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  1. *** SOLVED **** I had Steam Overlay turned ON in the Steam Settings but it was off in the FlightSim (in game) settings in the Steam window. Thus - I was not able to see the request for payment authorization
  2. I am trying to purchase the OV-10 in the Market Place. I press Buy and Download and then see the message: Purchase in Progress (Blue box is shadowed and white lettering is dim) and the notification icon shows Purchase Pending I wait 10-minutes and the message never changes. FlightSim.exe sends a few bytes per second and receives about 15K bytes/second but never does anything else. This is on a 1 Gb/sec Comcast connection. The SSD where Steam/Flight Sim lives has 568GB of free space. I've tried this purchase five times since Thursday evening - always with the same result. My Microsoft Store account has two valid payment methods and I verified I can purchase something thru the Store. What am I doing wrong?
  3. No you don’t. Latest is 4.4.4. Redownload. Reinstall. Caveat you will probably have so suspend your AV, for the duration of download and install. His installer is acting up. He and MS are working a resolution but in the meantime, turn AV off. Just for download/Install. The C414 Chancellor for MSFS 2020 V4.4.4 is now available at the FLYSTORE. I did all those things before I posted. The store shows 4.4.4 is the latest but I just deleted all downloads from the store and uninstalled 414aw and then downloaded from the store, unzipped, and installed into community. AVAST is totally disabled during download and install. NOW - I find the change log says: ================= C414A V 4.4.4 HOTFIX 03-7-2024 ================= When in doubt - start over?
  4. Purchased it thru the FlySimWare online store when it was first released and have kept it updated. Downloaded (March 8, 2024 at 10:15 zulu) the latest version from the website, which the web says is 4.4.4 The changelog in the file I downloaded says: ================= C414A V 4.4.3 HOTFIX 03-5-2024 ================= and the mainifest (create date 3/6/24) for that new downloaded says: { "dependencies": [], "content_type": "AIRCRAFT", "title": "C414AW Chancellor", "manufacturer": "Flysimware", "creator": "Flysimware", "package_version": "4.4.3", "minimum_game_version": "1.36.2", "release_notes": { "neutral": { "LastUpdate": "VERSION 4.4.3 RELEASED MARCH 5, 2024\\n....SEE CHANGELOG AVAILABLE ON FLYSIMWARE MAIN WEBSITE PRODUCT PAGE! ", "OlderHistory": "" } } } SO - Do I have the latest version? If not - how do I get the update? The autopilot in my version does NOT work!
  5. What is thee "incompatible MSFS version" message? I also get it in the Reset edition of the app.
  6. I fly a lot out of smaller GA fields with no scheduled service. For example, KSEE and KMYF in San Diego county. How to I prevent the Hertz bus and giant ARFF engines and Hoist catering trucks from appearing? I still want to see ICE, airport service vehicles, or other small trucks - just not the big ones servicing scheduled airliners.
  7. My issue here is really not about FPS. But rather the interesting technical problems I encounter in the MSFS world. I spent my entire professional life, starting with NASA in 1969, resolving technical problems at the hardware/software/user interfaces. I do enjoy that kind of work. Flight Sim 2020, and all versions prior, have given me thousands of hours of enjoyment solving interesting computer problems. I fly the sim as much to exercise my fading computer technical skills as I do improving my simulator pilot skills.
  8. The problem went away - SEVERAL TIMES! - I moved, for the second time, the sim to my 32" monitor and disconnected the 48" 4K monitor which is display port from the RTX 3060Ti. The 32" monitor is HDMI from the motherboard integrated graphics Intel UHD 630 at 60Hz. The 32" monitor also showed a locked 40 FPS. I then quit the sim to desktop and rebooted the PC with only one (32" 1920x1080) monitor but connected to the HDMI output from the RTX 3060Ti. I then started the sim and changed the in game resolution to 1920x1080. I then saw 60+ FPS running the sim at mostly high settings with DLSS/Quality. I increased the options to Ultra and 300/200 Terrain and Object LOD and still saw >45 FPS. I quit to desktop and shutdown the PC. I reconnected the Display Port to the 48" monitor and moved the 32" monitor cable back to the integrated graphics HDMI output. I then ran the sim using the 48" monitor at 3840/2160 120Hz and saw >50 FPS at high settings. I made no other software or hardware changes, I flew for several hours while stopping and starting the sim. I continued to see >50 FPS. Next day I started the sim, just as I left it when it was running >50 FPS, but AGAIN the FPS was locked at 40. I repeated the steps described above (moving the sim to the other PC...) and once back in the normal configuration - I again saw > 50 FPS. That was five days, eight PC restarts, and about 15 sim restarts ago and I am still seeing >50 FPS when the options are set at high, I have no idea why any of this worked the way it did.
  9. When I click EXIT in the Dev Mode pull down menus - I get the GPU error message and the sim crashes. What config file or where else can I turn Dev Mode off BEFORE starting the sim because the sim always starts with it ON.
  10. FPS will now exceed 70 but no idea why. I moved the sim to run on monitor 2 - a Samsung 32" 1920x1080x60Hz device. Once there I was able to get >70FPS (Dev Mode measure agreed with RTSS and nVida) in Low settings and >50 FPS in high/ultra with levels of detail at 200. Setting Vsynch ON in the sim resulted in FPS at 60 Hz I then MOVED (no sim restart) to the AORUS monitor and saw FPS >60 in Low settings and 45 - 50 in High settings. Shut down the sim and rebooted Win 11 - Still see >45 FPS in the sim. Nothing seems to have changed except the frame rate now exceeds 40.
  11. Every setting I can find, including graphics, is set to a refresh rate of 120Hz. I am pretty sure it works because if I change display settings to 60 Hz the max FPS I ever see is 20 and changing to 24 gives a max FPS of 6. It is obvious, at least to me, that SOMEWHERE/SOMETHING in my system is limiting the screen update to 33% of the refresh rate. The problem ONLY occurs in FS 2020 - no other app or game is limited. But, during the last two months of investigation, I cannot find what is limiting the actual screen update rate.
  12. I am running in Full Screen and DX11 shows the same behavior as does DX12. Other applications, e.g. Assetto Corsa or a 4k video benchmark, running simultaneous with the sim show 65 to 140 FPS using the same RTSS or nVidia counters. Changing to 60 Hz does not change the 40 FPS limit (wherever it is). running with all sim options set to low and TOD / LOD set as low as possible yields 40 FPS as does options at high TOD / LOD at 200. The frame time and GPU ms show by Dev Mode do change as expected when changing the other sim options. Changing Vsync to 50% or 33% with 60 Hz refresh does result in max FPS changing to 30 or 20 as expected.
  13. Mace - you are correct! The user.cfg was set to 1 for vsynch despite the General Options showing Vsynch OFF just before I close the sim. Every other option in user.cfg is saved as shown in General Options but NOT Vsync? i checked user options for Win 11 and find I have full authority for the folder and file. I set vsynch to 0 in user.cfg and started the sim. I set all traffic to 0. General Options shows vsync OFF but the frame rate never exceeds 40 and the frame time is always between 24.8 and 25.1 (40 FPS) but the CPUs do not exceed 35% and the GPU 50%. I closed the sim, checked user.cfg, verified vsync was 0, and restarted the sim. Still cannot exceed 40 FPS no matter what. Dev Mode shows 13.5ms frame time and GPU at 7.7ms and 40 FPS with all settings to the lowest possible values Changing General Options to HIGH with Dev Mode shows 16.5ms frame time and GPU at 11.8 ms and 40 FPS with TOD at 300 and LOD at 200.
  14. One more image with sim settings as low as I can get them - still 40 FPS
  15. This is an easy one, very obvious when I read his monitor is at 120Hz. SierraDelta already posted the solution. That does seem obvious and is probably an answer - but HOW is it happening? I have Vsynch OFF everywhere I find it. And, no other app is limited so it must be something in the sim. Where else should I be looking for Vsynch?
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