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  1. No worries there. Wow, some amazing shots in your album, thanks. gb.
  2. That's what happens with my ipad but on my PC with Firefox or Chrome browser I get the Russian site front page with the scenery greyed out behind a large pop-up surrounded by other click bait thumbnails that lead to bare breasted women etc. (Hmmm... what am I complaining about.... 🙂 ) Still, looks like a hacking site. gb.
  3. Most of the 4K benchmarks shown in the third post video (page one) show a gain of at best 5~10% for the 2080FE over the 1080Ti. I think most of us budget conscious simmers where expecting a lot more than this. gb.
  4. It's not happening today but yesterday the text link was directing me to this Russian site which seems to be hosting the screen shots as well: "" gb. Edit: Just tried clicking on the screen shots in the first post here and I'm now also being sent to the Russian site.
  5. Great screen shots but that Russian host site seems a bit dogie. gb.
  6. gboz


    You are meant to setup your camera views in the Opus camera configuration window. You position the the cameras with the various controls there. You assign the cameras to JS buttons and HATS there too. gb.
  7. After using a 65" for awhile those letter box ultra wides just look weird. Now if you could vertically stack three of them...... 🙂 gb.
  8. Thanks, definitely needed. As Steve's link shows US is in the minority here. gb.
  9. There does not seem to be a way to change the month/day/year format of weather and NOTAM reports. Here in Australia (and I guess a lot of other places) it's confusing to see the American month/day /year format instead of our day/month/year. Surly there should be an option in PAP settings to change this? Thanks, gb.
  10. I hear SPAD has some problems and Spad.neXt (payware) might be the way to go. FSUICP by itself does not recognize Saitek panels but FSUICP plus LINDA does. Well FSUICP+LINDA does fully support my Switch panel but not sure if there are limitations on other panels. gb.
  11. gboz

    4K & AA Help

    What's that monitor look like at 2K? If it's reasonable you might try 2K with SSAA. gb.
  12. One of the advantages of a TV I guess. My model has 23, 24, 25, 29, 30, 50, 59 and 60 HZ options. gb.
  13. Sorry I don't get the joke. gb.
  14. Samsung TV set to 30 HZ refresh in NVCP. gb.
  15. Steve, no offence, but why are you showing FSX graphs in a P3D thread? I think FSX and P3D have grown far enough apart by now that projecting FSX performance onto P3D is not necessarily valid, especially in this case where you use the fractional VSync NI setting that does not work with P3D anyway. P3D for me is smoother at TFR 31fps compared to TFR 30fps (internal), App Vsync and 30HZ. gb.