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  1. Sidney Schwartz

    Universal FMS?!!

    This is like selling an auto that only goes straight and can't turn left or right. I'm glad I read these posts. I was considering buying this plane because it seemed to have a functional FMC, but now I won't waste my money.
  2. Sidney Schwartz

    Pro-ATC/X new update

    ProATC-X is intended primarily for IFR at controlled airports. IMO if you're flying VFR you may as well stick with the default ATC.
  3. Sidney Schwartz


    The only thing I tested was the ability to request a different STAR or runway. It worked. The only other significant problem I'm aware of is that the program sometimes does not recognize when you reach a way point in the flight plan. This happens randomly so I can't test for it...just have to wait and see if it still happens. All in all I like ProATC-X better than PF3 or Radar Contact, both of which I used for years.
  4. Sidney Schwartz


    The update was released today. The problem with requesting a different star/approach/runway is supposed to be fixed, but I haven't had a chance to test it out yet.
  5. Sidney Schwartz


    This is a known bug in the current release. It used to work but is now broken.
  6. Sidney Schwartz


    Is there any way to get the altimeter to show pressure in QNH?
  7. Sidney Schwartz

    777 radios?

    Turns out that the nav and adf radios can only be tuned via the FMC. Over 40 people read this post and no one knew that?
  8. Sidney Schwartz

    777 radios?

    Just installed the CS 777. It all seems pretty familiar so far, except I don't understand how the radios work. I switch the radio on and the tuning knob and freq transfer knob both work, but I can't figure out how to select com1, com2, nav1, nav2 and adf. The labels on the buttons don't mean anything to me, and the manual doesn't explain them. Can someone please help?
  9. Sidney Schwartz

    Cabin Pressurization

    Makes sense. Thanks much.
  10. Sidney Schwartz

    Cabin Pressurization

    I hope I can bother you with one more question. I always leave the crossfeed switch off and the tanks loaded equally left/right. Usually this works fine. Sometimes only one set of tanks will feed, even though the fuel flow gauges for both engines indicate the same. When those tanks are empty, both engines stop and there doesn't seem to be anyway to restart in flight. Am I doing something wrong, or is this another bug?
  11. Sidney Schwartz

    Cabin Pressurization

    Thanks, Ken!
  12. Sidney Schwartz

    Cabin Pressurization

    I'm new to this plane. I have it pretty much figured out except for the cabin pressurization. For FL200 I set the cabin controller knob to 20, which should result in a cabin pressure of about 2,700. After engine start I switch the bleed air valves to open. At some point the differential pressure warning light on the upper annunciator will go on. Raising or lowering the target pressure doesn't help. What am I missing?
  13. Sidney Schwartz

    Richmond Airport (KRIC) in the Library

    Thanks so much for all your wonderful scenery!
  14. Sidney Schwartz

    PRO-ATC default aircraft

    You'll get much better assistance if you post your questions on the Pro-ATC support forums.
  15. Sidney Schwartz

    PRO-ATC default aircraft

    Pro-ATC works just fine with planes equipped only with the stock GPS. You have the option of Pro-ATC automatically loading your FSX flight plan into the GPS, or you can do that yourself. You also have the option of letting Pro-ATC insert any SID/STAR way points into the flight plan, or doing that yourself also. (I recommend you let Pro-ATC do it.)