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  1. Hi guys, as title says. Which is your technique? I have no problem when try to land manually after passed 1000' AGL, disconnect A/P and A/T and land safely enough. But if I want to practice manually all the approach from IAF to FAF I have a lot of difficulties to keep the aircraft on correct glide path. I try to maintain the G/S adjusting the throttle and pitch manually, but most of the times I am to high on final and with an incorrect pitch configuration. The aircrat upon on final regains altitude and I have to make a go-around. How do you perform your manual landing with this great aircraft? Thanks in advance, Ric
  2. Hello everyone, the A.T.S. team is proudly to announce our next project for X-Plane: the McDonnell Douglas MD-11 & MD-11F. First of all let us say that we understand very well your concerns and doubts about a new project declaration when our first and actual project about the MD-82/83 is still to hit the market, so why we're doing so? Because the graphical part of the MD-82/83 is 99.9% complete: of course we keep that 0.1% for last minute fixes (if needed) resulting from the beta test phase and further upgrades, but there's absolutely no reasons to keep an excellent graphical artist doing nothing while I'm developing and testing the final pieces of code... looking at previous posted images all of you are now aware about the graphical level we want to achieve, and looking at the declaration date of the MD-82/83 project (April 2013) you can imagine how much time and effort is needed to reach that level. Other than that, for this new project we’re going to have a new resource for the art department and if things goes well we’ll have even a new resource that will help me with the code. Absolutely no time and no development efforts are, has been or will be taken away from the MD-82/83 project: MD82/83 has 100% of our time, now and mainly after we'll hit the market, so totally no worries about something such less support and/or loss of interest because a new project... for all of you should be now crystal clear that we at A.T.S. are not interested to hit the market as soon as possible with unsatisfactory products, our priority is to develop study level products and giving 100% support to our customers. Back to the MD-11, we already retrieved a good amount of official documentation and we're in touch with some active and retired MD-11 pilots that are interested to collaborate with us, so this is something whose foundations were already started not something that will start from now on... obviously there're no images to show right now and Parsec will need some time before to show something, but in this very moment we believe it's important to let all of you aware of what we'll create right after, and somewhat alongside, the MD-82/83. Thank you for your kind attention. Best regards The A.T.S. team.
  3. Hi guys, With the release of p3d v4, will there be a remake of the pmdg md-11 just like they did with the 747?
  4. I currently own all of the PMDG products (except the upcoming DC9) and I have an age old question concerning the MD-11. The rumor mill still has the MD-11 as a proverbial logic bomb for PMDG products and I want to include it in my hanger... but if it still causes errors within FSX to the point I have to wipe ALL my entire FSX drive, I rather leave it where it is - as a executable zip file from PMDG. Has PMDG addressed this issue long ago already and the latest updates will not have any effect on the sim, or is it still what many are saying what it is? I have tried running the MD-11 a while back after I had bought the 747-8i and I had to repair the entire drive... thankfully almost all my software were re-downloadable, I had to pay for another extended plan from PMDG to get my aircraft from them again.
  5. Hi all, just a quick one. I have always had a thing for this wonderful bird, so I have been thinking for a while to purchase the PMDG sim of the MD11. The only thing that is stopping me now is the doubt if it is not a bit too "old", in software terms. So basically the question is this, is it still worth it? If some current owner could spare some advice and possibly a few pros and cons I would be grateful. Cheers!!
  6. This is with reference to the value stated for Dry Runway Estimated Landing Distance at Flaps 50/EXT mentioned on Page No 420 Under Procedures and Techniques section of the PMDG MD-11 FCOM (Doc Ref: PMDG MD-11 FCOM/PD.00.2/DTD 04 AUGUST, 2008). The Value mentioned therein is 1550. I suppose it is a typographical error and should have been 4550 instead. Refer attachment for details. Kindly cross check your documention. Kind regards, George Mechanical Engineer IND
  7. The same week after world cup was finish, Friday Night I departed out of Brazil for good, it was the final and last flight our of Brazil and also the last flight for EuroCay MD-11's Just 2 people Controlling EDDM, must be really slow for only 2 controllers The Big Boy Off Back to the Main EuroCay hub to finish her final flight Deboarding was complete and EuroCay decided to have the 3 Brothers sleep by each other before they Leave on Monday Evening to the desert for Retirement, was kind of late that I start to fly the MD-11 and felt accomplish knowing how to fly this big bird Thanks to my Pal CAY1268- Z.Powery on teaching me from cold and dark to Engine start up, but all great things must come to an end since the MD-11 has been in service with FlyCay from 2011. It had a great run but time to rest and make way for more advanced aircraft to come through, So Long to the MD-11's.
  8. HI. I am running FSX- SP2 (Loaded on the C: drive in its own folder not in program folder.), Windows 7. FUICP. all fully updated on a brand new Alienware/Dell desktop. Loaded the dll. file recomended by PMDG to FSX to stop crahes after 10 hrs etc. PMDG MD 11 crashes or launches witha black screen. All FSX setting are set to default Any ideas? Clean installs have been executed. Registries checked/repaired and mended. I do have an older LCD monitior (1280-1050). Help! Thanks Marc
  9. My PMDG "career" has started nearly 1.5 years ago, it's about time for this post. I started of with the JS41, enjoying it but soon feeling I need a plane I often fly with as passenger, so I soon got the NGX, followed by the expansion pack. As I felt that I want to get into heavies too, the MD11 joined the fleet. I fly all of them a lot, and last week I bought the 777. Why not? If it doesn't work I have it ready for better times when I have a decent desktop. But now, after turning down a few settings I totally enjoy it. None of the other planes gave me the feeling of flying a large plane and "being there". I already flew her into the most complex scenery I have, Aerosofts Approaching LOWI, and landed without problems. FPS on final approach was just above 10, but stutter-free, making good hand flying possible. This was certainly better than with the NGX, where I had to switch to the 2D panel. On important thing to note is that I'm not a "HD" simmer. I have no problem with a few "blurries", low autogen settings and default sceneries and clouds. If you can think like that as well and have a similar system as me, I'd say go for it. Hope this helps some people who are unsure about getting the Triple Seven :smile: . Thank you PMDG for giving me such a great time with your products. I wish you nice holidays, merry Christmas, and a happy new year, hopefully beginning with releasing the "real" (sorry about that, I just prefer long airplanes) 777 when it's ready.
  10. Hi guys! Could you please pay attention to following price discrepancy in folowing PMDG web page: http://www.precisionmanuals.com/pages/product/md11.html As usual visitor I'm entering PMDG page and than via "products" going to link attached above. You can see following priceing for MD11 BUY NOW FS9 - 79,99$ FS9/FSX - 119,99$ and FSX - 79,99$ (Actually I stopped here and my purchase was over) But my friend noticed me to enter on following link: http://www.precisionmanuals.com/ProductCart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idcategory=13&idproduct=12 what is actually to push on BUY NOW FSX - 79,99. (exapmles attached below) So could you please fix that and indicate correct price on both of sources as it may be reason of lose some customers. Thanks a lot. Best regards Janis
  11. 20% off your favorite planes until Monday http://en.shop.aerosoft.com/eshop.php?action=catalog_list&s_group1=00._%20PMDG%20Sale&s_design=DEFAULT&shopfilter_category=Flight%20Simulation&s_language=english&PHPSESSID=l6rakrovtc9aujsvsp9cbf5pi0
  12. Gents, Greg Buckley has updated the WIDESCREEN MD-11 panel.cfg file for use with FS2Crew MD-11. It may be downloaded here: https://www.fs2crew.com/cart/pages/FS2Crew%3A-PMDG-MD%252d11-Edition-Service-Updates-and-Extras.html Best,
  13. Hi guys, does anyone know if this new gauges could be integrated in the VC or will it be? I think only PMDG could do it, so is there any plan by PMDG staff? Alternatively could be possible to create a shortcut to display this gauge as 2d popup w/o using FSX menu to recall it? or insert a clickable area inside VC to click over to display 2d gauge? I'm using it with MD11 and am very happy, but every time I change my camera view (with EZCA) 2d gauge disappears, so I need to click a spot or shortcut to recall it. Many thanks for reply. Ric
  14. Hi all, I'm a big fan of PMDG, you've done a great job on every aircraft! Since the beginning a major scenery problem appeared while using the MD11 in cloudy weather. I use REX Essentials + Overdrive as well. This problem recently 'expanded' to the 737NGX and the 747-400. I'm not sure wether this problem is from PMDG or REX and I have no idea how to fix this. I hope you guys can help me out with this... Huge thanks in advance!! Jimmy (I don't know how to upload images, if someone could tell me how, I can add some pictures of this problem!)
  15. Hey, first i want to say sorry for my English. My Problem is, that always when i am flying the MD11, the Horn is going forward and backward. It is like the MD11 would have a fly by wire. It is very hard to land the MD11 manual, because the elevator is lagging, for e.g. if you make a minimal movement at joystick the elevator is going to the maximum and stays there until go move against it. If i am pressing "Z" and stay on it, then i can fly the MD11 perfeclty. But i a stop pushing it the problem comes back. Do you have any ideas ? I hace a Saitek Cyborg X and reinstallation dind't solved the problem. Best regards Matthias
  16. Dear simmers, I have played a lot with the PMDG MD11 and its quite fun to fly ( even if its hard to :P ). Now I want to take it to a next level and make something from the MD11 cockpit. I want to build a Throttle Quandrant to add more realism to the flight. I have searched and searched and came up empty. I have really found nothing related to the dimensions or structure of which the MD11 throttle quandrant is built of. Im doing this as a summer project with a friend of mine who is going to build the throttle quandrant of a Boeing 737. Im hoping you guys could help me in any way possible because the summer is getting closer :P Hope to hear you soon Any help is welcome Greetings FOwout
  17. For all of us PMDG MD11 fans recently migrated to x-plane http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/106394-mcdonnell-douglas-md-11-md-11f-project-by-ats/#comment-1048622
  18. Took up some planes and got these. If you like my work, consider joining my Virtual Airline! http://www.wrightairlines.org/ all photos in order Wright Airlines PMDG MD-11 Wright Airlines PMDG 737NGX Wright Airlines Coolsky DC-9 Quality Wings 757-300
  19. Hi guys, I Love MD11 like you and would like to know the RAAS data to configure FsRaas V2.0. Can I use the same DATA used for 739?...is it correct? Tks
  20. Hello all, I been having issues reinstalling the MD-11, I already contacted PMDG and the solutions I got are not giving me any progress, this product was working fine, now I don't know why this is happening, I know PMDG is not selling this product anymore but they still doing the support?? I tried everything I was able to find online related to this error, also enable and disable the windows firewall, ran it as admin, etc etc and nothing, please does anybody can help me please? also on Facebook a few people are saying having the same issue, thanks. FSX Acceleration, WINDOWS 7 64bit
  21. Hey guys, just some Shots of my MD-11 flights To and From Brazil, pretty great flights and routes with this magnificent Aircraft, here you are Gents, enjoy. LSGG-EDDM-SBGL I caught the return flight back on CAY792- William Flight to Zurich and I then did LSZH-SBGL then to EDDM and back to Brazil and then to Spain and Back to Brazil again.
  22. So there I was ... 134 knots on runway 31R, autothrottle disconnect engaged, thrust levers idle (on my end), and spoilers ground flight engaged but I am not slowing fast enough. Autobrake was enabled minimum but I don't recall any braking occuring. Slowing down; 120, 115 but via friction with the runway only. My eyes glance up to see the end of the runway going by and now I am high speed on the taxiway heading quickly into a jet blast fence at the taxiway turn. My mind flashes back to the approach: Autoflight disengaged and autothrottle giving me trouble. Prior to my predicament the aircraft was on the approach in dual land configuration. Some short time later the aircraft was in flare but the autothrottle had not disengaged and the aircraft simply flew down the runway just a few feet high. It was too late for an attempt to land and stop in time so I disconnected the autoflight and wanted to fly right traffic to perform a visual approach. The throttle was clamped in alpha protection and attempts to disconnect the autothrottle for climb power turned into a struggle between the aircraft and I and never was I confident the throttle is in my control only. Once again, on final approach, hand flying the guidance when my wheels touch, ground spoilers activate, and, even though disconnected, the autothrottle again clamped for alpha protection and would not idle out for application of reverse thrust. I was a heavy aircraft with Vref 185 knots so, needless to say, when the throttle finally obeyed and relinquished, I had gone through the blast fence and was headed for a hangar which I unfortunately perforated at about 125 knots. I can't explain this behavior. I hit, several times, autothrottle disconnect and while rumbling down the runway would glance at it to observe it deviating to near full power then back to idle and them to medium power. During my hand flown pattern around to perform a manual landing, gusty winds and no FSUIPC wind smoothing option set had the airspeed loose 25 knots and I reached alpha whereby the flight computer commanded movement of the throttles and would mot relinquish control even when commanded to. I feel at this point I will have to take control from the aircraft on final approach to avoid this ever happening again. Imanual
  23. Hello, I have to confess, I'm angry... I once bought the MD11, flew it on FSX and everything was fine! But then my computer crashed, I had to set up a new one. I could access all my online accounts, so I dl'ed the MD11 and tried to install it with my well known data taken from my PMDG account site. The installer denied... I purchased it once again, paid for it the 2nd time, received new data and tried with that. Once again I was told my data was invalid. This makes no sense to me, and it even shouldn't make sense to PMDG. So I ask for two things: 1.) I want to have the product I have paid for functioning. 2.) As this obviously's not my fault I want to have the money for the 2nd purchase recredited. Regards Joerg Pauly
  24. https://www.youtube....h?v=wAqEpj0tkBI thx pmdg...
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