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  1. This sounds like a cool update, however I am a bit disappointed that the ability to minimise this app to the System Tray has not been added with this update.
  2. That’s a really interesting and helpful observation. Been watching the Fenix streams and even though the plane and the work they’ve done is incredible, I did notice the CPU main thread getting hammered whenever the Dev Counter was opened by the streamers. In my experience with this sim being CPU limited is what causes the bad stutters especially on a busy event on Vatsim. I wonder how much that has to do with the EFB which is incredibly advanced. I’ve been waiting for the 800 to be the first ever PMDG product I own; but with the performance of the 700 in the sim which might be aided by the lack of EFB I’m actually tempted to get the 700 over the 800 now.
  3. Using the latest beta 1.9, just finished a flight on Vatsim to Zurich from Lugano. Using the TDS 750nxi, the auto pilot was perfect. Got put into a hold and then vectored for the ILS. Hold Entry (teardrop) and LOC / GS capture was flawless. This bird oozes character.
  4. I too have noticed the tendency to bank left once in the air. I can't seem to pinpoint though because it's not uniform as in I don't notice it every time so I'm not sure what's causing it. My control sensitivities are -20 on pitch, roll and rudder in MSFS.
  5. Really liking this plane. Best in MSFS so far for me, hands down. I have fixed the Cockpit Quick Views along with the Pilot, Close, Landing and Co-Pilot Views. Quick View Up looks at the Lighting Panel as this plane doesn't have an overhead and Quick View Rear looks down. Sharing, in case anybody else would like to give it a try: Download for edited cameras.CFG file Go to flysimware-cessna-414a in the Community Folder. Then to SimObjects then Airplanes then flysimware_Cessna_414A Folder and then find the file called "cameras.CFG" Please back up this file as it is the original and you can always revert to this in case of issues. Once backed up and saved in a different location, replace the cameras.CFG file with the one that you downloaded from the link posted above.
  6. Yikes. I think I'll stick with the PMS gtn 🙂
  7. Is there any way to get European Nav Data and Airport Diagrams on the TDS gtn750?
  8. Not sure if this helps or not, but I found that the airport taxiway signs that load correctly in LNM from the airports in the One Store Folder are titled [asobo-airport-klax-losangeles] etc. but the ones that do not load the taxi way signs are all [microsoft-airport-eggp-john-lennon] etc. So basically all the airports that load taxiways in LNM correctly start with asobo in the name of the folder and the ones that don't start with microsoft. In their manifest.json files under 'Creator' it says Asobo & Microsoft respectively. Will changing the name of the folder to asobo instead of microsoft and then reloading user scenery in LNM work to load the taxiways correctly?
  9. Apologies for the delayed response. Don't have a link to the airport as it defaults with MSFS. Once you download World Update 3 it writes over the default MSFS EGGP I think. Probably an issue to resolve for Asobo rather than LNM.
  10. Yes I did reload the scenery library in LNM. EGGP isn't an airport that I downloaded and added to the community folder. I got MSFS recently and saw that as a part of World Update 3, Asobo had reworked EGGP. Strange. I would have sent a screenshot but I'm not being able to attach an image to this post.
  11. Hi, Thank you for this incredible program. I have just started using this and it's made my life way easier for flight planning. Using MSFS, I noticed a bug wherein Airports which are recently handcrafted in Asobo's World Updates seem to be missing Taxi signs in LittleNavMap. This issue seems to be there in the European regions mainly. Here are a list of the airports I had some trouble with: EGGP EGCB EGHC LFMN EHRD ESSA KATL There maybe a few more in the list of handcrafted airports where this issue persists. Other than that, excellent job!
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