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  1. In cockpit views when I move the mouse to choose a switch/lever, the mouse icon jumps all over the view, or even rotates 😰. Any suggestions ? Dave Hinson
  2. How do you tell if AAU2 is on your system ? I don't remember downloading it. Or was it part of an MSFS update ? Dave Hinson
  3. Thanks, all. Got it going (still not a lot of traffic, though). Dave
  4. As long as I have been flying MSFS I have never seen any ship traffic. I have GAIST ULTRA Ver. 3 and have selected 100% Ship Traffic. I did see one yacht at Hong Kong Harbor. Am doing something wrong ? Dave
  5. Found it 🙂. Thanks. Still don't know whether to get this or wait for.2024. Dave
  6. Can't find any where. Oh well, wait for 2024.
  7. How does one upgrade MSFS2020 Basic to Premium Delux version? Dave Hinson
  8. Of course there would have to be LF range stations in the Asobo radio nav data, so I just must be dreaming. Dave
  9. Thanks, guys. Kept me from buying the wrong version. Dave
  10. Am interested in GSX, but notice on Web purchase page says "for P3D and FSX". I know it is also for MSFX , but just wanted to be sure. Dave
  11. Didn't think of that. IT WORKED 😁. Thanks very much. And thanks, Malaromane, for the link to Manual. Dave
  12. As mentioned in my post, I have looked at videos. I cannot select any of the PFD/MFD switches on the GTC displays. Thanks for the responses, guys - but nothing seems to work 😩. Dave
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