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    PC: 8700K@5Ghz, Corsair GTX100i water cooling, NVIDIA RTX2080, 32 MB RAM@3000Mhz, Gigabyte 390UD

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  1. Did anybody got an update for the experimental version since using the new installer? With the old version of the installer, I got, at least, one update per day, but now, since 2 days nothing...!
  2. The Airworthy Designs scenery of TNCM is very good! Believe me, I know the airport very well because I have to go there several times a month.
  3. Yes, it is. With "normal winds" no problem with stable speed.
  4. Do you also have extremely low download rates with Orbx-Central since 2 days or is it only me...?!
  5. The experimental version seems indeed to be responsible for the hard stutters at the moment. I had the same problem yesterday - including missing FD markers on the PFD. Went back to the development version today and had a very smooth flight without any problems from EDDL to EGLL including a lot of AIG-traffic and some other add-ons in this area.
  6. And don't forget to grab the AS-Twinotter too - with Dividivi and WinAir liveries! 😉
  7. Both are really good. Curacao was also updated for P3DV5 by TS a few weeks ago. I can highly recommend it. Both versions show the actual status of the real airport.
  8. I also grabbed it immediately - because I have to go to Aruba often for work (coming from Curacao), I know this airport very well and TS made a great job! Now, finally, the ABC-Islands are complete. Indeed, in combination with St. Maarten, St. Barths and Saba beautiful for island hopping!
  9. Same here, after several attempts, the update was successful - thank you all for your replies!
  10. But only can be downloaded according to the AIG forum...
  11. Ai-Manager is hanging at "update check" now after replacing the files with the new version. The version on the "frozen screen window" is Anybody with the same problem or an idea...?
  12. Had a flight in Germany last night (EDDF-EDDL) higher parts of a region called "Sauerland" where covered with snow like actual in the real world. Very well done by Asobo!
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