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  1. Changing the date means you are not flying with real weather.
  2. If it is too hard for the experts at PMDG to fix it is surely asking a lot to expect paying customers to fix it.
  3. Not the best maybe but a good general purpose people carrier suited for many roles. Even for aspiring US presidents.
  4. The fiasco was Boeing scrapping it and putting it's eggs into the 747-800 and the dreamliner.
  5. There is a comment in the flight1 forum that the devs can now get on with the b200 and then the mustang updates for P3D4 so it may come.
  6. They must tell YouTube, The disclosure to viewers is left as their responsibility. In fairness to Froogle I think he said the weekly spot was for promotions a long time ago when he started it.
  7. I still watch him and he is better than some of them but with everything I filter it knowing that it is sure to be a paid advertisment or a glowing tribute not showing the flaws any more.
  8. froogle goes to where he gets paid advertising or to post. I used to respect him but since he went the advertising line his lack of independence shows.
  9. Very very lucky people. The water there is very very cold this time of year.
  10. Thank you I will continue posting in your forum as it is not a location issue but a pressure issue for all airports with a pressure greater than 30 in as this is the max range of the adjustment knob, which did not show up before the latest p3d4 update.
  11. yes as I said that is topic 20 in their general forum.
  12. Used to live in Southern Turkey, Each day there was a contrail starting from near the horizon to the south west and a similar one from the north west...they grew and eventually crossed in the middle. Checking the timetables it seemed to be egypt to athens and vice versa....quite a site though. Humid air and clear skies at that time of year It seems the flight in both directions left the same time.
  13. On page...good box saying join up....and when you do it has a field Invitation code....instructions where? Oh yes the instructions are on post 20 on the site. Sending to facebook gets a message all support done through forum and send an email to ..... why did it take this long to get that information? On getting the code and joining (good and quick reply) Posted problem 3 days ago, one user reply...not applicable...;no official Yes a good product but this part lacks and I insist I have an absolute right to my opinion and do not like being told I am lying