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  1. Hmmmm.... I see the contents of the Redit post has been deleted. Also the post has generated a grand total of four replies. LM would do better here at AVSIM. :) gb.
  2. I think the bigger stoty here is that LM is live streaming. Great change from the early days when they were lucky to answer two guestions a week on their frorm. gb.
  3. Agree, totally crazy layout. gb.
  4. Looking good but I think the difficulty in selling it is going to be weight/feel customization or rather lack of customization. What feels perfect to you may be off for someone else. If there is no way to adjust for personal preferences selling it might be a lot harder especially if the price is high. Just a thought... gb.
  5. Great shot but again I ask why you are providing links to which shows nothing but their upload page? gb.
  6. Just try running the sim with x2 DSR ( set in the nvidia global settings CP tab and selected in the sim settings). This will simulate pretty closely how your system will handle real 4K. gb.
  7. Don't worry, we get this sermon every now and again. :) gb.
  8. Great video. Makes it hard to think of a situation where stick_sensitivity_mode=0 would be of any advantage? gb.
  9. Thanks, great idea combining the two folders. gb.
  10. Anyone know if the Lotus VC window fogging/icing effect shows up in P3DV4? Thanks, gb.
  11. No nothing else except the prefer max power setting like you. gb.
  12. Volta definitely on top of my Xmas wish list.... gb.
  13. I don't really have any problems with heavy clouds with this setting but turning on dynamic lighting is still a big frame rate hit. Edit: Then again that is mainly with the NGX737 where the DL really hits. gb.
  14. I would start with no AF then go through these and see if there is any difference: 116, 85, 252 and 254. (7700K @ 5 Ghz... nice :)) gb.
  15. Yes that's the traditional wisdom but I was just playing around with various combinations and on my screen 8msaa plus 2sgtss looked just as good as 4msaa plus 4sgtss. gb.