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  1. Do you want them to release it with bugs and face a storm of complaints from customers, or would you rather wait for them to get it right so we can enjoy the product's full potential. Meanwhile, XP still works without Active Sky so I am off to enjoy that whilst I wait PATIENTLY
  2. yidahoo

    Locked threads

    The crux of the matter here is whether a serious and important debate should have been closed down due to a few members making off colour comments. Suspending them, perhaps deleting their comments would be the prudent thing to do. However halting an entire conversation means that those that have contributed in a well meaning and reasoned way have no way to further express their views. It should also be added that there is a direct conflict of interest when the moderator is also directly involved with the company being discussed.
  3. yidahoo

    TBM-900 for X-Plane released

    It's definitely Goranized. I accidentally found the retractable cup holders whilst changing fuel tanks
  4. I am hazarding a guess on final to San Fransisco as I believe the San Mateo bridge is reflected in the fuselage,
  5. yidahoo

    Project Magenta Downloads Unavailable

    I spent a not inconsiderable sum on their full Boeing suite back in 2004. Despite a few attempts to contact them through their website to re-activate the software over the years, I never heard back from them. Your post just reminded me of their existence so I tried contacting them again through their online email and it just gave me this message "Illegal characters in POST. Possible email injection attempt" despite using my registered email.
  6. yidahoo

    Whats the average age of our community?

    I was interested by this survey but wondered if it would be skewed by the fact that forums are generally an older crowd and social media attracts a younger crowd. I run a big XP11 Facebook group with close on 9000 members and decided to do a similar poll there. The results suggest there is a much higher percentage of younger users than the poll here shows. In my experience of running the group we have a huge number of young enthusiasts. These are the results, although its an X-Plane group I would expect similar results in a P3D or general flight sim group on social media. 10-20 - 68 21-30 - 101 31-40 - 101 41-50. - 117 51-60 - 49 61-70 - 28 71-80 - 5 81-90. - 1
  7. yidahoo

    RAF 100 Tour, Part 2

    Actually its 100ft for fixed wing and ground level for helicopters in the Tactical Training Areas during operation hours. Any other UK non-controlled airspace is 250ft for fixed wing and ground level helicopters.
  8. yidahoo

    Any new word?

    People have lives, sometime those lives do not always pan out in the way they expect. Its a pinned post btw
  9. I agree with you. Some of their replies to genuine XP queries have been downright rude. Whilst we know PMDG are famously tight lipped about developments, some of their put downs when asked about future plans and updates to the DC6 smack of arrogance. They don't have to tell us XP users anything but they could say nothing in a nicer way.
  10. yidahoo

    AVSIM.ru, AVSIMRUS.com and AVSIM.su

    Living in Ukraine I was at the receiving end of that ban. For quite some time I was not able to access Avsim directly. But the thing is I just used a VPN which is what the bots and trolls would do anyway. Banning entire nations from access is a sledgehammer approach that alienated a lot of simmers. Its no surprise that they decided to go it alone. The sites mentioned have some very good Eastern European freeware that I have not seen at Avsim and I have never had any issue with their downloads.
  11. The tags in the title say it's XP11
  12. As the title suggests, the first Orbx product for X-Plane is now out. https://orbxdirect.com/product/kcgx/xp11?utm_source=orbx&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=kcgx_xp11_release
  13. Not yet, its ready but there is some issues with the creating a new installer http://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/13915-saab-v15-status/?do=findComment&comment=126518
  14. Its interesting that the people that are constantly criticising your X-Plane shots are noticeably absent on this post. Very telling.
  15. And here we ago again, bashing someone for posting screenshots (in a screenshot forum) Now heres the thing, you can see the title and name of the original poster before you open the post. So to come in and comment on the post you must have made a conscious decision not to ignore it. Odd given your obvious dislike for Filou and his images