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  1. Well it's been a week since I emailed Vitus at his website about the Vega. Radio silence continues. My only purpose in starting this thread was to alert the community about the fact that the Vega appears to have been abandoned. I have been very gratified by the advice and support that has been offered. In the event I should hear of any news regarding what was once a very promising add-on, I will let you all know.
  2. I purchased this add-on as an "early access" offering 21 months ago. Since that time there have been many promised new features but only one small update and that was about a year ago. The aircraft in its present state is unflyable and there has been no support on the developer's website. (His last entry on his own forum was last summer.) His frequent presence on another website for developers indicates that he is deeply involved in another project unrelated to the add-on for which he has collected payments--the Vega. Since informing his customers 8 months ago that version 0.9 was, in his words, "close to finish" we have not had a single word from him anywhere about this product. This shows a lack of respect for his customers which borders on contempt. Will he do the ethical thing and refund the purchase price for this seemingly abandoned project?
  3. Thanks, I had a look at Fsdeveloper.com. His last entry was seven months ago. Is there no obligation to those of us who trusted his promises to at least keep us informed. The present version is utterly unusable. Perhaps we could at least have a patch that would render the Vega flyable. In any event, "zero" information on when this thing will be finished together with "zero" support for us who have paid in advance still equals zero which unfortunately equals the present value for this add-on.
  4. Not one single word from this developer for over six months! Some speculation on his website forum that project has been abandoned. So much for our "Early Access" money.
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