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  1. Day 2: Rome Coliseum (came close, but didn't land in it!) its hard!
  2. Thanks Steve, wish you good luck with it, ATC is a notoriously difficult area to tackle as a 3PD! 😁 I'll pick up a copy at some point to see and support your mission. Is it only available through F1?
  3. @Steve Halpern Starting to follow this now. I use voxatc in P3D with AiG..[nothing in MSFS 😞 ] 1. Can existing external voices be used? 2. Any plans for speech recognition/voice control.input? Sorry but text interfaces just break immersion for me... 3. Just IFR, or VFR also? thanks K
  4. I was a little cynical at first but 320 pilot's video sold me
  5. I'm in this camp too, but also remember you easily would pay more than a months subscription for a cinema ticket, so if they entertain you, it's not exactly money for nothing, and quite cost effective entertainment compared to other things in life... This was the only perspective I found could make paying streamers make any rational sense!
  6. Yes the PMS50 in incorporated natively, there is a small mod needed for the TDS, which one of the beta testers is able to make available on @simbols discord channel.
  7. As far as I know, the answer is marketplace only. Because it enables a single easy update channel now, which Asobo have apparently made freer so that Devs can push updates quickly when they want to. Spending less time supporting updates etc is important for a one man development team like @simbol because there is an opportunity cost to any time spent on unnecessary support actions, in that he can't spend it making new amazing toys for us!
  8. Believe it's the default G3x for now, as working title are improving the unit. Little benefit in duplicating work.. expect @simbol to do his utmost to enable the use of any updated avionics as he has done with the PMS50 and TDS units.
  9. I have to say it's a bargain at that price, there's so much packed into this little plane, and the effort @simbol has put into making it realistic is nothing short of phenomenal. I've had the pleasure of seeing it develop and watch the feature count increase because "it just has to be done properly". The dedication behind all the work is just mind-blowing.
  10. Not sure on the price, but I can vouch this plane is addictive and sooo detailed!
  11. Of course, with updated AFCADs, Id argue there was more not less of an incentive to own any payware scenery that goes alongside it 🙂
  12. Not necessary Ray, copyright law (UK at least I studied it) allows for derivative works based on an original. In our case a modified afcad even from a payware source, infringes no copyright whatsoever. "In copyright law, a derivative work is an expressive creation that includes major copyrightable elements of an original, previously created first work (the underlying work). The derivative work becomes a second, separate work independent in form from the first."
  13. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Can I say, there may well be people who do wish to discuss such topics in the context of aviation related issues. I think a hangar chat topic area for these kinds of things would be a good idea actually, if the mods would allow it. That way, anyone not wishing to engage in it can steer well clear and those that do, can.??
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