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  1. update info

    Are you using FSPilotShop... https://www.fspilotshop.com I don't exactly remember but when you order..It should have something about enter your v6 serial and you need to copy and paste from notepad your receipt for your vox6 purchase. I don't think you attach a file as you copy and paste. I paid 24 euro January this year. Hope that helps, best I can do BUT look for the note section maybe on the last page of transaction before it is completed or you click buy. Voxatc 6 is sold out.. The program is great..the developer is busy and still waiting on UTL Bridge. Good Luck, Bob M.
  2. I am getting this message 81..etc and I read the release notes. Couple questions, do I need to have the folders in the program data folder in simobjects or just point to them with the vmr generator.....Should I have traffic set to something or zero. I am using Real Traffic and I get live traffic but nothing parked. I run the parked position program and copy parked folder to main directory of psxseecon.... Thanks for any help. Bob M.
  3. Best setup for ai's

    Thank you for your response :) Price did jump...lol Warmest Regards, Bob M.
  4. I have p3dv4.1.. I have utlive and mt6. If I want to use the ai's without duplication of models..I have a folder under simobjects called AI's for PSXSeecon Traffic Only and then two folders inside that folder called My Traffic 6 and utLive Aircraft. All I have is where I copy and pasted models into each folder. Now in Program Data.. in Lockheed Martin in simobjects.. I have this: [Entry.12] Title=PSXSeeCon Traffic Only Path=SimObjects\AI's for PSXSeecon Traffic Only Required=True Active=True However I have no aircraft showing up. I launch PSXSeecon and it starts but no live. Any help appreciated. I have MT6 and UTLive disabled in the addon list for now..wanted to see if I could get PSXSeeCon to work right..and if so..may look at real traffic if it is recommended and the server stays up, etc. Thanks, Bob M.
  5. Voxpopbase

    I am not sure but I don't think its working yet or maybe has something to do with 64bit voices. I know that some of the guys use other "outside voices".. I use CepereProc voices and they are 64 bit. and don't use the voxpop at all. Good Luck, Bob M.
  6. VoxATC and Ultimate Traffic Live

    Alert him for what? He doesn't respond and he could care less about the timeline. I have bought 6.52 and this one and he could give a ...........about his customers. Bah Uhm Bug :) Bob M.
  7. Tis The Season for Questions

    Thank you :) Bob M.
  8. Tis The Season for Questions

    Thank you, Sir. Bob M.
  9. Fatal Error Vox 7.41

    Just curious..you're using UT Live? But Voxatc is drawing the default ai's? Using MT6 for voxatc but disable UT Live when using it. I know that Tegwyn is working on the UT Bridge. Not out yet that I know of :) Enjoy the Holidays! Bob M.
  10. Tis The Season for Questions

    LOL....I was trying to set it up so it wouldn't keep pushing me off the pavement..thru the fence and beyond. Using Chaseplane... and have gsx but not currently using it for this. Bob M.
  11. Tis The Season for Questions

    I am using the PMDG 737ngx. In the FMC. I am attempting to set the Pushback distance. I want to set 60' Back and 90 degree noise right. It comes up with a total distance of say 314" which can't be changed... I am at gate A1 at Charlotte Douglas. The pushback begins and It will not stop. It pushes me clear thru the buildings, across the highway and keeps going. The stop button doesn't work and neither do the brakes..lol. Very frustrating when you get everything set up and you can't get to the taxiway...Not sure what the problem is. The FMC must be possessed by the Grinch that stole Christmas... Thanks for any ideas, Bob M.
  12. Slowing plane down on taxiway

    Thanks Kevin_28, Bob M.
  13. Slowing plane down on taxiway

    Thanks Downscc..will watch it....it just starts accelerating and i have to hit brakes to slow down. Probably Pilot error...lol. .I just wanted to keep it in the legal limits of taxiway speeds and not run all over everyone. lol. Bestest, Bob M.
  14. Slowing plane down on taxiway

    Thanks Kevin... About 21.1 at idle