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  1. hey..just curious..when you connect to Little NavMap....shouldn't the airport of where you are loaded at in the sim MSFS show up or is there a setting..I go say to Perth Australia and Atlanta shows up..how do i fix that? Thanks, BobM.
  2. I finally found it and it was a simconnect.cfg in my documents. Good for now. BobM.
  3. Store installed on separate ssd not in c;/user...etc
  4. Wed Feb 3 20:12:33 2021 (utc) PSXT_MSFS version 21.4 for MSFS ********************************** parameters ********************************** from C:\Users\unc1r\AppData\Roaming\PSXT_MSFS\parameters.xml ADD_ORIG_DEST=false RANDOM=true ALWAYS_GND_TRAFFIC=false LIVE_IF_USER_AIRBORNE=false MAIN_WINDOW_X=400 MAIN_WINDOW_Y=20 PARK_GROUNDSPEED=20 FLOOR_ALTITUDE=-1000 REMOVE_FALSE_THRESHOLD=50 VERSION_CHECKED_AT=Feb 3, 2021 PROGRAM_VERSION=21.4 INSTALL_PATH=C:\PSXT_MSFS ALWAYS_ON_TOP=true LIGHT_AIRCRAFT=true HELICOPTERS=true INCLUDE_NOTYPES=true AUTO_MODE=false PARK_SIMILARS=true COLLISION_LIVE_PARKED_GND=true COLLISION_USER_GND=true LATERAL_RANGE=40 BLOCK_CALLSIGN= LIVERIES_FOLDER=C:\AILG_MSFS\liveries AIRPORTS_FOLDER= FLIGHTPLANSFOLDER= ******************************************************************************** C:\Users\unc1r\AppData\Roaming\PSXT_MSFS\avg_heights.txt not found Aircraft type information read from data\types.xml author: PSXseeconTraffic, version: 20.2, date: Jan 14, 2021 Similar aircraft types read from data\types.xml author: PSXseeconTraffic, version: 20.2, date: Jan 14, 2021 Wingspan information read from data\wingspan.xml author: PSXseeconTraffic + Nico, version: 20.2, date: Feb 1, 2021 ***************************************** liveries summary ***************************************** 1169 liveries read from file C:\AILG_MSFS\liveries\AI_liveries.xml author: AILG_MSFS, version: 1.4, date: Feb 3, 2021 0 registration codes found in the liveries of the user generic liveries for 34 types: A306 A319 A320 A321 A332 A333 A359 AT72 B703 B737 B738 B739 B741 B742 B743 B744 B748 B752 B763 B772 B773 B77L B77W B788 CONC CRJ7 CRJ9 DC10 DH8D E135 E190 E75L MD11 T154 11 unique airlines, 37 unique aircraft types Default livery set for aircraft category Heavy, type B744, # liveries: 185 Default livery set for aircraft category Middle, type B738, # liveries: 494 Default livery set for aircraft category Light, type CONC, # liveries: 4 No default livery found for aircraft category Heli Include Helicopters deselected while there are no Helicopter liveries 0 registration codes + Airline + Type added from data\regcodes.xml author: AILGenerator+Nico, version: 5.1, date: Oct 20, 2020 **************************************************************************************************** 21548 airports found in data\airports.xml author: ParkPosGenerator + Nico, version: 19.4, date: Jan 10, 2021 Waiting for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 ...
  5. I have the sdk installed in MSFS dev mode....61259.0 simconnect ...exceptions for Malwarebytes for psxt folder..no firewall on and it still won't connect..red as a beet? Thanks, BobM. Real traffic is busy 1564/6868 in spotter but nothing for psxt.
  6. Hi kiek..I have v21.4 32 bit. I have msfs running but psx stays red and waiting for MSFS....where can I look. Have fsuipc and real traffic connects as spotter but not PSX to sim. Thanks, BobM.
  7. de meeste van de tijd lol 🙂
  8. Thanks but where can I find info about Dash 8 (400)? Reading..lol <middle type="DH8A" /> <middle type="DH8B" /> <middle type="DH8C" /> <middle type="DH8D" /> <middle type="DHC4" /> <middle type="DHC5" /> <middle type="DHC7" /> Thanks, Thiunk I found it? DH8D? BINGO!!! BobM.
  9. I have this and I see it in the xml but do i need to change the model name or something to get this error message gone? Fix: E175 found in M:\MSFS 2020\Community\Ai Aircraft\SimObjects\AIRPLANES\Raven FS Labs E175NW Revision 3\aircraft.cfg changed into E75L in AI_liveries.xml atc_type = "TT:ATCCOM.ATC_NAME EMBRAER.0.text" atc_model = "TT:ATCCOM.AC_MODEL_E175.0.text" Category = "airplane" pilot = "Pilot_Male_Uniform" copilot = "Pilot_Male_Uniform" performance = editable = 0 wip_indicator = 2 icao_type_designator = "E175" icao_manufacturer = "EMBRAER" icao_model = "E75L" ( i just changed that but didn't work) icao_engine_type = "Jet" icao_engine_count = 2 and one other: DASH8 in "M:\MSFS 2020\Community\Ai Aircraft\SimObjects\AIRPLANES\Vcol_dash8q400\Aircraft.cfg" hunted high and low and don't know if it DHC8 or something else and where do I fix that? Thanks kiek 🙂 BobM.
  10. I did package it up so it has a folder and layout/manifest and the only error showing is the "title line" ...These liveries work.. i have seen them work but they don't taxi etc right..lol but I have used them with AIFP (for flight planning..bgl's) .. I know that asosbos will get around to ai's sooner or later and I know AIG is working on it but it could be a year... Anyway...was trying to see if they work with your's once we get thru the hurdles..... Thanks kiek, BobM.
  11. i copied the one that Abraham sent me but in AILG.... Update..the only error is M:\MSFS 2020\Community\Ai Aircraft\SimObjects\AIRPLANES\Ethiopian 767-300 VHHX [FLTSIM.0] misses title. This is the cfg: [FLTSIM.0] title = FLAi_B763_ETH-Ethiopian ; Variation name model = PW_W ETH-Ethiopian ; model folder texture = ETH-Ethiopian ; texture folder I guess there are spaces in the new format for MSFS to read...so to correct this..what do I do and once I correct this..maybe my livery will show up...:) Thanks kiek and Abraham...Maybe getting closer.....been at this for weeks and weeks..... https://imgur.com/6UOvqEt Thanks kiek, BobM.
  12. kiek...this is another aircraft cfg....gotta figure which program wrote it this way...does this look better? As far as it showing up...lol [VERSION] major = 1 minor = 0 [General] atc_type = "TT:ATCCOM.ATC_NAME BOEING.0.text" atc_model = "TT:ATCCOM.AC_MODEL_B763.0.text" Category = "airplane" pilot = "Pilot_Male_Uniform" copilot = "Pilot_Male_Uniform" performance = editable = 0 wip_indicator = 2 icao_type_designator = "B763" icao_manufacturer = "BOEING" icao_model = "B-763" icao_engine_type = "Jet" icao_engine_count = 2 icao_WTC = "M" [PILOT] pilot = "Pilot_Male_Uniform" copilot = "Pilot_Male_Uniform" instructor = "Pilot_Male_Uniform" pilot_default_animation = "Idle1_PoseAirliner" copilot_default_animation = "Idle2_PoseAirliner" pilot_attach_node = "PILOT_0" copilot_attach_node = "PILOT_1" [SERVICES] FUELTRUCK = 1 BAGGAGE_LOADER = 1 CATERING_TRUCK = 1 BOARDING_RAMP = 1 GROUND_POWER_UNIT = 1 PUSHBACK = 1 SMALL_PUSHBACK = 0 MARSHALLER = 1 JETWAY = 1 [EFFECTS] wake = fx_wake water = fx_spray dirt = FX_ASOBO_TOUCHDIRT_BIG concrete = FX_ASOBO_TOUCHCONCRETE_BIG touchdown = FX_ASOBO_TouchDown_Big, 1 contrail = FX_ASOBO_CONTRAIL_BIG effect.0 = FX_EXHAUST_LEFT#(A:GENERAL ENG COMBUSTION:1, boolean)#FX_ASOBO_M_REACTORHEAT_A320 effect.1 = FX_EXHAUST_RIGHT#(A:GENERAL ENG COMBUSTION:2, boolean)#FX_ASOBO_M_REACTORHEAT_A320 [LOADING] ImageName = LOADING_FREEFLIGHT ;===================== FLTSIM ===================== [FLTSIM.0] title=FLAi_B763_ETH-Ethiopian model=PW_W ETH-Ethiopian texture=ETH-Ethiopian atc_airline=Ethiopian icao_airline = "" ui_type=767-300w PW isAirTraffic = 1 ; isUserSelectable = 0 ; atc_heavy=1 atc_parking_codes=ETH atc_parking_types=GATE,RAMP Warmest Greets, BobM.
  13. Please explain this: here in the [General] section is the [GENERAL] ; LEGACY atc_type = "TT:ATCCOM.ATC_NAME BOEING.0.text" ; atc_model = "TT:ATCCOM.AC_MODEL_B763.0.text" ; category = "airplane" ; pilot = "Pilot_Male_Uniform" ; copilot = "Pilot_Male_Uniform" ; performance = ; editable = 0 ; wip_indicator = 2 ; icao_type_designator = "B763" ; I will look at fltsim section again but this is how it is being written by plane converter etc....Was thinking this is the format for MSFS. Thanks kiek BobM.
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