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  1. Yeah let's leave the politics there, we can differ in opinion! I'd like to see some familiar faces from here again, so I'm thinking positive 👍
  2. Kinda disagree, I think you're overstating the cost element and understating the asymmetric type of warfare the Russians excel at.
  3. Putin's too clever to actually start a war, the Russians are masters of deceit, deception and deniability. Far better to just threaten a war, posture a bit, then slip away. Brinkmanship is his element, you got to respect him for that, like it or not. Soviet military doctrine was heavily influenced by Sun Tzu, and it is still reflected in the way they operate.
  4. What are you moaning about?!? It's accurate then isn't it? 🤣🤣🤣
  5. Maybe he's actually, y'know, completing it? 🤫
  6. IF THEN ELSE is still the way human controllers operate, I wonder if you would you advocate real ATC being passed over to machine learning?
  7. Also those known rules cater for very rare non-normal events, which probably won't occur often enough for machine learning to assimilate.
  8. As @jabloomf1230 says vox continually communicates with AI. Ground controllers and approach are on separate freqs for a reason, so it's not surprising you've not seen an ATC station control both ground and airborne traffic at the same time. The minor exception to this might be a/c that are handed over to the tower from approach and from ground while a/c are operating on or near the runway.
  9. Some are still around but not unsupported, others like VoxATC are still being updated and improved. There haven't been any completely new ATC apps I agree, but that's because its fiendishly difficult to do and its a niche product for a niche product, so tends to be commercially unviable in terms of them returning much profit to developers.
  10. Yes, here's how Voxatc voice config page looks like with many addon voices. You can select pilot and controller voices, filtered, with static or as provided. Gives a much more authentic experiences with a lot of variety. I picked up all my Ivona and Cereproc SAPI voices when they had sales on.
  11. For me the flexibility of TTS more than outweighs any perceived problems. I say perceived because a lot of the time it's a very subjective field, and I don't perceive very many problems there myself. Vox has a utility to train pronunciation, but I've rarely found a problem which needed me to use it. To each their own 👍
  12. Never seen that here, the only way I can see that happening is if default AI is active at the same time (which it should never be!)
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