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  1. Chris, the ES installer places loads of texture and effects files in the sim root folder. I have no idea what these are now, do you?
  2. Sadly ES went under before any sceneries could be implemented under the xml method. Nice though they were, due to the passage of time and data loss, I no longer have the definitive set of files to install legacy ES sceneries correctly. It may be possible to dig out a very old archive backup and find what went where and install some of them externally, but I can't guarantee it and don't have the time right now. There's also the potential spanner in the works due to Orbx purchasing all the old ES material. I have no idea whether Orbx would object to reverse engineering legacy scenery that they have since bought the rights to. I haven't asked them, but it would be clearer if they explicitly consented I guess?
  3. Chalk it up to experience and move on...I agree disappointing but I dont wish the fella any ill will.
  4. Who knows...takeaways, beer, flying lessons, couple of new cars...anything could have got in the way 😁
  5. unless Matt says otherwise, it's probably safe to assume a P3D5 version will not materialise.
  6. +1 both support for your own product and P3D in general.
  7. I resolved this without changing the scaling, so that may not be required to resolve the problem?
  8. Shaders cleared, AILRP deactivated. (I deactivated all addons to be sure) Reboot, established P3D loaded ok. Reactivate AILRP, establish P3D still ok Close P3D, scan AI and apply preferred settings Load P3D, establish still ok
  9. I've fixed mine independently this morning 🙂
  10. waited about 5mins, no apparent action in the background
  11. yes I ready did that, this was the outcome!
  12. Has anyone else lost all external previews in the UI after the HF? And when the sim loads all I get is blue sky?
  13. Chris I love you man, but it pains me to see you being left behind, just do it, you will want v5 at some point, just use 2 Sims for now 🙂
  14. Raul is undercharging for the passion, dedication and support he offers our community for sure!
  15. Test with default to see if you have the same problem...if not go back to MK Studios?
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