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  1. BTW... I do not see a content manager. CORRECTION....I found it.
  2. But the most of the content are from Microsoft itself. I only have 2 payware aircrafts.
  3. Got the latest update, restarted the sim and only 2 planes are now in the hangar.... even my payware planes are gone.
  4. Hate to bump an old thread, but I've tried everything mentioned here and still can not connect to the simulator...
  5. So, I wasn't the only one who've been put on a holding pattern in regards to this sim. Since it's initial download (getting it to install through the Microsoft Store was like a visit at the dentist for a root canal), I have managed to get about 30 to 37 minute flight time. After that, it has become 45 minute loading times with a CTD at the end. I've failed to follow one important rule: never buy vanilla software. So I'll wait until a few updates, patches and bug fixes are released. Until then, MFS2020 is grounded. Good thing I didn't delete P3D.
  6. Nevermind... I am SOOO stupid. Did not switch from ALGN to NAV on the IRS switches.
  7. I am having the same issues... however I do not have the DLNK CNCT button and I can't log into ACARS. I have done everything in loading the route via the datalink, but I can't load my routes, get wind info... anything.
  8. Extremely vague on how you achieved this.... Where is your VehicleFavorites.xml file? Where is the Prepar3D_Default.fxml and the Prepar3D_Default wx files? Shaders (?) Prepar3D v4 Files (?) Your explanation doesn't really help at all.
  9. Well it happened again... I was reinstalling my AI traffic when this happened again None of the tricks above doesn't seem to work... So I removed the AI traffic and I am still getting the same problem. Time to start pulling out hair.
  10. Thanks guys.... I was on the verge of pulling my hair out.
  11. That's just great... I been having problems installing P3Dv4.4, so I reverted back to v4.3 to fly again. Then this debacle happened and grounded not only my aircrafts, but the entire sim. So while I am trying to install the sim, this happens. Now I have to pull a all nighter to restore everything. Mistakes from PMDG used to be few and far between... I guess you guys are trying to close that gap.
  12. Kicking the dead horse... For you FSX-SE users it's: (assigned drive):\Steam Library>steamapps>common>FSX
  13. I'm sorry, but explain just how you was able to solve this problem; I find myself with the same problem and you never mention the file you've deleted from the wow64 folder. There isn't an api.dll in the wow64 folder; it only exists in the FSX within steam. I performed nearly everything you've done until that last post, (because it was so vague) and FSX will still will not start. What file did you delete?
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