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  1. DaveH

    Not receiving ILS

    Thanks, guys, for all the suggestions. My problem is, as you can probably surmise, old scenery. No RW35. Funny thing is, though, I did do an RNAV(GPS) Z approach to RW35, but I suppose those are not coded in the airport AFCAD. Thanks again, all. Dave Hinson
  2. DaveH

    Not receiving ILS

    Thanks, Jon. I was flying into KMSP yesterday in the snow, for ILS RW35. As I said, I had chosen the ILS 35 approach in the FMS, and had entered the freq from both the FMC Approach page and from the downloaded FAA sheet. I did have them entered in both ILS receivers preparatory to using autoland. I did (of course) notify Approach Controller that I was not receiving ILS. Yes, the 737NGX. Dave Hinson
  3. DaveH

    Not receiving ILS

    A couple of time I do not receive an ILS signal, even when close to an airport. I use the frequency given in the Approach page of the FMS. I have the "nearly" latest version of NavData ( I am waiting for the next version at end of month ). Any ideas ?
  4. DaveH


    I have (Must Have!) an Ad-Blocker on my computer. Else, when trying to download a file on some web pages, ads block the download. I have tried to add Avsim to my "White Pages", but that does not seem to keep from blocking ads from Avsim. Anyone have any suggestions ?
  5. DaveH

    Runway Lengths in HUD

    Good idea. Thanks
  6. On airport charts in Europe RW lengths and elevations are given in meters. I suppose you must convert to feet (multiply by 3) to enter in the HUD ? Or is there a way to set up the HUD to use meters ? Dave Hinson
  7. DaveH

    Air Berlin No Longer Flying

    So VERY sorry, but I watch news regularly and did not see this information. Where was I supposed to see it ? No, I was not hibernating, and do not appreciate snide comments such as this. Dave, Hinson
  8. DaveH

    Air Berlin No Longer Flying

    Going to fly Air Berlin with PMDG livery, looking for call-sign. Web page says AB gone into bankruptcy. Is that so ?? Dave Hinson
  9. DaveH

    EDDF Scenery

    Thanks for the response. Found it using Google. Dave Hinson
  10. DaveH

    EDDF Scenery

    Trying to find scenery for ADDF Frankfurt-Main airport. All I have tried are missing some terminals and other buildings..I only have jetways. I have no trouble with any other airports - all scenery sliders maxed. Looking with ADE I see the buildings of one good new one are titled "EDDF ..." which do not seem to have come with the download. Can anyone suggest a solution to this, or tell me where I might find the "EDDF..." files? The scenery I am using now is by Yves Laske entitled fsx_eddf. Dave Hinson
  11. DaveH

    Land Class Files

    I found it on a VATSIM event notice called "Mediterranean Airbridge" occurring this Friday, Dec. 1st. It has a reference to scenery suggestions for DTTA.
  12. I downloaded some scenery with Land Class files included, but no instructions as to where to place them. Can anyone tell me where they go, or do they have to be added to the Scenery Library ? Dave Hinson
  13. DaveH

    European Scenery

    Thanks, guys, for all the terrific input. Looks like it will take a while to decide on all the options. I have FSGenesis scenery now for the entire world, If I decide to upgrade to, say, Orbx for Europe, I suppose I will have to uninstall FSGenesis ? Thanks again. Dave Hinson
  14. DaveH

    European Scenery

    Looks like orbx. Dave
  15. I have just ventured in Europe, and in some videos I notice very nice scenery, My "Old" FSGenesis does not seem to be as nice. So, what is the best scenery for European flying ? Dave Hinson