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  1. I don't quite understand how that relates to the topic discussed.
  2. Yes. This is a serious issue. But I'll probably be too busy enjoying the flying part of this flight simulator to take notice.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if the product came with its own mechanism for downloading and managing the content produced by the community. I hope we'll find out soon enough.
  4. I read this thread and I'm getting convinced. My mouse cursor has been hovering over the order button for HP Reverb for the last few days.
  5. I'm dropping this link just in case it would allow you to upload the file. It's a link for reuploading the file in the profile page: https://www.flightsimulator.com/flighting-signup/?current_step=dxdiag_upload
  6. It may have been a bug, I don't know why they would go about deleting the submitted files. Let's hope this doesn't mean there's now a whole lot of people uneligible to join the Alpha due to missing dxdiag files...
  7. It was in the top navi but seems to be gone now The direct link takes me to a page announcing the end of the Tech Alpha 2 registration: https://www.flightsimulator.com/flighting-signup/
  8. My gamertag came from my age old Xbox account I set up when Xbox 360 was the latest and greatest in the console space.
  9. It's still early in the US, although I don't know whether the updates are produced in the Asobo Studios in France or some MS representatives in the States. The last update was late so it might be that they just need to get organised a bit more when they set up these dates.
  10. My apologies. I thought you meant implementing a solution to the problem is not a big deal. (I'm not native in English)
  11. Yes, everything related to routing is there. However, I don't see a lot of road metadata. Road speed limits are there so I guess they could try to draw a rough assumption that the roads with higher speed limits are also more likely to be fully illuminated at night. Or they could try to use the traffic data and illuminate only the roads with higher amount of traffic?
  12. Having such data available in Bing forms the basis of your solution. And then it comes down to how Asobo is prioritizing the autogen features. After all, it's an endless swamp and we all have a different idea about what is important.
  13. Do you know, or are you assuming that they have such road classification data available?
  14. The challenge with trying to simulate the whole world is that it's always going to be easy to find flaws in it. It's never going to be perfect. We can only hope that Asobo gets it right in the big picture and have the 3rd parties fill in the blanks by providing a nice sdk and api for them to work with.
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