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  1. Hi, I have a 3rd Party airport for SBGR that I am running learner to update the SBGR.xml file in C:\PSXT_MSFS\thirdparty_airports folder. What I noticed is that in SBGR.xml files there are several parking positions missing, problably PSXT read the .BGL file and for some reason the parking positions 507, 508, 509, 510, 511, 601, 602, 603, 604, 605, 606 and 607 gates were not captured for some reason. In MSFS all of these park positions and others as well that are missing are recognized. I am sending below SBGR part of SBGR.xml file where we can see the gap from 506 to 715. Is there any possible reason or explanation why this happen ? <parkpos id="g407" latitude="-23.426657" longitude="-46.478176" heading="73.0" radius="31.0" cargo="false" ramp="false"> <aircraft> <option airline="TAM" type="A321" real="false" day="6" hours="13" /> </aircraft> </parkpos> <parkpos id="g408" latitude="-23.427090" longitude="-46.477959" heading="73.0" radius="31.0" cargo="false" ramp="false" /> <parkpos id="g409" latitude="-23.427555" longitude="-46.477829" heading="72.3" radius="31.0" cargo="false" ramp="false" /> <parkpos id="g410" latitude="-23.428074" longitude="-46.477642" heading="73.0" radius="31.0" cargo="false" ramp="false" /> <parkpos id="g501" latitude="-23.428562" longitude="-46.476753" heading="344.3" radius="31.0" cargo="false" ramp="false" /> <parkpos id="g506" latitude="-23.426216" longitude="-46.476585" heading="252.3" radius="31.0" cargo="false" ramp="false" /> <parkpos id="g715" latitude="-23.425735" longitude="-46.467442" heading="72.6" radius="36.0" cargo="false" ramp="false"> <aircraft> <option airline="QTR" type="A35K" real="false" day="6" hours="13" /> <option airline="UAE" type="B77W" real="false" day="6" hours="13" /> </aircraft> </parkpos> Thanks in advance, Sérgio
  2. The people you meet at airports: An illustrated encyclopedia - Washington Post
  3. Hi there, I paid and downloaded an addon Airport via the MSFS Market Place (PC) Only issue is, its installed version 1.0 which contains some texture issues, I read on the developers main webpage that this was fixed in version 1.2 which is now available to download. When I check my content manager it says version 1.0 is up to date, but on all other website its version 1.2, does anyone know why MSFS isn't updating this, I really do not want to pay AGAIN outside of the market place just to get an update Thanks Perry
  4. Hi, i got the Meigs-Airport from the ingame marketplace (version 2.3) and i like it very much. But i have one serious issue: The runway is way too bright, so that i can hardly see the markings. The rest of the airport (taxiways and buildings) looks ok. It is worse at midday, when the sun is high. I tried to switch off bloom, but that didn’t help. I wanted to post some pictures, but i can't get it done at the moment... I have no such problems with any other airports (stock or payware). It is really annoying the way it is now. Thank you for any help! Stefan Intel 10700k GTX 2060 SUPER NVIDIA driver version 457.51
  5. I just published my review of Kansai International Airport (RJBB) by Technobrain. https://twinfinite.net/2022/03/microsoft-flight-simulator-kansai-airport-review-rjbb/ The TLDR is that it's a very good airport, but a few corners were cut, possibly because it's the first airport of this size by TB on MSFS, so it stops a bit shorter than top-notch. That being said, it comes with plenty of positives and it's most definitely the best rendition of Kansai for MSFS (by a large margin). On the very positive side, Technobrain abandoned its previously rather crazy pricing schemes, which is very welcome. In case you want to make your own opinion, there's plenty of video content inside showing every corner of the airport.
  6. I just published my review of Toronto Pearson for Microsoft Flight Simulator by FlyTampa. It took a while, but I've had to do some pretty extensive research to really see how far this one goes. I hope it's useful to get the full picture and there's plenty of video content for those who prefer to make their own judgment. https://twinfinite.net/2022/03/microsoft-flight-simulator-toronto-airport-review-cyyz/ The TLDR is that FlyTampa is as usual at the top of the industry in terms of craft. Textures, modeling, weathering, PBR, and optimization are all top notch, and if you want an airport that looks really stellar, it's easy to recommend this one. Yet, there is a but. There are several buildings that are outdated, and not by months, by several years, including a massive Air Canada hangar that is a very prominent feature of the airport. On top of that, the colors of the aprons and a couple of runways are iffy, and the 90% of the jetways are simply wrong (T1 and T3 jetways besides a few are identical, while they are very different in the real world, and the models FT made feels like it's an approximated hybrid of both, while matching neither). Also, PAPI and windsock don't work correctly. So yeah, it's a good airport, and I'm sure many will enjoy it throughly (I do, despite the flaws), but it really needs an update to do justice to FlyTampa's reputation. It feels that either it was rushed, or some of the required research for a truly top-notch rendition was omitted.
  7. Does anyone know any program similar to the AivlaSoft EFB v2 that show you the airport charts that is taken directly from the Flight Simulator airport files. AivlaSoft EFB v2 is to complex and heavy but I just simply want to view the airport layout and taxiways. I know Navipragh does provide one but it is based on scanned or real world charts from Jeppesen charts. Thank you guys
  8. Does anybody have a fix for this problem?
  9. Hello friends, I mostly use MSFS to fly into small unpaved grass or dirt airfields. These are shown in LNM as "Soft or water runways". Currently the icons showing the location of these fields (a white circle with a maroon border) only become visible at zoom level of 1.8nm and below. When I zoom out to beyond 1.8nm zoom level the icon vanishes. I've looked at the menu but couldn't find it - is it possible to make the icons stay visible to any zoom level you can specify? Thanks for any info! 🙂
  10. Hi Alex, Making a Flight Plan in LNM in Indonesia (ID) I found myself an airport more precisely WIPD in an incorrect geographical position, in fact the coordinates of LNM are: 4 ° 48 '0.00 "S 103 ° 57' 0.00" E while the exact coordinates of the airport are: 4 ° 47 '13.27 "S 103 ° 55' 58.80" E as can also be seen from the OpenNav website (https://opennav.com/airport/WIPD) My questions are: 1. Can I change this error? 2. How can I add an airport in LNM if not present? because if I add it as a user point, creating an airport then it is not possible to add it to the flight plan neither as departure nor as arrival. thanks for your attention Mirko Castellani
  11. Evening all! My review of JetStream Designs' LIML is up now:
  12. Greetings everyone, I am writing this post in hope that FINALLY, someone will be able to assist me with this bug regarding FSX-SE... This is an odd one, was searching online for weeks in hope to find someone experiencing the same issue who found a solution or could help me, however, I had no luck... I was troubleshooting the issue myself for days, but nothing worked... What's even funnier is that this is a SECOND COMPLETELY DIFFERENT MACHINE on which I am experiencing this problem... So these are the systems: Machine #1 (my old desktop PC which I do not own anymore): CPU: AMD FX-8350 Black Edition RAM: Kingston 2×8GB DDR3 @1866 MHz GPU: VTX3D R9 270X 2GB DDR5 HDD: 1TB @7200rpm - installation drive of FSX OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Machine #2 (my current Acer Nitro 5 AN515-43 Laptop): CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3550H RAM: Kingston 2×8GB DDR4 @ 2400 MHz GPU: RX560X 4GB DDR5 SSD: 512GB M.2 NVM2 - installation drive of FSX OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Both systems and their drivers were completely UP-TO-DATE when experiencing this issue. Now, this is what happens: At some airports that are located near the sea and at a height approximately the same as the sea level itself, I get a strange black patch/water textures that appear beneath me... Nowhere else in the distance, that is all fine, but just in a circle about 100 meters in diameter BENEATH THE PLAYER! The taxiways and runways are spared of this effect, its just the ground grass textures around me that look like that. The airports I currently experience this bugs are LIMJ Genoa (looks completely flooded, as if I landed on an aircraft carrier), LDZD Zadar (bug appears only partially until 1/2 of the runway length) and LDDU Dubrovnik (on approach towards RWY 11 as the terrain is rising from the sea, I get water beneath me as I slowly descend) - so here effect appears on textures that are not in the vicinity of the airfield, but rather on world textures. Strangely enough, I went to KJFK and test if this will happen there, as I know it's all surrounded by water, but nothing, no problems there even though it's graphically and CPU 10 times more intense than those other areas... Here are some other differences that might help: my machine #1 was running FSX-SE on DX9 and settings set on high, almost no major addons, just some freeware aircraft and world textures. My current machine #2 is running FSX-SE on DX10 with Steve's DX10 Fixer, ORBX Global Base, FreeMeshX and Aerosoft A320X... However on my first machine, under DX9, these textures were not replaced with water textures, but it was just black patch that was following me all around, even further than what's happening now... Here is the link to screenshots taken at LDZD, where you can see the problem just appears partially on the southern side of the airfield (at 1/2 of the runway length, no matter the altitude problem goes away), the patch follows me around, as you can see my initial position at the tower turns into the ground when I slew to to left, and if I taxi on the "water" itself, it detects it truly as water, not just texture replacement of the ground: https://postimg.cc/gallery/8MqPmFC When did I notice this problem? On my first machine, the problem appeared after I installed "World of AI" complete pack, and now on this machine after I installed "IVAO MTL" library... They are both pretty big (around 6 GB), and after installing it the FSX-SE takes about 5 minutes to launch the first time. Upon their removal, the launch is back to normal, but the problem persists... I do have edited fsx.cfg, however, this shouldn't be the issue as my last system didn't have it edited and on this system, I have been playing for almost half a year now with it edited, and the problem just appeared out of nowhere last week... I tried to edit the setting in Radeon Adrenaline Software, however, nothing helped... I deleted the shaders cache but even that had no effect to it... Strangely, if I replace an airport with an addon scenery of it, that has photoreal textures around it, the problem goes away (example of LDZD), so I assume it has something to do with scenery hierarchy or so... I truly have no idea at all... I don't know what is causing this strange issue, if somebody has any idea on how to fix this I would be extremely grateful 🙂 I wish you all a nice rest of the day, and take care 😉
  13. The airport lighting at the default airports look much better than most third party ones I've seen. No more floating lights above the runway and the size of the lights are smaller and much more realistic than the ones i see at like FSDT and FB airports. I am asking if third party airport developers can please use the default lighting in P3Dv4 instead. Being consistent here would make the experience so much better. Especially when flying from airport to airport. I've never really like the runway lighting that third party airport developers used. If you look at them closely and compare to the default lighting then you should notice how unrealistic and ugly they look. P3Dv4 has updated its entire lighting engine so i really hope that we will see more consistent lighting acoss all airports from now on. This is one thing i really appreciated in X-Plane, the lighting is consistent everywhere between stock and third party scenery. Thats the key here and in the end will make things more polished. It's being consistent across the board so please take this into consideration.
  14. My CNC3 Brampton – Caledon Airport scenery released. You can download it at https://flightsimulation.romandesign.ca/ in Lite (free) and Pro ($15) versions, and you can also download my free scenery enhancement packs there for Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville and Niagara areas. For free downloads you just add to cart and check out, it will only ask for a name and an email, so I could notify you of updates. No address or billing information is needed for free or pro. PayPal checkout will only engage for a paid version. I've been working really hard on that one, and hope people will enjoy it. Toronto area certainly needs some love and care in MSFS. I hope my efforts are not in vain and increase immersion, realism and enjoyment of the area for many fligtsim enthusiasts. If there is enough interest and demand, I will continue my work for other Toronto area airports. CNC3 Brampton – Caledon Airport Pro is a meticulosly detailed scenery of a well-known local GA airport in Toronto area, where many of GTA enthusiast learn to fly and enjoy flying for many years. It was designed from scratch for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Version 1.0 – Official release version CNC3 Brampton Caledon Airport is a well-known local GA airport in Toronto area, where many of GTA enthusiast learn to fly and enjoy flying for many years. The airport is famous by it’s signature blue GA hangars with red roofs and mostly open aircraft pods, and a large open-air tie-down parking area. The original generic scenery looks unrealistic and has many issues, including the lack of the parking area, “baked-in” aircraft silouettes, unnstural grass texture etc. This scenery is replacing 28 generic hangars with a custom 3D models and model variations and includes a total of 38 hand-modelled buildings, as well as plethora of custom and stock objects carefully placed to increase realism and immersion. Here's a quick demo video (BTW I composed the music too, for the opening of my prog rock band gig): FEATURES 38 Hand-modeled 3D buildings throughout the airport 28 signature blue semi-open hangars with red roofs modelled Custom start parking spots on the apron (Ramp 11) and inside the hangar (Ramps 14 and 15) Improved and redrawn taxiways, added missing lines and markings Corrected and masked textures and terrain features Multiple aircraft models parked in correct parking areas and inside signature open hangars Main airport building with parallax windows and signage Hand-modelled ultra-detailed small airport beacon on the main building’s roof, replacing unrealistic default large beacon tower The Great War Flying Museum hangar with parallax windows and surrounding area Museum exhibition building with signage 3 accurate customized WWI fighter airplanes rolled out in front of the museum hangar, as they often are during public events – Fokker D1, SPAD S.VII, Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5 4 Seasons Aviation building and area Welcome airport sign with embedded props and surrounding vegetation Custom-made Canadian flag Custom aprons and aircraft parking, with signature tie-down parking spots Realistic Fuel area with appropriate equipment, personnel shed and correct night lighting Custom night lighting of hangars, illuminating the planes inside and hangar sides Authentic streetlamps around the main building Parked cars, airport vehicles, painted car parking spaces and blocks, picnic tables, fences, vegetation and other random objects added at correct spots for more realism Hand-drawn custom helipad at accurate location Few remaining autogen hangars replaced with more suitable models Wooden walking bridge between the main building and apron, including 2 decorative boulders and picnic area Added a windsock at the correct position with night lighting Several animated people around the airport
  15. This airport is really a nice free addon to have. You should not miss it. Happy flying. https://flightsim.to/file/2217/istanbul-airport
  16. Afternoon all, My video review of Impulse Simulations' Adelaide is now up. I meant to mention this in the video but forgot when I did my voiceover - the ILS frequencies are not auto-tuned at this airport. Cheers, Filbert
  17. Hi all, I've just published my review of Pyreegue Dev Co's EGPH. Hope you find it an informative and diverting use of 15 minutes of your time! 🙂 Cheers, Filbert
  18. Hi! There have recently been some changes to the freeware scenery Muelheim Ruhr X. It has been modernized and it has been polished up with the current technical possibilities of modern scenery design. First, long-planned texture optimizations were made. Then a new airport layout was created, which has differentiated material properties. In addition, a newly developed and animated Zeppelin was integrated into the scenery. The term zeppelin is actually not correct, because this type of airship is called Blimp. The software package includes seasonal objects such as umbrellas, blimp and hay bales. The scenery is rounded off by the new Avatar Steven. With it you can explore the many details of the airport very well. The scenery can be downloaded as usual without registration from the Bahrometrix download page. Barrier-free download: P3DV4 Mülheim Ruhr X V1.15 New features / changes - seasonally controlled objects (in-game) WDL Blimp parasols Bale / Heuquader Plants / Planters - Color correction of the airport orthophoto - Layout with differentiated material properties - current ground markings - Texture optimizations - New Avatar Steven All features according to P3DV4 SDK specifications, the seasonal objects are based on the in-game possibilities of the P3DV4. Pictures ... The new airport layout contains current ground markings All surfaces have different material properties, the markings and the asphalt surface reflect differentiated solar radiation. In addition, the asphalt surface was created with a rain-mirroring effect. the stronger the rain, the stronger the effect The new avatar. His name is Steven The hay bales, as well as the umbrellas on the terrace, the blimp and plants are seasonally controlled The plants and parasols are only available in the summer months The Blimp is animated and flies a 45-minute flight over the Essen and Muelheim - it's a new development at Bahrometrix The sightseeing flight of Blimp also takes place in the evening
  19. Hi guys, I am posting this topic to ask you if you could provide us (a small team of talented flightsimmers who started to create a Dubai World scenery. For sure, it will not be a high-end quality scenery but we want to improve the realism in the flightsimulator and to build up some hangars, warehouses or terminals in the flightsim. As there are not really much photos available from DWC for now, we need your help! If you were there or you have the possibility to get there to make some photos of the hangars from Emirates SkyCargo, the Terminal or the taxiways/stands, it would really nice to get them. Please let me know in order to give you a possibility to share with us your photos. Thanks a lot in advance, Timm
  20. Hi guys, first off thanks for any help anyone can offer me in this problem I am having. I am in the process of converting our flight sim programs from fsx to P3D. In the past we have used Eric Cagan's version of KGCC airport for our scenery of our home airport to keep it more real for training pilots. Now when we try to load our scenery as an add on in P3D we cant see any of our buildings. Runways, taxiways and everything else look fine but alas no buildings to be seen. I have contacted Eric about finding a way to fix it, but he is not familar with P3D and in fact originally created the scenery for FS9. His scenery is available the the avsim library and I was wondering if someone might have a way to fix this. Scenery is here http://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=kgcc&CatID=root&Go=Search Any help would be appreciated.
  21. I have been recently accepted in Microsoft Flight Simulator Partner program, and for the last few weeks I went through the process of submitting and releasing my airport through the in-game Marketplace. I have to say the experience was very pleasant overall, and the CNC3 Brampton Caledon airport is now released in the in-game Marketplace yesterday in the last update. It is also available on my website at https://flightsimulation.romandesign.ca/ (along with a basic free version) and on FlightSim.com store. Let's hope it will be a success so I can make more Canadian airports. I am very close to finishing CYKZ Buttonville, which I hope to submit soon.
  22. The whole airport lighting issue needs to be addressed. The following things are some of the things that they really need to fix: Intensity and look of the rotating airport beacon. It doesn't look real and stands out way too much out in the distance. Runway lights shouldn't remain on at all times, they should be off during the day! The intensity of the lights need to be more realistic, according to most real world pilots, it's usually hard to spot an airport at night, the best way to spot one is to look for an area of darkness. individual light orbs need to be dynamic, the higher resolution you are, the more big and blurrier it gets. Airport lights shouldn't stand out like a sore thumb at night. Flying at high altitudes and being to see all airports around you is very unrealistic.
  23. I'm releasing my CYKZ Toronto Buttonville Municipal Airport scenery I've been working on for the last month. I have put a lot of effort into it and I hope it will be enjoyed by many. I will certainly enjoy it myself soon, when VR support is released. It uses hi-definition PBR textures, transparent and parallax windows, 2 open hangars for small and large GA with interior modelling and airplane starts so you can spawn inside a hangar, both towers are manned and have modelled interiors, all runways and taxiways and signs are redone, custom night lighting and signs are everywhere and so on. Here are some screenshots to see what it looks like:
  24. Update 14/4/2021: CYOW is released! I will post a new topic in a moment... Update 9/4/2021: New preview screenshots! The project is in the final stages with release planned late this month. I'm working on finalizing ground markings, clutter objects, taxiway signs and hangar interiors. All runways have custom and manually placed "striped" Canadian markings throughout, instead of default white blocks. I still can't believe how stunningly beautiful the new Microsoft Flight Simulator can be. The real-time rendering with good models and design results in almost a life-like image. I'd say even a bit better than real-life 😉 Main terminal I know I'm biased, but isn't it beautiful with night lighting? Gate 20 Landside view The view from the main terminal roof Waiting for the pick-up Landside YOW One of 5 open hangars with animated doors Another open Hangar FedEx Cargo stand Overcast weather Update 29/3/2021: I added many new preview screenshots of the upcoming CYOW. Terminal building with interior modeling Car Parking building ATC Tower with interior modeling and animated radar Hangars with animated doors and interior modeling (interior 3D objects and clutter will be added beofre release) Various buildings in high detail 3D modeling and custom PBR materials National Research Council Canada - Aerospace facilities, wind tunnel complex Firehall and training facilities Hilton and Marriott hotels with parallax 3D interiors
  25. Hi, I am developing an application containing up-to-date airport data for flight simulators, I would like to hear what can be improved or corrected, maybe it will be useful to you https://airassistant.tech/
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