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  1. Trying to fly an approach to RWY 9 at KTEX, which is at 9,070'. I had set the ambient temp at 38° C, with no clouds and you see the OAT at 11,200' while on the ILS was 58° F. I had descended from 14,500' with no problem and then suddenly, just as I approached the IAF - the windows iced up. The ice did not melt until I had been on the ground at 100° F for a while. Seems unusual? This has also happened other times in clear air at temps above 10°C but I ignored it at that time.
  2. The flight plan shows NO altitude for any of the RNAV fixes so I assume the AP does not try to use VNAV - is that incorrect? Once past OPOYU, where the Jeppesen chart shows a constant 3° glide slope the AP shows GS IF the RNAV approach is working correctly. When it goes into a spiral dive the PFD shows GPS AP ALT 2400 with the VS box as ... . WHY does it work one time and not the next when I restart the flight from the same spot and never touch the controls? I am trying to post a series of screen shots that captured the deviation but whenever I put a URL into the Insert Image box - the box turns RED. I tested that using the URL (same website and folder - different .prn), which I have used for every other screen shot I've successfully posted here. Now those images can't be posted but they do appear in my old threads when I go back to them.
  3. When I paste a URL into the insert image box - the box turns red. This is an image on my public Yahoo file space from which I have posted dozens of pictures here in the past. The process is simple and worked fine for images in my public folder as recently as mid-September. Now - I can find no way to paste or insert an image into a one of my topics I started here. I am pretty good with this stuff and am stumped. ??? I just tried to insert an image, which I successfully inserted into another topic here in mid-September. I copied the URL from the image which was successful in September and pasted into the Insert Image box and it turned RED - but the URL was identical to the one in the successful insert (split screen to compare the two URLs) Something is not working for me
  4. Still trying to make the G36T (R. Young Turbo Bonanza) fly a consistent RNAV approach every time, with only a bit of success. Flight Plan to test KOLM RWY 17 (GPS) RNAV approach with CARRO transition KTIW (Rwy 35) VPGIG VC018 CARRO (IAF) BOSTO (IF) OPOYU KOLM (Rwy 17) Saved flight at 0.9 NM east of VCO18 so I can have a shorter restart for testing. At 1-minute prior to VC018 I ACTIVATE the approach and I see the AP change the next waypoint to CARRO (approach IAF) Everything works fine as the AP flies from BOSTO to OPOYU at 2,400' and 128 kts. The flight plan page shows the approach is active and the magenta line connects BOSTO to OPOYU. At 0.2 NM west (prior to) OPOYU (where flight path begins the 3° glide slope) the AP puts in full left aileron and begins a bank that quickly exceeds 60°. After a few seconds the AP puts in full nose up trim, and of course the plane stalls. The PFD and MFD both show OPOYU as the next waypoint with an increasing distance as the plane spirals downward. I restart the flight and try the approach several more times. Sometimes it banks left, sometimes banks right at OPOYU but it always puts in full nose up trim and stalls. Finally, I decide to see what happens if I recover from the stall and get the nose pointed at the airport and RWY 17. I then switch the CDI to LOC where I have tuned the ILS. The AP then flies a beautiful, smooth ILS approach. So - I restart again from just east of VCO18 (Load Saved Flight) and try the RNAV approach again. This time it works PERFECTLY and flies the plane right down to the TDZ. ???? Since I was loading a saved flight each time - I am quite sure I changed nothing between the flights that stalled and the flight that successfully completed the RNAV 17 approach. Just prior to this RNAV testing - I deleted all references in the Community folder to Working Title G1000 V3.0 and then downloaded a new GitHub zip, extracted it and moved it into Community. This was done BEFORE any of the RNAV testing. HOW do I verify the G1000 Working Title mods are actually working in my G36T?
  5. Flying the G36T (R. Young Turbo Bonanza) with the Working Title G1000 updates. I was established on the KOLM RWY 17 RNAV (GPS) approach. I had activated the approach prior to the IAF at CARRO. The AP tracked to CARRO then to BOSTO (IF) then to OPOYU, which is the end of the step down altitude changes and is the beginning of the constant 3° glide slope. I was at 2,400' (the required attitude at OPOYU) at the top of the white arc on the IAS flying the 176° course to the runway. At OPOYU, the last fix 6.8 NM from the TDZ, the AP made a 180° turn and flew back to BOSTO while the PFD and MFD both showed the waypoint to be OPOYU. The MFD also had the magenta line in the Flight Plan box showing the plane was on the BOSTO to OPOYU leg. The plane continued on a course of 359 until I stopped the flight. What do I need to do to make RNAV work on a very simple approach?
  6. Lost all my mods to G1000, G3000, and Bonanza G36. The G36T mods (Robert Young) have vanished. The COMMUNITY folder looks perfect. Can not make mouse cursor move off the main screen - when it hits edge of screen it starts rotating the view but the icon vanishes When I do get the mouse icon moved to 2nd screen and click there to establish the focus - it still ALSO clicks on the main screen and changes the view. I cannot do anything with Navigraph, LittleNavMap, or any other addition that I run on the 2nd screen without the mouse activity there also affecting the sim displayed on the primary monitor. When using mouse icon to rotate dials or click buttons - suddenly the view starts spinning around the cockpit I have many different mice and they all work the same way. Lost all my sensitivity settings for yoke and pedals. After installing the yoke sensitivities were all -100%, the dead zone +50%...etc Cannot enter D-> on any GPS - the entry appears but when I click Activate it just returns the cursor to the last character in the Waypoint Ignores dead zone for CH Yoke R Z U axis. My old CH yoke generates random one-bit up/down on those axis (eg R (propeller) frequently moves from 0 to 1 and back. I use CH Manager to create a dead zone of 5 but somehow the FS 2020 axis monitor in controls shows a constant jiggle. I set a dead zone in the control sensitivity box of 5% (the R axis range is 255 so 5% seems to be a little more than 12. CH Manger never shows more than a one bit variation (1) but the propeller knob/lever in every plane constantly jiggles and it reflected in the RPM or torque gauges. I have yet to find a way to stop the jiggling. NONE of those problems occurred prior to installing - the sim was working wonderfully and I had all my control sensitivities at just the levels, which made things work so smoothly. I am sure I can fix all this - but the sim was working so well yesterday.
  7. In Real Life there seems to be contradictory instructions: Here is what the G1000 Cessna Nav PDF says on page 2-42: Select Approach Select Approach allows the pilot to choose a published instrument approach for the destination airport or replace the current approach with a new selection. To select an approach for a direct-to or flight plan destination airport: 1. From an active flight plan, press the PROC key to display the Procedures options window. Activate Approach Activate Approach allows the pilot to activate the approach when ready to begin navigating the approach course (cleared for the approach). To activate the approach for a direct-to or flight plan destination airport: 1. From an active flight plan, press the PROC key to display the Procedures options window. HOWEVER ! Page 2-40 says: Load Approach Load Approach allows the pilot to select a published instrument approach for the destination airport, or replace the current approach with a new selection. To select an approach for a direct-to or flight plan destination airport: 1. From the Flight Plan Window, press the MENU key to display the page menu options. 2. Turn the FMS knob to highlight ‘Load Approach’, then press the ENT key. A window appears listing the available approaches for the destination airport. 3. Turn the FMS knob to select the desired approach, then press the ENT key. A window appears listing the available transitions for the approach. 4. Turn the FMS knob to select the desired transition or vectors, then press the ENT key. NOTE: The ‘Vectors’ option assumes that the pilot will receive vectors from ATC to the final course segment of the approach. 5. With ‘LOAD?’ highlighted, press the ENT key to load the approach. 6. To activate the approach, turn the large FMS knob to highlight ‘ACTIVATE?’, then press the ENT key. Nothing in the above states a Flight Plan has to be active for the Direct To
  8. I have the darkness problem in the cockpit only when a bit of sky is visible above the instrument panel. With "Few Clouds" and an inch of sky visible I cannot read the steam gauges or labels on the panel - just too dark. If I lower my sight line just enough that NO sky is visible - then the panel instantly brightens and I can easily read all the fine print. When I look up so even a tiny sliver of sky is visible - I cannot see the panel because it is so dark. Seems to be a contrast problem - at least for me.
  9. OH - never mind! It was AVAST file security!! AVAST asked me if I wanted to trust the file and I said Yes but then AVAST went ahead and told Windows not to let the file run. Turned off AVAST and everything installed and the app works great
  10. HELP! - I've installed the app on my iPad with no problem. I've downloaded FS Map Tool Server Setup 1.0.2 to a hard drive on my Windows 10 system. I run the Setup program as an Administrator (Properties are set to Full Control for the program) and get the message "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file...." I am the administrator and the ONLY user on the system. I have full access to everything and never have security related problems installing software. What is this setup program trying to do that is so upsetting Windows Security? I copy the setup program to the SSD/Community folder where FS 2020 lives and give it FULL CONTROL and it does install OK but NO icon appears in the system tray and nothing new starts (I use task manager to check all the programs and processes). The second time I try to run (as administrator) the setup program I get the "cannot access" message What am I doing wrong? Have deleted everything and started over with a fresh download three times now with the same result. Navigraph works perfectly on my iPad and VFR map works perfectly on my 2nd display so I know my version of FS 2020 will talk to the outside world.
  11. I guess I forgot to say that I use multiple monitors. I start FS 2020 on the main monitor and then do some useful work on the secondary screen. When Press Any Key appears - I mouse click on that screen and go back to the secondary monitor/work. I probably do lose a second or two of productivity with this method. BUT - that is the joy of retirement - Productivity is of no concern now!
  12. I just click the mouse as soon as I see the screen - what is the problem? Milliseconds?
  13. There are many You Tube videos showing how to export LitteNav flight plans to FS 2020 - e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_gx3wZ3m6k&ab_channel=scisimmer I use SimBrief because it seems easier and simpler to me. SimBrief is not as sophisticated as LittleNav but I find it much easier to use - there most recent update makes it a One-Click export operation.
  14. Nothing works to solve the problem you describe. I have posted several times about this issue and no proposed solution allows me to get the waypoints in the desired order. The ONLY exception I can find is IF each waypoint is further distant from the Departure airport than is the previous one. Many respondents have said this is a trivial issue and not worthy of our concern. I feel that the inability to add waypoints in the desired order is one of the most basic functions that should be available in a modern flight sim.
  15. KSAN Rwy 9 - upon touchdown I see a clear runway to the far end. About two seconds into braking (Bonanza landing at 80 kts) a large green/white striped wall suddenly appears across the full width of the runway. Plane hits it and I am told the plane was destroyed and I get black screen of death. Doesn't happen on every landing but does on many. Also runway lights in many inappropriate places such as runway intersections and taxiways. DHL 767 parked crossways in middle of KSAN only runway (not at any taxiway) with smaller GA plane under the belly of the DHL.
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