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  1. Looking for someone that can adapt the Piedmont Red or Krispy Kreme texture in the FS9 TinMouse "PNK model" to the latest SP77 mdl in the model from FSX Addons by BK - TinFork 737-200Adv (google.com) Any help appreciated BobM.
  2. If I have a certain view and i want it from resetting to another view..how do i do this? https://imgur.com/sV0euCI https://imgur.com/EN92x8n Thanks any one especially Alex 🙂 BobM.
  3. Thanks Alex...unchecked hillshading ....all ok and downloaded the new maps from Avsim BINA..awesome. Greets, BobM.
  4. Why do I get this when I zoom real close on an airport.? https://imgur.com/Oe9dkuS https://imgur.com/6Rb7fey Thanks for an y help, BobM.
  5. not complaining but I notice that the aircraft are not sitting on the pad..is there something on my end..I need to tweak. This is lates LNM and MSFS. Thanks, BobM.
  6. Alex...can't read it.. click on ?defaults at bottom left or to the right inside the that window? Iam in the display and Text tab BobM.
  7. https://imgur.com/i0VZ5uz I just started up this am and look at the size of aircraft info..can't read it.....Not sure what happened, Thanks BobM.
  8. Dido...got that so ok to leave them in the directory as long as texture and models are linked correctly and the model cfg....(fltsim) right? Only one problem tho is there is no animation provided thru MCX..Written Arno...so I am kinda screwed...lol Animation export to glTF? | Page 6 | FSDeveloper Thanks Kaiii3, BobM.
  9. Are you suggesting that we remove the FSX.mdl and the fsx xml out of the directory and just have the bin/gltf/xml in the directory and the model cfg? I know in the conversion it says that the animation is disabled? https://imgur.com/CEnCm4P Thanks Kaiii3 Greets, BobM.
  10. hey..just curious..when you connect to Little NavMap....shouldn't the airport of where you are loaded at in the sim MSFS show up or is there a setting..I go say to Perth Australia and Atlanta shows up..how do i fix that? Thanks, BobM.
  11. I finally found it and it was a simconnect.cfg in my documents. Good for now. BobM.
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