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  1. Nothing but issues in the past. Will there be another provider in the future?
  2. It's a long time since I tried PSXT+MSFS. On the bottom of their screen it says "Waiting for data provider to connect to PSXT_MSFS..." I have FSLTL running, but what is it waiting for? Thanks Martin
  3. Had this for most of the day yesterday, around Virginia and NC.
  4. Never had this problem until now! Yesterday the electricians turned off the power while the computers were on. The screen had addon linker running at the time. Now, having restarted the PC and started up addon linker all the options boxes were empty! Managed to complete all except the Custom FS start EXE. How and where do I find the MSFS exe that works with FSUIPC and fast launch, without the videos at the beginning, as this is how I had it before? Thanks Martin
  5. Yes there was, I had an extra installation 2 days ago.
  6. Zendesk have now been working with me for 10 days on this, with a new PC and with a boxed set since its launch and now the third PC - no issues before. What I am seeing is not new and Zendesk have had many MSINFO files created by me. They are still working on it. If you haven't contacted Zendesk, you should. Martin
  7. Well, every morning I have had the same and stop and start Gaming Services and reboot and all is well. This morning it just continues and won't start! This is beyond a joke now and I really don't know. Any further ideas welcomed. Martin
  8. Done what I could and started with no addons and only default sim. After 30 minutes or so with the sycn.data it fired into life! Now I will try as normal and let you know. Started as normal. Thanks for all the assistance.
  9. When you say Gaming Services, where is this? Did you mean Xbox Gaming services?
  10. I have an issue of the opening box of MSFS with the Bora Bora picture, continuously synching data. No addons running. It does not launch MSFS. Has anyone had this and how did you fix it?
  11. Hi, Happy New Year. Just updated to V.19, and upgraded to Windows11.

    I have an issue in that the preset edit could not be saved. Access to the path 'c:programdata\msfs addons linker\presets\For Test.preset' is denied.

    Could you please assist me?



    1. sauviat


      Forgot to run as Administrator!


    2. Bad_T


      hello thank you and happy new year to you too.

      Looks like you posted on my profile instead of sending a message. The issue you described can happen because the file was originally saved 'as admin' so now if you run AL not 'as admin' it will not have the sufficient rights to update the file. By running as admin all went back to normal.

      Feel free to recontact me if needed !


    3. sauviat
  12. Well, I must say, I have updated the streamdeck to the latest version and I see Pilot'sDeck! I am lost now as I have 5 profiles for the H145 which I use daily, so I'm not to sure what to do now. Thanks Martin
  13. Will do. Thanks Martin NB: Found it in roaming, I was looking in Local!
  14. Not seeing anything to do with PilotsDeck on the StreamDeck UI. Thanks Martin
  15. Made a folder for Plugins and placed com.extension.pilotsdeck.sdPlugin in it. Nothing is happening, even ran PilotsDeck.exe from the plugin but nothing has happened. What should I see? Thanks Martin
  16. Yes, it is with Lorbys. Purchased direct from Elgato and installed as per their instructions. Don't use Spad.Next. I will play with your software over time and see where we go. Thanks Martin
  17. Hi, I already use the stream deck for the H145. I've downloaded your software but in the appdata my elgato does not have a folder called plugins! Under stream deck it has folders for cache and QtWebEngine. Do I make a folder and place the contents of the zip into it? I use fsuipc7 for fixed wing and profiles for 1, 2, 3 and four engines. Will I have to redo everything, as it took months to set it up with a complete set of Thrustmaster controllers Thanks in anticipation Martin
  18. You load your airport so you are ready to fly, then you start up TC. Martin
  19. Yes, seen that, but that whole section says "None". Reinstalled everything again Riva and MSI, but still doesn't show on screen!
  20. @The MooseDidn't know that could be done! @vcarlo Yes! @Noel Had uninstalled/installed Riva, but not MSI!
  21. I have been using this for over a year now, with no issues. It is used with MSI Afterburner. On my screen I have set GPU temperature and usage, CPU1 temperature and framerate along with the graph line. Yesterday, all this disappeared from the screen! I have looked at the settings in both apps, but I cannot see if a box gas been left unchecked. Can someone help me that uses these apps with MSFS? Thanks Martin
  22. I have Plan G running on a third computer, but it has a facility to move planes to another airport - I do this all the time and it is only a click and it is transported 'just like that'! Martin
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