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  1. harrry

    What's the latest news on FlightSimStore?

    Some of their products are on the store but not all of them. I am considering a Pay Pal dispute for those within the timeframe if he does not start to communicate. I do not do these lightly, this will be the first Pay Pal Dispute or Chargeback I have tried as usually I can resolve this by direct communication.
  2. harrry

    Orbx FTX Downloads Paused

    Maybe because he thinks that he may get a quicker response here.
  3. harrry

    did you quit flying FSW ???

    Far from dead. It is still a good sim and has some things that make it preferable in some ways to P3D. I run a basic FSX Steam and though P3D is my main one and XP11 is getting promissing it is sometimes pleasant to fly in a less graphic rich but faster sim and have the advantage of aircraft and missions missing in P3D. There is a surprising amount of new stuff for it too.
  4. At least most of them. I suggest you initially deselect the DLC areas and download them later once you are running,
  5. harrry

    Turkish Delight

    You trying to start another Turkish Greek war over the Agean? A great area.
  6. A case of blaming the user. I have good reason to want to continue using FSX although my main sim is P3D. There should be no interference between newer programs and old. P3D is newer than FSX. If there is it is a programming problem not a user one.
  7. I am running this in P3D3.4 and it seems fine, This is fantastic work and has my thanks. Evert time I have a nice coffee when I fly it I wish I could send it to him. It is obviously a work of love and not just of the more often seen throw it out to the customers quickly so we can make something else or charge them again for V2 with a few faults fixed.
  8. harrry

    What is the 'Yuge' project?

    27JAN18] First Preview of the PMDG 747-8. Exciting Times Ahead ... https://www.avsim.com › ... › The PMDG Support Forum › PMDG General Forum Jan 27, 2018 - 15 posts - ‎13 authors Captains, Last night, we shared a little sneak preview of the PMDG 747-8 ... YUGE, even!) project that we haven't announced yet- so the ... People also search for pmdg 747-8i downloadrsrandazzoforum pmdg avsim pmdg queen of the skies ii liveriespmdg supportpmdg forum 737 PMDG 747-8 Reveal - NG3 Confirmed : flightsim - Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/flightsim/comments/.../pmdg_7478_reveal_ng3_confirmed/ Jan 27, 2018 - As to the "YUGE" thing, I'm really hoping it's something old. ... near the number of sales of the 747 if PMDG produced a C100 or A330neo. UPDATED: [EDITED INFO] PMDG Previews Further Detail into their ... https://fselite.net/news/pmdg-previews-detail-747-8-737-max-confirmed/ Jan 27, 2018 - Yesterday, PMDG CEO, Robert, treated us to a small glimpse into the 747-8's flight ....YUGE, even!) project” which hasn't been announced yet. PMDG - Posts | Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pmdgsimulations/posts/957264540979997 PMDG. 54K likes. With each product, our goal is to provide education and entertainment for customers interested in the complex environment of commercial... PMDG - Posts | Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pmdgsimulations/posts/878150648891387 PMDG. 54K likes. With each product, our goal is to provide education and entertainment for customers ... Said the new project was "YUGE", Trump has a 757. 🤔. Videos HealthSmart | WITF WITF Video - Nov 3, 2017 6:22 How to make FSX look AMAZING - FOR FREE! ru-clip.com - Jan 3, 2018 17:28 Flight Sim Best Moments Weekly | No. 20 Gamebot Flight Sim YouTube - Dec 19, 2017 No It did come from the top
  9. harrry

    What is the 'Yuge' project?

    I think Kyle did.
  10. harrry

    What's the latest news on FlightSimStore?

    We as customers are not mindreaders. There were no mentions of this or his future plans in any of his communications. I hope the health problems solve. There are no freebies though I still have files I cannot access.. We have paid for these. The question is whether it is safe to do so in the future.
  11. harrry

    Star Citizen Charges $27,000 to Unlock ships

    Was this game written on the planet Nigerium
  12. harrry

    What's the latest news on FlightSimStore?

    Personally I do think he is honest and they are server problems. However I have made my last purchase there because of his communications or lack thereof. eg when I posted on facebook that it could help to communicate what was going on to save rumors on forums he replied he did not care much about them. Forums are just groups of customers or potential ones. I used him because I could do a direct AU payment with no conversion charges. The saving is not worth the grief, Sad because he has been around a long time in flight simming.
  13. harrry

    Las Vegas June 2018

    I think if you want news about this it is best to see his presentation there on youtube. Another subscription though is not going to help me. Good to see you are still flying.
  14. You are asking the wrong question. Why should you need to change. You already have p3d so the question is should I add X-plane 11 to my computer. I would say yes. Many things it does much better than p3d but p3d does many things better too. You should have both and use the best tool for the kind of flight you do today.
  15. As it is from Florida let us say a Mobility Scooter range with a choice of Yoke and Joystick input. (Oxygen an optional extra)