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  1. eelis

    Flight tweaks?

    So, increased vegetation_max_count from 4500 (default) to 9000 and got more trees showing at a time. Had to take screen shots to verify though. It didn't drop my frame rate noticeable amount and stayed smooth. Cannot see the point of increasing the building_count though, it seems to be dense enough at least in some places at default... -eelis-
  2. eelis

    Flight tweaks?

    Thank you, I just increased lod_radius from 3.5 (default) to 5.5, and yes things appear more far away I think. And it didn't hit my frame rate almost at all. Now have to try something more, maybe I experiment with vegetation_max_count next...(yes, I have made a backup copy of my Flight.cfg) -eelis-
  3. eelis

    Flight tweaks?

    Can anybody tell what can or cannot be done to these settings to slow down (a bit) the simulation😉: [Terrain] UseLightMaps=False MinQuadtreeLevel=3 LodRadius=3.500000 MeshComplexity=80 MeshResolution=22 ReflectionQuality=MAX TextureResolution=27 DetailTexture=True CliffTexture=True [Airport] LoadingDistance=23000.000000 [Scenery] ImageComplexity=EXTREMELY_DENSE LoadingDistance=23000.000000 [Autogen] VegetationDensity=EXTREMELY_DENSE ProceduralBuildingDensity=EXTREMELY_DENSE ModelledBuildingDensity=EXTREMELY_DENSE PolylineBuildingDensity=EXTREMELY_DENSE VectorObjectDensity=EXTREMELY_DENSE VegetationMaxCount=4500 ProceduralBuildingMaxCount=3000 ModelledBuildingMaxCount=3000 PolylineBuildingMaxCount=3000 VectorObjectMaxCount=3000 VegetationPolygonResolution=256 LoadingDistance=23000.000000 MinimumOnscreenRadius=5.000000 FullDensityDistance=5000.000000 ZeroDensityDistance=20000.000000 DensityFalloffPower=4.000000 -eelis-
  4. eelis

    Flight tweaks?

    I agree you that it would not need tweaking, I just want to stretch it to the limits and go beyond the MAX settings and what it is possible to show, like scenery density. So not to run any smoother but to run little slower. 😉 I have to try some settings and hope for the best. -eelis-
  5. eelis

    Flight tweaks?

    Would you care to share, how did you done that? -eelis-
  6. eelis

    Flight tweaks?

    Sorry to dig out an old topic, but as I now have more powerful machine, I would like to know which settings would bring me more dense scenery, or scenery draw distance for example? -eelis-
  7. I think I will have a hang on this eventually, ...I hope...😬 Thank you, Segador77! -eelis-
  8. I'm a bit confused here, do you mean I should delete the contents of players folder before I copy contents of players_backup or players_backup for GFWL folders to players folder?...🤔 And all this before I switch modes in Flight tools? -eelis-
  9. I see, that's why I noticed my 'name' in the list. So I have to copy these every time I switch modes, ok. I noticed also that now I have, thanks to you, all paint schemes available in NonGfWL-mode. -eelis-
  10. Thank you Segador77, I did what you told and at least now my missions and career didn't reset, when I visited NonGFWL-mode and back to OfficialGFWL. 😄 I noticed though, that I did not have the 'Players_Backup for GFWL configuration' folder in my own flight directory!? Maybe that was the problem or then maybe not??? -eelis-
  11. Hi Does anybody know, when ever I choose to fly 'NonGFWL' mode and after going back to 'OfficialGFWL' mode my Career points resets to zero and I have to fly all Missions from start again? Very annoying to start all over again and again and...well you got the idea. -eelis-
  12. Ok, job done, converted FSX world scenery with Stonelance's Flight Tools. I was able to install FSX still, but not activate it, but I didn't want it anyway, so all is fine now! I'm gonna use the '/a' switch to store the world scenery for later date (2027) when I need it next time. -eelis-
  13. Thank's majuh, will try that. -eelis-
  14. That's excellent news, I will have to try that. Sorry to bother you, but do you by any chance remember the command line 'command' that does this or can I found it somewhere? -eelis-
  15. Hi So it was time to say goodbye to my old and trusty, nine years old two core desktop pc. Now I'm owner of Lenovo Legion T730 Tower with Intel core i7 8750k 3.6 - 4,2 gigaherz with 512G SSD PCIe and 2TB HDD and 32GB DDR4 and Geforce GTX 1060 craphics card. So here I go again and trying to install my one and only flight sim (I have tried them all, but no-one compares) MS Flight. First I was horrified, that my link to Flight at Microsoft did not work and I coudn't download it. After the shock I googled Flight download and found it at this site: . I'm sure this is not the only place where you could find it. Again I was not able to download my bought content with GFWL, so had to use Stonelance's excellent Flight tools (1.1.32), which did the job brilliantly. Now I have to find time to convert the world scenery, but I have one problem: I cannot install FSX any more PC's because it won't let me. I bought the FSX gold edition used, and it's been installed so many times it won't anymore. Now I am going to try moving FSX from my old pc to this new one, maybe Flight tools then can convert the scenery to my new PC's installation of Flight, who knows? And how does it fly then? Smooth as hell and loading is very fast, so I'm in seventh heaven! I'm looking forward seeing you there in multiplayer of Flight! (...or then maybe I'm the only one flying it anymore...) -eelis-