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  1. ok, here's a short complete VFR (just!) flight leaving and rejoining EGGP Liverpool. Note this is beta, still some improvement to be made to the VFR ops. Happy to take constructive feedback. As ever, no flame wars/comparisons with other ATC apps etc.... blah blah Might take an hour to upload and process in 4k, sorry, blame YouTube and my dodgy ISP Don't just listen to my comms, listen to what else is around and about too, and the instruction those AI are receiving 😉
  2. Oh yes, the rabbit hole that is deviation from published SIDs/STARs! There's a myriad of different circumstances in which clearances can permit this. Even RL pilots fight about what's ok or not on PPRUNE 😉
  3. No, sorry, I'd be making stuff up and i don't do that... Not going to make promises we can't keep, and disappoint anyone. Ready when it's ready, and you'll get a feeling for it as more content gets shown, ok?
  4. Thanks ok, we know there will be things that still need work after initial release. To expect otherwise, given the complexity of the subject area, and the variety of approaches worldwide, or even amongst pilots (read PPRUNE for fun - NOT!), would be foolish! But, that said, we'd like to squash as many bugs as reasonably possible first 🙂
  5. It may not be, and that's fine, I hope you find an app that works for you, Vox or not 👍
  6. I only demo'ed the departure because it was relatively easy to do short videos in the time I had available. I'll happily do some videos showing a full flight Inc arrivals, both vectors and procedures, but I need to edit them to cut out any boring elements, otherwise they'll spend hours rendering and uploading 🤣 No comment on any other app, but I'll show what vox does for sure. What's your expected threshold for handling a descent and arrival in a reliable and realistic manner?
  7. Vox has a prompt assisted mode and also a freeform expert mode, just as if you're in a cockpit. You are free to choose either. Also, the prompts are easily hidden/displayed, so as you get more experienced you can try without them, and have them back at the click.of a button if you need them 👍 Granted I haven't shown the UI, mainly because it's undergoing a revision and it's pointless showing something thats older and not in the release. But I will, and of course, constructive feedback is always welcome.
  8. Fair enough, thanks for the feedback 👍
  9. It doesn't claim to control AI traffic, it does. The 2 short videos clearly demonstrated this 😁
  10. There is now the discord server, me and an AI assistant under training! If you haven't met Naomi, you're missing out 😁
  11. I didn't know that, many thanks. All I can say is we'll discuss it.
  12. I've barely scratched the surface of what's possible, but don't take my word for it, watch and see...
  13. I'm.sorry, you're entitled to your opinion about what you prefer, but you are wrong that BATC does everything as well. I am not going to enter into a debate about the relative merits or otherwise of BATC, apart from correcting your factual statement. So, Vox injects and controls AI traffic, VATC doesn't - this is different Vox controls complex VFR and IFR operations, BATC doesn't - this is different Also, don't try to conflate a discussion about what the atc app is capable of, with my SIM flying habits. There's no connection. Just don't go there. I have been meticulous about NOT making comments about Vox in BATC threads and I expect the same courtesy in return please. Please do not get into a flame war about the merits of the apps or I will ask a mod to remove them.
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