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  1. You can edit the stars.dat file in the main p3d folder. gb.
  2. What AA settings are you using? Supersampling usually does not work well with heavy cloud density. gb.
  3. PO state drop with Ultra Water the same for me in Win10. gb.
  4. What about your graphics card power setting? gb.
  5. I've tried it but if it is doing anything it's too subtle for me to see. gb.
  6. Righto, thanks. gb.
  7. Looks great but what variant is this paint for, 900 or 800? gb.
  8. So you have the Detailed Precipitation box ticked in P3D settings? gb.
  9.,5117.html gb.
  10. So us SSAA, SGAA users now seem to have the choice of a black runway or low teen FPS. Wonderful. gb.
  11. Excellent Steve, I would not have suspected that. Edit: But as you said above a true 60Hz monitor, or slightly above 60Hz, might be different? gb.
  12. Wouldn't 30.5 be a better option? gb.
  13. Well really that shows 1/2 refresh rate is not working here. If it was you would be back at around 30 of course. Edit: (NI 1/2 refresh rate is about limiting frame rates, nothing to do with changing the actual refresh rate of the monitor) gb.
  14. I'll have to check Rob's guide again but most people here, including me, seem to agree that 1/2 refresh rate in NI does not work with P3D. If you go to a default location with little or no autogen (like say a desert) in a default plane what frame rate do you get? gb.