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  1. Great to see this time we have a "living" sim with constant update. I really feel comfort now that they will address all the outstanding issues on due time.
  2. As usual while we are amusing our self discussing insanity some folks are making stuff happen somewhere else.. https://ibb.co/7WLNkDT
  3. It is NOT, but you should revisit the discovery series video for more insight info, furthermore much of the code is still supported in FS2020 wait for the cockpit SDK to be released..
  4. I understand your pov and it is very acceptable. However DCS and a bunch of the modern era sims never had that either as far I remember. FS did and for that same reason it is being debated why it had to be stripped off if it doesnt bother anybody that doesn't really use it, they can just ignored it or switch of, but leave the feat available for the ones that needed for whatever (odd) reason want to have it.
  5. Why should this cost efforts if it was already provided in the FSX code? it is nothing that they have to re-invent. What effort should it takes to blit a 2D bmp with a few xml gauges on the screen? rocket science? Since day one I said I don't understand why it was a standard feat of the sim and still got removed by MS...you would have now many home sim builders happy and the few grandfathers and mothers that helped make this sim today onboard FS2020 and happy now...just my 2-cents thought, you can bash me trough the ground now LOL!!
  6. Thank you!!! I'm so glad that looks so much better, I need to get this sim soon!
  7. Aruba( TNCA), Curacao (TNCC) SVMG (Venezuela Margarita island), MWCR (Cayman islands), Colombia Please I really hope you are right about it, Thank you!
  8. Aruba, Curacao, SVMG (Venezuela Margarita island), MWCR (Cayman islands), Colombia just slide the timeline with your mouse they are tagged.
  9. Today I was very disappointed to see that MS left the Dutch Antilles and Venezuelan and Colombian coast and islands completely abandoned, they really look like deserts!(@1.00) While in Bing map they are all well covered. I cannot understand the reason why? hopefully in the future we might see improvement in this part of the world but seems like for MS there is no love for the smaller tourist islands...shame!
  10. More coverage of the Caribbean and south america area (islands, Panama, Mexico, Colombia etc) thankyou.
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