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  1. I hope karma comes in and your website will continue to get this level of use but by customers. Your product was my first payware and consistently better or as good as any other plane I have bought since. You are also a company that believes in providing value and service to us. Thank you and stay safe.
  2. The best thing for sure is that it will not need an uninstaller for ORBX as MS will not let them near it.
  3. I once got paid very good money to write code. I have no desire to do so now i am retired, that is why I pay good money for addons. I am beginning to think full refunds should be allowed if even one piece of poor code is found. Developers begrudging after trying to say it is just me tell me I have to do things that take me valuable time to fix their mistakes.
  4. It looks to me that their excellent work in developing a great platform haa paid off and they have converted it to a platform using their resources hosting outsider virtual airlines,oresumably for a hosting fee. They were and I presume ae a great bunch and thir work is excellent. I only flew rarely with them as Europe is a bit cold for me but enjoyed my flights with them and was impressed with how well their site worked.
  5. We think everyone who says they are a developer is a developer, They said It could be they are restricting it to gain royalties for development like a past company tried.
  6. The thing that worries me is that the sdk will be kept for developers only. I hope this is not the case in release If so they may be shooting themselves in the foot.
  7. Yes,and if he did not get what he did not pay for he cannot really complain.
  8. Maybe you should give vc10man a refund. I probably will not join you because I am fairly busy with the two vcs I use. Good luck though.
  9. David Roch I would like to say I am not calling Dave to justify himself. What I am calling for is a little bit of openess and the realisation that what Developers seem to consider Customers making unjustifiable attacks is actually the Customers trying to obtain information on how to get their product which they paid their money for to work when facts within the knowledge of the insiders remain undisclosed (eg needs 18 fps). I could prbably enjoy sharing a coffee with most people in this forum with the proviso that to do so with some the topic of flight simulation would have to remain off the table.
  10. Dave, with the technical competance ofyou and other developers not questioned it may be time they should think of trying to convince customers in the same way they use to convince their wives rather than just coming from a position of superior knowledge (which you and others most probably have). I have learnt thingsa from this thread which I never would have if it had been left to the publishers,, this has helped explain other behavior and will of course influence my future purchases of both hardware and software which have of necesity slowed down due to exchange rate changes which mean that my bsic costs have increased so that I have less for simming.
  11. Only problem I find is that the Garmin databases only have greater than 4000 ft airfields so they are not much use for GA flying.
  12. You could always make a gmail account. Though it is hard to know why you purchased a new account when you have not sorted out the first. I think it best to do that lest they cancel all.
  13. does it have a passenger, and hopefuly an eject seat for same.
  14. Thought Boeing would have said you should have taken a Boeing. Single engine taxi could be a fix for that if the conditions and Company SOPs are ok.
  15. Most of the default aircraft IN p3D were from commercial developers such as Carenado which were maybe not their top sellers but were straight from their catalogues.
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