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  1. FDEdev

    Non realistic clouds in P3D V4.3

    I don't know why you are comparing apples and oranges. You can't even remotely compare the view from an airplane at high altitude and descending into a cloud layer with a scenic sunset photo while standing on a mountain. I don't think that many people would want to trade a high framerate for perfectly calculated/drawn clouds and stutters. After all this is a FLIGHT simulator.
  2. FDEdev

    Non realistic clouds in P3D V4.3

    If you really think that the screenshot you posted and Davids brilliant low sun screenshot are 'the same', you must be blind. IRL it simply doesn't look more realistic than in Davids low sun screenshot. Nevertheless, apart from the glider and the color banding, your pic it doesn't look too unrealistic either.
  3. FDEdev

    Engine 2 Fail Light

    Engine acceleration can be very realistically simulated just within the basic FDE. No need for custom programming at all. Furthermore FSX/P3D allows a much finer spool up speed control and realistic spool up curves than other sims.
  4. FDEdev

    Vertx DA-62 News

    If it is going to have a high framerate it will be a sure buy for me!!! (Flying around detailed in the ORBX PNW area with stutters completely ruins the immersion)
  5. About 90% airlines, a bit military and a tiny bit GA etc...that's the beauty when you get paid for flying, the bank account doesn't suffer 😉
  6. You can of course believe whatever you want. I simply don't agree with most of your complaints concerning FSX/P3D (and your opinion about RW xwnd operation)
  7. ? Don't know any company which such a strange fleet mix. These are just a few of the types that accumulated over the last few decades.
  8. 1. Correct and that's why the crosswind limit is usually already way lower than what the airplane can actually handle. 2. Dash7/8, 767, Metro, etc,
  9. Don't know why you are suddenly switching to a different runway condition and I don't know what a 'slippery' runway condition is. Maybe you mean a 'wet' runway, and even in this case the crosswind limit for the 747-400 with most operators is still more than 30kts.
  10. I don't know which airline you are flying for, but I don't know any airline which would be happy if their pilots would divert if it's not necessary, especially if a few hundred passengers are concerned. X-plane makes you believe that a 35kts crosswind landing requires a high amount of skill and experience but this isn't the case IRL. LR pilots sometimes get only 2-3 landings per month, and that after a 10hr flight so it would be bad if a 777, 747 would be as difficult to land IRL as in x-plane. Simple push off the crab angle prior or during the flare and that's it.
  11. And how many hrs RW experience do you have on heavy jets?
  12. Now I'm curious. Which airline is this? I don't know any 747-400 operator which has such a low crosswind limit. Most 747-400 operators have a 40kts T/O and 36kts LND limit.
  13. FDEdev

    You guys had me scared...

    @ Ridgw003, don't let the Carenado/Alabeo haters make you enjoy the 404 any less….you've got a PM.