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  1. I'm stumped at the first step... Instructions Download this repo and extract it (zip). How do you download a "repo"? What is a "repo"? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the new version. Do you want feedback on any issues we have and if so, is this the best place to do it?
  3. I really like the functionality of WAMA and tried it with MSFS 2020 in the hope it would work, but no as expected it says it can't connect to the simulator. So now I'm wondering are there plans for LORBY to make a WAMA version that works with MSFS 2020?
  4. Hi Alex, I hope you are well and staying safe in these difficult times. Thank you for making Little Navmap free for me to use. It's an excellent application that exceeds my expectations every time I use it, which is often! I'm using the latest version (Version 2.4.4 (revision 0946e328) that I installed on 17th October 2019. I'm not sure if the report described below is an issue and would appreciate your advice about what action if any I need to take. The application is working as expected. Today HitmanPro identified an issue with Qt5Core.dll reporting that "Program is altered or corrupted since it was code signed by its author." I've copied the HitmanPro Scan Results as well as a screen image of the Digital Signature Details below for your information. I've informed Alex by email too. HitmanPro Scan Results Qt5Core.dll Properties Name Qt5Core.dll Location E:\Prepar3D_V4_Academic\Little Navmap Size 6.3 MB Time 156.4 days ago (2019-10-24 00:24:17) Authenticode Invalid Entropy 6.8 Product Qt5 Publisher The Qt Company Ltd. Description C++ Application Development Framework Version Copyright Copyright (C) 2019 The Qt Company Ltd. RSA Key Size 2048 LanguageID 1033 SHA-256 2B3BA93B04E60583AFB7E54C2E3CA98F0CE653E8400480FD89C1D36CD269D14D Scoring (22.0) Program is altered or corrupted since it was code signed by its author. This is typical for malware and pirated software. The file is in use by one or more active processes. Digital Signature Details
  5. Thank you Alex. I guessed it would be a lot of effort. Love your work. Wayne
  6. First, thank you Alex. Your free program is amazing. I'm unable to display the TOC or BOD points as shown on the map function in the Flight Plan. There doesn't seem to be an option to show these as "way points" in the plan. Does this feature exist? If not, can it be included? I'm trying to document and calculate these events for long trips with the PMDG DC-6 across the ocean and they are critical for fuel management of this aircraft with it's 8 fuel tanks all manually managed over 3 or 4 hours of real time virtual flight. Thanks, Wayne Brisbane, Australia
  7. As I said to *******, the automatic Tuning tool did absolute wonders for my system. Which I consider a medium performance system as it's about 3 years old. A couple of examples to illustrate; ORBX's FTX Brisbane International Airport, Queensland Australia (described by some as THE FPS Black Hole of FSX), had an original FPS of less than 8, then after tuning it went to about 20+ FPS. Flight One's Cessna Citation Mustang, a wonder to behold with it's glass cockpit showing every bit of information a modern aircraft can provide... At an enormous visual processing cost. It's FPS was about 8 to 12 with FTX's North American Blue scenery near Friday Island. After tuning it was 20 to 25 FPS. With FPS increases of over 100% this tuning has enhanced my interest greatly. I can now enjoy "flying" in situations that were like watching a slide show, but now are smooth as silk (with the occasional "micro stutter"). My system is not top of the range, however I can attest to the viability of *******' methods. I suggest that if you have an identical system (which is very unlikely), then your results should be the same. But the tuning system is flexible and takes into account individual system components. I did subscribe to ORBX's CEO John Venema's recommendation that the oly effective "tweak / tune" was cold hard cash to buy the latest hardware if you wanted to improve the performance of FSX. Well, I guess he's wrong... At the moment, at least! My system specs should be in the signature for this post, if not I've updated my profile with them for your information. Cheers Wayne
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