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  1. ASFS also creates weather on the fly. ASFS does a lot more than just load a preset and tweak it.
  2. No. Historical weather in ASFS is available for several years back.
  3. Most of the negative comments came from people who had no clue how to properly use the software. But yes, ASFS has further improved after release.
  4. You can use ActiveSky. It provides historical weather for MSFS.
  5. I wholeheartedly agree with the OP and everyone who has praised Jörg in this thread. Of course there's a lot to criticize in particular when it comes to his priorities in development, at least from a "hardcore simmer's" perspective (ATC and weather being the elephants in the room). But that needs to be put in perspective. All that is just complaining about first world problems. How I wished I would have only complained about weather and ATC in those days when using P3D. Jörg's role in bringing forward flightsimulation out of a niche and convincing the MS leaders to make the Flightsimulator one of the flagships of the company cannot be praised high enough. And his enthusiasm for this project and for keeping it going through years to come is amazing to see. Fantastic times for flightsimulation! Bruce Artwick? Kudos to him for making the first flightsim back in the 1970s. But if he wouldn't have done it, someone else would have done it a few months or years later. It was just the logical thing to do for any aviation and computer enthusiast back in those days of the beginning PC-age. But without Jörg being in the right position at the right time and with the right spirit, flightsimulation would have ended up in a small niche for nerds being happy when they don't have to reload their sim in the middle of the flight due to an OOM-error. 😉 Thanks Jörg and keep on doing what you do!
  6. This one is quite nice: https://flightsim.to/file/26285/boulder-city-municipal-airport-kbvu
  7. Thanks for sharing your findings. Good to have all kinds of options thanks to the flexibility of FSHud. Btw FSHud also works fine with the GA mod: https://flightsim.to/file/51413/gamod-offline-version It adds lots of small GA aircraft traffic. Very nice when you fly to / from smaller airports. Of course they do. That's why this option in FSHud is called "BGL" 🤣. Just ignore the usual off-topic-nagging.
  8. Did it also say: "Your RT license is expired"? I had the same issue and deleting my old RT license file (...\AppData\Roaming\InsideSystems\RealTraffic.lic) solved the issue.
  9. That is great news. I seem to remember I suggested such a feature for only static aircraft by PSXT several years ago. Great you could finally implement it. I think that means that PSXT with only static aircraft can be used alongside FSHud to populate the gates and let FSHud take care of the active aircraft.
  10. Actually I do think it looks "hyper realistic". That is the problem. It means it is overdone and exaggerated in so many aspects. What I want is a "realistic" rendition of the world in the flightsim, not a "hyper-realistic" one. This is exactly what I am afraid of. That they make the flightsimulator look pretty for the crowds who think that the pictures that Hollywood creates are looking like the real world. The real world just doesn't look spectacular in 99 % of the scenarios - that is what makes the 1% scenarios so spectacular in the real world. It seems that in the sim they try to make it look spectacular all the time and everywhere. For me it has always been the ultimate goal of flightsimulation to make it as realistic as possible - and not overloaded with all kinds of totally overdone image enhancements effects that make it look like a cartoon. Would be a shame if MS/Asobo do not have the ambition to create a realistic rendition of the world any more.
  11. To me that looks like a scene from a Disney movie. It doesn't look realistic at all.
  12. Exciting times for flight simulation. I hope they are still working on colours and lighting or at least we will get some sliders to customize them so that the sim looks more like reality and less like a Disney movie.
  13. Not sure if that would be good idea. After all both VoxATC and BATC are still deep in development with the difference that BATC does that in public. I think such comparisons at this stage couldn't do any of the apps justice. Most probably it would just start an unnecessary flame-war. Let's keep that for after the release of VoxATC 🙂.
  14. Yes, sounds reasonable. AFAIK FSHud also plans for a feature like that. Good to know.
  15. We absolutely agree on this. I mentioned that before. I am willing to make compromises on the voices if the essentials are convincing. That's why I use FSHud and have no interest in BATC at the moment. But you asked for opinions about the voices, so I mainly just commented on the voices.
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