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  1. Not on XP at the moment but I am pretty sure there is an option in the graphics settings to increase to font size to 150%. It's in the lower part of the settings as I recall
  2. I was just on an MSFS post, where we X-Plane users, apparently, only stick with it, because we are so invested in addons. A bizarre blinkered comment that if true would mean I am also still flying, FS9, FS2000, FS2004, FSX and P3D. I am not, I own both MSFS and X-Plane 11 (soon 12), the simple fact is, that for me, personally (keyword) I prefer X-Plane 11. Others differ but to continually denigrate other's choices says more about the posters own insecurities than it does the intended targets.
  3. As an X-Plane DC6 owner, I feel your pain. When I bought the DC6 for X-Plane 10, I made the stupid assumption that it would be updated for XP11, either for free or for a small cost. When XP11 came out, every other developer quickly updated their product. From PMDG, crickets. Completely abandoned the project leaving XP11 users having to fumble around with hacks just to make the plane useable. Never again will they get my money.
  4. Be interesting to see if XP12 will be optimised for Apple Silicon. I will be traveling a lot over this year and am getting one of the new M1 Pro Macs to take with me. XP11, unoptimised ran surprisingly well on the original M1 chip through Rosetta 2. Given the more powerful CPU/GPU combinations and being optimised for Apple Silicon, XP12 could be very decent on a Macbook Pro
  5. That's great news. Even less reason to head to .org and it's clunky file search and cranky moderators.
  6. I cut my teeth with Bruce Artwick. All modern sims continue to amaze me compared to what we had even just a few short years ago.
  7. Inibuilds A300 series aircraft. Superb aircraft, loads of detail and depth. https://store.inibuilds.com/collections/aircraft
  8. So did I. However the sad fact is that at the moment, pretty much every decent X-Plane post is getting derailed by these trolls and eventually closed down. It's not a one off, its a constant trend. We all know who the perpetrators are, the mods know who the perpetrators are and yet they are still allowed to continue. I get a little trolling some of the time in any group, it happens. But here, it's constant, unimaginative, repetitive and downright annoying. As for childish blocking people, that's your opinion, I would rather not see these trolls comments, and would definitely not want them to see my comments.
  9. I 100% agree. I have blocked several of these people but sadly I still see their comments when they are quoted. Because they are trolls they are invariably quoted and seeing the same rubbish spouted time and time again makes visiting this forum a depressing chore. It’s really time for admin to stem the flow of people leaving by forcing one or two to leave.
  10. He points out the obviously flaws of XP in virtually every post in the forum, regardless of whether the his comments have any relevance to the post. Most of us that have been around XP for a long time are very aware of the flaws as well as it's many excellent points. Banging on about the flaws in every single post, is not good, it's trolling. His only upside is that his arguments are consistent, not well thought out but certainly consistent. Which I might add, is one of the indicators of a troll.
  11. I am very open to opinions on all sides of the argument. I am also acutely aware of when an "opinion" is a deliberate troll" and not a well thought out counter argument. Greasy constantly falls into the latter, to the point where it almost seems he cuts and pastes his trolling comments from a troll playbook.
  12. I know that's what he wants, the real question is, why is he allowed to carry on with it. As far as I am concerned it's way beyond free speech and very definitely in the realms of trolling. Quite honestly I rarely visit this forum, purely because of him. I know how to add people to the ignore list, but there will be some that don't. They may well stay away from the forum because of people like him. Had he been a member of my Facebook group he would have been gone a very long time ago.
  13. And that's Greasy finally in my ignore list. Honestly how he has gotten away with his endless negativity and trolling in this forum is beyond me. It's characters like him that are fuelling my disillusionment with flight simming in general, on all platforms.
  14. They released a hotfix several days ago that fixed many, but not all of the problems
  15. I had to go with the Xbox app route after mine got stuck in the same program/store loop. Add in the fact that I have to throttle the Internet just to download either the sim or any major updates, and you have to wonder how the world's largest software company can be so bad at delivering it's own software.
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