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  1. One more here. Same problem. I am flying in VR which was pretty decent before on my 2070S, but now with STOP -GO -STOP -GO at 1 sec intervals it is utterly unuseable. Turning off Multiplyer might have solved or lightened the problem somewhat.. I'm still experimenting with settings. Voted for the issue over at FS forum.
  2. Several more downloads waiting for you. Microsoft Store with 1 Gb, main update in the sim 23 Gb, Content Manager (updates a couple challenges plus some US and Japanese airports 0,5 Gb, Marketplace for the World Update 5 Gb. Seems quite a cumbersome update process for any newcomers.
  3. Right. I am not on my PC either, but from memory I definitely have HDG, NAV, APP, ALT, and VS buttons working just fine. On top of that, speed, vertical speed and heading can be dialled in, altitude does not unfortunately. Not being able to dial in an Altitude is what annoyes me most, especially in VR fiddling with the cockpit Alt dial is a real pita.
  4. If you like to, defining your own is a real quick process just by pressing CTRL-ALT 1, CTRL-ALT-2 etc. In that case no need to wait for an eventual update..
  5. Indeed ALT does not work. But I have some mode buttons on my Bravo actually working, and they also have the corresponding cockpit AP switches working and lighting up, so it can be done.
  6. Quote from Justflight‘s Craig on their forum: Whilst this is not a support forum, please submit all bugs to the below link https://support.justflight.com/support/home However we are currently aware of this issue and are looking into it.
  7. They are aware of the problem and hopefully find a way to fix it. Meanwhile as a workaround try to close your right eye, seen with the left eye alone the cursor will be correctly placed. Quite uncomfortable, but at least does the job temporarily :)
  8. Ok, never had that before, so a new experience for me 🙂
  9. Guess they are preparing the update as we speak. When I try to load the sim it now comes up with a warning ("Your package is out of date" ..) This is followed by the Press any key message (which I thought had gone for good), followed by an error message ("Access to the content servers is currently unavailable"..). Finally a new startup screen shows up (TBM over clouds and snow-covered mountains) leading to an on/off flickering unuseable main menu. Only option is to quit :) Hopefully this is temporary and short, so let's give them some air to breathe while getting the update implemented.
  10. VR in Aerofly is quite a step above FS in terms of playability. The cockpits are excellent, the instruments much more readable and the frames a whole lot higher. A great introduction to what VR can do in flight simulation! But of course you miss out on the fabulous FS scenery, on worldwide coverage, on the great looking live weather, on air traffic and much more. As much as I enjoy Aerofly, I find it hard to return to it after having fiddled around with FS long enough to obtain acceptable performance on my medium rig.
  11. How could I forget about the trim wheel! It has been the feature that first and foremost attracted me to this hardware. Not that it is much needed in airliners flying, but I'm flying a lot of GA where correct trimming is essential. Well, with the Bravo it has gone from pita to pleasure 🙂
  12. Simply because it is great to have a LOT of functions readily under your fingers. No more fiddling with the mouse around a twitchy VR displayed knob or switch. Fast and intuitive access to heading or altitude, flaps, speed brake, gear, lights, mixture and prop, reversers.. you name them. I have the Honeycomb throttle for two weeks and can tell you that it makes a hell of a difference. I would never again want to fly without it.
  13. Ok, thanks very much Dave. I'm actually running FS on WMR, but I will check things out. If nothing available at this time (which I believe is the case), then I hope MS or a third-party will come up in the future with such a utility for which there will certainly be lots of other good uses as well.
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