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  1. diederik1

    Announcement To All Flight School Owners

    Very generous offer! Will count the days it will be in my library.
  2. diederik1

    No airports visible in Utah!

    @Hiflyer, thanks for your comment, that doesn't seem the problem.
  3. diederik1

    No airports visible in Utah!

    That was the first thing I did, with no luck. One question: is your install date for Utah and the High resulution Pack the same? (For me 30-9-2016) A little bit weird I think.
  4. diederik1

    No airports visible in Utah!

    "Did you select the Utah checkbox on the DLC download screen?" I downloaded 16 GB of Utah stuff and then the inslallation started. In Steam I see "Aerofly FS2 - USA Utah installed" What I notice is, that the date "added on 30-9-2016" is the same date as for the High Resulution Pack. Is that normal? In the scenery map I see the airports for Utah. It seems Aerofly FS2 doesn't "see" the Uta content. It is a mystery! Thanks for trying to help me HiFlyer.
  5. diederik1

    No airports visible in Utah!

    I see I am not the only one seeing no airports in Utah. I have the latest version (20170406). I downloaded Utah and I see it is installed, but no airports. I did the integrity check and there are no issues. All my other airports In USA and Switzerland work fine. What to do?
  6. diederik1

    Flight Toolkit 1.1.30

    Same experience as the posts above, you have to do 2 loops.
  7. diederik1

    Earth Simulations scenery in P3D v3

    Reading this post now and then. Am I right that there is still no installation guide for P3D?
  8. diederik1

    New Aerocaches - How to post them

    Thanks for your effort AlbacoreTunaMan! I love aerocaches. BTW how do you see what the new are when you haven't all of them "cached"? And what file do I backup in case of a new install after a crash to save the aerocaches I hunt?
  9. diederik1

    Flight Toolkit 1.1.30

    On a new W10 rig I did not succeed installing Flight Toolkit v1.1.28 but v1.1.30 installed fine and DL all content. So it came just in time!
  10. Very nice addon!! Thanks to FS Tester.
  11. diederik1

    Flight Unlimited 3 memories

    Missed that, thanks. Nice to read!
  12. diederik1

    Flight Unlimited 3 memories

    I like to read the article about this great sim. Still have it installed on my W10 laptop and runs fine.
  13. While trying to get it working I discovered that in OfficialGFWL mode I see all the planes in the hangar and all the airports in the world. But no worldmap. When I try to do a free flight from one of the airports the scenery stops loading near the end and hangs. Maybe this update bring it closer to a solution.
  14. My flight worked fine in W8 and in W10 after upgrading. Due to a HD crash I had to reinstall everything including MS Flight. The install, according the advice from KavindaJD, went flawless. But when I fire up in NonGFWL mode, I only see the basic Flight, no extra planes, no world map, no Alaska. The basic Flight works fine. Every addon is installed fine according Flight Addon Manager v1.1.28 and I see xlive.dll in the root of Flight. I don't know how it works but it seems Flight does not "see" my extra content. Tried it on another fresh W10 installed computer, same result. Do I miss something while installing? I hope someone can help because I miss Flight after all those years!
  15. diederik1

    Converting FSX content to Flight

    Tried again and now it is installed. Nice plane, many thanks.