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  1. This panel has been around at least since 2012, so before affordable consumer headset days....
  2. Looks great. Did VRInsight write it's own SpadNext profile for it or is it a matter of buying SpadNext and hoping the community can work it out?
  3. Nitpicking... but glad there is an alternative to the green cockpit dash. That bluey/white looks good.
  4. Last I heard you need to directly link from a third party image hosting site or use the "Insert other media" box (lower right of reply box) and select "insert image from URL" (of third party site).
  5. Getting to like it. Being able to resize the product thumbnails is great. A lot of quick links on the thumbnails when you mouse over them. Account, settings, promotional stuff at page left. Product, categories, search, more promotion at top. Seems ok to me. The adds are a pain, by if they need them to survive I'll put up with them. At least their adds seem to have a definite place on the page and don't appear dead center covering what you are trying to read like they sometimes do here on AVSIM.
  6. Not saying there is not a problem but you may get a better visual experience if you slow your pan camera speed down a fair bit in MSFS settings and add some camera momentum at the same time. Edit: Also what video driver are you using? I find 531.29 pretty smooth (despite the sim's potential crash warning) compared to the two latest versions which I find very jerky on panning.
  7. Have you tried GSync off and using old school straight Vsync at full or half rate?
  8. That's bad news for the rest of us low spec guys. Do you also have Orbx Melbourne City and/or Essendon airport installed?
  9. I see configuration is via "Orbx Central ... to activate/deactivate individual content". How would configuration work when/if it makes it to the MSFS market place and is purchased there?
  10. Actually these look mind blowing. Hope they live up to the hype. Might be worth the price. Did they say 4K resolution per eye? Pretty good, but the promo seems to imply a sort of impossible infinite resolution.
  11. His X-Plane version is a lot better. More natural voice and flow. Only problem is that the FO is so good you might be feeling a bit redundant in the left seat. 🙂
  12. Thank for the help, but still sounds a bit weird. Problem also happens with Propeller and Mixture axis. Don't see any logic in providing Mixture reverse zone unless the sim just cannot differentiate axis. Anyway everything working ok at the moment.
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