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  1. It also happened with the Majestic Q400 sometimes, but a lot less frequent than with the FSL A320. I will try to see if it happens with recorded voices also. It will be a time consuming testing because I haven't found a way to easily reproduce the issue. It just happens now and then. It seems that to have several voxkey commands inside a script contributes to the issue. I'm not yet sure about that, but I mention it in case it gives you a hint. Does it make any sense to experiment with MCE settings like "enable optimizations"? Or with affinity masks or priorities (via Simstarter)? And btw: Is there a way to reset the speech engine without restarting the computer? Sometimes it feels like the speech engine itself hangs, when suddenly MCE seems not to be able to recognize anything anymore which was fine moments ago. For example normally my "gear up" command is understood without problems. But sometimes MCE repeatedly makes "gear off" out of it (according to the red text). No matter how often I repeat, it is always "gear off" (and no action is taken by the FO). It is like MCE / the speech engine has kind of forgotten the phrase "gear up".
  2. RALF9636

    Turn off GSX boarding sounds?

    Good to know, thanks!
  3. RALF9636

    Turn off GSX boarding sounds?

    I totally agree. To deactivate the boarding sounds just rename or move to another folder all files Airplane_Boarding.wav Airplane_Boarding_Hello...wav ... Airplane_DeBoarding_Hello...wav ... from your folder: ...\Addon Manager\couatl\GSX\sounds\ Be aware that you have to do this again after each update of GSX because the sounds will be back again.
  4. For me 90 % of the time MCE works perfectly fine in every respect. But sometimes during a session MCE starts to "hang" somehow: Working a script takes awfully long. Sometimes there are 30 seconds between the execution of each line where it is 1.5 seconds normally. Also the voice recognition rate drops significantly, from maybe 95 % where it is normally for me to less than 30 %. Strangely the FO still responds to PF3 ATC without any lag during these events. Also the checklist speed itself (next checklist item after reply to the previous item) is not decreasing, but checklist working suffers from the reduced voice recognition (where normally there are no problems at all). And the sim is running normally while MCE hangs, no drop in FPS, I'm steadily reaching my target frame rate. Sometimes MCE seems to repair itself and all is back to normal after a few minutes. Sometimes pressing the PTT key seems to help. Sometimes pressing NumLock twice helps. But mostly the problem reoccurs after a short time in the affected sessions. In these sessions affected by the problem also exiting and restarting MCE only helps temporarily and mostly the problem reoccurs shortly after restarting MCE. This is on the FSL A320. As I stated at the beginning, in most sessions this does not happen at all, but in some sessions it does. Any idea what might be causing this?
  5. No problems with a German setup here. Problem must be something else. Maybe the number keys are already assigned to another function (cameras, controls, maybe another addon), conflicting with MCE sending them?
  6. RALF9636

    Orbx P3D 4.4 and NO SEASONS!

    How do you know what the "majority" wants? I'm pretty sure, ORBX makes well informed decisions for their work to be profitable for them. Imagine in one or two years from now we have some kind of a shader based sesaonal effects system depending on actual weather that works with every ground texture. So every investment in sesaonal photoreal ground textures now would have been in vain.
  7. RALF9636

    Orbx P3D 4.4 and NO SEASONS!

    But the problem with the current season system of the sim is, that it is NOT connected to the weather engine. Right now I would fly at 10 degrees Celsius in rain, with the sim showing me a winter wonderland below me.
  8. RALF9636

    Orbx P3D 4.4 and NO SEASONS!

    I totally agree, Even more because the seasons in the sim are inaccurate for essential parts of the world. The sim for example has Germany covered with snow since the beginning of December. In reality Central Europe hasn't seen any snow at all yet this winter. For me it totally ruins the immersion when the sim makes me fly over a winter wonderland through rain at 10 degrees Celsius. The system of seasonal change based on scripted dates and different sets of ground textures leaves a lot to be desired. It is time for something new. Absolutely. We need something smarter and more dynamic. Based on actual weather and climate instead of scripted dates, I am sure something like that will come at some point in the not so distant future. I'm fine with Orbx not wasting enormous resources on a deficient technology of the past.
  9. RALF9636

    FO & PF3

    Just an idea: Do you have PF3 on a loudspeaker? Maybe MCE picks up parts of the clearance over the microphone and takes it as a command by you?
  10. RALF9636

    JustSim EDDL z-fighting on runways & taxiways

    Indeed, but: Their support forum seems to be down since over a year. Michael, please let us know, if you receive a reply to your email.
  11. RALF9636

    FO & PF3

    Strange. That does not happen to me. "I have ATC" works fine for me, FO does not read back.
  12. RALF9636

    JustSim EDDL z-fighting on runways & taxiways

    Thanks for your contribution, Christian (in particular here, but also in general regarding all your work!) With the new mh-flughafen_layout.bgl file now the flickering ground textures under certain angles are still there (not sure if the angles have become less) but now the ground markings (dirt, taxiway lines and parking positions) are not affected anymore. Before, these ground markings have disappeared, now they remain in place with only the ground texture changing. That is already a nice improvement. Do you have an idea what is happening here? EDIT: I noticed that the ground markings still disappear under certain angles. It is a gradual process: when you turn towards the problematic angles, first the ground textures change with the ground markings remaining, then - turning further to the center of the problematic angles - the ground markings disappear. When turning further, leaving the problematic angles, first the ground markings appear again and after that - turning further - the ground textures change again to the correct ones. Does that make any sense?
  13. RALF9636

    JustSim EDDL z-fighting on runways & taxiways

    For me this issue appeared at EDDL after I had installed the freeware EDLE. At EDDL, looking towards EDLE, the ground textures of Justsim EDDL disappeared. Looking away from EDLE the ground textures were okay. After deactivating EDLE in the scenery library ground textures at EDDL were fine again. I have no explanation for this behaviour but that's what I discovered. Maybe it helps you find the cause on your system.
  14. RALF9636

    Slowing Slew Speed?

    Before others chime in with more sophisticated solutions you can start with reducing the sim rate while slewing (I think the minimum is 1/4).
  15. Yes, I've read all that, and I have a 1080TI. But I did not see it in my sim. That's why I was asking. And most of those that replied also reported that they see no significant difference. So I'd appreciate if you would elaborate a little more on what improvement exactly do you see between TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=9 and =10 according to my questions regarding photoreal scenery.