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  1. Ohhh..my goodness it can get better than this Wow I'm so excited!!🤩
  2. Thank you for letting us know, I myself (like some others) not a fan of discord.
  3. Absolutely fantastic product! if they just can hire whoever is doing the cockpit texture work for Justflight A300 this will turn into the bizjet of the year for me!
  4. Who ever will do the Citation XLS I hope they do a better job than Carenado did and for my taste I prefer the XLS over the XLS+
  5. ELT has been broken with the latest Sim update and there has been no more support from the developer in recent history...
  6. ∫(PSXT+FSLTL+AIG)dt=MSFS 2024 AI +C? ...hopefully...
  7. I'm new with this topic around this ATC-traffic tool..will the traffic injection be based on Flightradar24 live data or it will just inject his own random traffic unaware of real-life traffic, can someone orientate me?
  8. Well if it is coming from our good friend Jorg expect a bunch of two wings planes and extinct museum beasts. So to keep it in the that genre, this is a list of Dinosaur's I would still fly Jorg, incase you accidently stumble on this thread..🤭 (digital retrofit or analog) Falcon 10/20 Learjet 24 B727 Citation 1 or SII
  9. ...hhmmm we need to watch this out it could be something if done well 😊 https://msfsaddons.com/2023/08/29/beyondatc-raises-the-stakes-not-only-will-it-manage-atc-in-msfs-it-will-also-control-ai-traffic/
  10. Yes the models works with FSLTL as well aslong as it knows how to do proper model matching. AIG is has the best model library of all the MSFS AI traffic tools existing! You can run AIG TC but you need to download flightplans, FSLTL runs on FL24 data which is more accurate and still interact with MSFS ATC. The best of all is PXST which will give you the exact match using the AIG models and which is accurate in delay of a few seconds, however it is unaware of MSFS ATC existence.. Have Fun and support AIG team whenever you can!
  11. thank you. I noticed even after uninstalling some folders remains of fsxtraffic so i removed them manually and reinstall it again, now everything works fine so far!
  12. Im not at home yet, however I have a question? do I need to uninstall PSXT before installing PSXtraffic or can I have both installed?
  13. I installed PSXTraffic but it causes my sim to crash whenever I ran it, I never got to try it out because the sim crashes during the startup process. I uninstall PSX traffic and the sim started back without issues. I went back to PSXT and everything works well ..until I change the sim to a different airport it crashes. The first time I have seen the sim crashing like that. I called it a day and went to sleep. When I'm back home today I will give it another try so I can make sure the instability is caused by the installation or not.
  14. Yep, that is what it looks like....see it for yourself here @1:35:00 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1846291729?t=1h35m26s
  15. I agree with you, but the scope discussed here is way much more than just water masking... we need is a Caribbean WU.
  16. We have being asking forever for a Caribbean WU, but I guess they lack proper satellite/aerial images for the region perhaps..(?) But a ton more can be added like POI, proper landmarks, bridges, vegetation etc..so really no excuse to not doing anything than the default
  17. Yes you are right! and I got your point...Real-time based GA traffic is NOT important because what we have is a " flight-sim", right? and because it is a flight sim what really matters is to have some random GA traffic so we can practice awareness during flight operation, great fantastic! So the same should count for Airliners as well, right? we can have random airliners traffic generated as well no real-time based traffic or scheduled flight or any of those fancy features same treatment.... This is the reason why I did that comment before because every time again somebody raised the point that GA is somehow mistreated in the sim, I see most of the folks comment on the forum reflects as if GA is less important than Airliners traffic and because of that GA based traffic can be generic or unrealistic and the rest of the folks that find GA traffic important should live with whatever.... Don't get me wrong I agree with the comment somebody made that because of the nature of most GA traffic (VFR) it is much more difficult to implement, however just for example PSXT is doing it and it works quiet well, so it is doable. proper models is another challenge but AIG have a very good GA model library to fill the gap, so Im pretty sure some developer that listen can make a real complete AI traffic tool that incorporate both GA and airliners not just one.
  18. That is your "purpose of traffic"...in mine "purpose of traffic" I would add also immersion as an additional factor and most probably others will have their own "purpose of traffic".....you get the point right?
  19. ...Perhaps I am the only one that does care to have at least some "real-time online-traffic" based GA mixed with "generated" ones to fill the GA based airports...Why should I want tubeliners to reflect real-time traffic and GA not? especially if you consider commuter and business jet flights as GA as well... Is one more important than the other?
  20. Valid point...for my taste ASOBO should concentrate on the AI engine and leave the GA traffic problem/solution to 3th parties as it is currently...
  21. I go to van Nuys airport (KVNY) every time of the day with PSXT+ AIG and I see tons of GA and bizjets of all models arriving and departing non stop. I turn PSXT off and switch FSLTL and the airport is so quiet that you can hear a needle falling... I remember once having seen a Learjet arriving with FSLTL I don't remember where but that is all have ever seen of GA with FSLTL so far...
  22. High-fidelity Bizjets will come....after the "tubeliners" epidemic is over 😜
  23. honestly I have seen Learjet a few times but they were not really based on FlightRadar24 data....
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