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  1. Columbus, Ohio— It’s a great pleasure to announce that Skybus Virtual airlines is currently seeking pilots to join the New Airline. Skybus Virtual Airlines is a professionally operated Virtual carrier Based in the U.S at John Glenn Columbus international airport in Columbus Ohio, with a secondary hub in Greensboro North Carolina. Skybus Virtual is operating just like the Original, and now defunct Skybus Airlines back in 2007-2008, except with a twist. Skybus Operated 12 A319 aircraft. SKBv will Operate brand new A320neo. We have added every route Skybus had in place plus the routes that were removed before ceasing operations. But most importantly We at SKBv are going to move on with their Original Intent with International destinations as well. On July 24, 2007, the U.S. Department of Transportation granted Skybus the right to fly international flights to Cancun Mexico and Nassau Bahamas, and we plan to add those routes soon along with other routes that we think Skybus would have flown. Here at Skybus Virtual we offer a sleek web design with ACARS, awards and commendations as you progress through your VA career. We offer tour programs and charter flights, assistance in training our pilots with online flying procedures. Our Airbus 320neo will deliver all our passengers to one of our 20 destinations with great choices of Skybus repaints, created by expert aircraft painters for msfs2020. Skybus Virtual Airlines is looking for those pilots who want to get the most from their flight sim experience, which also allows for opportunities for advancement within your Skybus virtual career. If you’re looking for the challenge of flying for an up-and-coming airline, to destinations across the U.S and select markets and the camaraderie of a great group of pilots visit us at link below. Skybus Virtual Airlines (crewsystem.net)
  2. Hello everyone, I have have a problem with the new addon scenery Berlin Tegel from Gaya. I purchased it today on the marketplace in fs2020 and tried it after downloading it. I recognized that a few Buildings are sunken in the ground and that the bridge on taxiway PW/PE isn't usable because of a buggy scenery so i reinstalled it several times but i can't fix it does someone has the same problem or a solution for this problem? My Theory is that this whole scenery is to high in the world some buildings standing on the original ground an som are standing on the new raised ground cousing these bugs. Greeting from Berlin B.B
  3. Virtualua.org is turning 5 on March 24th! We are having a special event that is sponsored by: Aerosoft, Imaginesim and Flightbeam! We will be giving away 5 PRIZES from the sponsors! To participate in the sponsor giveaway please join virtualua.org Here is the event information: On April 8th, from 2359z – 0400z, join us on VATSIM, as we all fly back to our beginning, at Chicago O’Hare Intl Airport (KORD). You can fly from anywhere, as long as the destination is KORD. CAT free, no route restrictions, just fly from any of our serviced airports to KORD. We want to crowd the KORD United ramp up! We will award 5 prizes from our wonderful sponsors and donors to 5 lucky pilots who arrive during the event. We will also offer dispatch services on our TeamSpeak server, from 1400z- 0400z for added realism. Sign-ups will be available on our website soon!
  4. Hello there. I built a system with the specs listed in my signature. Everything was fine in the first place. I was getting min 48-55 fps in P3D V4.5 with Overcast clouds bad weather + ORBX global + openLC + Vector + PMDG 777 + Active Sky + REX Sky Force HD clouds + Aerosoft Mega Airport Frankfurt with high settings. A friend of mine had set the Nvidia control panel for P3D v4.5 and it was all good. GPU temp was reaching 62-65C max which is pretty good at Auto Fan RPM. Then i wanted to try something different with Nvidia Control Panel settings and my FPS dropped to around 29-33 with the scenario i mentioned above. Interestingly, it feels like My gpu is no longer being used fully by the sim and GPU temp is not rising at all. I dont really remember how it all was set up in the beginning. My current Nvidia settings like that. I'm in need of suggestions to correct this. Thanks in advance
  5. I have worked on this for a while now to make this sound accurate and add as much realism as I can for FSX. This is the sound for the main gear and adds ground rumble with taxi bumps and cabin rattle to your NGX Experience. Please backup your ORIGINALS FIRST !! Instructions below Inside the zip you will be presented with a folder open that to a temp place on your desktop and inside you will find a sound wav called - PMDG737NGX_GRND Follow the steps below on where to place this and of course if you have the expansion pack then you will need to make a double copy to drop it in both locations. C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\PMDG 737-800NGX\sound If you have the expansion pack aswell please also do the following C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\PMDG 737-700NGX\sound Download :- https://www.dropbox.com/s/6piri5b6l8gvba3/NGX%20Groundroll%20Enhancement%202014.zip?dl=0 Any Issues Post below I will assist regards .... To follow soon is :- Brand New Internal Reverse Thrust with added bass Wiper Sound Nosewheel Centreline Sound polished up New Trim Wheel Sound + Much more
  6. The organisers of Connexion 2017 are pleased to announce the latest confirmed programme items for the weekend of 29th and 30th July 2017. In addition to the previously announced items, we are pleased to provide further information below (In no particular order) A day in the life of… a Heathrow Tower Controller A long-standing VATSIM member and real-world Heathrow Tower Controller will give a perspective from the control tower of one of the busiest airports in Europe. We will find out about the logistics, planning necessary to accommodate nearly 1,300 flights each day, bringing over 200,000 people through the airport. BAVirtual The CEO of BAVirtual will present to us the latest goings-on within one of the community’s longest standing virtual airlines. As they tackle new challenges such as pilot training it will be fascinating to hear this perspective. Pilot’s Perspective: Life on the other side of the scope One of VATSIM’s experienced Enroute Controllers will detail the tools and techniques used to keep traffic flowing safely and efficiently. This session will provide useful situational awareness for pilot’s flying in complex and busy airspace during their future flights. A day in the life of… a Eurocontrol Controller A VATSIM member and current Enroute Controller in Europe will present a perspective of life from the Maastricht UACC. This center handles approx. 5000 flights per day and this presentation will touch on some of the challenges involved in this operation. Workshop: Controlling Techniques Learn some of the tricks of the trade in enroute and approach controlling with this interactive and informative workshop for controllers. Panel Discussion: VATSIM and careers in aviation Three members of our community, one who is a Pilot for a large European business jet operator, another a Flight Safety Investigator for a UK based airline and the third an Air Traffic Controller will discuss how their time on VATSIM has influenced and affected their real-life career paths and in addition will provide some advice for those wishing to follow in their footsteps. Please note: this is not a definitive list other content will be added in the coming weeks and may be subject to alteration without notice.
  7. Hi there, I paid and downloaded an addon Airport via the MSFS Market Place (PC) Only issue is, its installed version 1.0 which contains some texture issues, I read on the developers main webpage that this was fixed in version 1.2 which is now available to download. When I check my content manager it says version 1.0 is up to date, but on all other website its version 1.2, does anyone know why MSFS isn't updating this, I really do not want to pay AGAIN outside of the market place just to get an update Thanks Perry
  8. Hi all, So I would like to start creating more content and recording, ie. landings / take off. I saw there is a recording thing built in which is fine, but when you play back, it only plays back in the camera setting which you recorded in, If that makes sense. I would like to know if there is a programme or a way for me to record and then when I play back, to be able to change camera angles, i.e. record taking off from cockpit, but replay and view this from inside the cabin? I saw a programme called "Flight Control Replay" which does this, but does not show animation, ie. in replay mode it doesn't show the gear retracting, or the flaps retracting etc.. any help would be great! as I see videos on youtube where they replay recordings in all different camera settings/views Thanks as always! Perry
  9. Hi there, I have an issue with MSFS2020, the photogrammetry setting is turned on as I like the detail, unfortunately in built up areas, I.e: London, all of the buildings do not look right. I can only describe it as they looked kind of melted, if I pause the game then like 10 seconds later that area I'm flying over will finally clear up and look ok ish but still doesn't look great. any solutions? I have tried all the basic stuff like emptying the cache etc, I have a good internet connection too and a decent PC set up. NVIDIA RTX3070ti, 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-11600K @ 3.90GHz 3.91 GHz, 32GB RAM any help will be much appreciated Thanks Perry
  10. Micah210


    HI so am new to Vatsim and I was wondering if anyone knows what the busiest General Aviation airports are and which one often have active ATC
  11. Hey guys when i go for my takeoff run in the NGX or the 747 the throttles just go from full to idle. I bought the 747 yesterday and it happened after I installed it. Please help Thanks, Bobby Loesch
  12. Good afternoon everyone, I bought the NGX one year ago, and have been thinking about getting a plane to do long haul flights, and waited for the release of the 744 to choose between that or the triple 7. But I'm still unsure about which one to buy! Cheers! João Portugal
  13. UPDATE: Aerosoft discount for attendees, ticket sales deadline, Saturday evening plans and more programme items announced Aerosoft We are delighted to announce that Aerosoft have very kindly offered to provide an exclusive benefit to all attendees of Connexion 2017. Everyone who attends our event will receive a 20% discount code for use one of two highly anticipated upcoming projects: the CRJ 700/900 or the A330. This is a very kind offer from Aerosoft - we would like to thank them for supporting our event. Ticket Sales As you have probably seen, tickets are currently available for sale via our website (connexion.vatsim.net). There are a limited number of tickets available and we will be closing tickets for sale on Monday 8th May at 1200z. Please ensure you book before this date if you wish to attend. If you have begun booking a ticket and not completed payment or have not received an email from us containing your ticket details, please visit our website connexion.vatsim.net to finalise your booking in advance of this date. Saturday evening dinner Following an enjoyable and enriching day of convention content, we will enjoy an exclusive garden party in a nearby hotel (a short walk from the convention venue). Here we will have plenty of time for socialising and a BBQ buffet. We will sell tickets for this part of the event sometime closer to the date of the event. You will be able to purchase tickets for non-VATSIM members so as to be able to bring them along too. Conference Content We have just posted the latest items for the conference programme here and on our website, with more to follow. In addition to what was already announced, we are delighted to host the following sessions:- - A day in the life of a (real) Heathrow Tower controller - A presentation from BAVirtual - Pilot's Perspective: life from the other side of the scope - A day in the life of a (real )Eurocontrol Controller - Workshop: Controlling Techniques - Panel discussion: VATSIM and careers in aviation More details on these available in the thread above and on the Connexion website.
  14. Hello, I am kinda new to the flightism community and just recently bought the PMDG 737-800 NGX and love the aircraft. I dont like to be right up on the cockpit window so I go back as zoom out as far as FSX will let me go. (Dont know what decimal that is to be exact just got FSX couple weeks ago) So I loaded the PMDG 737 NGX and realized that the MCP labels, FMC buttons, and Overhead button were blurry untill I zoomed in on it. I saw some videos and it seems like they dont have this problem. So I was wondering if there was anyway to fix this. Thank you so much. Happy Holidays! Xplosion
  15. Only 3 days to go until we welcome VATSIM members from all over the world to London for Connexion 2017! We'll be reporting live from the venue all weekend on our Facebook page ('like' us here!) and on our Twitter (follow us here!). Whether you'll be joining us in London or can't make it this time, join the discussion with the #VATSIMCon17 hashtag. We look forward to passing on your questions and getting you involved! You can find out more information on the event at the VATSIM Connexion 2017 website - if you live in or near London there are even a couple of last-minute tickets available to book. We're looking forward to meeting you!
  16. What is the best a320 add-on for prepar3d? For the 737 I am using PMDG and the 787 QW Craig Owen Duffield
  17. Hello, i just got P3D and the PMDG 747. i've also installed my scenery. Anyways, i was descending into LHR From JFK and my game froze and crashed. After a bit of rage i loaded back and saw this (see photo: https://prnt.sc/fgntm2) No planes and airports load in. I started the scenario and i got this (https://prnt.sc/fgnt11) it stayed at 0% until it crashed. I dont know how to fix it, any help will be appreciated
  18. 6th ANNUAL FLIGHTSIMCON PREPARES FOR TAKE OFF Announcing Initial Sponsors, Speakers, Highlights and Exhibitors for 2018 Event DALLAS, TX, USA – February 13, 2018 – FlightSimCon 2018, the original and most successful annual aviation and flight simulation exposition and conference, is proud to announce the first round of sponsors and exhibitors for the 2018 event. The 6th annual FlightSimCon will take place in a new, central location in downtown Dallas, Texas at the Hyatt Regency Dallas Hotel on Saturday, June 23 and Sunday, June 24, 2018. For the first time, FlightSimCon is being joined by Cockpit-Fest USA, an annual event for cockpit enthusiasts with roots dating back to 1999. After five successful years in Connecticut, FlightSimCon has expanded to a new, more centralized location in Dallas, Texas. Over the previous five years the conference has grown annually since 2013. FlightSimCon is for all ages, and is the largest flight simulation and aviation conference held in the United States, attracting pilots, students, air traffic controllers, industry professionals, and simulation and aviation enthusiasts from around the world. “Increasing the breadth and scope of FlightSimCon to include new locations, industries and markets has been the goal of FSC since its 2013 inception,” says founder Nicole Glander In addition to a new, more centralized location, The Exhibit Hall at the Hyatt Regency in Dallas is more spacious than previous venues, allowing more vendors, communities, and exhibitors to convene in one area. With seminar rooms adjacent to the Exhibit Hall, educational tracts are a mere few steps away. An overnight room block at the Hyatt Regency has been secured and can be reserved through the FlightSimCon.com website. Hotel information is included below.Event admission prices for FlightSimCon are $60 ($50 for students) for the all-weekend pass and $30 for a one-day pass ($25 for students) until May 15, 2018. Prices increase after May 15. Guest registration is available. Register now on-line at FlightSimCon.com. Sponsors, Speakers, Exhibitors and Highlights: One differentiating aspect of FlightSimCon is its dedication to providing an evolving spectrum of speakers and educational seminars that will continue to expand the market to reach new industries, markets and niches within the aviation community. FlightSimCon is pleased to be partnered with top-tier sponsor, Gleim Aviation, a company dedicated to helping aviators pass FAA exams since 1980 through publishing and distributing flight training books, online courses, and flight simulation training software and systems. Additional sponsors include: Association of Flight Simulator Builders and Instructors (AFSBI), a member-based organization promoting the use of flight simulators and collaboration across developers, builders, users, instructors and their communities, institutions and pertinent government and non-government organizations). "After five successful years, FlightSimCon has become much more than just an exposition or trade show. The 2018 conference has become a holistic experience of aviation enthusiasts, from simulators to aircraft industry professionals, as well as the next generation of pilots and aviators," according to Edward Main, First Communications Officer for FlightSimCon. Speakers will offer unique insights into multiple aspects of pilot life, building and working with simulators, including X-Plane interfaces, manufacturing for the flight sim industry as well as tales of soaring the skies in both reality and simulation. To date, FlightSimCon 2018 has confirmed the following speakers: Matt Bailey is an active pilot, X-Plane simulator interface builder and life-long aviation enthusiast. Matt will cover the basics of Arduino microcontrollers, the X-Plane API, and how to make the two talk to each other. The internals of some aircraft instrument types will also be discussed, as well as ways to modify real instruments to make them easier to drive with a PC. Ethan Hawes is a First Officer on the Embrear 170/75 and Pilot Talent Acquisition Team Member for Republic Airlines. Ethan is launching a new program, (FLAP) Future Legacy of Aviation Professionals, that will link community members to current real world professionals in an aviation field or topic they are interested in. Ethan will also talk about flight simulator to real world pilot progression.Bart Waclawik is the owner of Volair Sim, a manufacturer of flight sim chassis systems and an active commercially-rated instrument pilot. Bart’s presentation will focus on examples of using flight simulator as a tool for an active pilot or student to maintain and enhance proficiency for VFR and IFR flying. Exhibit Hall will feature hands-on demonstrations, allowing attendees the ability to explore and test their hardware and software products first-hand.the International Virtual Aviation Organisation (IVAO), a platform for enthusiasts to enjoy their hobby in a simulated real-world environment, flying or providing air traffic control services since 1998. The Classic 737-200 Project, a simulator created within a cut-away body of a real Boeing 737-200 series aircraft cockpit, a 17-foot Bell AH-1F Cobra helicopter cockpit converted by Triad Micro Systems into a weapons procedure trainer for the U.S. Army; a F-16 “Fighting Falcon” Cockpit Familiarization Trainer from Wright-Patterson AFB with three 50″ LCD screens and more to come. NOTE: At the time of this release,additional sponsors, exhibitors, partners and highlights are currently being finalized and will be announced at FlightSimCon.com, as well as its social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. About FlightSimCon (FlightSimCon.com – FSC on Facebook - @FltSimCon - @FlightSimCon) Flight Sim Con isan aviation and flight simulation conference designed to bring pilots, air traffic controllers,students, flight simmers, cockpit builders and aviation enthusiasts together in an interactive social setting. Conference attendees will have the opportunity to meet others in the industry and flight sim communities, experience how online flight simulation can benefit student and rated pilots and air traffic controllers, and engage with exhibitors and speakers to learn about connecting flight simulation with real world aviation. About the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Dallas Located downtown next to the iconic Dallas landmark Reunion Tower, Hyatt Regency Dallas offers accommodations with prime views overlooking downtown Dallas or the Trinity River Greenbelt. The Hyatt Regency, 300 Reunion Boulevard,is a gateway to the best of the city and is within walking distance of many tourist attractions, including Dealey Plaza, the Historic West End and other downtown restaurants and nightlife. The hotel offers contemporary, spacious accommodations, complimentary wi-fi, unique dining, a 24-hour Gym, outdoor swimming pool and a FedEx Office Business Center. Reunion Tower is a 50-stories tall landmark icon with three levels of 360-degree breathtaking panoramic viewing and impeccable dining. The hotel also has direct access to Union Station and easy access to other transportation. To learn more about Dallas see www.visitdallas.com. Transportation DFW Airport is just 15 miles from the hotel (with a great place to watch planes land and take off at nearby Founders' Plaza) and the convenient general aviation airport, Love Field, is 7 miles away.The Dallas Fort Worth area has one of the largest concentration of training and entertainment flight simulators.Together DFW airport and Dallas Love Field combined are gateways to 74 million passengers annually. About Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) International Airport DFW Airport is the fourth busiest airport in the United States, with over 66 million customers annually and over 1850 flights per day. With 173 domestic and 57 international nonstop destinations worldwide, DFW is considered one of the superb airports in the world. Its accessibility is unprecedented due to its flight offerings across 29 domestic and international airlines, 165 gates, 7 runways and central location within the continental US. DFW covers more than 26.9 square miles, larger than the size of Manhattan. Source: DFWairport.com About Dallas Love Field Located 6 miles northwest of downtown Dallas, Texas, Dallas Love Field is the 31st busiest airport in the US, with nearly 8 million passenger boardings annually. Dallas Love is a city-owned public airport that is also the corporate headquarters of Southwest Airlines, the nation's largest airline, according to the US Department of Transportation, and the #1 airline in the DOT Consumer Satisfaction Ranking for 22 of the last 26 years. Sponsor, Exhibitor, and Speaker Opportunities are Available. To your reserve space, visit website at www.flightsimcon.com for pricing information, floor layout, and applications. For further inquiry call 860.727.0050 or contact@flightsimcon.com. ###
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