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  1. Great to see the MCE-FO handle the CRJ! Issues so far: - cabin altitude / landing elevation is properly confirmed verbally but nothing is set - decision height is properly confirmed verbally but nothing is set - elevator / stab trim is confirmed verbally as "... percent", the trim moves a little, but isn't set properly. - flight director on / off is properly confirmed verbally but has no effect - stab trim and mach trim engage is not recognized - yaw damper engage is properly confirmed verbally but has no effect. Nevertheless I am enjoying the CRJ even more now! Thanks!
  2. Great to see the MCE-FO handle the CRJ! EDIT: - deleted the rest and started a new thread instead 🙂 -
  3. It's getting even better - the C172 mods are now also available with the steam gauge cockpit. Awesome!
  4. Absolutely loving this C172 bush kit mod. Exactly what I had been hoping for (well not exactly, the steam gauge version would be even better, but unfortunately seems not possible due to the encryption). Highly recommended.
  5. I totally agree. I just tested the new LFHM airport. The continuous morphing that is going on on the mountain face behind the airport when approaching runway 15 is completely breaking the immersion and is turning the whole scene ridiculous. The terrain morphing seems to have become worse with every update beginning with the USA update. By now the severeness of the terrain morphing has reached the deplorable level of P3D. Disappointing.
  6. I did not. I solved the issue by deleting the content.xml file now. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! Just in case anyone else has this issue, here is what I did to solve it: - Empty the the Community folder - Delete the content.xml file (in ...\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_...\LocalCache) - Start the sim - Close the sim - Put mods back into the Community folder - Start the sim
  7. The Cessna 172 classic with steam gauges is one of my favorites.
  8. Seems I have lost all my airport mods that add an airport that is missing from the default sim. I have lost PALH, PAVD, PAWD and some of the Colorado Ranchers Club airports. Anybody else experiencing this?
  9. I do not have REX WF but as far as I understand REX WF takes the METAR of the station closest to your aircraft and uses that weather globally. When you move to another METAR station the weather will change globally according to the METAR of the new station. The default live weather on the other hand gives you different weather in all directions. You can see weather systems approach from one direction and still see other weather in the other direction. You get a low fog layer over the Monterey Bay and at the same time see clear skies a few miles inland. Flying over a mountain range you can see clouds building up on the windward side and at the same time dry air on the other side. As far as I understand the concept of REX WF it does not give you all that (which is the reason why I do not use REX WF).
  10. Interesting thread. I am also surprised and a little disappointed that the Orbx content I have grown familiar with over the years is not being ported over to MSFS. On the other hand - as others have already pointed out: Time to explore something new. But even more than the airports I had expected Orbx to bring all their POIs from their regions to MSFS rather sooner than later. Bridges, TV towers, lighthouses etc are still sorely missing from MSFS. I had hoped that at least for the regions Orbx already has created all the POIs we would get some POI packages by Orbx to fill these gaps.
  11. I also still get that nagging - and personally I find it more annoying than helpful. Maybe you can at least make it optional in the mce.ini file.
  12. Totally agree. I still struggle to stay ahead of the CRJ in particular on short hauls. Certainly that is because of my lack of experience with the CRJ, but also that rookie FO is not much of a help. 😉 At the Aerosoft support forum someone posted a list of Lvars used in the CRJ for all kinds of controls. Actually I don't really know anything about Lvars but I understood that they can be used to manipulate the controls. So someone created and shared a template for use with Lorby's Axis and Ohs and now at least I am able to use my hardware for autopilot and external lights. I wonder if MCE can also use those Lvars to teach the FO handle the CRJ?
  13. Those who are experiencing these pauses / stutters: Do you have the Navigraph Navdata installed? I've also had these stutters/pauses at some of the locations that were mentioned here (KSEA, KLAX, LOWS) but I never experienced them again after having uninstalled the Navigraph Navdata. Just flew KPDX - KSEA with the CRJ and it was smooth all the way.
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