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    PC: 8700K@5Ghz, Corsair GTX100i water cooling, NVIDIA RTX2080, 32 MB RAM@3000Mhz, Gigabyte 390UD

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    PC: 8700K@5Ghz, Corsair GTX100i water cooling, NVIDIA RTX2080, 32 MB RAM@3000Mhz, Gigabyte 390UD

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  1. Using this fix since months - initially to avoid crashes in P3DV5.1 (Nvidia RTX 2080). And I never had a CTD in MSFS either. Highly recommend!
  2. Curaçao Hato Airport (TNCC) Nice hub for flights in the Caribbean area (KLM, American Airlines, TUIfly, Air Canada, Avianca, United Airlines, Jet Blue, Aruba Airlines, Jetair, Dividivi Airlines, etc.)! And a great start for a flight to St. Maarten...!
  3. Yes, I have ASCA installed, but it doesn't do anything for the EA mode! The textures are independent from EA...
  4. I'm very happy with this version! The "chess board pattern" in EA mode are not visible anymore and the transitions are very smooth. Well done HiFisim!!
  5. Thanks for your answer and your fixes - I will try them!
  6. The problem is really annoying. And nobody knows, when Asobo will solve the problem. I saw some 3.-party meshes (e.g. Taburet) for MSFS. Is it possible that these could solve the problem temporarily...?
  7. Did you notice the discount of ca. 9 dollars for customers who own the P3d-version?
  8. Phantastic! Thank you so much for your incredible work! Are there any news about VNAV-integration...? Best regards from Curacao Lars
  9. Hi Gerard, I tried the "mixed version" without the p3d.cfg tweaks and no AS-control of the volumetricclouds. cfg - and it looks much better than before! Thanks for your efforts!!
  10. EA is not using any Skyforce Textures!
  11. Absolutely! Think, what you already have paid for payware products and support this project! I just did it, and it didn't hurt...! 😉
  12. Without a multi-view setup, I have the same "chess board clouds" above FL200 (actual AS-version, P3DHF1 and EA enabled). Unfortunately...!
  13. Hi Damian! While you are online at the moment: Will you continue to work on the "chessboard clouds" - problem (EA on in high altitudes)? Or is it a LM-related problem? Thanks a lot for your efforts and the excellent software!! Lars
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