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  1. eelis

    Microsoft Flight in 2018.

    Sorry, I should have said that choosing Official GFWL-mode, you can still fly multiplayer. -eelis-
  2. eelis

    Microsoft Flight in 2018.

    Hi 1. You can fly multiplayer if you choose NonGFWL-mode in flight tools. There are some (multi) players still around, but not too many though. 2. ? 3. They are aerocaches made by fellow fliers. This 'game' still is one of the most realistic after almost 7 years. -eelis-
  3. eelis


    Has anyone else this? -eelis-
  4. eelis


    No screen, I meant that I get all my achievements one by one again with screen flashing, every time I start Flight, and that is weird to say at least. This was not the case when Flight was still in MS's list. -eelis-
  5. Hi I mostly use the Official GFWL-mode in Flight. Every time I start Flight I am notified of every achievement I have and it's getting a bit annoying. Does anyone know how to get rid of this, of course without losing my achievements? -eelis-
  6. eelis

    Flight tweaks?

    So, as you guessed it, had to try to increase the building count by doubling the values of following parameters: ProceduralBuildingMaxCount=6000 ModelledBuildingMaxCount=6000 PolylineBuildingMaxCount=6000 VectorObjectMaxCount=6000 from the 3000 default. The change was very modest, few buildings more here and there, only noticeable from comparing two screenshots taken at same spot, so don't know was it worth while. As earlier, screen refresh rate was not noticiably touched. -eelis-
  7. eelis


    There is no such a plane in MS Flight, but with other planes, you open doors using key 'o'. The animation is done beautifully, and when opening them in flight they influence in flight dynamics and sound inside the cockpit, you should try it if you haven't done it before. 😉 -eelis-
  8. eelis

    Losing Wind

    ...and it was moved here from MS Flight forum... -eelis-
  9. eelis

    AIRAC help...Airbus X (A318)

    You might get help if you post this to correct forum, this forum is about MS Flight. -eelis-
  10. eelis

    Losing Wind

    It may help if you post this to correct forum, this is MS Flight forum. -eelis-
  11. eelis

    Flight tweaks?

    So do you mean no trees at all, that's weird? -eelis-
  12. eelis

    Flight tweaks?

    And as DBURNE said in his post: "In the Flight.cfg file, look under configuration, there you will see a line that says " custom = 0". You need to change that 0 to a 1 and save. Then your changes you make in the flight.cfg file will stick, and graphics settings in the game gui will be greyed out. I would also add, you should make a backup of the original cfg file to have just in case..." -eelis-
  13. eelis

    Flight tweaks?

    So, increased vegetation_max_count from 4500 (default) to 9000 and got more trees showing at a time. Had to take screen shots to verify though. It didn't drop my frame rate noticeable amount and stayed smooth. Cannot see the point of increasing the building_count though, it seems to be dense enough at least in some places at default... -eelis-
  14. eelis

    Flight tweaks?

    Thank you, I just increased lod_radius from 3.5 (default) to 5.5, and yes things appear more far away I think. And it didn't hit my frame rate almost at all. Now have to try something more, maybe I experiment with vegetation_max_count next...(yes, I have made a backup copy of my Flight.cfg) -eelis-
  15. eelis

    Flight tweaks?

    Can anybody tell what can or cannot be done to these settings to slow down (a bit) the simulation😉: [Terrain] UseLightMaps=False MinQuadtreeLevel=3 LodRadius=3.500000 MeshComplexity=80 MeshResolution=22 ReflectionQuality=MAX TextureResolution=27 DetailTexture=True CliffTexture=True [Airport] LoadingDistance=23000.000000 [Scenery] ImageComplexity=EXTREMELY_DENSE LoadingDistance=23000.000000 [Autogen] VegetationDensity=EXTREMELY_DENSE ProceduralBuildingDensity=EXTREMELY_DENSE ModelledBuildingDensity=EXTREMELY_DENSE PolylineBuildingDensity=EXTREMELY_DENSE VectorObjectDensity=EXTREMELY_DENSE VegetationMaxCount=4500 ProceduralBuildingMaxCount=3000 ModelledBuildingMaxCount=3000 PolylineBuildingMaxCount=3000 VectorObjectMaxCount=3000 VegetationPolygonResolution=256 LoadingDistance=23000.000000 MinimumOnscreenRadius=5.000000 FullDensityDistance=5000.000000 ZeroDensityDistance=20000.000000 DensityFalloffPower=4.000000 -eelis-