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  1. Have a look at PTA (payware). A lot easier to use than ReShade. gb.
  2. Try the video card driver controls ie Digital Vibrance etc. or do you include that as a monitor control. gb.
  3. If you haven't you need to reload the Q400 or the sim (?) to effect the change. gb.
  4. Maybe it's a memory issue? The 2GB of the 1030 sound way to low to run three monitors. How much memory does the integrated video have access to? gb.
  5. gboz


    Ok thanks. gb.
  6. gboz


    Nice. I'm guessing that is not default scenery? (Non XP user here). gb.
  7. gboz

    Switch to outside views

    So you can't get back to it via the S/A keys or View/Change View menu? gb.
  8. Ok thanks, but where do you set the panel transparency? gb.
  9. Don't know about the cloud textures but the dawn/dusk sky banding has been around for years in fsx and now again for years in p3d. Has anyone ever asked LM if they might fix this one day or are there any third-party fixes? gb.
  10. gboz

    Maddog frame rate gb.
  11. Thanks RALF but I was really hoping to not see any 2D panels at all, small, transparent or otherwise. Are you saying 2D panels are the only way MCE can switch some items? gb.
  12. Is there any way to stop those Q400 2D panels from popping up when I ask the FO to switch something? I have a large sharp VC to look at but MCE throws those ugly 2D panels at me, and for such a short time (< 1 sec), that it is visually disturbing. It's not even consistent. For example the on/off toggle switches on the overhead (OH) do not bring up the 2D panel but the rotary type OH switches do. ?? I'm using P3dV4.2 with Win10 and MCE Thanks, gb.
  13. gboz


    Would you have a list of these? Thanks, gb.
  14. I don't see why loading Previous Flight would not work. Its just an auto save on sim exit. ? gb.
  15. Now that is looking really good! gb. Edit: Although looking at the linked post, the reflections seem a little bit over done and the reflected cloud images seem to be different from the actual clouds above. ? Still good though.