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  1. AVSIM.ru, AVSIMRUS.com and AVSIM.su

    Living in Ukraine I was at the receiving end of that ban. For quite some time I was not able to access Avsim directly. But the thing is I just used a VPN which is what the bots and trolls would do anyway. Banning entire nations from access is a sledgehammer approach that alienated a lot of simmers. Its no surprise that they decided to go it alone. The sites mentioned have some very good Eastern European freeware that I have not seen at Avsim and I have never had any issue with their downloads.
  2. The tags in the title say it's XP11
  3. As the title suggests, the first Orbx product for X-Plane is now out. https://orbxdirect.com/product/kcgx/xp11?utm_source=orbx&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=kcgx_xp11_release
  4. Not yet, its ready but there is some issues with the creating a new installer http://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/13915-saab-v15-status/?do=findComment&comment=126518
  5. Its interesting that the people that are constantly criticising your X-Plane shots are noticeably absent on this post. Very telling.
  6. And here we ago again, bashing someone for posting screenshots (in a screenshot forum) Now heres the thing, you can see the title and name of the original poster before you open the post. So to come in and comment on the post you must have made a conscious decision not to ignore it. Odd given your obvious dislike for Filou and his images
  7. A perfect answer to your critics
  8. Keep posting, they look great
  9. You do not know your Sim.

    He has not once denigrated another platform or another simmer. He has simply defended himself, with some dignity from what appear to be pointless attacks.
  10. You do not know your Sim.

    Exactly, I know Filou from my X-Plane Facebook group, his English is good but it is not his native language. He simply likes to post nice looking X-Plane shots to demonstrate how it can look. The Avism screen shot forum should be a place for just admiring the visual beauty of our chosen sims not for for getting pedantic over the wording of a sentence or colour of a screenshot.
  11. Want to give a little shout out to the excellent customer service at Laminar. Yesterday having upgraded my computer's Mobo and CPU I could not find my serial email. Normally I am fastidious about saving them but this time it went wrong. Sent an email to Laminar with expectations of hearing back within three days. However, my key was sent to me within 30 minutes and on New Years Day. Superb service from Thomson at Laminar.
  12. I am sure the 8000 plus member of the XP Group I co-run would disagree. The vast majority of whom have joined this year from P3D/FSX world. But no matter, X-Plane is doing pretty well without the need for the big P3D devs. Despite that, quite a few are developing for XP including ORBX.
  13. Orbx 2018 Roadmap

    Seems the Orbx 2018 Roadmap includes several XP11 releases including areas as well as airports https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/147038-orbx-2018-roadmap-115-screenshots/
  14. Having the same problems with Paypal. Seems to crash at the last payment window and nothing goes through.
  15. I think that those of us that frequent social media groups devoted to the various flight sim platforms have seen dramatic upsurges in the number of X-Plane users since the release of v11. Mainly from P3D/FSX. Thats not to say they are abandoning P3D/FSX but are open minded enough to use both platforms and can see the positive benefits in both.