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  1. To get it right, the other sim you are referring is basically Microsoft Flight 2. -eelis-
  2. Are you getting the conversion though? Converting with Flight Tools generates some errors every time anyway. -eelis-
  3. Glad you managed to get it sorted! I think you could start Flight in Non GFWL mode using Flight Tools, thus no need for password, but of course you loose the multiplayer mode then. -eelis-
  4. Have a very Merry Christmas and Flightful New Year 2020! -eelis-
  5. Wrong forum, I guess. -eelis-
  6. First of all I should have said Awards instead of Achievements, got these mixed. Secondly, they disappeared as the year changed to 2019, or that is the only reason I found, (I haven't make any changes at the time) they are gone, and that's good. -eelis-
  7. Hi Will try to adjust these values soon, one by one, trying to adjust them to right direction though... 'The *MaxCount values basically control what the maximum density is in a tile, which i think is 1km x 1km approximately.' So now I know why increasing these values didn't make much change. (Doubling the VegetationMaxCount was the most effective.) Thank you and nice to know you are still monitoring this forum! -eelis-
  8. Sorry, I should have said that choosing Official GFWL-mode, you can still fly multiplayer. -eelis-
  9. Hi 1. You can fly multiplayer if you choose NonGFWL-mode in flight tools. There are some (multi) players still around, but not too many though. 2. ? 3. They are aerocaches made by fellow fliers. This 'game' still is one of the most realistic after almost 7 years. -eelis-
  10. No screen, I meant that I get all my achievements one by one again with screen flashing, every time I start Flight, and that is weird to say at least. This was not the case when Flight was still in MS's list. -eelis-
  11. Hi I mostly use the Official GFWL-mode in Flight. Every time I start Flight I am notified of every achievement I have and it's getting a bit annoying. Does anyone know how to get rid of this, of course without losing my achievements? -eelis-
  12. So, as you guessed it, had to try to increase the building count by doubling the values of following parameters: ProceduralBuildingMaxCount=6000 ModelledBuildingMaxCount=6000 PolylineBuildingMaxCount=6000 VectorObjectMaxCount=6000 from the 3000 default. The change was very modest, few buildings more here and there, only noticeable from comparing two screenshots taken at same spot, so don't know was it worth while. As earlier, screen refresh rate was not noticiably touched. -eelis-
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