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    For the last few decades I created airplane drawings & paintings, designed airplanes for various flight simulators and built airplane models.
    Since my retirement as an airline pilot a few years ago I wanted to merge all of the above into a single art project to convey my admiration for airplane design.

    You can see the results so far here:


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  1. This comment from an experienced airline pilot like you are leaves me speechless. I couldn't disagree more.
  2. I don't know what kind of gusty conditions you have encountered, but I definitely dont' agree. And if this wasn't impressive enough, check this one and watch the speed tape.
  3. 👍 And the beauty with this method is, it works for every approach slope angle. Nevertheless, the fact that most PAPIs in MSFS are grossly mislocated is one bigger serious bugs IMO, since it teaches sim pilots to disregard them or even worse to accept that 4 red are ok.
  4. Just checked the series 20 manual and the warning should always come on below 70% N1. So the sim is correct. That said, on a jet engine 70% RPM (N1) equals ~30% thrust and not 70% power.
  5. Ah! The gear warning. Just checked the series 30 manual and the warning shouldn't come on below 15000ft at all. Below that at ~55% N1, which is a pretty low thrust setting. Well below 50%, let alone 70%. And thank you for your kind words of course 🙂
  6. The 'trick' is to descend at idle thrust, not 70% power! No speedbrakes of course. Most jets usually descend at idle.
  7. Until this day I've never seen or operated a GPS in an airplane. When I started flying for the airlines there were only VORs and NDBs. Flying an SID out of Paris required multiple radial interceptions with multiple VORs. A few decades later I found out the the A320 can't even track a VOR radial! In every sim I still used only VORs and NDBs and I LOVE the large RMIs and HSI. A dream compared to the mice cinema size glass displays.
  8. Thank you for your kind words 🙂 and I fully agree. MSFS IS definitely the best what happened to desktop flight simulation. If x-plane, Aerofly or DCS would be even remotely comparable, especially regarding immersion, I would have installed one of these. I'm pretty sure that I will buy MSFS 2024. 🙂 🙂
  9. I'm almost jealous. MSFS was such a disappointment for me from a simulation POV, that this was the first year in more than 40 years without simming! But at least I found something close, and I'm thinking about using these models for MSFS 2024....if there's a substantial improvement over MSFS 2020. Bernt Stolle - Art for Sale | Fine Art America
  10. Oh, man. I haven't visited Avsim and posted here since years. Just a few days of visiting and it looks like nothing has changed. Very unfortunate and sad.
  11. Well, that's a typical MSFS thread. Mentioning advantages of other sims aren't usually appreciated in those. 😉 My airplane art: Bernt Stolle - Art for Sale | Fine Art America
  12. That depends a lot on the airplane. E.g. on the 767 manual flying with autothrottle doesn't work nicely. Airbus on the other hand encourages the pilots on e.g. the A320 to always fly with autothrust.
  13. No morphing with x-plane, Aerofly and DCS AFAIR. All my GA flying IRL in my early days happend at Alps airports. Morphing terrain looks like continous rockfall!!! My airplane art: Bernt Stolle - Art for Sale | Fine Art America
  14. The question is if terrain morphing will still occur in MSFS 2024. It's a real immersion killer when flying close to mountains.
  15. Again, it DOES adversely affect the flight model! E.g. when you are moving the passengers to the 'correc' left/right off-center distance, the 560 will start rolling if the passengers are not distributed equally. This doesn't happen IRL. If you change the forward/aft position you are ruining the realistic CG / trim relationship and you might run out of elevator trim, etc. etc. Any change you make, makes the 560 less realistic and under some conditions maybe even unflyable.
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