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  1. Hello guys, I noticed a weird behavior on my aerosoft airbus, right after takeoff the aircraft will turn on its own and also on final approach turned as well almost making me miss the runway, both situations im flying manual, also did the controls calibration and the issue continues, any ideas why? I have all my controls under FSUIPC and other addons wont do this, I have a T6000 joystick for the airbus and the saitek quadrant for the throttles, please let me know any ideas? thanks. P3DV4.4

    TFDi 717 switch views CTD

    Just did a test and... CTD yay! dwm.exe 10.0.17763.1 e52aabf3 dwmcore.dll 10.0.17763.348 2240b8d9 c00001ad 00000000001e8a7e 1310 01d506e2081c5714 C:\WINDOWS\System32\dwm.exe C:\WINDOWS\System32\dwmcore.dll aa76103d-1a7e-4f1e-ad53-1f499cac7b8e

    TFDi 717 switch views CTD

    yes I made a post on their facebook page 3 days ago and was completely ignored.

    TFDi 717 switch views CTD

    exactly, and the worst thing is not saying anything about it and ignore people

    TFDi 717 switch views CTD

    I tried this but my frames dropped, yours?

    TFDi 717 switch views CTD

    @Wise87 same thing with me, multiple tickets and emails and also facebook posts and nothing, wow... shame
  7. Hello guys, Will start this post clarifying that maybe im wrong but I been having issues with the tfdi 717 from day one, I did multiple tickets with them, visited the forums, searched online, etc etc and I cannot enjoy this aircraft due to the switch views CTD's, I have over 20 more aircraft's with no issues so I hardly doubt chase plane will have an impact on this but doesn't hurt to ask and this is my last resource, anyone know if anything possible to do on chase plane to fix the 717 issue? I have chase plane since day one and also the 717 but I haven't been able to do 2 flights together without getting a CTD, thanks for any help and support. P3DV4.4
  8. Hello guys, Taxi2gate KMCO - Orlando, after installing the airport all looks normal but I see signs in the middle of the taxi ways, any solution please? thanks.
  9. Is anyway possible to pay outside of paypal? I want to do some licenses 😞
  10. EFRAIN

    Repaint request!

    Hello guys, where can I get the Pineapple Air livery for the B1900? THANKS.
  11. Thanks for the update!!! Cant wait for the EFB on the T7!!
  12. EFRAIN

    PMDG 737NGX

    Hello guys, never had an issue with chase and I love it but I have a question, whats the best or more realistic zoom for the captain view on the 737, 777 and 747? I use 0.7 or 1.0 when can but I looking for some feedback, also if anyone can share their setup for any of these aircraft I will appreciated! Thanks for any support!
  13. EFRAIN

    Older LatinVFR scenery in V4

    Hello guys, I see this post is old but I want to use MDSD in v4, what I need to do please? thanks.
  14. EFRAIN

    Hud not working

    ok thanks guys will do a ticket and see how it goes, I have a ton of liveries and dont want to loose them.
  15. EFRAIN

    CDU tips and tricks

    Hello guys, I want to learn better the FMS or CDU, where can I get some tips and tricks? to create waypoints, remove, add, also nav info etc. maybe a good book? tool? or youtube channel, etc. Thanks for any help!