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  1. Nevermind... I am SOOO stupid. Did not switch from ALGN to NAV on the IRS switches.
  2. I am having the same issues... however I do not have the DLNK CNCT button and I can't log into ACARS. I have done everything in loading the route via the datalink, but I can't load my routes, get wind info... anything.
  3. Extremely vague on how you achieved this.... Where is your VehicleFavorites.xml file? Where is the Prepar3D_Default.fxml and the Prepar3D_Default wx files? Shaders (?) Prepar3D v4 Files (?) Your explanation doesn't really help at all.
  4. Well it happened again... I was reinstalling my AI traffic when this happened again None of the tricks above doesn't seem to work... So I removed the AI traffic and I am still getting the same problem. Time to start pulling out hair.
  5. Thanks guys.... I was on the verge of pulling my hair out.
  6. That's just great... I been having problems installing P3Dv4.4, so I reverted back to v4.3 to fly again. Then this debacle happened and grounded not only my aircrafts, but the entire sim. So while I am trying to install the sim, this happens. Now I have to pull a all nighter to restore everything. Mistakes from PMDG used to be few and far between... I guess you guys are trying to close that gap.
  7. Kicking the dead horse... For you FSX-SE users it's: (assigned drive):\Steam Library>steamapps>common>FSX
  8. I'm sorry, but explain just how you was able to solve this problem; I find myself with the same problem and you never mention the file you've deleted from the wow64 folder. There isn't an api.dll in the wow64 folder; it only exists in the FSX within steam. I performed nearly everything you've done until that last post, (because it was so vague) and FSX will still will not start. What file did you delete?
  9. I like that "bonus"... Now if you can do that in the Billboard Livery, then you definitely have a fan.
  10. I'm wondering why there wasn't a Pan Am livery created... Pan Am was a iconic world airline and frequently used the 747s for many international flights. Why is it that many painters avoid the Pan Am liveries? http://www.cardatabase.net/modifiedairlinerphotos/photos/big/00007371.jpg
  11. I tried them all. None of them work. I might have to reinstall.
  12. Sure would love to purchase this and get some flight time with her before I have to shut it all down and move... I start my retirement leave next week.
  13. Yes, this is a problem with the PMDG 737. The parking brake issue leads to a incomplete CDU preflight... which leads to the co pilot informing me that the engines are not properly configured for a engine start.
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