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  1. Try targeting 30 FPS to reduce the load on your system and see what happens. gb. Edit: Maybe reduce your sim settings as well. You do have a continuous scenery micro stutter going on there which might be helped as well..
  2. I see what you mean at about 1:34 but while the turn looks like it stops the plane is still moving forward during this period as you can see by looking at the ground moving through the bottom left corner of the VC so I don't think anything is frozen here. Looks more like the VC is out of sync with the external view somehow. gb.
  3. Well your power, speed and attitude are all over the place so it's not going to turn consistantly. Constant bank is just one part of the equation. gb.
  4. Just tried the PMDG VC and still an even spread across most cores. Definitely none pegging out at 100%. gb
  5. I just updated to 4.5 Client and Content with no AM in cfg and unlike previous versions I do not see any combination of Vsync On/Off and frame rate Unlimited/30, 31,32 (at 30Hz and sliders mostly right) that gives a permanent 100% core usage. With all combinations core usage is very even across all cores with maybe core 4 and 6 (HT on) doing a bit more than the rest but usually no more than 60% max. Pretty surprised at this considering how the previous versions behaved. Only difference in practice with my V4.5 settings is that any setting without VSync ON causes stutters. Not much conciliation to you I guess but I think it disproves the theory that the main core of P3D is meant to run at 100% all the time. gb.
  6. Strangely enough you don't even have do the activate/deactivate procedure. Just open the TM set affinity widow then do nothing except click the Ok button to close it. gb.
  7. Have to disagree with that Gerard. Along with the drop in first core usage I see a drop in first core temperature as well, so definitly something real going on. Are you still getting 100% first core usage with P3D paused? gb.
  8. Have my doubts about that. Don't no about V4.5 or V4.4 but with V4.3 there are a few combinations of refresh rate, VSync and frame rate that peg the CPU at 100% all the time, even with the sim paused. CPU temp is higher and performance (smoothness) is worse than other combinations giving a lower CPU usage and a logical drop in CPU usage when paused. Of course any combination can go to 100% given the right situation but if you are the only plane in a blue sky featureless desert and the sim is still running 100% paused you have to wonder what's going on. gb.
  9. So has the EF hot fix solved any problems here? gb.
  10. With 8SSAA in the sim you should not need to set anything in Inspector. Definitely don't use any Antialising Transparency Supersampling unless you want to bring your computer to it's knees. gb.
  11. VRI Boeing MCP2 here for a couple of years with no problems. It is really the free LINDA software that makes it so versatile. gb.
  12. The 5GB 3.5 version listed at the FlighSim.com file library says their's is for FSX. Might be worth downloading the whole thing again from there. gb.
  13. What do you mean by full package? Last I heard 3.5 is an update to the separate 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4 downloads. You need them all plus the two libraries you are looking for. gb.
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