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  1. To suggest a question like: "How strong an edifice can be built on a foundation of shifting sand?'" is not ridiculous negativity. It is a legitimate topic for discussion on a forum such as this. To deny that the sand is shifting in light of the events of the past nine months--now that is ridiculous. To insist that all will be well in a few months or years just because we want it to be is naive.
  2. Take a look at the pre-release videos--then try to recreate them in the sim in its present state. As to what we will or will not get--you have no better idea than anyone else. What we're talking about is what we have.
  3. No, that's not what is being suggested. Just suspend the wishful thinking and the frenzied expectations and take a look at what's actually there at any given time. Then take an honest look at what was promised. It serves no one's interest to keep saying, "Of course it's shoddy and unfinished--everything is shoddy and unfinished." Neither does berating those of us who are deeply disappointed in this "sim"
  4. Like several other developers who pepper the landscape with empty promises, Asobo spends half its time creating expectations and the other half pretending to explain why it hasn't met them.
  5. Great, Thanks for the info and I do stand corrected.
  6. Actually, I've been using the "ai Carriers 2" addon for some time in P3D v4.5 and it works very well. It enables the carriers to be positioned in the water and their speed set. Your pictures are very well done. Are you using TacPack here or something else?
  7. Do you own the plane and have you personally done an arrested landing in it with AI Carrier 2 and without Tacpack? Can you vouch for the working ADF and VOR based on direct experience ? If so on both issues, I will stand corrected. Please let us know. Thanks
  8. That isn't what the product page says: Was Corsair from a period when ADF"s were installed but inoperative? That's the case in the p3d Corsair.
  9. It seems the hook doesn't function unless you purchase Tacpack.. Also do the ADF and Nav radios work? They don't in the Corsair. I think I'll pass.
  10. Reader, If you like dealing with this company, please feel free to do so. I have chosen not to for the reasons I've given.
  11. Right...here's a fact: The price on Milviz's website is $79.99 usd. Of course if you arbitrarily increase that to $90..out of thin air... then what you say makes sense. Otherwise, I'm afraid not. There's a world of difference between "salesmanship" and purposefully inaccurate statements. The question is whether the "muddling" was intentional. I can't believe that inflating the real price for the purpose of misstating the actual discount percentage was not. This together with the other things I mention in my previous post suggest to me a pattern of obfuscation.
  12. Although the Orbx page says there is a 30% discount--it actually works out to 20% in USD [63.45/79.99=80%] It's little things like this that make me suspicious of Milviz. They make nice looking [but IMHO grossly overpriced] planes but their disclaimers about the things that do not work are often quite inconspicuous--e.g. the radios in both the P3D and the MSFS Corsairs. What could have been so difficult about making a working ADF for those planes? According to their website, the forthcoming Skyraider will not have a working arresting hook--unless you also purchase TacPac. It is these things along with their intial attitude about charging for v5 updates when none of the other companies did that make me very cautious in dealing with this company.
  13. Nice pictures--not much info: Which Sim? Available now? or is it WLYKSTIFW ["We'll-let-you-know-some-time-in-the-future-ware?"] If the latter, we've got more than enough of that already.
  14. FSUIPC7 has a very large number of potential bindings for twin and multi-engine planes. I have found it to be quite useful for this purpose.
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