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  1. Yeah, the only problem is the original mobile compatible LNM files don't look good in MSFS in-game panel and vice-versa. Would be good to find a compromise or have two versions so no overwrite is needed.
  2. OK, that was it. By restoring the original LNM files to the /web folder all is back to normal. I guess this thread can be deleted now. 😄
  3. Hmm, come to think of it, this might be caused by an MSFS addon for an in-game panel that has some files I had to copy to the LNM /web folder...
  4. This is what I see on my mobile with the current map. As you can see the buttons are very small. This is also what I see in MSFS in-game panel where it's not an issue. If I change to legacy that is the old old map not the previous one I used for all this time. Screenshot of the legacy below. As you can see the legacy is way too big.
  5. I use LNM webserver and the map on my mobile to monitor long flights. Everything worked fine and the interface had proper sizes and zoom until this latest version. Now the interface changed and it is always very high resolution making everything super small on my mobile phone screen. Is there a way to force a specific resolution or better yet bring back the previous interface? Thanks for the great product!
  6. Flight plan waypoints window and flight plan calculator altitudes do not match when starting calculation. After setting dep and dest I usually set the desired altitude in the flight plan window but it doesn't get transferred to the flight plan calculator. I know it works from the other direction so the calculated plan altitude is transferred back to the flight plan list but it would be good to have it both ways. Also, it always defaults to 10000 ft. Is there a way to change that? Like remember the last altitude used?
  7. I know this is the MSFS2020 topic but just want to clarify: as far as I can tell Axis and Ohs does not have support for X-Plane, correct?
  8. I suspected that much. Excellent news for the fix coming! In general I haven't seen any issues with using regular Windows shortcuts as far as XP loading and rendering goes so coming support for this is welcome news. Btw, I noticed now all popup windows (scanning db, flight plan calculation, etc.) stay open since they're fully separate windows (and threads I guess). This makes me often forget and end up with several. Is there a way to disable this behavior and revert to the old one?
  9. Hi Alex, in the new XP12 version helipads are not scanned and shown it seems. Screenshots included. I have the HeliAlpes, France Heliports and Hungary_VFR packages installed on both XP11 and XP12 in identical way. In fact in XP12 I'm just put shortcuts of all these sceneries in the Custom Scenery folder and used xOrganizer to have the same scenery.ini file configuration. So pretty much identical setup. Yet, the 2.8 beta LNM doesn't show any helipads from add-on sceneries, only the default XP heliports. Could you look into this or let me know if I'm doing something wrong? Thanks for this great program!!! 🙂 Forgot to say that I verified that the sceneries are in fact properly rendered in XP12, only LNM doesn't show them for some reason.
  10. What "old" installer are we talking about? Which version, year, century...?
  11. Sorry to revive this but I have the same issue. I have two joystick buttons set to cockpit view zoom in and out and with one press the zoom moves super fast and too much. I don't see any setting to change this. Is there one and where? Also, for button assignments in FSX there was a setting to change the repeat rate. Is there such in MSFS? Again I can't find anything like this. Thanks!
  12. Hello, my question is I bought the GTN750xp a while back and now I'd like to buy the GTN650xp also. Can I use the 30% coupon in this case to get a discount?
  13. How many concurrent installations are allowed? I'd also like to install it on my laptop for when I travel. Do I have to transfer the license or can I have two activations?
  14. I own the X-Plane GTN 750 and wondering if you offer any kind of discount on the P3D version in this case?
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