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  1. galeair

    B737 800 NGX ILS Issues P3DV4

    Thank you for your suggestions. I have now done my homework and realise: 1) The overshoot procedure included a hold at RTT, so I needed to add an aditional hold before the approach, if I need to hold there. I was confused because I could see the holding pattern on the PFD but the aircraft flew past it. 2) If I need to fly a circling approach then its best to fly a localiser approach and use VNAV or rate of descent for the vertical component, not APP mode, which will then allow the selection of heading and altitude hold for the downwind leg. Apologies for suggesting the aircraft was at fault. Poor piloting!
  2. galeair

    B737 800 NGX ILS Issues P3DV4

    I am new to the B737 and am having an issue with the Innsbruck tutorial. When established on the RW26 localiser, with VOR and APP selected I am unable to break off the approach for RW 08. The heading and altitude buttons on the autopilot have no effect, and I can only stop the approach by switching off the autopilot and flying manually. I believe I am following the instructions correctly. When in LNAV VNAV mode in flight I am able to make heading and level changes, but once I have established on the ILS the aircraft autopilot functions seem to be locked. Additionally I programmed a hold at RTT into the FMC, but the aircraft ignored that also. It may be my inexperience with the aircraft, but I have used other aircraft FMC systems before without any problems. Apart from these early issues I have to say that I am extremely impressed with the overall quality of the product and the realism of the cockpit simulation. Paul Gale