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  1. @rhalunen thanks again for the recommendations, I been seen so many issues with vram that I hope v5 works on my end, I only have a GTX1070 for now until I can get something better later this year maybe but will see how v5 goes. My specs are not that bad so Im positive, i7 6700K GTX1070 16RAM 4.5 speed OC, 2 SSD's one with windows with 128GB, another one with 1TB and a hard drive with 2TB
  2. @rhalunen what u recommend to my v4.5 to v5 transfer, I want to do this weekend but I want to remove any unnecessary stuff from v4.5 and install v5 fresh but I need a good uninstaller and make sure I get the max space from my ssd
  3. @rhalunen thanks and everyone but the microsoft tool was the solution!! all good now, thanks again and I will keep that tool very close!!!
  4. @Caveney737 thanks for the advice, maybe I should change to use the P3D menu instead, if you able to, can you show your axis sensitive settings? also how you do the setup in the ngxu cdu? because now they have rudder options inside the cdu, I have a joystick with rudder axis and also a yoke so the joystick is what I want to use as tiller for taxiing
  5. I do FSUIPC but looks like PMDG and fsuipc wont work very well, you guys think?
  6. Hello, anyone with the milviz 350i, I tried to removed the old one to install the new one since it has multiple updates but after removing the old one during the new installation I keep getting a message saying "previous version still installed" any ideas? I deleted any folder related but same thing, any ideas why? thanks for any help!
  7. Well I setup how u instructed in the first message and seems a little better, will keep trying, thanks again!
  8. Thanks for answering, so you recommend use the steering tiller option in the P3D menu not in FSUIPC? now I have it setup in fsuipc and like I said before is super sensitive, even turning my hand super slow the plane will turn left or right super quick and thats annoying now, however the 777 and 747 wont have that issue at all, they both behave very fine, is the NGXU with the new rudder options now.
  9. Hello guys, anyone with patience please to explain me how to proper setup my pedals and tiller for the pmdg ngxu, I have tons of addons and unfortunately this is the aircraft with worst steering, i know this is a new method from pmdg but looks like I havent been able to setup correctly, quick here u go; I have pedals, a yoke and a joystick, the pedals work ok but since real 737 pilots wont taxi with Pedals I use my joystick rudder axis as tiller in fsuipc but is very bad, I tried the mcdu options inside the aircraft and looks like I havent found the right combination, not even sure what to set in the cdu and fsuipc, turns are extremely sensitive or drastic, I dont have this issue with any other aircrafts, what can I do please, the 737 is one of my favorites but with this issue is a little disappointed to fly it. thanks in advance for any help
  10. Thanks Much @CB_Pilot for the info, will try both tips for sure!
  11. Hello guys, Learning the feelthere embraers 170. 190. 175 and 195, anyone knows a quick tool that I can use to calculate the v speeds? I searched but only option is for xplane and the link is down, thanks in advance for any help!!
  12. Hello guys, I cannot fly without simstarter now! awesome tool, I just have 2 quick questions please 1 - I use multiple addons together with my sim so I been able to start them all with simstarter and works super well, now if I want to open and close my sim few times maybe because im testing an aircraft or addon is there any option to shut down all the programs I use with the sim quick? p3d takes a few 30-60 seconds to shut down but other applications like chase plane, active sky, landing rate etc will stay open, please let me know if using sim starter I can shut down everything when exiting the sim 2 - how to disable planes that I never fly, for example all the defaults so the sim loads quicker? I been able to do it with the airports and sceneries but not with the aircrafts, thanks for any help
  13. Hello guys, I know P3D has been getting better and better, we all need to upgrade to catch up with everything coming out now into our sim world BUT some of us have priorities like work, family, home, etc. I dont think my setup is sooooo behind but I need help, since P3DV4 up to now V5 I been struggling with dynamic lights even though I run everything medium on my settings, I know every computer is different but I think i can ask the question; what can I balance in our to not have a big impact using dynamic lights during night flying, my frames will drop drastically just by checking the dynamic lights option, besides that I can fly anywhere in my sim now, thanks for any help, eventually I will get a newer system but I think I can work things out still at least for this year, thanks for any help! i7 6700K OC 4.5 GTX1070 16RAM 1TB SSD windows 10
  14. Thanks @Bert Pieke for the answer, maybe I stay with the GTN for now, I thought the list was bigger but thanks. In another subject, I have all the carenado twins now pretty much, do you know where I can get some mods for the B1900, Kingair 350i, C208 and any others? they flying is not realistic and some are super sensitive 😞
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