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  1. jazzmanPL


    East or West, home's best :) Thanks for Your support Andrew.
  2. jazzmanPL


    Hi again, Back to the topic :) The issue came back, but I finally and definitely managed to find the clue. I have to admit I'm the guilty person and it was totally my fault. I'm really sorry for Your spent time. Anyway, I had to learn my lesson. Two days ago I spent few hours to clean all soft from windows startup and start FSX in clean configuration (I switched them off at SIMSTARTER NG run manager). After that I launched FSX directly with no addons and SIMSTARTER. As I'm using the X-56 and have to load X & Y axes after every windows startup (bloody new LOGITECH software) I focused on the axes and their assignment both in FSX and FSUIPC. I had some undesirable key and joystick assignments in FSX slew mode, so I cleared them all totally and assigned all necessary axes with direct input with FSUIPC (however left controllers enabled option in FSX - it turned out it makes no difference if they are not assigned). By the way FSX has an annoying tendency of enabling some assignments after reloading - anyway after few startups they were all clear. So I had the clean config and sim with no addons, but the problem still existing. And ta-dah!!! I found the missing link - my old "on repeat" assignments in Linda :) I used only "on press" and I had my pieces of brain focused only on that one :) After clearing those, all came back to normal. The plug got finally connected to the socket :) That's worth a nearby donation for LINDA :) And a sky-dive for me :)
  3. jazzmanPL


    Hi there, Small update on the issue :) The problem returned just by itself /pure magic/ however thanks to that I managed to find the clue. The murderer is the Logitech Profiler. When I switched that off NGX tends to run smoothly with no ghost around managing the instruments. I'll do a few tests and confirm this one. Cye
  4. Merry Christmas from Poland :) Thanks for Your great effort and making our simming lives full of happiness :)
  5. jazzmanPL


    Countdown started :D
  6. jazzmanPL


    Wilco :) Anyway, thanks for rapid and detailed explanation on possible errors and for the solution of the problem. Linda is a great app and I cannot imagine using VRI MCP without it. So... ho-ho-ho and Merry Christmas :) Time to warm up the engines in peace :)
  7. jazzmanPL


    Hi Andrew, First of all, I like to thank You once again for Your support. I managed to operate LINDA with no errors following step 2 only. I launch fsx and all my addons (that means a lot :) with Simstarter NG. Linda was one of those programmes. I took it off the Run Manager and switched on manually before launching Simstarter..... and it is working smoothly. Apparently, there was some discrepancy beetwen those. I am using module 4.11 as I mentioned before. 1. I talked with Maarten about the error in the SLX_G1000.lua two yeras ago- this one may be of no significance: 2. Thanks for the advice :) I'm using Simstarter NG as the main launcher. Getting LINDA out of the Run Manager fixed the "sync to sim" issue. 3. LogOptionProtect was at "YES" all the time. 4. The error was only with PMDG 737 NGX module - I'm using also other PMDG, QWSIM, FSLABS, MAJESTIC and CARENADO aircrafts - all working great 5-6 The error is fixed, so please give me a note if You like to see the other error logs for gear and autobrakes. I can launch LINDA with SIMSTARTER NG once again and email the logs to You for any future purposes if You like. Best wishes :)
  8. jazzmanPL


    It happens every time when I switch on "sync to sim". NGX version is the newest also - 1.20.8465.
  9. jazzmanPL


  10. jazzmanPL


    Ok Andrew thank You for Your rapid help and time spent.
  11. jazzmanPL


    Hello, Has anyone expierenced such a problem? After starting fsx and switching linda to sync to sim, my PMGD 737 NGX is getting crazy :) All the switches and knobs programmed with LINDA start to operate by themselves with no interaction from my side. Gear lever, spoiler handle, autobrakes knob, reverse thrust etc. I'm using the lastest LINDA version and the latest module for NGX - 4.11. When I switch off syncing, all comes back to normal, however I cannot use the buttons programmed with LINDA. I use FSX boxed with FSUIPC registered. No buttons double assigned. Help please :)
  12. I'm not using any compatibility mode, just running fsx.exe as admin via SIMSTARTER NG.
  13. I checked my p3d and it was working with no problems at all, but I got v4.0 and was not even updating to v4.1 :/ Hope that helps :)
  14. coolken I'm using FSX boxed just because I spent most of my cash on that :) However I got P3D v4 also, but I'm not using that much. Will check the default P3D v4 and revert shortly.