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  1. No worries, I understand. I'll just have to use the old-fashioned way to calculate my own TOD. 🙂
  2. Hi Alex, like I said the scenario is such that I have a flight plan between two airports but along the way I have to descend to a LAT/LONG location let's say below 1000ft AGL to complete the task then continue onward to the destination airport. Since a user waypoint has no elevation info LNM doesn't give any TOD guidance to the user waypoint, only to the destination airport. I understand it is not doable now but maybe it could be added in the future? I know we want LNM to do everything but it ALMOST does everything and really is a great tool for such non-standard aviation tasks.
  3. Hello, I'm wondering if there is a way to specify an altitude restriction for a user point and have the flightplan elevation profile respect it? I'm using LNM with NeoFly where I have to fly to some LAT/LONG coordinates and would like LNM give me a TOD to that user point based on elevation entered. This would also be useful for regular flightplan waypoints in some scenarios. The TOD calculations can be pretty accurate once the airplane profile has been finetuned and it would help a lot in these cases.
  4. Sorry to bring this up again, has this been made available since your reply? I'd like to use Bing sat imagery for planning with NeoFly (that also uses Bing). Google sat imagery is too different (even if it's generally better)
  5. Was setting up an RNAV approach into SKBO to runway 32R RNAV-C using the STAR ATAN4S and I got the error "STAR rwy 32L not equal to approach rwy 32R. Normally I would be able to re-select the STAR and it would prompt me for the runway but not this time. If I delete the STAR and re-select it I don't get a prompt for the rwy. The STAR is marked as for both 32L and 32R runways. Nothing has changed in my configuration so I thought I'd report it. Forgot to say, latest AIRAC and latest version of LNM.
  6. I have to say it again, if the big tech companies would have this kind of service life would be much better. 🙂 Yes, good to see you found a solution. That is all that is needed, a bit of contrast. Many thanks and looking forward to the implementation! It's amazing to see how much this software has evolved since the early days. Can't praise it enough!
  7. For some reason I can't post image but here is a screenshot of how difficult it is to spot the check box for this option. The "Dark" theme makes it almost impossible to spot. Is that something that can be adjusted? https://imgur.com/a/ENdLkkG
  8. In older versions the current aircraft position LAT/LONG used to be displayed in the "Aircraft" tab bottom section. It's no longer there. Has it been moved? Where can I see this without hovering over the icon?
  9. Uff, you had a good point. Traffic Global was not using TCAS. It's being blocked by XPilot. So mistery solved. 🙂
  10. Regarding the Ai display, it's X-Plane 11 and 12 both. Fetch Ai aircraft is enabled in the conn dialog and also set to be displayed. I'll test it also in MSFS to see if there is any difference. Like I said, boats do display, but not Ai planes. For the airport rendering here is LFPG, one of the worst examples. MSFS: XPlane 11: XPlane 12: The XP11 version is still usable but the XP12 version has very lines. If it's possible at all it would be great to implement the same shading as in the MSFS/P3D display for the XP versions.
  11. One more point, I find the shading of the airport for XP12 very faint, the taxiways are hardly visible. It's better in XP11 and much better for MSFS 2020. What is the reason for this? Is there any settings I can change to help this?
  12. Hello, in this latest beta I don't see sim Ai planes any more, only online players. Ai boats and ships do show up but not planes. In particular I used to see Ai planes generated by Traffic Global. I haven't changed any settings from 2.8x. Any clue how to enable displaying them? Also, on another computer the previous version of LNM saves the sizes of different windows but on this beta it doesn't. Example: I always have the sim aircraft dock window open but sometimes I open the search dock window and it opens in stacked mode half height by default. Once I resize it, it keeps this size configuration for future even after closing the search dock window. In this beta it always reverts to opening in half height.
  13. Indeed, in my case it seems to have detected three alternates (LFPR, LIMC and LSGP) but unchecking that option fixed it. Thank you very much for the quick and prompt support. If only MSFS would have this kind of support and that is a paid app...
  14. OK, maybe there is a better way but I tried to create a generic flight plan for the current World Flight (Route Map – WorldFlight) using only airports as waypoints and the last few airports gets drawn out of sequence even though they're correctly ordered in the flightplan. I know it's an outlying case but thought I report it anyways. Flight plan starts and ends at LSGP. I actually tried a short version starting from LPPD and ending at LIMC and it's still the same issue. The rest of the plan is all fine. Basically, the flight plan displayed fine until DAAG as I entered airports one-by-one, but after that things get messed up.
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