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  1. Hi again air, I opened the FSR file in notepad and, in plain text, I found: [Sim.646] Sim=P51 Racer 6 There are several similar lines indicating that several planes are used in the file but as this is the first it's likely the pace plane. You may want to substitute the "Title" of the jet you'd like to try for "P51 Racer 6". The title can be found in the jets' aircraft.cfg file after "Title=...". Back up the existing FSR before editing. I'd say there's a 50-50 chance of this working but it's simple so worth trying.
  2. Hi air, I just noticed the file "RenoSP-AIPacePlane.FSR". This seems to indicate that the pace plane is in a pre-recorded file and my suggestion will not work. I know of know easy way to make the substitution. It doesn't seem impossible to edit the FSR file to make the substitution but I'm not aware of the procedure. Jim F.
  3. Hi airrace, I'm not going to look into this thoroughly but this may be of some help. I suspect that the mission under question is "Reno SP flying start" found in the ...Missions/Racing folder. If so, convert the "Reno_SP_flying_start_Easy.sbb" to XML using the free SPB2XML utility and open the XML version with the OPT. It shouldn't be difficult to locate the pace plane and it may be a simple matter to substitute the plane you'd like to use for it.. It's not necessary to convert the XML to SPB. Just make sure both versions of the mission are not available. Jim F.
  4. Hi, Unfortunately FSW has its roots in the MS Flight Simulator franchise not in MS Flight. Adapting an aircraft from Flight to FSW seems like a step backwards. From an economic standpoint It's understandable that adapting the complete FS series would be a lot simpler than using Flight as the basis for a new simulator but regrettable. Jim F.
  5. Sorry for not being clear. I checked and MSCVCR100.dll was not in the ...system32 folder. I've since installed both vcredist_x64.exe and vcredist_x86.exe at different times and no longer see the reference to a missing MSCVCR100.dll when I check the error report after Flight crashes in the GFWL mode. I don't know what to try that would be helpful. I've reinstalled both flight and various versions of Toolkit multiple times and haven't been able to solve the problem. When I experienced the problem on the new computer I was really at a loss. I'm concerned about deleting Flight again as Marketplace operation seems to be acting up.
  6. That was what I experienced. I'm not sure which version of Toolkit I used but when I ran setup without Flight the different steps of the install were displayed sequentially and at some point the notice that Flight wasn't found was displayed. If I recall correctly I tried to install the free version and was asked for the product key so I went with my marketplace version. My recollection may not be correct as I've tried many different ways to solve the problem. During one of my install attempts I was presented with my product key which I've copied. It may come in handy. I don't understand the significance of the missing "MSCVCR100.dll" referenced in image included in my first post of this thread is but seems related to the problem I'm having. After Googling the missing file it seems it's included in 2 different 64 bit download package versions and I didn't know which to try. The file is not in my System32 folder.
  7. Hi, On the, new to me, computer I tried installing .32 prior to installing Flight. The Toolkit install went fine and it checked for and added various files but it detected that Flight was not installed. I'm not sure exactly what I did next but I did download Flight from the Marketplace. I think I started Flight to check it before running Addon manager and it worked fine. I don't recall the exact order but at some point after choosing the various modes The GFWL no longer worked. I tried uninstalling both Flight and Toolkit several times and reinstalling Toolkit .31 and .32 and the problem remains. I have reinstalled Flight again and it works fine but am holding off reinstalling any version of Toolkit until I have an idea what to check for if the problem recurs. I understand that upon removing Flight some files are not removed but no problems after reinstall. I'm not sure that something is not leftover from Toolkit that may cause problems after it is reinstalled. On my main computer I have the same problem and believe I tried .28 on that as well but the problem remains. I have Win 7 Pro on both computers and both AMD and Intel CPUs. Jim F.
  8. Hi AirWay, I don't know what you mean when you refer to both at the same time. Several years ago, when I first became aware of Toolkit, I installed it and was able to select either GFWL, Unmodified, or NonGFWL mode with Addon Manager. Each mode worked appropriately after selection. After installing the converted FSX World scenery I had problems in certain areas and after multiple re-installs of Flight and various versions of Toolkit I'm no longer able to fly in GFWL mode after Toolkit is installed. On a recently acquired computer with a fresh install of Win 7 Pro. I installed Flight and using Toolkit .31 I had the same problem. Now, after removing Flight and Toolkit I've reinstalled Flight and all Addons that I previously purchased from Marketplace and Flight works correctly. My concern is that by installing Toolkit I will once again be unable to use GFWL mode. I'm hoping that the error info I posted will help in solving my problem. Jim F.
  9. Hi, Attempt to insert error image. https://app.box.com/s/h297m5a0pqwh3ycqsefvecybh6yzmqy5 Flight works fine in Non-GFWL and Unmodified mode but not GFWL. I believe that I can reinstall Flight using GFWL Marketplace and it will run without problems but once I use Toolkit it fails. Any sugestions as to what to try? Jim F.
  10. Hi all, Since I last posted I recalled that I neglected to install SP1 & SP2 so I did that and using .32 I converted the scenery without problems. I just created the addon and haven't attempted to install it. I'm pretty sure the location isn't important but just point to it with addon manager and it will handle it. Hopefully anyway. It was my intention to come up with a very specific install procedure for Flight and Toolkit that I could share with others. Unfortunately, I seem to be having problems with my install. I've reinstalled Flight several times and experience problems after I reinstall Toolkit. I'm taking a break from that for awhile. On the new computer I can run Flight after choosing "unmodified" and on my previous computer I can run the non-GFWL version without problems. I'm flying a bit differently than I have before. I have a CH yoke and have set the default zoom in the cfg so that when I look down at the yoke in an aircraft it appears very close to the same size as when I look down at the CH. I've set the default zoom to 2.0 and flying is a completely different experience. Of course, I don't see much of the cockpit but at least I can see the GPS in the Icon without additional zooming. I have the left trigger button on the yoke programmed to display the cockpit and the right trigger set to reset the eyepoint. When in the Cockpit view and use the hat switch to look around, or at the gauges, I just press the right trigger to looking straight forward. Next, I intend to install Acceleration and create another world addon. I've just been having a lot of fun flying. And I appreciate, and am in awe of, the contributions that have been made. If I can be of any assistance in any way please don't hesitate to ask. Jim F.
  11. I decided that there was no advantage in delaying installing FSX so I decided to install the Steam addition as it includes Acceleration. After half an hour or so, which is about as long as it takes me to do a full install from disc including the SDK and seeing that it was going to take about 12 hours or so I recalled why I gave up on Steam and uninstalled. I installed Deluxe and am going to install Toolkit and create an addon version of the converted scenery. In my previous conversion I noticed a few anomalies and will be able to compare this addon to a version I will create after Acceleration is installed. Jim F.
  12. Hi, I got a new (used) computer mainly to use as a test bed. It has a clean version of Win 7 Pro 64 bit. Any suggestions as to how to proceed with installation of Flight and FSX that anyone might find useful? I have both the Steam and disc versions of FSX which can be installed and used for conversion and several versions of Toolkit. I downloaded and installed the free version of Flight which seemed to run fine but I was asked to enter a "key" in order to add stuff and use multiplayer. I was going to create a new gamertag but recalled reading in a post that all except multiplayer could be added to Flight with Toolkit, at least in Non-GFWL mode, so I just used my old gamertag and was able to avoid entering a key. I don't foresee any problems completing the new install but if anyone has any questions or suggestions as to how to proceed I'm holding off proceeding for awhile. Jim F.
  13. Hi tl, Good to hear. I'm always concerned about giving someone bad advice. I might end up using it myself.
  14. Hi tl, Did you try what I suggested? I don't like to provide information that doesn't work and would appreciate feedback on this. Typing is not my favorite thing is why I suggested opening the CMD window in the Toolkit folder. By doing this it should not be necessary to enter the full path to ContentConverter.exe. If you just chose to ignore my suggestion I'd appreciate hearing why. I don't like the feeling that I'm wasting my time trying to help someone. Jim F.
  15. Hi tl, I'm not sure who your responding to or what exactly you tried. Did you open the CMD window in the Flight Toolkit folder and did you include the quotes?
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