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Found 140 results

  1. Hello everyone. After my purchase of MIlviz 737-200, everything looked awesome and I was very happy about it. I planned my route and started my engines for the first time, listening to that beautiful sound of the engines and APU shutting down. Because the route was long, about 1.6 Hours, I planned to use LNAV all the way. OK VRef speeds are programmed to MCP by CDU and everything looks perfect. Just to make things clear I used FirstAir version of the aircraft with FMS/Sperry 177 option - which comes with fully functional VNAV, LNAV and Autothrottle. 50% N1 and A/T engage - V1, rotate, V2... Climbing through 3000, I engage A/P and put aircraft in LNAV+Speed mode. I start to turn the speed knob to 240 knots due to restriction in the area. Suddenly A/T goes crazy and puts aircraft in MTOP mode or 100% N1... Aircraft overspeeds and I disengage the A/T. After few minutes of climbing and manually managing the speed, I engage the A/T again. Nothing happens... My speed starts to drop. Then again disengage and engage again. Now it again puts 100% MTOP and so on... I don't know what can cause the problem. FYI I did not put speed in for every waypoint in CDU. Because I wanted to manage the speed by MCP panel with speed mode... If anyone has a solution for this problem please let me know
  2. Still new to the 737 and learning, ive been on the a32nx and CRJ Every time ive been on an ILS approach with the 737, its approached way too high, than at the end just completely gone above the target altitude, even though the diamond to indicate your approach says its perfect. In another forum they said this was the plane automatically doing a go around at a non-auto land capable airport/minimums. Ive tried auto land capable airports and tried lowering/changing minimums but nothing works, and the plane goes above the approach way before the minimums is even called, any help? Thanks!
  3. https://pmdg.com/pmdg-737-700-for-microsoft-flight-simulator/ it's happening ENJOY!
  4. I normally don't do fictionals...but a friend on the beta team lives in New Zealand and really loves this livery. They did fly the 2/3/400s but never the -700. In flightsim, she can be a -700! I think she looks rather dashing in this livery. 🙂
  5. Testing how she does in multiplayer...she does just fine! 1st time in history that I've seen 3 of my paints in the sim at the same time! 🙂
  6. Hey Guys, It's been a long, hard, enjoyable, frustrating (for everyone...Devs, testers, patiently waiting simmers, hehe), rewarding, and incredible experience beta testing this phenominal aircraft! I have bitten a hole clean thru my bottom lip watching all the speculative posts in many forums, knowing answers to questions you guys had but had to remain in the cone of silence.....until toady! You guys know me as a long-time contributor of freeware paints, and I'm pleased to announce that I will continue that tradition with the release of this epic aircraft. I plan to bring over all my previous paints for the 737-700, in addition to a few that I've created by request by members of the beta team. Before I paste in the pic of all the paints I'm converting, let me show you a few of what you've all been waiting for (all have been recreated and depict the latest beta build of the aircraft.) Speaking of disclaimers: DISCLAIMER: All screens are of the product in its latest beta iteration, some things shown may change before release. I wanted to make my very 1st public screen one that hits several cools things that max out Steve's geek meter. 🙂 I echo Rob's excitement about the DD Renton scenery. Being a "virtual" painter, I see the completion of my "virtual paint hangar" come to life in this scenery! Here is my completed Germania paint getting ready to roll out of the Renton Paint Hangar. 🙂 The lighting and atmospherics in MSFS, the scenery and the plane are something to behold in this pic. Look at the lights on the paint scaffolds reflecting off the plane...just awesome! And who can guess the next paint I'm working on? This is the 1st repaint from scratch I did for a fellow beta tester. This is a new-ish airline in South America. I like it. Its an odd livery from a painter's standpoint because the winglets when looking from the left are blue and looking from the right, orange. Guys, unfortunately I'm on a laptop traveling this week (figures)...and converting these screens to the latest beta build has been a challenge to say the least. But regardless, I'll do the best I can getting you guys some more screens as even with a small screen, this palne is so photogenitc! In addition, the beta team is still extremely busy testing and trying to get her done for you guys, so I know that any lack of screens or communication in the near future won't be met with "OMG why are they not posting screens and answering every detailed question we ask?? I want my screens and answeres....and I want them NOW! LOL. Honestly, I think what you guys REALLY want is the plane...so let us focus on making that happen....deal? Here are a few more randoms...
  7. https://fselite.net/content/new-pmdg-737-for-msfs-cockpit-screenshots/
  8. From the album: Jamalje's Album

    American Airlines 824
  9. PMDG 737-700. I was on a wet runway tonight and decided to check external view during the engine start. When I start the right engine, the jet blast / water movement comes from the left engine. Then when I start the left engine, the blast comes from the right engine. Something's reversed. Just FYI. 737 Immersion, Precip FX, P3D v3.4
  10. i recently bought the PMDG 737. Everything works fine except for the HUD/HGS What can i do for fixing it? i already tried reinstalling but still happening
  11. Hello everyone Since the last update the nose-wheel-steering of my 737 is not working anymore, well the wheel is actually turning but it seems like it has no friction and the plane keeps going straight... Does anyone know what to do? Did I miss something? Thanks, Andreas Schultes
  12. I suppose this question has been asked and answered before. Can' seem to find anything on it. Is it possible to run PMDG B737 NGX in FSX Steam Edition. It seems as if it installed OK, it shows up in the Aircraft menu, but the cockpit is "dead". No input with the mouse is possible. Please help. Hermann Kuhne
  13. Hallo from a beginner concerning about this themes I read the Manuals and the Forum, but I can't understand some Details: Please help me with not too technical Terms. 1. I read, that the Radio/Baro Minimums are required by the Airport Default Radio=50, Baro is 200) Tutorial 1 suggests to turn tha value to 100. In all other extern flight-examples nothing is mentioned regarding this item. QUESTION: What are the consequences, if the value is too high or low ? Is the altitude-calculating below this Minimum wrong ? I read "Radio" is used for Category II and III approaches (A/P and ILS). And what is "Baro" good for ? 2. The second question refers to the Switch from local Baro to STD and retour. (HPA in Europe, IN in USA 1013/29.92) I think over Transition Level the calculation of altitude is the same for every Region all over the world (STD). But beyond this Level the calculation depends on the Region where you are. But In no examples (e.g. a book from Tim Rommen) it is recommended to Change this values. Why ? Could it be, that These values under Transition Level are the same all over the world ? Also if you press the "B"-button, nothing happens. Or is this theme ignored by the Simulation ? Thank you for every Statement.
  14. This is part 2, as I want to share 24 pics... :) Just wanted to share the beauty of this model. This plane is the only reason I haven't touched P3D for more then a year (and also due to XP11 great rendering engine, FDE, and open community for scenery) All liveries have been painted by myself using the IXEG paintkit. But with some modifications with regards to vstab, wings/pylons colors, shadows, dirt and engine spinner (on some models). Note that these screenshots are 3440 pixels by 1440. So click on them and choose full image to get the best idea of how they appear in XP11.
  15. Greeting, First time posting here, I will try to be the most specific possible. Im try to use the autoland function when arriving to CYUL from KJFK, during descent after configuring the 2Nav radio with the 6R runway ILS and the course for both also I proceed in the pedestal to configure the altitude and length of the runway ( in this case 9600, I taught that was my error but then I tried with the 6L runway that is 11000 and still the same) I have my route configured in my FMS , in the autopilot I have engage VNAV both FD A/T etc. During final approach before intercepting the G/S because im using ATC my heading is selected in the autopilot I press VOR/LOC to intercept the G/S and the APP and CMD B immediately the plane starts to make his approach but the PFD and copilot also shows on top PILOT CH in yellow surround by a square green then the square green disapears. Around 1600 fts the computer make his checks the G/S indicators blinks and then it should change to AUTOLAND 3 but change to CMD in green but star to show FLARE in white but no rollout, I down the HUD and in the corner I have this Aiii indicator flashing instead of being fix. The plane lands perfect but I want to know what im missing. Jorge Lazaro.
  16. So is there any plans for a 737 update after this? LCD lighting, New engine ignition switches, Split Scimitar winglets, etc? IF SO GREAT!!! I CANT WAIT!!! If not what about going into a regional jet like the EMB175/190 or the ERJ145, or the CRJ200/700/900? I know the 747-8i is in production for the expansion pack obviously, but the 737 can use an update.
  17. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help out with activation of my pmdg 737ngx activation. I have had an issue with it for a couple days. Pmdg sent a stand alone activation software installed in my root and ran my key with nothing I bought the 737 in 2015 and since updating recently it's been the "no fan blade" graphic on all models and all the gauges are black and vc is unusable ... thanks
  18. Reading Qualitywings Q3 update its now obvious their 737 300/400/500 wont come this year and not sure if in 2017... Seeking for temporary substitute i found that Wilco is marketing their 737 Evo as Supper Guppy 737 now (not sure why this is how they Call it). They say its P3D ready. There is a link on their website directing to compatybility matrix where it says 737 Evo is P3D 1.4 only and not for v2 nor v3. But the table refers to Evo not the Super Guppy. Has anybody purchesed its most recent variant and tested it under P3D v3? Info would be highly appreciated. Regards, Kris
  19. So, I'm new to the PMDG 737 and have been trying to follow the manual but have already hit a snag. In the manual to go from cold and dark it says to use the FMC and load the cold and dark state. I do so, and get the green initialization bar at the top of the screen, but the FMC doesn't come back. It stays blank and I can't use it afterwards. What could be wrong here? Thanks -- Alexander
  20. Good morning, As I'm sure most of you are aware of my recent addition to FS. I have been working on a new site and Teamspeak server for pilots to interact online with each other while flying there NGX & using there FS2crew addons. The website address is below and is now LIVE! ! http://www.ngx-live.co.uk --- It is free to register.. ​ ​ ​The way it works is as follows: Gamespy and/or external services are not needed as you're not required to join an online session. ​ This reduces the amount of problems experienced when flying online and enables the pilot to fly without any issues, which uses all addons to their full potential.​​ ​​​​​​​​​​** BUT I NEED TO MAKE THIS VERY CLEAR, THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL FS2CREW PRODUCT IT WILL BE MANAGED BY MYSELF ONLY ** ​ Track each other on the FS2CREW ONLINE TRACKER​ Chatting to your friends while cruising at high altitudes Sharing flight plans * Routes... Making new friends ​ ​Plus lots more, all I will ask is that everyone respects each other, it is just for fun remember that... !!!! I know there are alot of people I chat to on the Avsim forum that would be great to chat to online. ​Regards Steve . . .
  21. Good day! I recently bought the NGX 737 and I love it! I have 2 questions regarding it. 1 - Auto Pilot. I Came from using the stock 737 in FSX so I dont know what the LNAV AND VNAV do...I see everyone uses it in ILS landings but Im using to using VLOC and APP. Somotimes I click LNAV AND VNAV and i dont get a green light saying its been activated...so, how do I use auto pilot for ILS landings (NOT AUTO LAND) in the NGX 737? On a side note...where is the NAV/GPS switch so i can pick which one to use? 2 - FMC.....All i know is to set fuel, ground connections and a few other things like putting in the air port but i dont know the waypoint part since I never have any....I need to know how to use the FMC so it can tell me when to put my flaps and speed and all that.... Please send a link of a video or anything useful that teaches this. Its almost impossible to have a real flight without it. PLEASE give me a good starter flight plan for this so I can learn and last thing, SIDS, I dont even know where to find mine or what it is. Thank you In advance Mirakledba
  22. Hello. I am looking for the aircraft configuration for SAS Scandinavian Airlines' newer 737.800. In particular LN-RGC. If there's someone who can help me out, feel free to contact me. Thanks for any help. :rolleyes: Best regards,
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