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  1. I guess they don't want to install the FSLTL package but just use the AIG models, just guessing...
  2. https://msfsaddons.com/2022/09/20/cockspur-launching-the-cessna-mustang-for-msfs-in-october/
  3. The Citation XLS+ , doesn't need to be "study level" and all that mouth full of crab. A decent model which can fly you from A - B without mayor flaws. I hope it is not too much asking..
  4. Totally agree those glass cockpits are getting somewhat boring, give me an analog or half backed analog/digital, with limited or no autopilot, hand-wrestling your way to the runway, even in a sim is way much fun!
  5. Well my friend..lot of FBO's have express VIP service to private jets and planes not mentioning fueling, towing service etc..why should they be excluded?🙄 I don't understand why some people are so narrow minded and think aviation starts and end with airliners...
  6. That's insane ! that is an airport simulator you know...to learn you to endure the long waiting hours and delays within the terminals and to get use to the exaggerated prices within shops LoL😁
  7. https://msfsaddons.com/2022/08/09/iris-simulations-finally-shows-the-first-images-of-its-pilatus-pc-24-for-microsoft-flight-simulator/
  8. https://msfsaddons.com/2022/07/28/watch-this-first-look-preview-of-the-upcoming-cessna-citation-mustang-coming-to-msfs-later-this-year/
  9. Actually the Citation XLS (NOT XLS+) uses this avionics as well.
  10. Well for the moment I'm using AIG with the "ai_traffic_ga_fixed" and I'm very pleased! What I meant is that I will wait until there is a commercial addon that includes GA not only tubeliners...
  11. For my taste a traffic addon without GA is no traffic addon so I will wait for now...
  12. Thank you this was the exact confirmation I was looking for, since the slopes during approach to TNCC looks almost flat in the default scenery! instant buy for me 🙂
  13. I can feel the love put in this project! Thank you.
  14. Hi there, Any plans to bring the Citation XLS+ to MSFS? you have a big advantage it uses the same avionics as the CJ4 so you only have to worry about the flightmodel. Would love to see this aircraft in MSFS., I enjoy flying it so much in P3D. thank you! rgds.
  15. I'm a GA and bizjet guy honestly, however I have to agree 100% with you on this one!
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