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  1. I have a somewhat similar problem with my new HOTAS One. Throttles are always reversed, no matter what I try. Think it is a problem with one of the MSFS downloads ? Cleared out my Community folder. Dave Hinson
  2. I have a somewhat similar problem with the throttles on Thrustmaster joysticks. Throttles are reversed no matter what I try. Could this be a problem with any of the upgrades ? I have removed all files from my Community folder, so it can't be a problem with any new mods. Must be a problem with MSFS2020. Dave Hinson
  3. Still having problem after removing all Community files, so no conflict with any of them. Don't want to have to reinstall MSFS. Anyone else using this stick with MSFS2020 with all updates ? Dave Hinson
  4. New flightstick for MSFS2020 - everything fine except no matter what I try I cannot get throttle setting reversed ( up is Idle, down is full ). Anyone else seen this, or do I just need to exchange stick ? Dave Hinson
  5. Nothing works. When I go to controls section shows all OK, but when flying, still reversed (yes, I tried both normal setting and reversed axis). OK, well, maybe a bad flightstick. 😝 Dave
  6. Broke down and got a Thrustmaster Hotas One, and all is well, EXCEPT for reversed throttle settings (Down is full throttle, up is idle). Can not reverse the axis. Has anyone else seen this ? Could this problem be with one of the downloads ? Dave
  7. Anyone with this stick having trouble with it after the WU4 ? My throttle slider and my rudder twist seem to interacting with each other. I have tried loading new drivers and reinstalling stick, but no joy. Worked OK before last Update. Dave Hinson
  8. Still no joy. Downloaded mugz mod from flightsim.to. Must somehow be a wrong mod - also can;'t open doors. I know the click spots to supposedly open doors and tried again to remove pilots. Is there perhaps another site to download the real mugz mod ? Dave
  9. Sorry - can't seem to find the two red buttons. Can you tell me precise location on the panel? And you say "panels". Are we talking about the same aircraft ? Dave EDIT: I see the two red buttons that indicate "Inop" when selected. But they do not remove pilots. I just saw a video that showed the buttons working, but not for me.
  10. Thanks. Do you have this mod ? Is it OK ? Dave
  11. I have the aircraft-tbm-930-improvement mod, but the two pilots included interfere with seeing the panel. Any way, other than getting another mod, to get rid of the pilots ? Dave Hinson
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