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  1. Anyone have the throttle yet, any videos or pics to show? I'd love to buy one but my house build went south leaving me with thousands of extra in costs after sacking the builder, so will have to wait a few months 😞
  2. Ofc it may be possible, but only if you have bought the professional plus version at... $2500, hands up if you have a licence for that version...anyone?
  3. Jumping into speculation... But there is no conclusive evidence that LM won't release a version of P3D using UE either, is there? 😉
  4. Just paid £9k for a 7.5 kW installation. Even in winter here now it's generating enough to provide for all our needs each day. In spring/summer it will generate enough to provide hot water too. it will easily pay for itself in 5 years, then after that it's free electricity and much cheaper gas charges 👍
  5. Only more complex if one chooses to use the feature 👍
  6. Multiple issues in one thread yes, but entirely civil 👍😁
  7. I'm glad you like them, I hate them, just no immersion for me at all. You can't look around, and if you've ever flown yourself, you would understand looking around outside the cockpit is absolutely necessary. I will never ever go away from a VC.
  8. I'm looking forward to it. Dont know if its possible but I'd still happily contribute the full cost, or something like £50/month to raise funds, as prepayment, since the Kickstarter didn't meet its target?
  9. Must be an avsim moderator benefit 😉
  10. No i can't read it at all, thanks for the summary, doesn't matter for me really though as I already own one, and my verdict would be pretty much the same as the review 😁
  11. Still says it needs a platinum subscription to read....
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