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  1. Hi Geoff, Uncheck "Options" -> "User Interface" -> "Avoid overwriting Flight plan with not matching departure and destination" This will use "save" instead of "save as" if destination or departure changes, i.e. Ctrl+S does not pop up a file dialog. I'm also thinking about adding pop ups to the flight plan description dialog or the manual planning. For example you enter or click a waypoint and a pop up with all attached airways shows up. Then you select an airway and a list of waypoints for selecting the end point shows up, etc. I think this would be great for manual planning but it is a bit of work. That is doable and makes sense. Will keep it in mind. Alex
  2. Ged, no need to apologize. This was not aimed at you. Send me a PM or mail if you cannot create new topics. I also noticed that I have to enable posts from time to time. No idea why. Also PM me if your posts don't show up. Alex
  3. BTW: This thread is getting a bit out of control. Will close soon. Please start new threads for issues, suggestions or questions. It helps people with similar problems to find solutions. Alex
  4. Hi Ged, three ways to get this done: Ctr+Shift+N and then enter the route description manually: LOWI MOGT1X MOGTI UP66 KPT UL608 TEDGO EGLL Select departure, destination, SID, STAR and whatever and then use calculate flight plan. This will probably not use exactly your preferred airways but you will get a valid shortest flight plan. Enter LOWI, MOGT1X, MOGTI and KPT to the flight plan. Doesn't matter how. Then select MOGTI and KPT in the flight plan table and use context menu "Calculate for selected legs". This will calculate a flight plan between these two waypoints and all intermediate waypoints to the table. This does not necessarily use UP66. What you propose is not monster code and certainly doable. I thinking already about functionality for half manual flight planning. Alex
  5. Send me the log file per email. I'll have a look at it. Alex
  6. Better send me your log file instead of a video. Less work. That's the OpenMapSurfer map theme BTW. Does the elevation profile show mountains if you calculate a flight plan in New Zealand? Does the path in the options dialog really exist? Is the GLOBE data complete? Have to be 17 files occupying around 1.8GB space. Alex
  7. The top bar (first image) is a part of the elevation profile window. You can notice that if you drag the window out of the main window. The status bar (second image) belongs to the whole program and displays the altitude below the cursor position on the map window. This is independent of the profile and flight plan. Are you sure that this is enabled? Alex
  8. Both. Always on the map and on the profile if there is a flight plan. Alex
  9. Ged, zoom is a bit restrictive regarding airports and navaids to avoid map overload. This is for NA where airfields are plenty and makes less sense for Greenland. This is a limitation I hope to fix it in a future release. You can also increase map details instead of zooming in and the airports will show up earlier. Alex
  10. Yes. You can see the elevation at the cursor position in the status bar (after a tiny delay). This is enabled only when you use the GLOBE data because the offline data is way too slow. Alex
  11. Hi Ged, the airport labels should be italic if they are recognized as add-on airports. Try View -> "Reset Display Settings". Did you exclude the airports from add-on recognition accidentally? Options -> tab "Scenery Library Database": Check if the lower list is empty. Alex
  12. Hi Bob, looks like the database files is corrupted. Simply delete or rename the directory C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\ABarthel\little_navmap_db and then reload the scenery library. That should help. Alex
  13. Hi Bob, you have a screenshot? I cannot see anything. Alex
  14. I see. That is indeed strange. A possible reason could be that some flight planners do not consider one-way, minimum or maximum airway restrictions (LNM does). The GTN then considers these invalid even if flight plan and waypoints exist in the GTN database. Are the original files the LNM database (*.sqlite) or other files? Do you have them for X-Plane by any chance? Alex