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  1. How technology has moved on over the years - Having looked at all the videos and photos it makes even FSX look like it's from the Bronze age! Haven't applied for Alpha testing yet, but I have just purchased the Thrustmaster TPR Pendular Rudder Pedals to do MSFS real justice when I have the sim installed eventually:)
  2. OMG! Over the years he has helped me, as he had with others, to iron out the issues with MSFS etc. He will be sadly missed for sure! My condolences to his family to his family. Sincerely, Martin
  3. Again, thank you for the update and your continued dedication to the Super VC10.
  4. It's cracked as well; shame there is no LH seat, but it is flying well now:)
  5. Well, every flight that I now take I am plagued with bird strikes:( Once there is a bird strike, is there a way to dispose of it and continue the landing seeing the runway? Thanks
  6. My flying of the Super VC10 was back to normal yesterday - Approaching Brize Norton and there was a bird strike:) Funny though, I've never tried to use the windscreen wiper to see if it would clean it off and just leave the cracks!
  7. The return/reward for all your hard work can only be counted in the number of persons that actually download the upgrades and then use them. Can this be calculated, apart from the Avsim library download numbers? One would think it logical that the number that have downloaded Part 1 would also equate to how many can download Part 8.2, but or course it doesn't! None of the downloaded Parts are equal!
  8. Treated myself to spin this afternoon, to check it all out. Very satisfied and no hic-cups along the way. Thank You Nicholas
  9. The aircraft.cfg is as you state. I already use and manage the underwing uplift point. However, where is the "payload" spreadsheet? Fuel Uplift Super.xls - Yep, it's in the Folder One Documentation! Onward and Upward or Fuel Up and Fly:) Thanks
  10. Update: Reinstalled and all looking as it should be. One observation on push-back - it seems that it does not push-back on all occasions when the procedure is followed. With handbrake on, press 1 (listen to voices). Press 2 (voices) press 3 (hand break is off and set to Tug pushing back). However, the aircraft rolls forward! On another occasion it works fine. Any ideas why this is? Thanks
  11. I can use my network, when I have time, to open Windows Explorer on each to check and if necessary move them over. Thanks for the assistance. I will come back once it has been rectified.
  12. Interesting to note that I made the same changes to this in FSX; the panel is showing as it should! When I have the time I will spend it to systematically recommence it. It is likely that the two-folder set up is where the issue may lie, especially the DM_VC10, but I do not understand why the black back ground! Thanks.
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