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  1. John: Thanks for helping out. The manual covers this with screenshots here. It's quite a trap many people fall into. I think I have to add a notification dialog in future version. Alex
  2. Hi Thomas, sorry, I cannot reproduce this. I can see the airport with an unknown runway surface (white), taxiways and parking spots but no aprons. I guess they uses a phototexture background. You can try the following: Disable all BGL files for the Vaernes scenery except AFX_ENVA.bgl (simply rename them from *.BGL to *.OFF). If that fixes it, enable them again step by step until you find the troublemaker. Alex
  3. Thank you for the files. I'll try to fix it for 2.2 and will get back to you when I have something to test. Alex
  4. Hi John, if you send me a few working iFly flight plans by email I can check what is wrong. But no promises. I already tried to fix this twice but the aircraft seems to be touchy in this regard. Alex
  5. Hi Alje, don't think that this is a layer problem. This would need more investigation including all involved BGL files. You can try to rename included BGL files to exclude them one by one. Normally all involved BGL files are shown in the information window of LNM but I can also happen that this weird geometry is from another (fake) airport. There are a lot of workarounds that the add-on developers use. Alex
  6. BTW: Does the program still close/crash when exporting to the Garmin? Alex
  7. Hi John, try the new 2.0.3. I made some fixes for the iFly export. Hope it is working now. Alex
  8. Little Navmap 2.0.3 released Direct download: Windows - macOS - Linux (64 bit) ► Screenshots ► Online Manual ► Features Notes This release contains mostly bugfixes. Changes from Release 2.0.2 to 2.0.3 Online Networks Fixed issue where simulator, AI or multiplayer aircraft did not move or were not updated on the map with certain settings. Now showing both online client and simulator aircraft tabs if user clicks on own aircraft when using online network. Both online and simulator information is now shown when clicking on shadow AI/multiuser/simulator aircraft. Fixed issue where online ATC was not removed from the map when the related center shut down. Online network ACC and FIR regions now have a default radius of 100. Removed error dialog for online network downloads. Now showing online network errors/status in statusbar on the connection status label and tooltip. Fixed issue when parsing whazzup with small timeintervals. (atools) Now assuming that aircraft is on ground for VATSIM and GS smaller than 30 kts (VATSIM has no on ground indication). (atools) Fixed wrong tooltip for online shadow aircraft which appear both in simulator and online network. Now showing tooltip for simulator aircraft. User Interface Rearranged controls in search window to allow smaller dock windows. Now showing warning message box if SSL/HTTPS was not initialized due to missing MSVC redist installation or other issues. Increased size of status bar field for time to avoid creeping/flickering field in macOS. Flight Plan Fixed several issues with copy CSV to clipboard from flight plan and search result tables. Fixed issue where route type (High/Low Alt) was assigned wrongly after flight plan calculation or loading flight plan. Fixes for flight factor flight plan export to RNAV approaches should be recognized now. Flight plan names for flight factor flight plan export to are now made unique when saving. Fixed issues with export for flight plans for iFly 737 that could crash the simulator. (atools) Fixed issue where translated parking names were used in PLN files which resulted in wrong flight plan departure in saved file. This can appear in the French and Spanish translation. #243 Map Added departure and destination to map label for online network and AI aircraft. Disabled SSL for OpenMapSurfer theme due to problems on macOS. Now hiding all airspaces at small zoom distance when airport diagram is shown. Fixed issue where airspace was not displayed when selecting “show information”. Now ignoring null frequencies on airspaces. Fixed issues with map context menu where “Show …” and “Show … in search” used the wrong map objects, i.e. “Show Network Client” showed airport in information window. Now using consistent priority where online and simulator aircraft are now prioritized above airports when clicking in the map for all show functions. Misc Fixed issue where program cannot be opened by Linux file managers. Fixed translation issues in navserver resulting in confusing messages in Little Navconnect log window. (atools) Now showing coordinates in userpoint search result table. A “Reset View” from the context menu is required to show the new columns. Increased Garmin userdata export ident length. (atools) Fixed issue where aprons from stock airports remained in add-ons when loading FSX or P3D scenery. Fixed missing first update of X-Plane weather when starting X-Plane after Little Navmap. Now disabling less used search options on first startup after initial installation to get a less cluttered user interface. Added option to disable less used type filters in nav search. Workaround for partially invalid NDB and waypoint structures in APX27190.bgl from P3D v4.3 which causes errors when reading the scenery library.
  9. Hi Thomas, SID and STAR do not work in this format. It would be a lot or effort to get these working. You should at least see waypoints but not airways. Alex
  10. Locked waypoints or does it refuse to load the plan? Locked waypoints are normal since the AIRAC cycles usually do not match. Alex
  11. Alex
  12. @GAJ52There is a release candidate available. If you'd like to use it go to Tools -> Options -> Startup and change the update channel to "Stable and Beta Versions". Then "Check for Updates now". Alex
  13. Yep. Sorry, telco hiccup. It is up again and I added an alternate download link to the update message. Alex
  14. Hi Alje, there is no difference between P3D and FSX in LNM. I use the same code to read the BGL files for all FSX based simulators. I just stepped through my code and the airport does not contain an apron. All looks OK here. I found a little bug, though. The structures in the ocean are the aprons of the stock airport (which is ridiculously misplaced, BTW) and should be deleted. This is fixed now. I have no idea what causes these messed up lines. Most likely this comes from another BGL file and not AFX_TNCB.bgl. Alex
  15. Thanks for the feedback. Glad it is working now. Alex