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  1. Hi, that is because the FSX/P3D navigation data is old and the NGX is newer. Runway numbers, waypoints and procedures have changed in the meantime. Yes. Then FSX/P3D, the NGX and LNM will all use the same data. Alex
  2. Noticed that. It crashed before the dialog popped up. Anyway, it is fixed now. Alex
  3. Hi Casey, the changelog is in the update notification and the changes are also in the CHANGELOG.txt file which is included in the download. Navigraph kindly allowed to include the cycle 1707 in the download. Once the stable release is out you will be able to update the LNM database with Navigraph's FMS data manager. This will give you an ready to use database without any compilation and scenery configuration trouble. This database is also more feature rich and covers one-way airways, upper altitude restrictions for airways, speed limits for procedures and more. As usual for beta releases the manual is not updated yet for the new Navigraph menu items and the other export functions. A 1.8.1.beta is already in the works and will include the updated manual and several bug fixes. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions. Alex
  4. Hi Jorge, right, it should not crash. Agree 100 percent. Was that a PLN or another file? Thanks for the report. Will fix. Alex
  5. Hi, try to reinstall, just in case something got accidentally deleted like the directory "data". If that does not help try to use one of the offline maps or check if the program can connect to the internet: Options dialog, tab Weather: Try one of the two test buttons. Or, temporarily rename the settings directory C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\ABarthel in case some settings were messed up. Alex
  6. Hi Theo, you can look at the progress tab which shows altitude below the aircraft. Or, move the mouse to a mountain and the elevation will be shown in the statusbar on the right (provided you have the offline elevation data installed). You can also create a dummy flight plan by adding a few user defined waypoints along the intended route. Alex
  7. LOL, no worry there are plenty of tasks and some nasty challenges that keep my interest high. Alex
  8. Harry, LNM will show multiplayer traffic if you use a multiplayer client that injects the the other aircraft as AI into the simulator. That is certainly true for FSCloud, the Steam multiplayer client and VATSIM. Apart from that I probably cannot help much in setting it up. Alex
  9. Hi Scott, LNM should detect all P3D versions automatically if the registry entries are correct. I think Flight1 has a small tool that fixes these entries but I'm not sure if covers P3D v4. For P3D v4 there should be an entry in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\AppPath . Alex
  10. Hi Björn, sorry, only one cruise altitude can be used for planning. Adding this would be quite complicated. Maybe in a far future release. Alex
  11. Hi Bob, you have to copy only the *.sqlite files, nothing else. Alex
  12. Bob, aha, that's what you meant with "see you on the forum" You don't need anything at all on the client machine after copying the LNM database. No simulator and no fsAerodata and you don't have to reload the scenery on the client. But do not forget to reload (and copy to client) the scenery library database on the server after installing or updating fsAerodata. Best, Alex
  13. Search dialog on tab airport. Enter the ICAO code in the top left field and press enter. Or you can right click on the result in the list below and add it to the flight plan or show it on the map, etc. The progress window will still show distance, bearing, etc. even if there is only one airport in the flight plan. This should work all the same for all installed simulators. Provided you loaded the scenery database for all simulators. Alex
  14. Hi Claude, not sure if this is needed because you can use the "Measure Rhumb distance from here" in the map context menu to place any kind of guide lines on the map. If they start at a navaid they will also show frequency and ident. Best, Alex