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  1. JPLogistics Cessna 152 - lots of interesting variants are available and you can add advanced avionics if you really want to. Low - Slow - High Wing
  2. My 8-core system shows pretty even utilization across all 8-cores (i7-9700K @ 4.7 GHz). Here are two screen shots flying the TBM out of KSAN with most settings at Ultra in order to stress the system:
  3. You can buy a Kingston NV2 1TB M.2 2280 NVMe PCIe Internal SSD for $44 - put in one for AddOns and one for MSFS and loading time gets really short.
  4. "The only thing that pleases those who try it for the first time is the color of the more realistic groun and better road network quality." How would you know what I like or why I use it? "Lol, pay for an MSFS hack made by a chinese user that Microsoft can stop anytime they want? No thanks." How can Microsoft stop me from using the app? How is this different than any of the wonderful devs from eastern Europe or SE Asia? "Also, it is no good for flying over water, squares with different colors everywhere." The great feature of the app is that you DO NOT HAVE TO USE IT! If you find the water tiles loaded by the app to be offensive - then don't start the app before flying over water! I do love the flexibility of the app and the great support the developer provides. Almost all my flying is done below 10,000' and below 150 knots and the google tiles are wonderful in that environment. I have not had a single problem with the app or caused by the app in the last 500-hours of flying. It is a tremendous accomplishment for a single dev to provide such a service to our community.
  5. 600Mbs connection with MSFS on a dedicated SSD. Addons linked by AddOn Manager are on a separate SSD dedicated to just them. And, Windows 11 is on it's own dedicated SSD. So - Windows stuff and MSFS are all coming from very fast SSD sources. Click on FLY (from Main Menu - I think that is what the OP meant?) with empty community and no addons takes 31-seconds to see the plane on the runway. With my "normal" community (about 14 permanent entries) and 70 or so AddOn links it takes about 57-seconds to get to the runway. When I start the sim from the desktop with NO community it takes 1'31" to get to the main menu and 1' 55" with all the "normal" stuff and 70 Addons. These numbers have not changed in any of the last updates. The numbers above always include Map Enhancement and FSR running and FSUIPC and TDS 750 loaded with the sim. My MFS system has no security or firewall running.
  6. Occasionally, while flying I notice the FPS has stabilized at 19 - 20 in locations where it is normally a steady 30. Sometimes this is at the very start of a session or sometimes in the middle. Shutting down the sim and restarting restores the 30 FPS with no other changes. BUT - what is odd, at least seems odd to me!, is that changing the MSFS settings from Ultra to Low End or anything in between causes almost no change in FPS or usage. For example: Ultra Settings - FPS 19 - 20 / CPU usage 47% to 67% spread across 5 of 7 CPUs / GPU usage 22% to 60% CPU service time 27 to 31ms and GPU service time 21.5 to 22.7 ms Low Settings - FPS 20 - 21 / CPU usage 28% to 62% spread across 5 of 7 CPUs / GPU usage 9% to 34% CPU service time 26 to 31ms and GPU service time 11.9 to 12.1 ms When the sim is running "normally" I use a combination of mostly ULTRA with a few High settings: - FPS 29 - 30 / CPU usage 65% to 85% spread across 5 of 7 CPUs / GPU usage 98% to 100% CPU service time 22 to 24ms and GPU service time to 19 to 22 ms This is in Win 11 / DX12 / DLSS Balanced My inquiry is mostl curiosity because there is an easy fix (restart) and it does not happen very often. I am careful to ensure NOTHING is running that is not necessary to support the sim and Task Manager shows that to be true. I have NO security software running and NO firewall. Network is 600+ Bps. Any thoughts? I have seen this topic mentioned before but no one has mentioned that changing sim settings does not change FPS or usage.
  7. My most recent occurrence was in the Main Menu which I returned to after completing a 60-minute flight in the C414aw at High and Ultra settings on a 4K monitor with about 50 addons loaded. Had a great flight with fps at a steady 30. GPU temp stayed below 75°C the entire time. Then while in the Main Menu trying to decide if I wanted to quit or start another flight - CTD with the graphics error It really is random - has happened to me off and on since last September with four different NVidia drivers, a 48" 4K Monitor and a 32" HD monitor. I flew about 40-hours in Ultra and High with no problems and the same driver. Now I've had four CTD with the graphics error in the last 10-hours of flight time with no changes to my system other than moving from Win 10 to Win 11. GPU temp, utilization, driver seem to have no impact on when the error occurs. But - at least for me, the graphics error is just a minor annoyance and certainly not worth my trying to "fix it" - I just reboot Windows (don't know why I do that!) and go fly again with seldom a follow on error.
  8. I was having the same blank screen problem with the C414. After considerable help from TDS I discovered that during my Win 10 to Win 11 upgrade last week changes were made to my security profile. In Win 10 I had ALL AVAST security and firewall protection turned OFF permanently on my MSFS PC. That allowed the TDS update process to work properly. However, when Win 11 was installed ALL the AVAST security stuff was automagically (I did not ask for it and did not notice it) turned back on, which prevented the TDS update working properly. But, I continued to have a functioning TDS GTNXi 750 in my C414 - until I decided to update my TDS software. The failing update did not generate any error message so when I then reinstalled the latest TDS software upgrade (to GTNXi I ended up with the blank screen. I turned off ALL AVAST stuff in Win 11, rebooted, ReInstalled TDS, and now the TDS stuff works as it used to. This problem was made so confusing by the almost simultaneous upgrade from Win 10 to Win 11 and the latest update to the C414 and... in Dev Mode the Simconnect Inspector showed the proper TDS gauge module running - but not doing anything useful.
  9. I have used Proc Mon for many decades to help resolve issues in Windows systems. I am currently working on a problem with TDS and PMS apps that seem to work perfectly but the screens on the instrument panels stay black. Dev Mode Simconnect monitor shows things working properly but still a black screen. SO ... I started Proc Mon to find the problem and receive the following message when the Sim is loading: Themida A monitor program has been found running in your system. Please, unload it from memory and restart your program Themida is an application used by application developers to prevent users from reverse engineering code or code protection. I have never seen this message before and wonder if anyone else has experience with it in the MSFS world? I removed both TDS and PMS software from Community so, it would seem, they are not responsible but then... who is? In the last week I have upgraded to Win 11 and uninstalled and reinstalled all the TDS and PMS software. Are my days of using Proc Mon done?
  10. All day today (May 21 starting at 1400Z and it is now 2000Z) I keep getting kicked offline due to slow network despite my network monitor showing a consistent 520Mbs connection. Any ideas why this problem has lasted so long? It is usually quite intermittent but now occurs 100% of the time. When I go into the sim settings and turn online back on I get a message "Applying" and and round circle spinning at the bottom of the screen. After several minutes the "bandwidth too low" message reappears and I am never able to turn Data online back on. I eventually have to kill MSFS. Nothing else running - No map enhancement or any other add ons.
  11. My V2.0.2 G3X autopilot activates and works in ROL and PTCH mode but there is no way to change to HDG, NAV, VNAV or anything similar. I have been using Vertigo since it was first released and love to fly it. But, it is a lot of work with an AP that does not really work. I have also carefully followed the instructions to use the JD mods for the GTN 750 but get the same result only it is in LVL and ALT mode. There is no way to change the AP mode. No amount of clicking anywhere in the three blank boxes, near them, or anywhere else - makes anything happen. Using DEV mode I can switch to other aircraft that use the G3X and GTN 750 (either PMS or TDS) and the autopilot in any of them, e.g. 414aw, works perfectly. Switching back to Vertigo - I find a very handicapped AP. Looking at the panel.cfg and .html files - I see them referencing the proper files but nothing good happens. After I tried a lot of testing I deleted all my Vertigo stuff and downloaded a new version an reinstalled it but have the same problem.
  12. Had the same problem yesterday. Logged out and closed the web page. Logged back in and has worked great since then.
  13. I did a full flight with Dev Mode off the entire time and the flight was logged. Thanks for helping
  14. Maybe you turned on developer mode on April 30? Flights made in developer mode don't count for the logbook. I was unaware of that! I frequently turn on Dev mode while flying and then turn it off again. Does the flight get logged if I start and stop Dev mode within the flight? How about if I either start in Dev mode and then turn it off -or- the other way around?
  15. Dozens of flights since April 30. Each one shuts down and the Sim shows me the log book entry but it is always for a flight I made on April 30, 2023. I've tried ASOBO planes and 3rd party planes but always the same result. I see many reports of this problem in the official bug reports but no resolution and no new reports in the last year. Not a big deal - but any suggestions?
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