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  1. PMDG FSExpo Announcement

    A full scale flight school program for the sim. It can't be a beer as if it was you would have to sign your name with every bottle.
  2. F1 King Air G1000 problem

    Use shift 4 to bring up the 2 d panel. It is easier to use. Frankly I think the G1000 depicted is incomplete and showing its age now. It does not compare well with the default in Xplane 11 now. Answers such as the one on their forum that things like vertical navigation is not suported as it is an entertainment product and if we want more buy the G1000 of his sister company do not go down so well in 2018 as they do in 2012. That said the plane flies well.
  3. BA 777

    it was just like burnt toast....just had to scrape the black off. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/12175675/BA-jet-which-burst-into-flames-on-Las-Vegas-tarmac-flies-again.html
  4. Trying to purchase the DC6 for XP

    You survive because you do produce good products. Your future survival depends on continuing that and hoping that others do not produce matching products. The change from v 10 to v11 is a fairly minor change, Much like the continual update cycles within Versions in P3D. I have bought many of your products and will probably continue to do so as they are very good simulations. I have in fact read much of what you and others have said. I recall with P3D you promised to continue support through the conversion to 64bit and you did. This is a much greater period than you have applied to X-Plane. Yes you have said that you "may" look at the DC6 after all the other projects are finished. It however does not work now and many X-plane users have a hangered product that they were only able to use for a few months. You can run your business as you want. My past feeling was that you had a policy of providing the best possible product and providing a high level of support for it for a quite reasonable period. It seems you think I am mistaken in this as being your policy. I and others have been around, and have expressed our feelings when asked and generally in a reasonable manner. I do respect you as a businessman however it must be said that when people as customers have said something which we feel that is not the company line we get put down and told we know nothing as we do not make the decisions. We may not know it all but we do know the perceptions we get and it is after all perceptions which generate sales. Rather sad. By the way, since 2015 I have purchased 5 of your aircraft. 5 aircraft are of little importance to you but I am just one of many customers with questions it seems. I probably will buy more but right now I have an Airbus to fly.
  5. FMC & ATC

    You get the landing pattern from the ATIS along with the weather there is no need to contact ATC you tune the radio for ATIS. you can get this when in VHF range. Frequency for straight FSX is obtained from the map in FSX. If you are using Addons this is not the case.
  6. Different aircraft have different rules for flaps. Here we are talking about the Boeing 737.
  7. More than Flaps 10 with speedbrakes is prohibited to airflow interference with the tail. In most cases more fuel will be saved if the descent is started immediatly cruise altitude is reached. This however would cause huge problems with cutting across levels and 2 aircraft could make an even more sudden decent.
  8. Trying to purchase the DC6 for XP

    Microsoft puts its requirements in the form of Windows 7 plus. Lockheed Martin puts its requrements as: Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 (64-bit) It is not hard where to see where the confusion lies. I am not happy with PMDG abandoning its general policy of extended lifetime updates which it applied to other products but not this. I happily pay the premium to PMDG knowing i get a good product with a long support life. It seems that may no longer be the case.
  9. PMDG RainMaker preview

    There are times when an update is not going right he has lots of them. Most of them get deleted from AVSIM. This time I agree with him. An improvement that does little to my enjoyment but they have every right to do it as long as they do it without breaking too much else.
  10. It looks to me that she really is someone who needed the support, when taken away from her and put under extra pressure she cracked. Not nice, but in this case I do not think she was malicious.
  11. It has got out of hand. Yes service animals help for a lot of illnesses, there are cases where these can be psychological, should be properly registered by an approved body. As it is the idiots who want to take their rattlesnake are making it bad for everyone. There is no reason an emotional support animal could not be a hamspter, small easy to take with you and something for the vunerable to stroke when in need of support. It looks as if this one could have been one of the rare genuine ones.
  12. 737 NGX issues

    As an example of the problems. A person tries to fly the PMDG tutorial flight for the 777. Errors if the Nav data is not the old one A person tries to fly the Majestic tutorial flight ...errors if the Nav Dats is not the old one. Of course many of us like to fly with upgraded Navigraph but for beginners especially a lot of flights will not work. Try to enter VOR routes into a FMS in Australia, the US was dropping them too but delayed for a few years.
  13. 737 NGX issues

    Yes if you are flying with others it is essential. However with almost all VORs and NDBs having been disabled in Australia if you wish to fly using them you are out of luck. He is almost certain to use a lot more default airports than add ons,
  14. 737 NGX issues

    If you are flying fsx you may find it is better to fly with outdated data as it corresponds more with the in sim coded data. Using the latest data gives a variety of problems.
  15. Trying to purchase 777-300ER Extension

    If you want fairly short flights to try it out Japan uses it a lot domesticly,. Better than flying 10 hours and finding you forgot something,