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  1. A lot of people thought the original wet look was way over the top and I guess they are not missing it in V4. Great if you could come up with something a bit more realistic though. What are Rex and Envtex doing with wet runways these days? gb.
  2. Sorry, I'm totally wrong on that. Just checked and seems to have no relationship to reflections. gb.
  3. I think you guys will find that the wet runway look is now tied into the reflection settings. ? gb.
  4. Don't see why not. It's just another USB input device as far as the computer is concerned. gb.
  5. I guess you could enquiry in the Linda forum if someone would share their own Thrustmaster profile but I think you might be better off just doing it yourself. What suites someone else may not suite you and it's a lot harder to remember what switch does what with someone else's profile than one you have created yourself. The reason Linda exists is that not every aircraft uses standard fsuicp control programming. Most of those 737 switches can only be moved because of the custom Linda lua script that someone has written for it. With the 3 way switches you just have to juggle the "on press" and "on release" combinations. gb.
  6. Linda does just the buttons/switches. Use fsuicp for the axis. gb.
  7. Yes, LINDA highly recommended. There is a module for the ngx737 so there is no actual programming involved. gb.
  8. It's probably just that somehow fsuicp has set the throttles to have a reverse zone. Go to the fsuicp calibration page and make sure the "no reverse zone"check box is checked for both axis. Then do a re-calibration. gb.
  9. Correct. The new version also comes with two exe, one for the monitoring section and one or the profiles. You can still get to the profiles from the monitoring window though. gb.
  10. No, only in the cfg. I have "opaque_shadow_texture_size set to 4096. It improves things a lot but not completely. As a bonus though 4096 really improves your VC shadow edges. I re-tested translucent shadow texture size values and they made no difference. Maybe someone else knows a setting that also affects shadow transition display? gb.
  11. I had the issue you show in the red circle. Pretty sure it was a shadow quality issue that I solved by increasing the opaque (or translucent?) shadow resolution in the cfg. gb.
  12. Well again maybe. I see their website is in deep freeze... gb.
  13. No they are still around, just released a new model. Don't hold your breath for any older model updates though. gb.
  14. Would have to disagree with this. My reading is that unless you go for a raid setup there is no speed advantage at all with using multiple SSDs and since lager capacity SSDs typically perform better than lower capacity ones you are better off just using one large one. Having said that the difference would be imperceptible in P3D. (Edit: Edited quote.) gb.
  15. Except Opus adds a lot of extra low frequency output that will not exist in the sim by it's self. gb.