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Found 437 results

  1. Hello everyone, i recently picked up the pmdg 737 but im hacing some troubles with programming the reversers. I have a hotas warthog with airbus detents that look like this: https://flightsim.to/file/16290/generate-your-own-warthog-throttle-detents What i want to do is to make the idle to climb 0-100 in power (which i have done), and then idle to idle reverse and idle reverse to maximum reverse. The latter is where i have been stuck. I picked up FSUIPC to be able to program it but i was only able to program the normal thrust and not the reversers. There are only 2 options for reversers in FSUIPCs action tab being ThrottleDec and ThrottleDec small both of which only makes it go into idle reverse. I have tried all combinations and even sending the levers to FSUIPCs own reverser calibration which also only makes it go in to idle reverse. So i am wondering if there is any way to make idle to idle reverse in my detents actually be idle reverse and then maximum reverse on my detents maximum reverse. Any help is greatly appriceated Thanks in advance
  2. Hey Guys, Just released this one. Being an ex-Navy guy, I figiured I needed to get one out, and I wanted to do the older version of the C-40 when she wore "Stars-n-Bars". Sadly the world has made the Navy strip off all military markings as they are just a target, but I thought it really set her apart from the average 737. 🙂 I did the "Spirit of New York City" in honor of 9/11....I may paint more "cities" as time goes on. You can get her by clicking the link in my sig. I like how she turned out....just sad we don't have a real combi model so I had to use the Passenger model and paint on the Cargo door. The other way...using the Cargo model and painting fake windows on...just looked horrible, so we can't open the Cargo door...but she looks authentic this way.
  3. Testing how she does in multiplayer...she does just fine! 1st time in history that I've seen 3 of my paints in the sim at the same time! 🙂
  4. PMDG 737-700. I was on a wet runway tonight and decided to check external view during the engine start. When I start the right engine, the jet blast / water movement comes from the left engine. Then when I start the left engine, the blast comes from the right engine. Something's reversed. Just FYI. 737 Immersion, Precip FX, P3D v3.4
  5. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help out with activation of my pmdg 737ngx activation. I have had an issue with it for a couple days. Pmdg sent a stand alone activation software installed in my root and ran my key with nothing I bought the 737 in 2015 and since updating recently it's been the "no fan blade" graphic on all models and all the gauges are black and vc is unusable ... thanks
  6. So is there any plans for a 737 update after this? LCD lighting, New engine ignition switches, Split Scimitar winglets, etc? IF SO GREAT!!! I CANT WAIT!!! If not what about going into a regional jet like the EMB175/190 or the ERJ145, or the CRJ200/700/900? I know the 747-8i is in production for the expansion pack obviously, but the 737 can use an update.
  7. Greeting, First time posting here, I will try to be the most specific possible. Im try to use the autoland function when arriving to CYUL from KJFK, during descent after configuring the 2Nav radio with the 6R runway ILS and the course for both also I proceed in the pedestal to configure the altitude and length of the runway ( in this case 9600, I taught that was my error but then I tried with the 6L runway that is 11000 and still the same) I have my route configured in my FMS , in the autopilot I have engage VNAV both FD A/T etc. During final approach before intercepting the G/S because im using ATC my heading is selected in the autopilot I press VOR/LOC to intercept the G/S and the APP and CMD B immediately the plane starts to make his approach but the PFD and copilot also shows on top PILOT CH in yellow surround by a square green then the square green disapears. Around 1600 fts the computer make his checks the G/S indicators blinks and then it should change to AUTOLAND 3 but change to CMD in green but star to show FLARE in white but no rollout, I down the HUD and in the corner I have this Aiii indicator flashing instead of being fix. The plane lands perfect but I want to know what im missing. Jorge Lazaro.
  8. *Before Starting the topic , if this content is violating the EULA , please inform me so I can stop * Hello Captain , So as I was trying to paint the PAX seats of the 737 , the texture is working absolutely great at daytime But when switching up to night"time" , some of the default seats are showing up , here are the photos so you won't be confused : So what texture file should i edit to equalize it ? Thanks in advance
  9. https://fselite.net/content/new-pmdg-737-for-msfs-cockpit-screenshots/
  10. I suppose this question has been asked and answered before. Can' seem to find anything on it. Is it possible to run PMDG B737 NGX in FSX Steam Edition. It seems as if it installed OK, it shows up in the Aircraft menu, but the cockpit is "dead". No input with the mouse is possible. Please help. Hermann Kuhne
  11. i recently bought the PMDG 737. Everything works fine except for the HUD/HGS What can i do for fixing it? i already tried reinstalling but still happening
  12. Hello everyone Since the last update the nose-wheel-steering of my 737 is not working anymore, well the wheel is actually turning but it seems like it has no friction and the plane keeps going straight... Does anyone know what to do? Did I miss something? Thanks, Andreas Schultes
  13. Folks, I'm after that first pointer to get things going from which I believe I'll be able to get there myself. I've been trawling forums and manuals for days and can't seem to unpick this - if you know of a thread, here or elsewhere, that answers this, a pointer to it would be gratefully received. My Setup I'm running P3d 2.5 on my main computer (called "Flight1"). I have FSUIPC and Wideclient (registered versions) installed and working fine. I'm running the PMDG 737 (though will ultimately want to expand what I'm doing here to other aircraft in so far as that is possible). I have installed LINDA 2.6.3 on this PC. I have a second PC ("Flight 2") on which I run, FS Global Real Weather, FS Commander - all working fine. On this PC I also run SIOC (OpenCockpits software) and have built my own MCP using the USB interface, Mastercard, etc. Note that the OC Hardware is connected to Flight2 not the main P3D operating computer, Flight1. Background I have reached the stage where I am able to read the status of the PMDG MCP LEDS (e.g. CMD_A lit or not) and replicate this fine on my own hardware. I've done this using the SIOC code to read the status via WideClient/FSUIPC. This bit (after some head scratching to get there !) is fine. I can also operate the switches/buttons on my hardware and see the state change in the SIOC monitor, so I know the wiring at the end is correct. My difficulty I now understand that you can't programme (i.e. read a switch state and send it to the PMDG 737 in a similar way to how you read the status of items. From the reading I have done, I understand I will need to use LINDA and/or FSUIPC ".evt" (event) programming. Now this is where I'm getting stuck and would appreciate some insights from others. A few questions (that may be wide of the mark but will probably tell you where I'm at trying to hunt this down) I have installed LINDA on Flight1 (main P3D running computer) - is this the correct place to put it ? (I believe so) How can I link a state change on my hardware (that I can see in SIOC monitor) to the process of sending the command to the PMDG ? Does anyone know of any examples that would lead me through this ? Even a simple one that says "put this file here, change this value to coorrespond to your switch input and this one to the PMDG offset value from the SDK and it will work", just for one switch, would be great - I could then build off of this What I'm not necessarily after I'm not really after a "download this and it will do it answer" though I accept that this may assist me in unpicking things. Given that I'm building my own hardware from the ground up (no pun intended !), I need to understand this so that I can do different/odd things later if required. Thanks for your patience folks and I look forward to that "key" that will unlock the next step for me. Cheers, Rob
  14. Cannot find any past reference to backing up. The manual states that you can have one provided only one copy is installed. My question is If I can have one, How do I get it. Thanks
  15. Hi all. I am wondering if anyone knows of a way to tweak the engine sounds of the PMDG 737. In particular, in real life 737's, at idle when throttling down, I notice the rumble of the engine, and the full power grind when at full power. These both sound different than they do in the simulator, and I was wondering if I could try to tweak them. I have Audacity on my laptop, and I'm wondering if you can use that (and if so, how?) to modify the sounds. Or even if someone knows of a sound pack that has what I'm looking for. Hopefully someone can help me out! Thanks, Ethan
  16. Some randoms I took today in FSX:SE. Flew KORD-KTPA and then over to KFLL. Sorry for the low res, I have a crappy old monitor This one is my last leg which is going right now, KFLL-KMDW
  17. I currently own all of the PMDG products (except the upcoming DC9) and I have an age old question concerning the MD-11. The rumor mill still has the MD-11 as a proverbial logic bomb for PMDG products and I want to include it in my hanger... but if it still causes errors within FSX to the point I have to wipe ALL my entire FSX drive, I rather leave it where it is - as a executable zip file from PMDG. Has PMDG addressed this issue long ago already and the latest updates will not have any effect on the sim, or is it still what many are saying what it is? I have tried running the MD-11 a while back after I had bought the 747-8i and I had to repair the entire drive... thankfully almost all my software were re-downloadable, I had to pay for another extended plan from PMDG to get my aircraft from them again.
  18. The pmdg 737 ngx installer wont let me install because it says that there is a newer version installed that needs to be unistalled before I can install the older version. Help please
  19. Your comments are highly appreciated! Thank you for watching!
  20. Approaching Mykonos at sunset with 737-200. Enjoy!
  21. Hallo from a beginner concerning about this themes I read the Manuals and the Forum, but I can't understand some Details: Please help me with not too technical Terms. 1. I read, that the Radio/Baro Minimums are required by the Airport Default Radio=50, Baro is 200) Tutorial 1 suggests to turn tha value to 100. In all other extern flight-examples nothing is mentioned regarding this item. QUESTION: What are the consequences, if the value is too high or low ? Is the altitude-calculating below this Minimum wrong ? I read "Radio" is used for Category II and III approaches (A/P and ILS). And what is "Baro" good for ? 2. The second question refers to the Switch from local Baro to STD and retour. (HPA in Europe, IN in USA 1013/29.92) I think over Transition Level the calculation of altitude is the same for every Region all over the world (STD). But beyond this Level the calculation depends on the Region where you are. But In no examples (e.g. a book from Tim Rommen) it is recommended to Change this values. Why ? Could it be, that These values under Transition Level are the same all over the world ? Also if you press the "B"-button, nothing happens. Or is this theme ignored by the Simulation ? Thank you for every Statement.
  22. This is part 2, as I want to share 24 pics... :) Just wanted to share the beauty of this model. This plane is the only reason I haven't touched P3D for more then a year (and also due to XP11 great rendering engine, FDE, and open community for scenery) All liveries have been painted by myself using the IXEG paintkit. But with some modifications with regards to vstab, wings/pylons colors, shadows, dirt and engine spinner (on some models). Note that these screenshots are 3440 pixels by 1440. So click on them and choose full image to get the best idea of how they appear in XP11.
  23. Hi, I didn't find answer on my question. In FMC (TAKEOFF REF page 2/2) you have 3 heights to set - ACCEL, EO ACCEL and REDUCTION. I have charts (screenshot is included lower in this topic) with noise abatement procedures on LKPR and I need your help, please - which height will be ACCEL, which EO ACCEL and which one REDUCTION? Thanks.
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