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    PC: 8700K@5Ghz, Corsair GTX100i water cooling, NVIDIA RTX2080, 32 MB RAM@3000Mhz, Gigabyte 390UD

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  • About Me
    PC: 8700K@5Ghz, Corsair GTX100i water cooling, NVIDIA RTX2080, 32 MB RAM@3000Mhz, Gigabyte 390UD

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  1. Do you mean this one? http://www.lorby-si.com/downloads.html
  2. Released! https://www.aerosoft.com/de/flugsimulation/im-vorverkauf/2886/aerosoft-a330-professional?c=1148
  3. I was fighting with the same problem (night textures during daytime) and, for me, it was due to the new Orbx Central. Using FTX Central 3 and re-installing everything from Orbx (Base, Vector, openLC) fixed it for me! I will never touch (open) Orbx Central V4 again - it messed up everything in my P3DV4...!
  4. Dear Simbol! I bought AI Lights Reborn Prof. Edit. and I use the AIGTech AI-traffic in P3D V4 (newest hotfix). Everything looks nice, but I miss the beacon lights on every single aircraft. There are no error messages regarding that present in the "dashboard". I also use Lorby´s Addon-Organizer..... Any idea, how to fix this? Thank you very much and best regards from Curacao! Lars
  5. Thanks a lot Christian, I had the same problem!!! Greetings from Curaçao (years ago living in Mülheim, maybe you remember me...) Lars 😉
  6. Living myself in the Caribbean since 3 years (Curaçao) and a lot flying around for my job, I'm of course, "collecting" regional sceneries, and a lot of them, mentioned above, a really nice. But I also tried the photoreal scenary of Guadeloupe (huge download!), but the ground textures are much too bright and look terrible, especially in combination with T2G's TFFR!
  7. I absolutely agree to the two statements before, not to forget the framerates, which are much better..
  8. Regarding the city scenery around: I had DD Miami X before, but I must say, the LVFR city package looks better in combination with the airport. The buildings look better and the textures load faster and the DD ground textures also look better (not so bright). Well done, Ricardo, thanks!
  9. This sounds promising! Thanks Ricardo!
  10. Before I install the new version- I already have DRD Design Miami City installed. Which cityscape is better, the new included in KMIA or the "old one" (appearance, coverage)? Thank you for comments!
  11. Thanks so much for posting these settings, Shez! I updated to 4.4 a few days ago (only the client) and suffered from missing autogen and blurry textures. I tried a lot of settings, but yours are brilliant! No more problems with my system (3930K, NVidia 1070). The only difference is that I have to use "unlimited frames" for better performance. Best regards from Curacao! Lars
  12. I have still the same Problem- even after the actual update. No shader mods installed……. Also "ucrtbase.dll" as culprit. Visual C++ is actual.
  13. Yes, indeed, I found the same. Will do further investigation - but it only happens with the terminal charts window... Let's see if the upcoming patch will help!
  14. The CTD is always caused by: C:\WINDOWS\System32\ucrtbase.dll It belongs to MS Visual Studio...….
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