for the losses to Australian industry when he made his initial money importing foreign electronic components and equipment to undercut the local manafactures successfully killing the industry that among other things invented DME. to be fair he did fly a helicopter solo round the world. http://rotarywingshow.com/rws-47-dicksmith/