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  1. CTRL+E doesn't say anything as regards to the depth of the modelling. Sim planes are not physical things and you can implement code that bypasses the simulations if you want to support one click startup.
  2. The feature list looks very promising! I'm wondering if using the GSX requires interacting with any sort of external application during a normal flight or can I just put on my headset and let it do its thing?
  3. Very happy to see them pumping out new airports. EKCH for XPlane 11 was my first FlyTampa product and it quickly became my main hub. I bought the LGAV for MSFS a few weeks ago and was not let down. Everything in there just feels like FlyTampa love what they're doing. I only wish there were a few more of these top quality scenery developers as there are plenty of airports in the world that would need some love.
  4. This just (hopefully) means PMDG will act more like every other company out there when it comes to modding. Nevertheless, I welcome this change with open arms and am looking forward to seeing other steps they take to bring PMDG to the present time.
  5. Judging by the trailer and the MK Studios airports I have the Just Flight product is way more quality than MK Studios would ever hope to release...
  6. Looks like a quality airport. Is it available in the MSFS market place?
  7. Vandals are trying to ruin the Sistine Chapel of Randazzo, so PMDG have now taken it to Google to remove these cockpit texture mod abominations
  8. This is a strange argument that keeps being repeated here. Or did I miss the part where PMDG managed to replicate the plane 100% accurate to real world both on the visual and systems department and leaving nothing to be improved?
  9. This is a valid point, I think. Hopefully Jörg was smart enough to include reasonable product support as part of the deal with inibuilds.
  10. Why are you asking me what the a320 should do on take off. I'm flying toy planes on my home computer. I'm just loiking for experts to learn from and trying to figure out who they might be
  11. I sent that because I was looking for him to clarify why he'd always expect 15 deg pitch on takeoff (as per the original claim, not the latter one he sneakily corrected without ever responding to the clip)
  12. So, do all the other claims he made also contain exceptions that he didn't communicate?
  13. That was the clip I sent when he made the claim. He didn't respond but moved the goal post from always 15deg on takeoff to always 15deg on derated thrust takeoff.
  14. If you talk about dehowie, not this other guy who is parroting him, he was proven wrong. Instead of engaging in a debate he moved onto the next thing. Not very enjoyable to discuss with someone who communicates like this.
  15. I appreciate people with knowledge to contribute. But the 15 deg pitch was the first thing I checked to figure out whether this person is someone I could learn from and found the claim was incorrect or wildly exaggerated/inaccurate. Exaggerated statements combined with the manner they were delivered made the original poster look like someone on a mission rather than a trustworthy expert. So here we are. Always lookong to learn new stuff but on the internet taking people at face value with no fact checking is not a great recipe.
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