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  1. Hi Karan, thank you. VATSIM centers and clients are already part of the current beta. If you're interested in testing send me an email. Contact is on my home page. Alex
  2. You're not doing something wrong. The airway based route calculation methods need airways which are missing over the North Atlantic. It cannot simply jump from waypoint to waypoint. For now you can create a direct flight plan from ENGM to CYHZ. Then select waypoints on both coasts where the airway system ends, add these to the flight plan and calculate flight plans segments ("Calculate for Selected legs") between these points. So, from ENGM to Irish West coast (or whatever is near the flight plan line) and CYHZ to NA East cost. Across the Atlantic it will be a direct connection. I need to add functionality for NAT and PACOT tracks. This will solve the problem. But I have no idea when since it is quite a bit of work. Alex
  3. Navigraph does not release recent cycles. You could get the fsAerodata navdata update for the simulator. They offer a 160X cycle (don't remember which one exactly) for the Garmin users. I'd update to the latest cycle and then leave it as it is for half a year or so. I agree that monthly updates do not make much sense if you do not fly online. Alex
  4. Hi Luc, already added for the next release. Keeps the aircraft and next waypoint centered on the map if enabled. Alex
  5. User defined waypoints (also VRPs) are already included in the current development release. See my Tweets here. This is part of the next release 2.0. Alex
  6. Hi Scott, you can copy the flight plan as CSV into the clipboard (Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C in the flight plan table). This CSV includes the coordinates too but only in decimal degrees. You could use Excel or LibreOffice Calc to convert these to DDM format. Does the UFC have its own flight plan format? Maybe I can add this to the next version. Alex
  7. Did not get any reports of crashes for 4.2 (yet). 4.2 should be no problem. Only when you start descent? With all aircraft and only when LNM is running and connected? Try to install or reinstall the legacy SimConnect as described in the manual. It could also help to install the MSVC redist packages. Alex
  8. You can install it on any drive. It does not matter which one. No need to install LNM on more than one drive. All settings and databases are kept in the C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming directory anyway. You can also move the program around to other drives. This is no problem again because all settings are in Roaming. Alex
  9. Next version 2.0 allows to hide the airports which are not 3D similar to the "empty" airports in FSX/P3D. It can still happen that you run into a "3D" airport which has this state just because of a light pole or so. For now you can filter for 3D airports in the search window in the drop down box "All Ratings" Alex
  10. Hi Sid, there are a few airports which use a different way to display aprons or taxiways which do not show up in LNM. The default EGPA is an example for that. The names of taxiway lines are also messy at some airports and simply have names like "twy" or "taxiway". Cannot do much about that except reading the signs in a far future release (a lot of work). But most default airport should look ok. Please send me download link for testing if these airports are freeware. Alex
  11. Nope. Will not even make it into 2.0, sorry. Hopefully 2.2 but plans might change. I decided to add the most wanted features first. User defined waypoints and VATSIM/IVAO functionality. Alex
  12. Hi Sid, this should not happen if "navigraph for navaids and procedures" is selected. Can you post a screenshot and send me the log file of a loading session (link to log is in about menu). You can also temporarily rename the ABarthel folder to something else and try if this helps. C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\ABarthel Alex
  13. I have already received a request, question or problem report by e-mail and could not reply. Email bounced for various reasons. So, if you do not get a reply within two or three days check your email account. Alex
  14. Hi Danny, regarding LNM: This is just a warning. You can still save the plan by pressing "Save" in the warning dialog. Not sure how the GTN can handle that. Therefore, I'd use a nearby existing airport as Frank suggested. Hi Frank, LNM saves the coordinates together with each waypoint in the file for the RXP GTN. This should help the Garmin unit to find the right one of the duplicates according to the GTN documentation. Alex
  15. Yeh. Suspected that they do not like to offer older cycles. This could be a lot of support work, I can imagine. Sorry, to hear about the heart attack. Enjoy flying Alex