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  1. I have noticed this lately and it asked if you click ok if you want to use this database or discard? https://imgur.com/fqevweA Thanks Alex BobM.
  2. Sent you a Christmas giftee. Greets and Best Wishes..you are a fantastic developer!! Grüße und beste Wünsche.. Sie sind ein fantastischer Entwickler!! BobM.
  3. Excellante !!! Thank you 🙂 BobM.
  4. Just wondering where in fsx are these two dds's located. Thanks for any help.. https://imgur.com/lTra8M1 BobM
  5. Sorry Alex.. Scroll up 3 posts and I posted a video that shows you whats going on and how I can keep display where i want it.. BobM.
  6. I am using ai offline.. These are bgl's that were created by using AIFP. My airport is dead so using AIG/FSTL are of no value as far as this airport is concerned. Hope that helps...I just posted vid above in previous post and you replied before I posted it lol here: Thanks Alex
  7. This is information of AI aircraft which is taken from the simulator. Its pointing to a Piedmont Aircraft.. I have no AZUL that I am aware of? where else would I look? On the freezing part I have ticked/unticked aircraft icon and it still does this. If I scroll and drill down for closer look..it stays where its at for a couple secs and then pops back. I want it to stay where I want it..lol....here's a short vid to show you what I mean.. Thanks Alex
  8. is there a way to freeze a view in LNM.. Keeps popping back to default? If not maybe a nice feature..maybe for duration of the time LNM is open for that session. Also I have some planes that are showing up from Asobo or somewhere. Maybe if you in the sidebar could show where the bgl is located. I know its shows one of my aircraft but I have no AZUL airline in the pic you can see AZU321 and it points to my Piedmont 727-200 and I have looked all thru the aircraft cfg's> Where is this information coming from? https://imgur.com/iFnkW3s https://imgur.com/CVmEAkf Thanks so much for your awesome program!! BobM.
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