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  1. I have this installed and working, but don't know is it still installable so that's why I'm keeping it. I have moved to MSFS 2020 few years ago and think many Flight users have too. But for time to time I load it up to feel how wonderful it was and even now, is. -eelis-
  2. There is a bug with the tablets in these updates, it seems that tablets cannot be launched in certain liveries and others will work just fine. Also the smoke effect is there, it's just so faint that can be observed outside only. -eelis-
  3. Well the RV-6 checkride was working for me. That is weird you can free fly it, but not fly missions. Stearman and Icon were only free of charge planes, all other you had to pay, maybe that's the problem, though why it lets you free fly it, makes no sense? You said you don't have the islands, do you mean Hawaii islands? Could it be something to do with that, I remember the RV-6 came with the Hawaiian islands pack? There is something odd going on in your Flight installation... -eelis-
  4. Did you bought the RV-6? If I remember right you can't fly it if not bought. I'm gonna check this. -eelis-
  5. Hi I have Flight installed on my main desktop and it was installed in my notebook too, but few monts ago I uninstalled it from my laptop. Now I tried to find a way to install it back to my laptop, but was unable to do that in windows live. So, I went to Steam and found I could install it from there and I don't know was it because I had many years ago bought some content to Flight from steam, but not the main program. When I launched Flight it asked me to sign in to my Windows Live account and after that it downloaded my all content, Including Alaska and all my planes. I hope this helps someone. -eelis-
  6. Be sure to remember to tell your mechanics of that, there must be a dent on the body somewhere. 🧐 -eelis-
  7. Try again later, there has been delays before. You could also try to go Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums it should allow you if you got invite. -eelis-
  8. It's official invite, some 'software' marks it as spam but it's not. Hope those who deleted it find it again in their bin. Actually you don't need it just go to XBox insider hub. -eelis-
  9. You are one of the few then IMO. Me also ain't gonna fly airliners very often, but the reason is different, I like to fly GA planes the most. 😉 -eelis-
  10. To test the servers and data traffic. They gave us something to play with, but really not the latest and greatest version IMO. But I'm not complaining, not at all, I'm grateful and lucky to be part of the testing. -eelis-
  11. I bet you would feel very "holy" too, when there's dozens of watermarks hovering in your sight. I'm ok with them though (short watermark), but many are not. -eelis-
  12. Joo, ei näille hölösuille mitään voi...😣 -eelis-
  13. And you fell for it. Good grief... -eelis-
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