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  1. Pilot Handbook says approach at 90 knots with NO flaps and 79 knots with 30° flaps YouTube LiveWire - Scott Perdue has a lot of great videos about flying the Bonanza - he (if I remember correctly) says over the fence at 95 knots in most circumstances He is a retired F-16 pilot and a real fly by the numbers guy. He also does great crash analysis videos for Bonaza incidents And... he teaches aerobatics in the Bonanza
  2. I had a very different experience compared to the comments here when I upgraded my processor, memory, GPU, motherboard (twice). The first mobo upgrade used the same processor as prior to the upgrade. I did nothing to flight sim (on SSD dedicated to just the sim) and Win 10 (on SSD dedicated to Windows and other necessary software). Windows 10 asked for my registration key and Flight Sim did not appear to notice any of my changes. I then accidently trashed the mobo (clumsy fingers when inserting the new processor for the 2nd stage of the upgrade) and had to buy and install a duplicate. Windows 10 asked for my registration key and Flight Sim did not appear to notice any of my changes. I then replaced the processor and again...Windows 10 asked for my registration key and Flight Sim did not appear to notice any of my changes. I've been fooling around with building windows based PCs for decades and have seldom had to do a Windows reinstall after mobo or processor upgrade.
  3. You MUST have a destination file in the Flight Plan - it can be entered manually (while in flight) thru the G1000Nxi screen. No Destination - then No Approach is offered as a selection
  4. C:/Windows/System32/Drivers/etc Edit the host (that is the entire file name and has no extension) and hosts.ics using Notepad - in Notepad you have to tell it to look at all files not just *.txt, which is the default
  5. Did it to me in the middle of a flight - all of sudden ATC was ordering me around, verbally and on the message screen after having turned all that stuff off prior to the flight. Opened up Assistance and found it all set to EASY. I changed back to what I want and now after five more flights totaling six hours my preferred setting remain as I wish.
  6. I thought this very annoying problem was to be resolved in SU7! Is there any hope the sim will ever have a useful flight planner? Yes - I know USE SimBrief which I do - but...
  7. I refuse to use FaceBook - does that eliminate Oculus 2 as an option for me when flying in MSFS?
  8. I am VR naïve but very interested in trying it. When flying in VR mode - how do I see and use my CH Yoke and throttle quadrant? Do I have to do everything by touch?
  9. I am having this problem in several aircraft. It seems to be a mouse issue - when I place the cursor over a knob (e.g. Alt or AP) and see a hand appear and then click - sometimes nothing happens. If I move the cursor just a mm or two, the hand remains in place but when I click the button works. This is new, IMHO, to SU7 - it used to be that WHEN the cursor hand appeared - then the button always worked but that is not the case, at least on my system, since SU7.
  10. Thanks for posting this. I was looking at the LVFR static aircraft thru Contrail yesterday and that page showed only the original 41 airports. Now it has been updated
  11. I agree with that statement! I did correct almost all the data streaming and lost connection errors by deleting two lines from host (no suffix) and hosts.ics files. Since doing that I have had NO TCP errors. However, I have several sets of notes about the same errors which, are dated months before GoogleMaps mod became available. I have TCP trace files from way back then showing flightsim.exe and the Bing/Azure servers both issuing RESET commands, which then lead to the disconnect and data streaming error messages. I believe that most of the recent TCP errors are caused by incorrect shutdown of the GoogleMap replacement mod (command prompt window) and will be fixed by cleaning those files. BUT... I am convinced there are also Bing/Azure server problems.
  12. Indeed you are correct! I did delete the lines you describe (made them into comments) and flew (using Bing/Azure data) a complex 90-minute flight with a STAR and ILS approach with no problems and a steady 55+ fps rate. I also had my typical 52-mods loaded into the sim. MY confusion (and I suspect others might be similarly confused based on comments here) is that there are TWO files of concern in ...Drivers/etc - hosts.ics and host (no type suffix). BOTH of them need to be set back to "normal Flightsim 2000" settings AFTER running the GoogleMaps mod. I had only been paying attention to hosts.ics because, during the early days of this problem, host (no type) was empty, containing only comments explaining what the file could be used for. Sometime during my testing, and probably mishandling the GoogleMaps mod, the two lines I mentioned ( kh.ssl.ak.tiles.virtualearth.net & khstorelive.azureedge.net) were added to hosts (no type suffix). When you described deleting those files I did a whois on the url and found both lines (urls) point to MicroSoft Bing/Azure data servers. So I assumed (and that makes me one) the lines had been added by flightsim and not the GoogleMaps mod. Thus I saw no reason to delete them. Now, following your advice, I see deleting those lines in host (no type suffix) solved the "low bandwidth" problem. I did discover another disturbing aspect of the GoogleMaps mod - after flightsim.exe had a CTD while running the mod - I forgot to STOP the mod and instead killed it so it did not do it's cleanup. That left two lines in host.ics as has been discussed. I then ran the GoogleMaps mod again and started flightsim.exe. This time the sim ran to completion and I stopped the mod in a graceful fashion. I did see in the cmd pmpt window that the mod told me it deleted the two added lines in hosts.ics. When I opened hosts.ics I found there were still TWO lines in there. I then did some more testing and found that WHEN the two lines are left in hosts.ics, due to user error, the mod, when started again, adds TWO MORE identical lines and then deletes ONLY the two lines it had added during the immediate execution. The mod does not check to see if hosts.ics contains the necessary lines prior to adding them and it does not verify that it has deleted ALL copies of the two lines when it normally ends. A lot of confusing stuff here - BUT the bottom line for me is twofold: 1) The GoogleMap mod provides exquisite image in the areas I fly VFR low and slow 2) The GoogleMap mod is safe and easy to use IF the user follows the detailed instructions precisely and completely.
  13. My TCP traces and ProcMon traces do not show any high jacking or any of the changes you suggest. My host file does not contain any of the stuff you describe. This is my host file while I am having trouble: kh.ssl.ak.tiles.virtualearth.net khstorelive.azureedge.net Any line in host that begins with a # is a comment and thus not effective
  14. My C:/Windows/System32/Drivers/Etc contains: hosts (a file created by the GoogleMap mod) hosts.ics (the required file-but my flightsim works fine without it)
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