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  1. H Robert, did you accidentally run into the "Use Navigraph only" option: Alex
  2. Hi Björn, not insolent at all. I already have a few requests for moving the aircraft to the TOD and similar. Moving an aircraft around would cover your request too. The list of tasks here it long. All the best, Alex
  3. Hallo Björn, nope, this the right place for asking. But it still can happen that I oversee a thread or mark it read accidentally. I plan to add some aircraft moving capability in the future: But do not expect this soon, sorry. Alex
  4. Planned for the next minor update after 2.2: 2.2.X. This is all moving targets. Don't nail me on any of these tasks. Alex
  5. Sorry, there is no setting apart from changing themes. The OpenTopoMap has a high contrast but it is too colorful which makes it hard to see navaids and airports. Stamen Terrain has big labels which are good to read at least. Try them out. I cannot change the contrast for the online maps. These are made of rendered image tiles which LNM downloads from servers that are free to use. Have a look at the options dialog on tab "Map Display". You change colors, line widths and other stuff there. Maybe that can help too. Alex
  6. Hi Glen, That is true for the single click on a map object. This should load information about all the stuff near the cursor. The more important tab is raised where airport is the most important (if there is an airport nearby). If you use the right click and context menu it should show exactly and only what is mentioned in the menu item. Everything else should be left alone. That is at least the intended behavior. Hope it makes sense. I had to do some changes in the menu because it displayed information e.g. for a nearby NDB while the menu item was "Show Information for Airport ...". Alex
  7. Hi Rolf, the flight plan you get might be slightly different from the one in the tutorial. This depends mostly on AIRAC cycles. It looks like the EMB 300 cannot load the procedures. Well, from PLN files not anyway since these files do not support this. You have two options for this: Best option: Select the procedures in the FMC and the aircraft should follow them. Use the "Save Waypoints for Approaches" and/or "Save Waypoints for SID and STAR". See here in the manual about these two and about the drawbacks. Alex
  8. Hi Steve, thank you very much. I put this into an issue here: #317 Probably after 2.2 but I cannot promise anything. Alex
  9. If you can see the flight plan in the GPS or FMS after loading the aircraft should be able to follow it. Alex
  10. Right. How could I forget this. Just noticed that only the IVAO format is on the Github issue list. Do you have examples and links to documentation? Alex
  11. Hi Rolf, sorry, I cannot help you with that. I don't own this aircraft and have no idea what flight plan formats are supported there. I'd suggest you ask in their support forum or check the manual. Best regards, Alex
  12. No need to reboot. Just toggle the "Center aircraft" button. I see this problem here too. Alex
  13. Hi John, you have to upload the images to another service like imgur and then link to them from the forum here There is a huge thread about this here: Now back to the jumping map position. First: Have a look at the settings in the options dialog on tab "Simulator Aircraft". The tooltips try to give help. Or, if the program zooms out to far: Zoom in to a distance you like to see when flying and the toggle "Map" -> "Center Aircraft" on and off (Ctrl+Alt+A). This will reset the faulty mechanism and it should jump back to this zoom factor. I'll certainly have a look at this before the next beta. Cheers, Alex
  14. Yes. You can enable that in the menu "File" -> "Save Waypoints for Approaches" or "Save Waypoints for SID/STAR". Save a normal copy of the flight plan before because you will loose the procedure information when saving as waypoints. Alex
  15. Hi John, sounds like a bug. The program should not zoom around if there is no plan. It should fall back to centering the aircraft. Are you sure that there is no far away flight plan loaded? It is probably fixed in the current beta since I changed a lot in this area. I'll check this. Alex