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  1. harrry

    Flight1 Frustration - Am I the only one

    No one should tell me what folder or drive to install in. No one should clutter my computer with files all over the place. If I wish to use a 120GB ssd I should be able to, it is not right for a seller to take it over.
  2. harrry

    What is the most realistic virtual airline?

    The only thing a virtual airline gives is the ability to communicate with other pilots doing the same things. All else can be done by you. It is you who can decide what training you need and do it, even up to professional levels of ground schools if you like. You can decide how strictly you want to fly and get any airlines flights from publicly available sites. You are the best one to know how acceptable to you a flight is and if not do it again as many times as you wish till it is OK. For these reasons and many others I think the only VA that you can really benefit from is a fly when you like where you like one.
  3. Good to see reasonable pricing in what seems a good package. It may be a port but many of the aircraft sold now at high prices are just that too. Right pricing should mean good sales and volume counts. Right pricing may also bring people who normally rely on freeware or default making the move to more advanced payware products. I am sure it is worth at least 14% of the cost of the 747
  4. In the real world the ATC sometimes responds to the weather. Largely as a result of Noise restriction this is often changed. In my case the local runway always uses 03 unless the tailwind is greater than 10 knots. Other airports have restrictions of direction which means the most favorable direction for the wind is not generally used because of interference with nearby airport flight paths...eg YMML I think you are asking a lot to ask these local variations to be taken into account.
  5. harrry

    777 Auto Step Climb

    What direction were you travelling?
  6. harrry

    Any news on Vertx DA62

    Microsofts release dates for new products are well anounced in advance together with the staged press releases, roadshoads and all the pre release promotion that goes on. I have never seem a Microsoft product not released on the day they anounced when they started the releases. Granted they may have had to put fixes up shortly later but they released. In this case we had some pre release publicity....indicating a release time but nothing since. I am well aware software development is a complex bussiness. I was involved in it for a considerable time. Customers in other areas of software demand releases go as announced. What makes a relatively basic area of software developement different.
  7. harrry

    Any news on Vertx DA62

    That is one of the biggest problems with the divide between customers and developers. Customers deal with a business. They expect the business to do its work. If I go shopping I do not expect the shop to be open one day and shut the next, promote a product and then disappear for a month. If a shop did this we would stop going there. Flight sim addons are no longer freeware or near to it, they are a commercial enterprise, a good thing, and with that comes commercial expectations. A reputation is only as good as the last interaction. I am well aware that developers are in general great people and I would love to sit and have a coffee with most of them but in business dealings as they say: "Business is business". I hope the plane comes soon, I will have to wait as I spent the money for it in the last sales.
  8. harrry

    Questions on OrbX sales

    My view is these regions probably add the most for the high flyer, not least because of the improved airports which open up regional airliner flights to a reasonable quality airport.
  9. harrry

    Any news on Vertx DA62

    Actually I do. An excellent developer in a partnership which suddenly stopped selling unfortunately leaving for some time purchasers stranded for a period which fortunately they rectified. I look forward to this new product and hope it can be as good as the previous ones.
  10. You took the meaning I meant though you were more precise. I was thinking along the lines of...to get to somewhere we can walk, run or jump and a developer should know people can do these things and handle them.....he probably should also be aware if someone is developing a teleporter and handle that to if it comes up.
  11. harrry

    Any news on Vertx DA62

    But not from X-Plane 10 to X-Plane 11
  12. harrry

    Any news on Vertx DA62

    Yes but if the developer wishes to get and keep the goodwill of future sales he will try to keep people informed especially if he has made an announcement of say "in November". Goodwill should matter, one company lost all future sales to me by charging to upgrade in Xplane while the P3D update was free. I have bought several planes since then and a few of them would have been of that company if not for this.
  13. harrry

    No Diamonds@ILS Approach

    I think you are forgetting to fly the plane. You should aim to be near to the entrance to the arrows at the right altitude...usually about 3000 ft above the ground. given that you should have tuned the Nav radios (both of them if you have 2) when you see the diamond on the bottom start to move to the centre press the Loc button and the aircraft should move and turn towards it. You should see the height diamond on the top right. maintain your altitude (I suggest pressing the alt hold button) as you get closer the diamond will start to move down and when it is near the middle press the APP button. wind down the altitude to 0 you should have already pressed one autopilot button, you can now press the other one as well. from now on the aircraft should approach the runway however you are responsible for speed. If all conditions are met the screen will blink just under 1000 ft and it will display flare or flare/roundout on the display. If it is flare just sit back and aproach at the landing speed and just as you pass the runway entrance pull the throttle to idle. hold the airplane straight and level and it will sink to the runway. If you are flying fsx there is a very good tutorial both written and as a programmed flight in the lessons section. I think if you are serious about flying you need to do these or the equivalent. They contain information that would cost you hundreds of dollars (euros) to buy if you were preparing for real world flying. The aircraft
  14. To me this sounds like good service. Like printers they do not repair...they replace so no real point in getting them back. Better by far and quicker for the customer to say if the checks show a fault say destroy the item, show us a photo of the wreckage and they send the new, You get the new item quicker and can get back to simming.
  15. This topic should be used as an example of how people can interact here. People wanting the same end but looking at it from different sides. Maybe disagreeing but no one killed anyone. It was also good t interact with, and get to know a couple of great people better.