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  1. If you have FSX on an old machine there is an option on the command line when you convert the FSX scenery to save it as a .flightAddon file. You can then copy that to your other computer and install it like any other addon without having to install FSX.
  2. Put this together quickly without much testing can you give it a try and let me know how it goes?
  3. Sorry totally spaced on this.
  4. I recently had problems running non-GFWL mode as well. It doesn't actually use d3d10x dll, so I ripped out that code and it seems to be working now. I will try to get a newer version of the toolkit out in the next week or two.
  5. stonelance

    Flight crashes in cockpit view.

    If it is asking for a live product key then you are out of luck and can't use multiplayer. I recommend installing Flight with these instructions to get the latest version: Installing MS Flight: Make sure you have the latest GFWL client installed: (or You can download\install Microsoft Flight from here: Even though Flight is free, GFWL needs to generate a key for it so it can connect to the service. I have heard of people having problems getting one. If you run into this after installing Flight and haven't ever installed it before, make sure you use the Non-GFWL mode of the Flight Toolkit. You will be prompted for it at the end of the installation process of the Toolkit. Installing the Flight Toolkit (Requires Vista or newer OS): You can download the latest tools here: (If you have a problem where GFWL says you need a key to play, make sure you use the Non-GFWL mode. You can change this after installation from the Addon Manager) Website for the Flight Toolkit:
  6. stonelance

    Flight crashes in cockpit view.

    Maybe try a different version of the driver. If you look in the windows error logs it should show what the crash information is, but usually that is not helpful. If you are able to get a crash dump, then I might be able to take a look at it to see what the problem is. These instructions should hopefully work: - Open regedit and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Error Reporting\LocalDumps\Flight.exe. You will probably have to create the Flight.exe folder - Create a string key called DumpFolder with the path to a folder where you want the dump saved - Run Flight.exe and recreate the crash - Check the dump folder for a .dmp file. You'll need to upload it somewhere and post the link here, or sent the link to (the file is probably too big for email)
  7. stonelance

    Converting FSX content to Flight

    I believe some older airports have a special "tower" scenery placement in the APX, and maybe that isn't converted properly? I didn't implement polyline bridge extrusions either as they were not supported in Flight and we supported spline based bridges instead. Not sure about the aprons. Maybe they were implemented with the old ground polygon systems which I believe are not supported.
  8. stonelance

    Converting FSX content to Flight

    Other than the ground polys, probably.
  9. stonelance

    Converting FSX content to Flight

    Theoretically some custom scenery can be converted. It would be a mostly manual process, but I tried to expose all the bits you would need. The main thing that isn't supported for conversion is converting terrain rasters.
  10. stonelance

    Missions and challenges reset

    Unfortunately we never added the ability to save mission progress (including challenges) to your player profile. If you have Flight on a new PC without manually backing up your playerp rofile files, then you will lose progress on those. It should still remember your stats, like flight time, experience points, aerocaches, etc. I think they ended up taking down the aerocache servers though, so that progress may be gone as well. All that data is stored in encrypted files to prevent cheating, so you can't manually change them. Using Non-GFWL mode it ends up saving all that data locally. There was a period of time when the MS aerocache servers were still up where I could make a copy of that data to a local profile, but if you didn't log in with the toolkit during that period, or have since deleted the player profile files then they will be gone. In Non-GFWL that is all just saved into an xml file in the player profile directory (I think %localappdata%\Microsoft\Flight\Players\<some random code>\ProfileData.xml You could modify it to manually add mission completion, but I don't remember the details.
  11. stonelance

    GFWL Error after selecting with Toolkit

    Well it is called msvcr100.dll, Maybe that is why you can't find it? Uninstalling and reinstalling Flight won't fix anything so not point in doing that.
  12. stonelance

    GFWL Error after selecting with Toolkit

    Where do you see MSCVCR100.dll is missing? In that first image I just see that it crashed inside of code in the dll, so not super useful. The only difference between GFWL mode and Unmodified should be that the GFWL version ends up modifying the root FileLocator.config file in the Flight directory. I don't believe it doesn't anything else, but I could be wrong. Do you have addons installed and enabled in addon manager? I would try disabling them all if you do.
  13. stonelance

    GFWL Error after selecting with Toolkit

    The toolkit shouldn't install unless Flight is already installed, and uninstalling Flight after the toolkit is installed may require reinstalling the toolkit.
  14. stonelance

    GFWL Error after selecting with Toolkit

    I think I have had other people report GFWL mode crashing. I don't know why, and am not sure when I will have a chance to look at it. Do older versions of the toolkit work? Would be nice to know which version broke it.
  15. stonelance

    Aerocache problem?

    Ok i updated them all with new distances. If you have acquired them already there isn't really a good way to reset them without manually modifying your local profile.