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  1. This has nothing to do with any vessel underwater. It is the chart datum that has been given to the sim. That is that the water level has not been taken into account and is static and should be lowered proportionately. MS would have to apply a global coefficient in order to achieve the desired result. Of course, but the following would be a major achievement if the sim had a tidal aspect to it and not sure if it could be simulated. If it is possible to simulate the sun and moon, then why not have the corresponding tidal systems! Martin
  2. @Bobsk8 Follow here: https://discord.gg/xUHjmvTmnA Martin
  3. @D-Green It was probably me. I wrote to MS about this and I got a human response! It was not an automated response. I have the Premium Deluxe boxed version, so I didn't want my C Drive populated with MSFS. This is tied with MS Store, so I cannot respond about what happens to Steam. You can select to have your downloads/installs placed on another drive and I elected my D Drive. Now, when all the updates come in they go to my D Drive i.e., D:/MSFSPackages (this is the name I gave to the folder). The MSFSPackages folder has both the Official and Community folders in it. I use MSAddon Linker, which enables symbolic links to be made and thus nothing actually sits in the Community folder. It seems that C Drives are relatively small in capacity size, whereas the D Drive is quite wholesome so you have the space to load a lot of addons. All the Official MS items go to the D Drive, etc. The folder/file structure is bizarre and I can't really explain its logic. I trust this helps and remember much is stored in the either (cloud) and why certain items are remembered like control settings, etc. Martin
  4. Too busy with their pay ware now, to bother about updates for this - when you think that this has been out for quite awhile now!
  5. @AP6200 Join our Discord server and use the Feedback channel for precise information. Remember this is not the same as what you may find in other sims. The correct binding to your controllers plays a very important part as if you fly in advance mode, it's all about torque!. Martin
  6. @John Glossop I've been using MSAddon Linker since it started and have had modifications included. At the time I wrote that text there was an issue with symbolic links where the disc version was placed elsewhere. Thanks to MS they were able to guide me to a successful conclusion. Today I do not have a community folder that is occupied with any files. Sorry that you have responded to text that is 5 months old! Martin
  7. @DAD you must put both into your community folder. Don't cut corners and then say it does not work. They have their own Discord server and they answer all the questions. All we have done with the H135 with the GTN750 is to incorporate it already. For now they are in Beta and free. If you do not wish to have the premium and the goodies that will be coming with it, then follow the instructions that come with it - they are explicit! Martin
  8. @captain420 https://flightsim.to/c/scenery/helipads/ Also just by flying around major cities look at the tops of the skyscrapers for them, which are there in the default scenery too, eg LA many of them! Also hospitals and medical facilities. Martin
  9. @captain420 The instructions are in the pinned messages of the feedback channel on their Discord server. Martin
  10. @dobee51 if you're flying in "advanced" remember it's all about torque and antitorque, with small movements of your pedals, collective and stick. Martin
  11. @captain420 Follow our Discord server and you will be delighted with what we are doing and the close rapport with the developers, with several changes each day. https://discord.gg/SAFBFu42 Martin
  12. @Bilbosmeggins Using the H135 in Multiplayer I see other H135s and planes acting like H135s. Read the H135 discord server as to why that happens., but you see others and their nameplates. When flying alone I see the planes and their nameplates, providing multiplayer is selected. Martin
  13. @Isaiah53sixFollow our Discord channel for up-to-date info. Martin
  14. @ppgas Hi, I've used LNM since the start. I fly helicopters and since the H135 in MSFS is now flying, I don't see the others and we do fly in a pack! Any ideas? Thanks Martin
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