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  1. What I hate most about cleaners is having to clean up before they come so I do not feel bad.
  2. The foreflight data is real time but the data in the sim can be at least a few months more than that as well as leaving out some of the procedures
  3. Yes, I just thought it may be good to clarify how out of date. In one year I would guess only about 5% of procedures would change which is not a great problem to most people considering the nav data in the sim does not get changed very often. P3d and x plane can be several years out of date in the sim making fresh simbrief data a bit problematic. MSFS is generally a bit more up to date than that but for most people I think using the free data will not be a problem.
  4. If you have a subscription to Navigraph it uses the latest data you want to. If you do not have a subscripton to Navigraph it uses the 2103 database free.
  5. As long as it does not get you sanctioned......or worse
  6. The existing costs have probably been paid for already by its current user base. Future development ensures that the product remains sellable to new buyers with their payment paying for future improvements and profit. Those who do not update their products run the risk of the product not making any new sales and also upsetting the current user base who if asked to pay may do so relucttently but will consider another developer for new purchases.
  7. even easier for this to happen if there is only one pilot.
  8. I need an intro to the beautiful lady in the terminal. I must say the developer of this airport is a true artist, not just a copier. Congratulations to him...and for you for showing the best of it.
  9. You just lost a friend Paul Seriously and it is not the money, this sort of thing leaves a bad feeling. I will most likely buy it when it gets there but may be an idea for developers to make some suggestions that where we buy should not make a difference.
  10. On rechecking I cannot redisplay the building I mentioned so please ignore this past and delete if possible)
  11. This is why I hate partial quoting, the forum leaders constantly tell us to do it but I consider changing someone's words by partial quoting insults the poster.
  12. something wrong here. All 4 engines working at the end of a flight
  13. PNG is one of those nations divded by langage, It is a strongly tribal county with very big differences between the groups with about 200 distinct languages. The Papua area has an english language based Pigin called Motu which can help communications. My job 60 years Ago was installing mostlly hi frequency based telecommunications though there was some vhf and a little Tropo scatter. I was there before the country gained independence which sadly partly due to the strong tribal culture which is sad as this has led to a degree of corruption which means the countries wealth and resources do not reach everyone. Flying then and now was an interesting experience. I was a member of the Flying club based at Jacksons, the main International airport in Port Moresby. There used to be a metal matting ex wartime runway on the Northeast side of the main runway which scared hell out of me with the noise when I was sidestepped to it once. PNG is a place which seems to have generated strong memories in those who were fortunate enough to have lived there then.
  14. Time to dust off the big woolen poncho and Granny's hot water bottle to snuggle up under it, Spent a lovely month on a houseboat on Dal Lake in Srinigar and have fond memories of keeping warm that way.
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