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  1. Normally you have to add only FTX_Vector_FixedAPT and FTX_VECTOR_AEC (as far as I remember, not at my flying crate now) but you can also add the highest folder like "ORBX\FTX_VECTOR" to the exclusion list. Also, the directories should be added to the lowest list so that they do not appear as add-on airports on the map. LNM might show the wrong airport elevation or position if you exclude the corrections from loading. Alex
  2. Peter, schaue mal in deine Nachrichten hier auf Avsim. Ich habe Dir eine persönliche Nachricht geschickt. Alex
  3. Hi Victor, thanks for that discussion link, very interesting. This just shows what a cumbersome mess the whole FSX/P3D scenery system is. The exclude property was always there, also in FSX, never seen used. I guess I better support this soon ... Alex
  4. Hi Dane, 1: Sorry, no. You have to go through all approaches of an airport and look at the procedure preview on the map if they contain a holding pattern. It doesn't take long to get an overview if you use the cursor keys in the procedure tree. 2. No, but you can print the map with the approach into an PDF. Alex
  5. Hallo Peter, Do you have an example file for the offline maps? Or can you export ICAO maps to a format like Google Earth KML? I looked at and this would not work as an online map with DGML. Alex
  6. Hi Dane, you cannot delete these. They are just for preview and stay there until you select "show procedures" for a new airport. This window does not display procedures of the flight plan.You can ignore this display. If you want to delete a procedure from the flight plan select any waypoint of the procedure (light blue or light red waypoint name) and delete it. This will remove the whole procedure. Alex
  7. Thanks for the confirmation, Victor. Not sure if I make a stable release out of this development release. Have to see. Alex
  8. Hi Victor, in Thomas' case there was an older scenery containing some FS9 BGL files (Swedflight). You can try to exclude some suspicious scenery or ... ... try this development version which should fix it: Alex
  9. Absolutely correct. Even more since the flight simulator cannot make up all the loops, holds, hooks, bows and whatever is displayed from a list of waypoints. The PLN file contains an embedded XML comment like shown below to allow LNM (and only LNM) to rebuild the flight plan including procedures: <?xml version="1.0"?> <SimBase.Document Type="AceXML" version="1,0"> <Descr>AceXML Document</Descr> <!-- LNMDATA _lnm=Created by Little Navmap Version 1.3.1.devel (revision 40e8580) on Donnerstag, 16. März 2017 12:34:15 CET| approach=FI05| approachdistance=11.3| approachsize=6| approachsuffix=| approachtype=ILS| sidappr=LUS1B| sidapprdistance=0.0| sidapprsize=0| sidtrans=LUSIV| sidtransdistance=24.1| sidtranssize=5| speed=120 --> ... Alex
  10. Hi Dane, what I see looks correct. Your flight plan has no enroute waypoints and only an approach procedure as far as I can see. The waypoints of the approach are not saved with the flight plan, neither in PLN nor GFP because these formats do not support this. You have to select the approach manually in the GPS to see it there. Alex
  11. Hi Jordi, not sure what you mean by SIDs and STARs do not appear, but the waypoints of SIDs, STARs, approaches and transitions are not stored with the flight plan because FSX or P3D do not support this. You will see only en route waypoints in the PLN file. You have to select the procedures manually in the GPS, FMC or whatever your aircraft has. I think you also have to replace the GPS in P3D to see SIDs and STARs in the sim. See in the fsAerodata forum here. Alex
  12. No (unless you want to add them to the waypoint table in the SQLite database). This is planned for 1.8. See here. Bookmarks and reporting points are covered there. Alex
  13. It already does. Menu "Map" -> "Center Aircraft" or the toolbar. There is more around this in the options dialog on tab "Simulator Aircraft". Blue "Map" text in the dock window "Simulator Aircraft" is a link and zooms to the current position. Alex
  14. Hi, Nope. The only application of varying altitude might be step climbs. But that is an enhancement for the distant future. Right, it uses the flight plan cruise altitude and no ToC yet, since ... ... there are no aircraft performance profiles yet, sorry. I'd like to have this feature too for better fuel and travel time calculation. I think about moving the ToD rule to the flight plan window since it goes on my nerves to open the options dialog every time I change the aircraft. Maybe I can add a simplified climb rule and a ToC display too. Have to see. Alex
  15. Ahhh ... stupid me. I totally forgot about the KML files. Good you have a working solution. Alex