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  1. unc1rlm

    Changing airports

    Thanks downscc....yeah using the menu...frustrating....I will try a couple non fsdreamteam like imaginesim Atlanta and taxi 2gate Seattle and then a couple of plain Jane p3dv4.2 airports and see...I am using the default Maule btw...and report back... Thanks, Bob M.
  2. unc1rlm

    Changing airports

    Thanks...everything is registered....kinda like it's stuck..lol Have a great day ☺ Bob M.
  3. unc1rlm

    Changing airports

    If this makes sense...say I am at ksdf (which is fsdreamteam) I want to change to kmem.. (fsdreamteam)...not that fsdreamteam has anything to do with it....the scenery will not change...the buildings disappear and maybe jet ways left but it won't change. I literally have to completely shut down p3dv4.2 or even reboot computer to get scenery or airport to change. Anyone else have issues like this? Thanks, BobM.
  4. unc1rlm

    Just Flight Traffic Global (Early Access) Available

    I have been reading all the posts but I need to know...is there UPS and Fedex and other Cargolux etc incorporated into FS Global? I don't see them in STB or at Louisville in P3dv4.2 but I know they are scheduled arriving and departing from Flight Radar 24..so if they are here....how do you get them up and going 🙂 Thanks, Bob M.
  5. unc1rlm

    Newbie Early Access

    Got it setup in default locations...ran diagnostic on the left side and this is what came up. On the simobjects line...does that look right? Have the latest update FSXp= FSXp= FSXSEp= P3D1p= P3D2p= P3D3p= P3D4p= P:\P3Dv4.1\ LibraryLocation= C:\Users\UNC1RLM1\Documents\TrafficGlobal\TrafficGlobalFleet AirportFacilitiesLocation= TrafficToolboxLocation= TrafficGlobalFolder= C:\Users\UNC1RLM1\Documents\TrafficGlobal TrafficGlobalFolder file check: File exists. SimObjectsLocation= I have ORBX Base...openLC North America...Vector..Trees Lights Configurator and Libraries and other addon scenery and I run the Legacy BGL Check and deep scan and I am not sure working...this is all I get.. The cursor blinks on the left below the two lines. Checking File: P:\P3Dv4.1\Scenery\World\scenery\trafficBoats.bgl = Native Checking File: P:\P3Dv4.1\Scenery\World\scenery\trafficCarriers.bgl = Native I can leave it running but there is no animation like its running and this is all that shows up. I know its in development..so no prob....trust JF to get it right and better and more enjoyable 🙂 Bob M.
  6. unc1rlm

    update info

    Are you using FSPilotShop... https://www.fspilotshop.com I don't exactly remember but when you order..It should have something about enter your v6 serial and you need to copy and paste from notepad your receipt for your vox6 purchase. I don't think you attach a file as you copy and paste. I paid 24 euro January this year. Hope that helps, best I can do BUT look for the note section maybe on the last page of transaction before it is completed or you click buy. Voxatc 6 is sold out.. The program is great..the developer is busy and still waiting on UTL Bridge. Good Luck, Bob M.
  7. I am getting this message 81..etc and I read the release notes. Couple questions, do I need to have the folders in the program data folder in simobjects or just point to them with the vmr generator.....Should I have traffic set to something or zero. I am using Real Traffic and I get live traffic but nothing parked. I run the parked position program and copy parked folder to main directory of psxseecon.... Thanks for any help. Bob M.
  8. unc1rlm

    Best setup for ai's

    Thank you for your response :) Price did jump...lol Warmest Regards, Bob M.
  9. I have p3dv4.1.. I have utlive and mt6. If I want to use the ai's without duplication of models..I have a folder under simobjects called AI's for PSXSeecon Traffic Only and then two folders inside that folder called My Traffic 6 and utLive Aircraft. All I have is where I copy and pasted models into each folder. Now in Program Data.. in Lockheed Martin in simobjects.. I have this: [Entry.12] Title=PSXSeeCon Traffic Only Path=SimObjects\AI's for PSXSeecon Traffic Only Required=True Active=True However I have no aircraft showing up. I launch PSXSeecon and it starts but no live. Any help appreciated. I have MT6 and UTLive disabled in the addon list for now..wanted to see if I could get PSXSeeCon to work right..and if so..may look at real traffic if it is recommended and the server stays up, etc. Thanks, Bob M.
  10. unc1rlm


    I am not sure but I don't think its working yet or maybe has something to do with 64bit voices. I know that some of the guys use other "outside voices".. I use CepereProc voices and they are 64 bit. and don't use the voxpop at all. Good Luck, Bob M.
  11. unc1rlm

    VoxATC and Ultimate Traffic Live

    Alert him for what? He doesn't respond and he could care less about the timeline. I have bought 6.52 and this one and he could give a ...........about his customers. Bah Uhm Bug :) Bob M.
  12. unc1rlm

    Tis The Season for Questions

    Thank you :) Bob M.
  13. unc1rlm

    Tis The Season for Questions

    Thank you, Sir. Bob M.