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  1. That looks about in line with what I get with my Corsair liquid cooler. Although my base temperature is a bit higher than yours.
  2. Ray, My knowledge and system are far down the scale from where you are now but I use a program called FanControl which reads all the possible fans and offers different ways to control them. It is independant from the BIOS. Flat line, graph, etc. all can be customised on the fly as well. It reads from a chosen heat source. It can be downloaded from Github.com for free (and is safe).
  3. Voice folder 99 contains a whole lot of comments for when you do something wrong. It is part of the original RC4 setup, as far as I can tell. (My RC4 has been modified several times). Look in your original RC setup, it should be there. (Maybe in your recycle bin). In future, don't delete whole sections, rather replace. Windows will check and will let you leave originals that are not replaced. Let me know how you get on. Ian
  4. Are you thinking of EnvDir? That is the interface for all the others in that group.
  5. It is 5.4. AM settings are AffinityMask=255 P3DCoreAffinityMask=252 MainThreadScheduler=0 RenderThreadScheduler=2 FrameWorkerThreadScheduler=4 In line with what the "Master" suggested some time ago.
  6. I wasn't using any settings in FSUIPC at first, then I started getting enormous fluctuations in FPS on approach to most airports (from 28/30 down to 1 to 3 for about 5 to 10 seconds), after I increased sliders in P3D for better effects. I am still not sure if it is AI or scenery causing the problem, that is why I am trying limiting AI first. I have tried playing with the setting Bob mentioned above and it does seem to have made a difference. It still needs testing at a very large airport, though.
  7. To help performance, I have tried to limit AI planes (AIG) by using FSUIPC. It works but I then have the annoying spectacle at airports of planes appearing and dis-appearing at random, often in the same position: hardly realistic. Is there a solution?
  8. No problem with mine (Orbx). Runs well in P3dv5. Using basic P3d scenery.
  9. Agreed, probably irrelevant but we don't know for sure why they asked. Anyway, those answers would hardly put your private life in danger so is it worth the 10 seconds saved not to answer?
  10. I finished it in 10 minutes while cooking supper tonight.
  11. I think that is what the "skip" button is for. At least that's what I used it for a few times.
  12. Well you don't have a 1TB to start with! Manufacturers use a different method to windows and other programs to state capacity. My 1 TB disk is stated as 947GB.
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