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  1. gboz

    Rotary Encoders ?

    What brand of rotary do you have? I thought most rotaries have dual switching in each direction depending on how fast they are turned. The second switch is programmed to a higher rate. At least this is how the rotaries on the VR Insight MCP work in Linda. gb.
  2. gboz

    RTX 2080 installed

    Typically Water at Ultra will down-clock the graphics card (reduced P-State), at least it does with my GTX980Ti. Have you monitored your card to see that this is not happening? gb.
  3. gboz

    nVidia Control Panel and P3Dv4

    You definitely need to change the default power management mode setting from "Optimal" to "Prefer maximum performance" or "Adaptive". "Optimal" is the lowest power option and will try to down-clock your graphics card whenever it can. gb.
  4. gboz

    PTA and Tomato Shade

    Thanks, the info is all there but with that languid voice-over and hypnotic music it’s quite a challenge to stay awake to the end. And it’s 9am here, LOL. gb.
  5. Just looking at the review videos it looks like that to use the brakes on the TPRs you have to lift your feet off the floor thus losing that steadiness you have with your heels on the floor when using the rudders. I would imagine then that combined breaking and rudder control say on landing might not be as precise as a slow taxi. Is this the case or can you brake with your heels on the floor? Thanks, gb.
  6. gboz

    i want move to monitor no.2

    Have you tried just setting P3D to windowed mode, dragging the P3D window to the U2718Q, maximize the window and then alt/entering back to full screen mode? gb.
  7. Is it not showing up before or after Bill's mods? gb.
  8. Looks like that London Eye about 5:00 minutes in has really engaged thrill seeker mode. LOL. gb.
  9. Long thread over at DCS about it: gb.
  10. Thanks for the heads-up. gb.
  11. gboz

    Instant crash upon setting Ultra water

    Using ultra water can often cause the video card to drop out of P0 power state and use a lower one with associated lower clock frequency. Check that this is not happening with nvideo inspector. gb.
  12. No worries there. Wow, some amazing shots in your album, thanks. gb.
  13. That's what happens with my ipad but on my PC with Firefox or Chrome browser I get the Russian site front page with the scenery greyed out behind a large pop-up surrounded by other click bait thumbnails that lead to bare breasted women etc. (Hmmm... what am I complaining about.... 🙂 ) Still, looks like a hacking site. gb.
  14. Most of the 4K benchmarks shown in the third post video (page one) show a gain of at best 5~10% for the 2080FE over the 1080Ti. I think most of us budget conscious simmers where expecting a lot more than this. gb.
  15. It's not happening today but yesterday the text link was directing me to this Russian site which seems to be hosting the screen shots as well: "" gb. Edit: Just tried clicking on the screen shots in the first post here and I'm now also being sent to the Russian site.