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  1. Sorry to revive this but I have the same issue. I have two joystick buttons set to cockpit view zoom in and out and with one press the zoom moves super fast and too much. I don't see any setting to change this. Is there one and where? Also, for button assignments in FSX there was a setting to change the repeat rate. Is there such in MSFS? Again I can't find anything like this. Thanks!
  2. Hello, my question is I bought the GTN750xp a while back and now I'd like to buy the GTN650xp also. Can I use the 30% coupon in this case to get a discount?
  3. How many concurrent installations are allowed? I'd also like to install it on my laptop for when I travel. Do I have to transfer the license or can I have two activations?
  4. I own the X-Plane GTN 750 and wondering if you offer any kind of discount on the P3D version in this case?
  5. Sorry to butt in but where can I find info on updating the software version? I've been reading on the availability of a newer version of both the GTN 750 I've bought a while back and the GTN trainer. How/where can I update these? Many thanks!
  6. Hello Oliver, great product so far but I was wondering what is the reason behind keeping the window fixed size? Now some of the tabs are hidden by default (the important backup for example) and for users with bigger monitors it would help to be able to enlarge the window and remember it's size. You can always restrict the minimum size to the current one. I think it would help the usability. Thanks for the great tool! Some more: - Also, a quick help popup or hovertip on the meaning of the different colors would help for those who don't use it often
  7. I'm looking for a way to automate the switch between stock setup (default views) and Chaseplane. Sometimes I fly with the keyboard so need those default assignments kept. Then when I use my HOTAS I'd like to enable Chaseplane along with the changed keyboard mappings. So a way to script the switch would be good enough if that is possible. I need to be able to switch back and forth before starting a P3D session. Any ideas are welcome.
  8. Hello Willy, is this tool no longer available? I'm also looking for something that I can use to switch between stock keyboard/camera config and Chaseplane. Would this tool be able to do that? Thanks!
  9. I just downloaded and installed this mod (XP 11.32 and MU2 1.9) and I don't see the GTN in the panel. It still shows the Garming 530. Any tips?
  10. I just bought the 310R along with the GTN 750 and having a problem with the AP not keeping on track. It heads of into some wild direction randomly. Any ideas on this? The GTN is working fine in other planes. Also the GNS530 is fine too. Tested it with a fresh install of 1.30b3 and it has the same issue. On the plus note I have to say this plane has a soul. 🙂
  11. So I noticed that the trainer version that works and was installed from the downloaded zip file is 6.21 and the plugin version in the plane is 6.50 (RealityXP version 2.5.7). It does show AIRAC 1803 which is nice but will I have any issues with an older version of the trainer? It seems the AIRAC was kept from the previous non-functioning more recent trainer version. Thanks for any help on this!
  12. I just purchased the plugin and during install I let the installer download and install the trainer. Separately I also downloaded the alternate zip file version of the trainer mentioned. So after installation when starting the trainer I get the following: "Error: LoadLibrary failed to load cdp.dll. GetLastError:8". This is a brand new install on a Windows 10 machine. So then I installed the version in the zip file (I'm not sure which one is the more recent) and that one works (GTN v6.21). Anybody has any ideas what's going on? Also, which specific manual talks about embedding the plugin in an aircraft panel and where is this manual file located? Many thanks!
  13. I'm interested in buying the GTN 750 for both the P3D and X-Plane platforms. Is a discount available in that case?
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