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  1. Just got this aircraft - like it mostly, but first time trying to start up and enter flight plan data, I see "Loading Data Base" showing on FMC and never going away. I have latest NaviGraph data in proper folder.(FSX\CarenadoNavigraph\ Any ideas. I will try Carenado help next. Dave Hinson
  2. DaveH

    Keeping FSX Loaded

    Paul , if it is paused is not running and taking up memory ? Dave
  3. My FSX-SE loads slowly. Is it OK to leave FSX paused and minimized all the time to keep loading time down ? Dave Hinson
  4. Well, I finally found the problem. Something had snuck a different (SODE) SimObjectsPath into my fsx.cfg file with a 6 and 7 entry (lower down in the fsx.cfg file ) so that I did not see it. So there was a conflict with the numbers in the SimObjectsPath. Oh, well. Thought the AIPlanes directory should work. Thanks for the help. Dave
  5. Yes, there is. But it does not find the directory for AIPlanes, even with WOAI aircraft in it. And I have another mystery - when I scan in vPilot for aircraft, it shows "2203 found, 1118 identified". What makes a mode unidentified ? Dave
  6. I have all my AI AIrcraft installed in ...simobjects\AIPlanes ( to keep too many aircraft from my ..simobjects\Airplane folder ), and I have the following in my fsx.cfg [Main] User Objects=Airplane,GroundVehicles,Boats,AIPlanes SimObjectPaths.0=SimObjects\Airplanes SimObjectPaths.1=SimObjects\Rotorcraft SimObjectPaths.2=SimObjects\GroundVehicles SimObjectPaths.3=SimObjects\Boats SimObjectPaths.4=SimObjects\Animals SimObjectPaths.5=SimObjects\Misc SimObjectPaths.6=SimObjects\AIPlanes But vPilot doesn't see the AI planes. When it scans for AI,it only sees the ones in ...simobjects\Airplane. How can I correct this ? Dave Hinson
  7. DaveH

    Navigraph SidStar Files for NGX

    I have tried Navigraph forum several times, but when I login, compose a post, and go to post, it wants me to login again and then my post is gone (never posted). I (of course) cannot input this problem because I cannot post. I would like to get to Navigraph for info on how to post. Dave
  8. DaveH

    Navigraph SidStar Files for NGX

    Thanks, again, all. I finally found the problem - <FSX Root>\PMDG\NavData\cycle_index.txt was not the latest. I thought I had manually downloaded it properly (Navigraph Data Manager had downloaded to a different folder). SIdStar files WERE installed properly ( I know they are 1809 files because of the dates). My main problem now is with Navigraph putting latest files in the proper folder. Also, I cannot get Data Manager to find my PMDG folder. When I enter the FSXSE PMDG file location in order to scan for it, it immediately goes away when I try to save it, and a scan cannot find the PMDG. I will go back to Navigraph forum to try to solve THIS problem. And no,Kyle, I should not have thought that PMDG was the problem !!! So sorry, but it seemed like the last thing to try Dave Hinson.
  9. DaveH

    Navigraph SidStar Files for NGX

    Thanks, guys, for all the input. I have tried all your (and Navigraph's ) suggestions to no avail. I believe all the proper folders have 1809 files, but NGX FMS absolutely refuses to see them. Maybe a reinstallation of NGX would work. Signing off. Dave Hinson
  10. DaveH

    Navigraph SidStar Files for NGX

    I tried the process you described, but in rescanning Data Manager could not find PMDG. ALso, in Navdata folder, cycle_info.txt show cycle 1809, but not in PMDG FMS. Dave
  11. DaveH

    Navigraph SidStar Files for NGX

    Sorry - should have mentioned I have FSX-SE. Thanks, Dave
  12. Where are these files located ? I am having a terrible time getting the NGX FMS to show cycle1809 as the current cycle. I have manually downloaded 1809 and see files dated 8/11/18 in C:\Program Files (x86)\PMDG\NavData\PMDG\SidStars (and also c:\Program Files (x86)\PMDG\SidStars). These must be files for 1809 because of the date. But PMDG FMS still shows 1805 as current ( this was the last cycle that downloaded OK.) I have spent many hours with NavData trying to get this problem solved. Can anyone give me this information so that I may track down the problem ? Dave Hinson
  13. Thanks - forgot to mention I use FSX - so I shouldn't have this file. I do see something similar as part of my fsx.cfg file. Dave
  14. Studying the documentation for vPIlot I see mention of a SimObjects.cfg file. I don't have this file in my computer. What is this file and how do I download or create it in my computer ? vPilot seems to work OK without it. Dave Hinson
  15. Can close this post for now. Am just learning vPilot model matching. Very complicated ! Dave