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  1. Shipping costs from Australia are sky high. I found I saved a lot sending with Packandsend to me in Thailand. I do not think a chair would be worth it.
  2. https://guitarfirestore.com/blogs/the-guitar-blog/flying-with-a-guitar
  3. I do not think they are lacking in that at Asobo. I do think they missed out in their requirement analysis possibly only looking at one Use Case and that was not us.
  4. Agreed. A very good patch, in fact it is so good that I would say it is how the sim should have been when released, Still a way to go but this is a good indication they mean business. Thanks Asobo, and thanks to the beta testers,
  5. I bought this for x-plane when it came out but will not be buying it here, It neither meets my needs as a ga plane or my needs as an airliner. I saw and used it all i want when I first bought it.
  6. The fsx p3d ones are the only thing I would rate as a training tool as I have seen. Others have part but this developer includes full and acurate documentation for all lessons for out of and in cockpit use.
  7. The same I did when Orbx stopped Paypal. Not buy from them until they do. There are other products and other providers I can use as I can never afford everything I want. My priorities just get changed. Sometimes in a way I see little need to change back. For some of us it is hard to use a credit card. I am in a country where overseas transactions on debit visa and mastercard have largely been replaced by Union Pay not recognised by many. I generally buy in my home country using my main bank account with Paypal however as I am not resident there now Iam not able to get a debit or credit mastercard or visa without a lot of difficulty. I have stopped worrying, there is always someone who actually wants my money.
  8. It will be a very bumpy ride, Japanese are great businessmen but relationships form much of the basis and tantrums are not well accepted in Japanese culture. My guess is they are the ones who will have the upper hand and Telsla will only be involved to the deals that Toyota can profit by.
  9. How long did it take the Goose to get that high. A great plane shown well.
  10. Fine but how about considering hat there are now very few VORs in Australia now as a world decision has been made to eliminate them as RNAV is now the main form of navigation. Europe has reduced many and the USA has reduced some and theoreticly is to reduce the rest except for a small safety network by I think it is 2025. VORs have gone the way of Inertial navigation and RNAV is now the default.
  11. His work is excellent and arguably there has been enough released to be of vale. Even if he had been recalled to the Antarctic there are computers and internet access on a daily basis, The only place a few months of forced going black is if he is in the submarine service. I do not feel happy buying this till it is fully released and even then as it is not a downloadable product I am not sure I will as I cannot rely on Ben being able to keep his promises.
  12. https://anthrosource.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/pdf/10.1525/aa.1971.73.1.02a00250 after all scientists never make wild claims
  13. I am waiting for them to discover the Mars Bar mine.
  14. If not blown away....like the day the Wahini sank........trees and roofs everyway. But a nice day in Wellington takes a lot of beating. Now Auckland volcano is more likely.
  15. Skylab was not too carefully planned, a panic on the second last orbit and as they feared it hitting the US a blast of the last rocket fuel to push it away without regard to where it would land. It did make a great sight from Coolgardie though and a great racket as all the dogs heard it coming from miles away then a rather strange sound as pushed the atmosphere aside.
  16. I would also add that demanding no caps could be considered discriminataory. Consider the case of dislexia....where it is possible that the writer has les of a problem by writing in caps. Or even poor eyesight especilly on small screens where caps may be able to be distinguished by the author but lower case text not. eg https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2016788/
  17. I actually find it much more rude tht people take it on themselves to respond by ordering the poster when they have no answer to the question. In a room oral shouting does give people a problem as everyone can hear them. In a forum it does not glare the eyes out more than anything else.
  18. Credit goes to andy1252 for that...I was unaware the pics would show up in the quote.
  19. Lots of real world videos on you tube of a Bonanza flier who started his aviation experience by a solo round the world trip in it.
  20. Also matters as the inflight winds determine the fuel that needs to be carried or the cargo unloaded in order to reach the destination and the time of arrival to catch a terminal slot.
  21. I would think the problem is that Asobo have a contract with their weather provider which they value more than the fact that their customers have not been provided with correct weather and think they can stop customers receiving correct weather from others mor easily than break their contract with ttheir provider as we are unlikely to sue them,,,,,well customers only take so much till they decide not to be customers. I and I am sure others am on the fence. msfs has great potential but unless some more improves I will return to another sim that meets my needs more once the visual tour begins to pale.
  22. I would think this is one place a lot of people here would have memories of....especially some of the older members. In those days Bangkok (Krung Thep Mahanakhon Amon Rattanakosin Mahinthara Ayuthaya Mahadilok Phop Noppharat Ratchathani Burirom Udomratchaniwet Mahasathan Amon Piman Awatan Sathit Sakkathattiya Witsanukam Prasit) was really a collection of villages....if you went 100 metres down a size street you would find yourself in a rice field;
  23. Not in a sim... but google earth gives you that function where they have pics. It is interesting to see the changes in a few years.
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