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  1. Just uninstall it with ORBX. Same way you installed it!!
  2. Is GSX v3 coming soon, Rob? (The one with the Hamburger/coke option!)
  3. Even more proof, if we needed it, that the MoD thing was just a cover. Blimey!! ROSWELL.🙄 (Even if it was GA not Nevada)
  4. Just change the aircraft parking size in GSX to the largest. Apply and there's your spot.
  5. Yes, well spotted. I'm tired. (Of course it should be "cut"). But bite does sound a bit more intriguing😪
  6. A good example of "biting your nose off to spite your face".
  7. Good for you. (At least land lines don't drop calls, and they have decent quality "sound").
  8. I wasn't very happy with it. First off, it caused CTD's. Then when that was fixed, it caused huge FPS drops when undocked and moved to another screen. Have finally dumped it, although still on 4.5 HF2.
  9. Well, not quite. If you work on buttons, as I do, you have a few problems: (Door not recognised, Brakes ditto, and that affects the FO's responses. And also there is the problem that vspeeds and V1,Vr and V2 are not being read and the engines have to be started manually by clicking the ignition buttons). But if you just click onto the next item, it progresses in a fairly acceptable manner. I have flown 2 flights now in this somewhat crippled manner and it is not thaaat bad. Obviously, if Mr R could fix the SDK problem quickly, then Mr.Y could make us all happy again. Just to make it clear. This is the updated 747 running on 4.5 HF2.
  10. Luckily you can just bypass the menu item and continue normally.
  11. Ok testing is another matter I will grant you that one. You are lucky to still be allowed to work😎
  12. "It takes a long time to load." What, pray, would you do with the extra minutes if it loaded faster? Just have another cup of coffee while you wait (or another G&T, seeing that we are not really flying).
  13. I don't see a Compatibility in AA mode setting.
  14. James, You need to put makerwys.exe in the main P3D folder where makerwys.bat currently is, so they are both there. Maybe that wasn't clear - sorry.😒 You have rightly seen that it expects to find the exe file and can't! That is the reason it doesn't run. BTW I see that you do have properties listed in the options (0.11 secs into the video) when you clicked RC4. This is where you set run as admin, under compatibility. Then it stays that way for ever. Next message I am expecting to see - SUCCESS.
  15. Simple. Buy the biggest you can afford. It will eventually be filled up anyway.
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