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  1. kutyafal

    MilViz T310R

    I just bought the 310R along with the GTN 750 and having a problem with the AP not keeping on track. It heads of into some wild direction randomly. Any ideas on this? The GTN is working fine in other planes. Also the GNS530 is fine too. Tested it with a fresh install of 1.30b3 and it has the same issue. On the plus note I have to say this plane has a soul. 🙂
  2. So I noticed that the trainer version that works and was installed from the downloaded zip file is 6.21 and the plugin version in the plane is 6.50 (RealityXP version 2.5.7). It does show AIRAC 1803 which is nice but will I have any issues with an older version of the trainer? It seems the AIRAC was kept from the previous non-functioning more recent trainer version. Thanks for any help on this!
  3. I just purchased the plugin and during install I let the installer download and install the trainer. Separately I also downloaded the alternate zip file version of the trainer mentioned. So after installation when starting the trainer I get the following: "Error: LoadLibrary failed to load cdp.dll. GetLastError:8". This is a brand new install on a Windows 10 machine. So then I installed the version in the zip file (I'm not sure which one is the more recent) and that one works (GTN v6.21). Anybody has any ideas what's going on? Also, which specific manual talks about embedding the plugin in an aircraft panel and where is this manual file located? Many thanks!
  4. I just downloaded the 747-200 or FS2004 from Rikooo for some retro feel but the documentation is missing. Can someone who still has it share it somewhere? Would be much appreciated!!!!
  5. I'm interested in buying the GTN 750 for both the P3D and X-Plane platforms. Is a discount available in that case?
  6. kutyafal

    Mitsubishi MU-2: APR vs VORAPR buttons ?!?

    Hmm, but doesn't NAV mode do the same thing? Since it tracks a VOR for lateral guidance it would be the same as VORAPR ? What more does VORAPR add to the picture?
  7. First, I love the plane! Good job so far! The question I have, what is the difference between the APR and VORAPR modes? So far what I can determine APR captures glideslope and directs to a nice landing while VORAPR mode directs me straight into the ground... :P Any help is appreciated! Oh, one more thing, the DMA indicator just above the transponder seems to be missing a period before the last decimal digit. At least compared to the distance value on the HSI it seems to show the same numbers given the same NAV source but the missing decimal point confused me at first.