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  1. The Delta 191 L1011 crash was one of famous microburst related crashes.
  2. Yes, these microbursts can be associated with severe downdrafts. A more common form is the virga.
  3. If you don't understand his post, suggest to read his first post in this thread. IMO this clarifies a lot....
  4. The problem is that the runway lights can be usually dimmed in 10% steps and during nighttime in good viz they are between 10-20% brightness. We don't have that in the old sims.
  5. Do you guys even read what I write? Suggest to re-read my posts. I never wrote that I don't want to see moving traffic.
  6. Got the same warning by using this link (Edge) https://www.google.at/interstitial?url=http://www.hnqy1688.com/eif5/avsim-hardware-forum.html But it's pretty obvious that this isn't an official Avsim link and the warning already appears in the google search page.
  7. Where did I write that they can't do something? Again, I simply don't see a reason to waste computing and manpower for a FLIGHT sim for features which would be suitable for racing sims and hunting sims.
  8. I simply don't see any reason to waste computing power and development manpower for such features. When flying low over the fields I'd like to see rabbits flee in all directions, etc. where do you stop with such ideas/requests?
  9. From a PC gamers POV I fully understand you. From a pilots perspective I can assure you that a 'dull, boring, flat and liveless' cockpit environment is the perfect solution for a pilot.
  10. Because Chuck mentioned that everybody should fly on the right side of the road/railroad track etc. so that opposite traffic isn't a factor if you are the same altitude. It was simply a startling thought that some word not allowed could be flying in the opposite direction at the same altitude as I am.
  11. FDEdev


    Since I've seen you both of your 'designs' I can't image that. Seriously, do you really think that you can learn aerodynamics and aircraft construction/design within a few month?
  12. The point I'm trying to make is that when flying VFR it's the pilots responsibilty. When flying IFR you can't freely choose your altitude and ATC is responsible for the correct separation.
  13. Not sure if you really know what this rule means. It's most important during VFR flying (since your under air traffic control when flying IFR) and I have no idea what turns of more than 45deg have to do with it. It's essential that this rule is being followed by all VFR pilots.
  14. What? Ever heard of the semicircular rule?
  15. FDEdev


    What you are saying is that you were never interested in aviation and until a few month ago you suddenly got interested in simulation and aviation. You have at best a few month experience with desktop sims. Who should even think about contacting you concerning anything aircraft design aviation/flightsim related?
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