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  1. Thanks plenty for the link, Piotr! FMS3 seems to be the solution. LNM can export this. Alex
  2. Sorry, but I need more information. I suppose you import the LNM FMS flight plan files. Does the develope use an own flight plan format? Anything written in the aircraft manual? Examples? Alex
  3. @TENPATROLThank you very much for the files! This aircraft is more and more a riddle to me.😞 Never seen this before: Give me some time. I already changed a lot for the CRJ export based on all the examples and can send you some files for testing. Alex
  4. Hi, Did you install the Xpconnect plugin in X-Plane? If yes: Is it visible in the X-Plane plugin manager? What messages does Navconnect show in its log? You probably already looked at this but the remote setup is described here in the manual: https://www.littlenavmap.org/manuals/littlenavmap/release/2.6/en/NETWORK.html Alex
  5. I see. I could add the bearings as an option to the airway display but I'm afraid to clutter up the map even more than it is right now. I took note of this in my internal list. Have to see when. Alex
  6. Already done if the radio navaid is a part of the flight plan. Legs from and to VOR use VOR declination to calculate magnetic course. https://www.littlenavmap.org/manuals/littlenavmap/release/2.6/en/FLIGHTPLAN.html#magnetic-declination Manual pinpointing can be very precise if you zoom in when placing the line. Use the wheel or + / - key while placing the end. Alex
  7. Also consider to minimize issues: Load of flight plans MSFS is quite buggy in general. Alex
  8. Sorry, not doable. This would be insanely complex and current solution is accurate enough IMO. Create separate performance files (like one for high and one for low altitude cruise levels) if you really care about the differences at different flight levels. Alex
  9. Hi Airtzel, did you create the database files on the flying computer and then copy them to the Linux one? This is normally no problem if you copy the right files to the right place. Do not forget to close LNM on both sides before copying. Alex
  10. Runway length (I suppose runway when you write tracks) is visible from 1.8 NM zoom distance. Did you reduce map detail?
  11. Locking thread. Please continue the discussion here: Alex
  12. You can select the branch on the left and then download the "littlenavmap-release-2.6.zip" and "atools-release-3.6.zip". Should be the same.
  13. Ignore this. This is just a notification that an optional file was not found. Better get the current release branch for LNM "release/2.6" and for atools "release/3.6". master might contain old code. There must be an error message further up in the build process. Building failed at this stage. Most likely since the build process failed earlier. Alex
  14. Hi Ian, I simply add what I mentioned in the email. Alex
  15. Either an issue with Github or you should update your local Git installation. If you do not intent to change anything (feel free to do so, if) you can also download the Zip with the green button. Alex
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