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  1. @sivart2000 First homework after you install MSFS. First familiarize yourself with MSFS by doing what most do, and difficult or impossible to do in other default sims: (76) Tutorial #5 - Find ANY House - Microsoft Flight Simulator - YouTube He's a very good MSFS YouTuber too. (76) Microsoft Flight Simulator - Tutorials - YouTube
  2. What other Cessna 172-sized GA aircraft runs on normal auto gasoline fuel? If supercars like a Ferrari or a Lamborghini can run on regular auto gasoline fuel, why can't all GA planes use regular auto gasoline fuel also. Some of these cars run faster than GA planes.
  3. Wow, the AN-2 looks nice. But, why would you select the AN-2 when there's the Beaver? I thought the AN-2 is a Russian plane also. Spare parts will be a big issue.
  4. My MSFS zombie apocalypse plane would be the amphibious Cessna 172. 1. The aircraft can take-off and land in both land and water 2. Reliable, simple to operate and can fly without radio navigation aids 3. Relatively cheap, readily available and easily re-purposed spare parts 4. It has space for small barking pet dog, a few months' supply of food and breeding rabbits 5. Enough space for tent, sleeping bags, meds, fishing gear, guns and ammo also. No. 1 is important. I'll look for an island with a fresh water supply. Also, I've never seen a zombie swim.
  5. Features of game mode could include starting flight in 3rd person behind the plane, control or easily slew plane with keyboard, game pad or a simple joystick; auto-land, ability to change planes or livery mid-flight, instant jump to another location, and no virtual cockpit options.
  6. Hmmm.... this makes me think of the dangers in relying on CHATGPT info: I asked: Who is David Mills in avsim? ChatGPT replied: David Mills was a prominent member of the AVSIM community, which is a website and forum dedicated to flight simulation enthusiasts. He was known for his contributions to the website and the wider flight simulation community, particularly in the areas of aircraft design and development. David Mills passed away in 2017, and his contributions to the community were widely recognized and appreciated by his fellow flight simulation enthusiasts. Many members of the AVSIM community have expressed their condolences and shared memories of David Mills, highlighting his generosity, expertise, and passion for flight simulation.
  7. Asobo improved, 3rd Party offering or modded version of the Longitude with these features: 1. Better sound and call-outs 2. Working HUD 3. Ability to walk through the cabin, working doors & windows 4. Fewer INOP buttons in the cockpit and less unavailable options in the PFD & MFD 5. Persistent pre-flight maintenance simulation 6. More info in the manual eg. walkthrough tutorial for the plane and the G5000 7. Game mode to enjoy the graphics that is MSFS It's a good compromise between a GA and an airliner.
  8. KSFO is already in the Premium version of MSFS. Any idea why they'd create something that already exists?
  9. Some airports have several Arrivals in addition to "Direct" in the MSFS World Map (when selecting "IFR, low altitude airways"). Why? What's wrong with going 'Direct'? On what basis would one select an Arrival other than Direct? How does one print the NAVLOG in the World Map? (Thanks in advance.)
  10. I'm wondering why no one has mentioned the Cockspur Mustang. Cockspur C510 Mustang Add-Ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator | Flightsim.to
  11. Hi, I get a CTD (crash to desktop) on P3Dv4.5 after three separate attempts at loading the aircraft. All other free and paid for Milviz planes for P3Dv4 work fine on my P3Dv4.5 installation. Any suggestions for the CTD? Thank you.
  12. The sim manual for the DCS A-10C OpenBeta version is now at least 800 pages. Almost the same number of pages as the real-life manual for the Garmin G5000 on the Longitude. However, both are still not as voluminous as the Owner's and Navigation manual for the Honda CR-V SUV which has a combined total of almost 1000 pages. That's kind ironic considering computers are supposed to make life easier for all and not the other way around.
  13. Possibly a chicken or egg issue? It's hard to ask a question on a version you don't know exists. There are a gazillion new flightsimmers who never even heard of WAMA. I suspect there could be quite a few who'd be interested in something like Instant Scenery for MSFS for being what it is ie. a flight simulator with lots of nice looking sceneries and eye candy. Instant Scenery 3 From Flight1 Software - Product Announcements & Press Releases - The AVSIM Community
  14. I've invested time learning DCS' A-10C, Flysimware's Learjet 35 for P3D, and now MSFS' Longitude. All great planes. Love these planes but my fingers are having a hard time remembering the very different key bindings for each one. I may be forced to give up one of them but I'm having a hard time deciding which one to abandon ship. So many choices but so little time. An embarrassment of riches for flight simmers.
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