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  1. I really appreciate what Asobo has done with the sim but after trying it out via the gamepass when the sim was released I quickly got bored of 2d flying and decided to put it on hold until VR. Now with the VR support out I was sad to learn they haven't implemented the motion controller support. They've become such an integral part of my VR flight simming in X-Plane. I just love how after hours and hours in the ToLiss A319 I noticed how the cockpit flows started to go into my muscle memory allowing me to work through the check lists faster and faster. Asobo: Your first stab at the VR support in MSFS is very promising based on the player feedback but I'm going to wait a bit longer before buying the sim until you implement motion controller support.
  2. True. There's only so much you can run in parallel before needing the results of the previous process to start the next.
  3. It sure has been fascinating to see people's hopes and dreams slowly evolve (in their minds) into promises made by Asobo where in the published material these promises are nowhere to be found. And when you ask for a link, silence ensues.
  4. So now everyone who's installed this hack without knowing what they're doing are going to report MASSIVE stutters and loss in fps after the latest patch while blaming Asobo for it. And this forum is starting to look more and more like xplane.org.
  5. Asobo has been working on their next Plague's Tale sequel for a while now. I don't know how many of them are working on MSFS anymore but it's safe to say it's quite a lot less than before the release. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.eurogamer.net/amp/2019-12-04-a-plague-tale-2-reportedly-in-development
  6. 3 pages about Asobo TBM and no one's mentioned the audio. I'm not expecting any of the top dog 3rd parties to hit the Asobo level in the sound engineering any time soon.
  7. I think the interactive checklists go a long way and are a very engaging way to learn the new air planes. The only thing that I would like with them is landing/flaps/takeoff speed charts.
  8. Every time I see a post about missing landmarks around the world all I see in my mind is Lionel stating calmly "World is very big".
  9. Is there any way to bind a button for engaging full reverse?
  10. Tell me about it... I thought I was doing fine coming into the final at 60kts on that thing on my first flight a few days ago. The crash landing into a forest 400 meters before the runway was spectacular.
  11. I sure hope you're wrong. I don't know where I would go do my virtual flying if MSFS died. I just can't imagine going back to XPlane after what I've already experienced in vanilla MSFS...
  12. I've noticed sometimes it takes a while until the high res textures pop in. Not 100% sure this is due to network lag but I'll see soon enough if there's any positive effects. Anyways, 500 gigs feels like nothing after dealing with ortho4xp. I'm looking forward to the day when I can delete them...
  13. So... it's done now. It took 1,5 hours to create a 500GiB cache.
  14. Ok, that's not too bad then! Don't worry I think everyone on this board fully understands 😃. Thanks. I'm gonna start with 500 GiB
  15. Has anyone set up a large rolling cache? I've been looking at the loading spinner for 10 minutes now. Can anyone give an estimate how long it takes to create a rolling cache?
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