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  1. Is this for FSX/P3D or X-Plane? Thanks, gb.
  2. Try Tessellation at the full left position, at the same time as some of the other suggestions above but not using the high resolution terrain textures. gb. Editited.
  3. Unlimited frame rate with a 4K monitor is not a good idea. Can you set the TV to 30Hz refresh rate and turn Vsync on in P3D. What frame rate are you getting with unlimited anyway? If you cannot maintain 30 you might have to aim for a lower value. Turn the Level of Detail Radius to max setting and turn off Vegetation, Terrain and Particles casting shadows to see if this improves things. Also might try Cloud Reflections and HDR off. Really here you would hopefully be just be diverting resources from the eye candy to the terrain. gb.
  4. Hi Joe. Just to clarify I am not using the GTN 750 at all at the moment. Just un-docking the ATC window drops the frame rate. So I guess it will happen with any un-docked window when using an external frame rate limiter. I read that using the GeForce Experience game overlay may also cause this problem. gb.
  5. I'm finding I have to re-tick it after each p3d restart. gb.
  6. Well it does turn off the green exit doors opening banner at least. gb.
  7. I see this is still happening with p3dv4.2, at least when I undock the ATC menu with frame limiter in NI. gb.
  8. Where's you spirit of adventure? :) Just set it to 1 and see what happens. gb.
  9. FSX/P3D debate aside I feel that website navigation could be improved by introducing some alphabetical ordering to at least some of the sub-forum's content. Two obvious targets are the Freeware Support and the Unofficial Commercial Support forums. Both of these are quite long and have no obvious logical order. At the same time you could remove the pointless "The" from in front of half the listings, which just makes visual scanning harder. Small points, but why not? gb.
  10. Looks like you are right in the case where you start SF with the SFWE previously turned off. The status will show "disconnected" rather than "disabled" but will not inject any weather. So my previous advice seems to be wrong. Still, so many bugs in this program I surprised anyone gets the same results. gb.
  11. On my system, with the SFWE on the WE status display will change from "disconnected" to "weather on standby" as the sim scenario screen comes up. Then, as the sim starts, another window opens saying weather is being injected and finally the WE status shows "weather injection completed". So status display seems to be correct for me. gb.
  12. Yes that is correct if you mean the SFWE slider position. It can be in the "off" position with the SFWE actually being on. The only thing you can trust at the moment is the SFWE status displayed near the top of the page.
  13. If it is showing "Disabled" it is off. It's just that, for me and a few others, if you turn the SF weather engine (SFWE) off (showing disabled) then shut down and restart SF, the SFWE will be back on, ie showing disconnected if the sim is not running sim or connected if it is. gb
  14. Sky Force will re-enable itself every time you open it. You have to turn the SF weather engine slider on and then off to reset it each time. Then confirm that the SF weather engine status reads as disabled rather than disconnected. gb.
  15. No worries, thanks for looking into it. Anyway AS and Opus VC shakes seem to be working enough for me at the moment even if I am not getting the complete package. Cheers, gb.