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  1. not yet but that's what I'm working on right now.🙂 Alex
  2. Hi Troy, I moved the night mode from the options to the menu: "Window" -> "Style". It can be changed on the fly without restart now. Alex
  3. You can disable this dialog by clicking "Do not show again". A lot of information dialogs in LNM can be hidden this way. I tend to disagree. Otherwise, I would twenty emails a day about this. But the sources of the manual are available freely right here. Feel free to contribute a better explanation and send me a pull request while I'm busy extending and fixing LNM. I'm open for changes. Wherever you want. I suggest something like "...\Documents\Little Navmap\GLOBE". Create your own folder but keep in a place where you have full control like "Documents". Where you extracted the zip. C'mon, this is basic windows functionality and has nothing to do with LNM. Where is that folder? Where you extracted it! Depends on your zip tool of course. After extracting go to the options dialog and select this folder. The dialog has a status field which clearly tells you if you selected the right directory/folder. Alex
  4. Hi Steve, you can add your own user airspaces: https://www.littlenavmap.org/manuals/littlenavmap/release/2.4/en/SCENERY.html#openair-airspaces LNM can load the OpenAIR airspace format into a user airspace database. Alex
  5. Great. It's okay if it works for you. My testcases with other files are fine. Alex
  6. Where is this file stored? Does y:\fs_util\LatinVFR\New Orleans_KMSY\scenery exist? Alex
  7. Found the issue in the add-on.xml: <AddOn.Component.Disabled> This seems to be disabled by some program and will of course not load. 🙃 Alex
  8. The weather symbol is a bit offset so that the airport icons is still visible. And it is part of the airport. Therefore, it should normally not affect the context menu. You can change the click radius/tolerance in the options dialog. This might help. Alex
  9. Strange. The menu items should be enabled if there is an airport symbol. I suppose you click into the map. Does this happen for all airports? Can you show a screenshot? Alex
  10. Hi Jacob, FSX or P3D do not have a real mechanism for updating ILS. I guess the connection to the runway got lost in the scenery files. Not much I can do there, sorry. You can try to use the Navigraph only mode in the scenery library menu. The disadvantage is that you will loose aprons and taxiways. Alex
  11. Do you use an airport add-on or an navdata update like fsAerodata or Aerosors? No problem with X-Plane or P3D v5 plain data. Alex
  12. Hi Dan, the workflow depends on you flying habits. I usually fly roundtrips and look at the logbook in LNM to find out where I left my aircraft when finishing my last flight. From that previous destination I start again. You can set the search center (black/yellow cross) at the last destination and then use the airport search with filters according to your aircraft (runway length, etc., see Distance Search). Also check weather in the airport information window. Once done adding destination and departure as well as calculating a flight plan (Victor, Jet, etc.) I save the flight plan as an FMS file for X-Plane. The X-Plane stock GPS and FMS can load this format including all procedures. Some add-on aircraft like the Toliss Airbusses can load this format too. COM and nav info is not transferred to the simulator. Actually, this is read by LNM from the simulator. You can put LNM on a second monitor or run it in a network/remote configuration on another computer. Then you have access to all the information while flying. Have a look at the tutorials in the manual. These should help to get an impression how to plan a flight. Alex
  13. Little Xpconnect Updated to 1.0.19 for X-Plane 11.50 Direct download: Windows - macOS - Linux (64 bit, based on Ubuntu 18.04) - Linux (64 bit, based on Ubuntu 16.04) Fix for potential crash with new X-Plane multiplayer/tcas implementation as of 11.50. This fixes a problem which can crash X-Plane if you use Traffic addons injecting more than 20 aircraft.
  14. Thanks for reporting! This is a result of the BGL changes in v5. As a result the tower frequency is also empty. I just fixed this for the next version. That means that the add-on BGL was not loaded at all. Do you really see the add-on airport? Did you exclude any loading paths in LNM options? How are the airports loaded? add-on.xml? scenery.cfg? Alex
  15. Hi Guus, sounds like anti-virus put it in quarantine. You can always upload the file to https://www.virustotal.com/ to test it. The archives on Github and the other download sources all went through this process. If it's ok exclude the folder or file from scanning. Alex
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