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  1. You can also right click into the center of a range ring to remove only one using the context menu. Or you can also use Shift+Click to add one and Shift+Click on the hotspot in the center to remove it. I moved the remove all option to the main menu since the context menu keeps growing. Alex
  2. What are they doing with the visibility there and why is the time not valid? I use the SimConnect API to get the METAR at the stations. What do you see if you click on the stations in the map? FSGRW support is planned but I have no idea when. Alex
  3. Hi Ernie, Yes. But this will only work for airports close to the user aircraft. Far away airports only show interpolated weather which is often not correct. Apart from that limitation you will see what FSGRW injected into the simulator. Not from any server. Weather from the simulator (options -> weather) is probably the most accurate setting. Alex
  4. Hi Guenter, not possible for now. It is planned but not too soon, sorry. You have to go through the files. Alex
  5. ActiveSky weather is not transferred to the remote. This is the same issue with the X-Plane METAR.rwx file. I suppose you do not see any AS weather in the remote at all. One solution is to share the AS weather directory in Windows on the flying computer and then point the AS weather path in LNM to the Windows share. Alex
  6. I could add a command line parameter to open the map at given coordinates and zoom distance if that helps. Not much effort. But this would only work when starting LNM not for an already running LNM (i.e. no DDE). Alex
  7. Excellent. Thanks for the quick feedback. I was about to dig through the logs already. Alex
  8. Just wanted to rule out the obvious. It should work fine if you use all programs, Navmap, Navconnect and Xpconnect from the same download. You will see an error message if something does not match. The version numbers do not necessarily match since I advance these only if the program has changes. Does the remote LNM show an error message or does it silently take forever if you try to connect? What is the message in the status bar and the tooltip there? "Connecting ..."? You can send me the log files for Navconnect and Navmap if it does not work. Email on home page and log files are linked in the about dialog. Alex
  9. Hi Theo, LNM is waiting for data because the remove server does not have any data at all for the hillshading in these regions. It stops around 60°N. You can ignore this (doesn't consume any resources), switch off the hillshading or use another map theme. I use the OpenTopoMap or StamenTerrain when flying far north. Alex
  10. Hi Lars, just to be sure: Most likely the name of the new pc and/or its IP address has/have changed. Did you enter the new values in the LNM connect dialog? Alex
  11. More tips here: Dock Windows. ATC? That needs one or more full time developers. I'd rather leave that project for others. Alex
  12. Looks like the folder "data" is missing. Maybe something went wrong when installing? GLOBE data points to I put a temporary copy here in my cloud until the link is back again: This is not the original archive but it contains all needed files: Global Land One-kilometer Base Elevation (GLOBE).zip I changed the thread title to indicate the broken GLOBE download. Alex
  13. Disregard. Add-on airports normally come with their own ILS. The problem is that I have to load all airports internally when doing the spatial search. This can easily freeze the application. Not an issue for you since you already see add-on airports only but for others. I'll do some test how far I can go. Anything bigger than half of earth circumference does not make sense anyway. I'll take not of that. Maybe it makes sense to ignore plain altitude adjustments in a manner that the airport is not marked add-on. Have to see. Sometimes changes like this open a can of worms and introduce new bugs. Alex