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  1. Want to give a little shout out to the excellent customer service at Laminar. Yesterday having upgraded my computer's Mobo and CPU I could not find my serial email. Normally I am fastidious about saving them but this time it went wrong. Sent an email to Laminar with expectations of hearing back within three days. However, my key was sent to me within 30 minutes and on New Years Day. Superb service from Thomson at Laminar.
  2. I am sure the 8000 plus member of the XP Group I co-run would disagree. The vast majority of whom have joined this year from P3D/FSX world. But no matter, X-Plane is doing pretty well without the need for the big P3D devs. Despite that, quite a few are developing for XP including ORBX.
  3. Seems the Orbx 2018 Roadmap includes several XP11 releases including areas as well as airports https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/147038-orbx-2018-roadmap-115-screenshots/
  4. Having the same problems with Paypal. Seems to crash at the last payment window and nothing goes through.
  5. I think that those of us that frequent social media groups devoted to the various flight sim platforms have seen dramatic upsurges in the number of X-Plane users since the release of v11. Mainly from P3D/FSX. Thats not to say they are abandoning P3D/FSX but are open minded enough to use both platforms and can see the positive benefits in both.
  6. Might not be this Christmas though :)
  7. There is a certain irony in people loving P3D Orbx scenery screenshots without realising they were X-Plane and available for free. (Assuming these are from World2XPlane) Really looking forward to the reply from ORBX, should be very interesting. Assuming they don't just delete the post
  8. Now Tony from World2XP is saying they are his models over on the post at ORBX. The plot thickens https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/144238-eu-netherlands-photoreal-a-few-more/?do=findComment&comment=1273104
  9. X-Plane 11 is well optimised and getting better with each update. That said, its a 2017 release and requires 2017 hardware. Your system might be able to run P3D well which is based on 11 year old code but to run well and look great XP requires more RAM, and more VRAM than you computer has. I run XP11 pretty well on an i5 4690k and Nvidia 970. I have 16GB of Ram which is really a minimum and 4gb of VRAm again a minimum.
  10. I think its sad that that on a post that announces what could be a very important plane for X-Plane 11, the first reply is basically a tirade against X-Plane's other issues. Sure it has its issues, but then as Petabread pointed out, so do FSX and P3D. Its replies such as Chock's on X-Plane posts in X-Plane forums that fuel the animosity between simulator users.
  11. Because ortho is infinitely better looking and with autogen overlay, infinitely more accurate
  12. I think you are being over-optimistic
  13. Interesting, seeing as IXEG have only ever made one plane and that is the 733
  14. Originally London now a permanent resident of Odessa, Ukraine
  15. Prepare for some hate, even though this is an X-Plane forum. BTW I agree, I "tried" it out using the one month dev license. I will not be re-newing it