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    Vintage aircraft from the 30's and 40's. Books by pilots from this era.

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  1. No problem with "F" it is one of the keys that work. The other is "Ctl-space" they both do the same thing. It's your choice. If you have any problem just check your keyboard assignments in the Controls Options to make sure those keys are correctly mapped. BTW I'm assuming your not using VR. With VR the process is a little different.
  2. If you are anywhere in the cockpit view, either "Ctl-space" or the "F" key will bring you back to the view you set with ctl-f10. Both do the same thing. It's called "Reset Cockpit View" on the default Keyboard settings list. Just to be clear, this will not work if you are in external view, nor will it work if you have changed the default keyboard commands. But it works well if you are in the overhead panel, for example..or anywhere inside the aircraft.
  3. An unqualified statement by a business with a date certain that is made repeatedly week after week is hardly an "estimate."
  4. If that is so, why publish them at all. It's like saying "Here's some information that may or may not be accurate." I really don't get it.
  5. What is the point of releasing "Development Roadmaps" every week if the information in them is not accurate? As recently as last Thursday they indicated that the "Local Legend IV" would also be released today. They have been saying that for weeks. When the day arrives, they tell us that it won't be until Thursday May 19. Isn't no information better than misinformation?
  6. Really great shots. I love the repaint especially the instrument panel. Is it available?
  7. I've most definitely purchased my last product from Simmarket.
  8. How did you get the radios tuned and then to swap frequencies from standby to active? Am I missing something?
  9. I would agree that Pamela Booker's involvement indeed bodes well. She has done several first rate FMs.
  10. Could you elaborate on what those "indications" as to quality might be?
  11. Or perhaps not set a date or list a feature until you have it. I buy an awful lot of things (software included) that don't need to be completed after I buy them.
  12. An excellent point. Perhaps we can recognize this and practice a bit more forbearance. The map is not the territory and the announcement is not the product.
  13. I would agree with you on this. It does seem that most of the advertising I am referring to consists of long lists of features many of which are missing at the time of release. In some cases they arrive later, much later, or not at all. Many are now suggesting, wisely I think, that "release day" purchases are quickly becoming a thing of the past. The wiser course of action is to wait for a thoughtful and objective review (such as your own perhaps) rather than risking money and, much more importantly at my age, time on a product that is not what it is held out to be.
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