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  1. I re-installed Windows today for the update and had the same. I sent a message via Contact on the web site.
  2. But only if you could actually bomb and shoot! (Virtually of course).
  3. P3D came out in 2015. So 3 editions in 5 years means V20 in 25 years if my brain is working today. I will be 107, so don't think I will be too concerned.😄
  4. Thanks Ray, It's a PMDG 744. Do you mean add a waypoint in the original flight plan (so that RC4 will be able to read it)?
  5. My experience with ZX spectrum and P3D was not a success. I had a job loading P3D into my 16 MB expansion pack.
  6. Certainly Flight Unlimited didn't. Many times I was vectored into a mountain. RC is the best for me, despite its tendency to demand impossible (read unreasonable) descent rates at times (e.g. FL 210 to 11000 feet in 30 miles).
  7. Well, it says so. In properties of the .exe : Product version File version I should mention that this is 4.5HF3 not v5.
  8. Successfully downloaded the new version from Simmarket. Can't see obvious differences but runs well at a good FPS. Only problem is LOTS of shimmering on the buildings (moiré pattern on face of main terminal) and the dreaded moving white ascending lines on some other in the distance. The apron and taxi-ways are all steady.
  9. Confirm installer is still v1.0.0 can't see a date.
  10. Wow! Do they still have those in Out there ...thataway?
  11. I have everything through my headset, as I "fly" in a common space in our house. I don't quite understand why you would want sounds separated, as if I leave my speakers on so the sound comes from both speakers and headphones, I can't hear a thing except the headphones. If you don't want to hear so much of a particular sound, then use Windows mixer facility and turn down ( or even mute) that particular source. Ian
  12. A tiny glow worm crawling across the screen. Still not worth the money.
  13. I don't see any difference. For EU29 I would have expected major visible changes.
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