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  1. Does this work side-by-side with the VRInsight MCP Combo II Bridge? Thanks.
  2. The rudder trim indicator bar still disappears if you zoom out far enough.
  3. Not sure about the axis but FSUIP7 installs a short cut that starts MSFS and itself at the same time.
  4. Yes works for me. Plenty of people have your problem of it not sticking though.
  5. Nice. Unusual to get the cabin previews before the externals.
  6. Looks like it could be the result of excessive contrast caused by having eye adaption on. Try turning it off in the cfg file.
  7. Found this one, a reminder of the real thing.
  8. My Crosswinds are down in the twenties for rudder sensitivity. Seems totally crazy to have to set such low sensitivity to get realistic rudder control around the centre area. Of course you pay for it at the extremes of movement where the sensitivity goes way up unless you use a big extreme dead zone and lose range. Never had this problem with FSX/P3D.
  9. So the fuel tank selector works for you?
  10. Not getting those lines but I'm getting strings of dots forming lines going in various directions when looking out from from a VC.
  11. Could be an interaction between clouds and volumetric lighting? Try turning off all external lights?
  12. Would look better if they turned off eye adaption for their screen shot. The blue seat color is pretty jarring too.
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