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  1. FDEdev

    Pitch up on glideslope capture

    No FSUIPC, no special gauge etc... simply optimized basic SDK FDE design.
  2. FDEdev

    Pitch up on glideslope capture

    That's incorrect. Just tried a few Carenado turboprops and jets. They are definitely using the standard FSX/P3D AP system and there's no pitch up on GS intercept.
  3. FDEdev

    FA50 Anticipation

    ? The Carenado version is an EX, and all of them have a glass cockpit.
  4. FDEdev

    Alabeo Support?

    A lot can be said about Carenado/Alabeo, but certainly not that they are greedy. Not every company sells FSX and P3D planes in a single package and I don't know other companies which immediately offer you a refund or to exchange one plane with another because it doesn't work as expected on your PC.
  5. FDEdev


    The Carenado sale is only until the 16th, maybe an Alabeo sale will happen afterwards...
  6. FDEdev

    A/P Lateral Axis Wildly Weaves

    Have you tried flying the PC12 without the F1 GTN installed? I don't have the GTN and no problems.
  7. FDEdev

    Top 3 P3D Airports - And Why

    Don't know CYBD, but the way the designed the runway/markings texture seems to be similar to KBVS...which is simply unusable unrealistic due to the fuzzy markings and the meandering and morphing centerline.
  8. Not sure about it, but looking at the date of the air and cfg file it looks like the previously optional patch has been included in an updated jetprop package.
  9. Even without the mods 😉
  10. Do you even read your own posts? It was you who wrote that PMDG uses the 'tweak' with the increased thrust to overcome the friction problem.
  11. That's complete nonsense and you apparently don't know any high quality airplanes in P3D. Reading your various statements it's obvious that you think that x-plane is superior, but this simply isn't the case and the old x-plane vs. P3D/FSX discussion definitely isn't necessary.
  12. NO!!!!! You don't understand! (over and out)
  13. That's a pretty arrogant and wrong assumption. So you don't fly jets in any sim because you don't fly jets IRL either. Is this correct?
  14. Again, no. N1/N2 are identical compared to real world values.
  15. Doesn't work. The problem is that even 1% above/below 0% throttle increase fuel flow and hence triggers complaints from a few hard core simmers. IMO turboprop tuning requires the same amount of work in the air and the cfg file.